Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed meta data enumeration of saves so that mods that create invalid saves can no longer break the game for players even after they've been removed.
  • Changed cultist conversion events to also allow for converting all characters with brain damage.
  • Fixed various minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed monetary value of named weapons to be more consistent.
  • Changed Schrats to be more susceptible to being taunted.
  • Changed some minor things to further improve AI behavior.
  • Fixed incorrect cost of 'Spearwall' skill for named Spetum.
  • Fixed fights involving cultist opponents not loading.
  • Fixed issue with lone player character fighting against a high tier Nachzehrer.
  • Fixed potentially incorrect text at the end of Barbarian King contract.
  • Fixed event after beating the Icy Cave not firing in rare cases.
  • Fixed various minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Fixed some incorrect tooltip numbers.
  • Fixed quest marker icon not clearing when aborting 'Armed Courier' contract during a twist where thieves steal the item you are to transport.
  • Fixed casualty being listed twice in the combat result screen when losing as a single character against a Hexe by being forced to commit suicide.
  • Fixed armor attachments on corpses not always showing.
  • Fixed issue with world map generator introduced with last update.
  • Fixed various minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed named item stat generation numbers slightly to create higher quality named items in general, and better light and medium armors in particular. Only applies to items generated after this update.
  • Changed value of most beast trophies to be higher.
  • Fixed potentially wrong starting XP of characters in 'Deserter' origin.
  • Fixed 'Gash' skill used for attacks of opportunity instead of 'Slash' skill.
  • Fixed visual glitch when a disarmed character's shield is hit.
  • Fixed world map generator failing on some rare map seeds that result in little water.
  • Fixed issue with 'Lone Wolf' origin when having two hedge knights in the roster and no other backgrounds.
  • Fixed various minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed Swordmaster champions to perform better against heavily armored characters, as to make them a threat more equal to other kinds of human champions.
  • Fixed duel twist of 'Drive off barbarians' contract not working properly if the opponent happens to be a champion.
  • Fixed some legendary locations not being placable on some rare map seeds.
  • Fixed reminder event after satisfying prerequisites for entering the Goblin City potentially firing after the city has already been destroyed.
  • Fixed potential issue with crossbowman with the 'Hex' effect killing both himself and a Hexe that is to act next.
  • Fixed potentially wrong daily wage cost displayed in tooltip when starting a new campaign until equipment was changed once or you entered your first battle.
  • Fixed various minor things.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed barbarian named armor and helmet base stats to be based on regular items, and no longer the heavier barbarian items, as to make for named loot of higher quality. Only applies to items generated after this update.
  • Fixed named Khopesh not working with Double Grip.
  • Fixed main menu components getting in the way of buttons with very low resolutions.
  • Fixed tooltip of opponents sometimes incorrectly displaying "Turn done" when in fact that opponent is merely waiting to act again later this turn.
  • Fixed issue with barbarian AI getting stuck under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed potentially incorrect button labels with 'Cultists' origin sacrifice event.
  • Fixed Antidote item not curing all stacks of poison.
  • Fixed various minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Changelog for
  • Changed main menu to nudge new players towards picking the right difficulty and origin for their first time playing the game.
  • Changed minimum contract reward irrespective of renown to be slightly higher.
  • Changed chance for additional beast trophies with 'Beast Slayers' origin to 50%, up from 25%. The chance to get an additional trophy from the Kraken is increased to 100%.
  • Changed 'Beast Slayer' background to have higher resolve.
  • Fixed locations sometimes changing their garrison between reading their tooltip and attacking them.
  • Fixed various minor things.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Enjoy your weekend.

Changelog for
  • Changed 'Disarm' skill to cost 5 Action Points, up from 4.
  • Fixed ambitions sometimes taking longer than intended to register as completed.
  • Fixed issue with retreat behavior when surrounded.
  • Fixed characters receiving the 'Split Nose' injury when their nose is missing altogether.
  • Fixed 'Shieldwall' and 'Spearwall' skills not being usable a second time in the same turn after they get canceled while a character is waiting.
  • Fixed glitch in AI positioning when protecting other units.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Another small update.

Changelog for
  • Added more detailed error messages in case some anti-virus software is messing with the game's saves.
  • Changed some more appropriate character backgrounds to also be recruitable with the 'Peasant Militia' origin.
  • Changed ambition of having a full roster of 12 men to having a full roster of 16 men when playing the 'Peasant Militia' origin.
  • Fixed an ambition available with the 'Lone Wolf' origin that is in fact quite impossible to complete given the origin's limitations.
  • Fixed issue with 'Hammer Mastery' ambition when having not a single character without the mastery at the time of completion.
  • Fixed various minor things.
Battle Brothers - rapsdjff

Some tweaks and fixes based on things that you guys reported over the weekend.

Changelog for
  • Changed 'Cultists' origin to have an additional small chance to find cultists for hire in settlements.
  • Changed some more events and random mentions to exclude the player character when playing the 'Lone Wolf' origin.

  • Fixed some origin-specific campaign modifiers not resetting properly when loading from inside a campaign.
  • Fixed cultists being in a bad mood after their companions died in battle when they shouldn't care.
  • Fixed face part of tattoos not getting applied when changed at the barber.
  • Fixed issue with a certain new legendary reward.
  • Fixed infinite loading screen before combat with champions under certain conditions.
  • Fixed champions potentially spawning with a shield but no weapon.
  • Fixed 'Hook' skill being usable while disarmed.
  • Fixed 'Duelist' perk applying when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed potentially incorrect AP costs displayed in tooltip when switching items during battle and having the 'Quick Hands' perk.
  • Fixed hitchance bonus/penalty not applying properly to throwing axes and javelins.
  • Fixed missing visuals for Reinforced Throwing Net.
  • Fixed potential save corruption when saving right after accepting a 'Barbarian King' type contract.
  • Fixed Watermill location not triggering events under certain conditions.
  • Fixed some other minor things.

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