Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
Hello ːLoveSigilː

We just updated the game with a LOT of new content and changes. There are new stuff added in every level. The main changes are regarding the story and lore. There are also visual changes on the game as a wholeːVisionSigilː and some tweaks to make things smoother on jumping around and fighting ghosts ːFightSigilː.

These changes were supposed to be on the game since the release, 4 days ago, but an issue with the version control system prevented us to upload themːTruthSigilː.

There will be some more updates, specially regarding fixing typos and grammar. We are not english native speakers ourselves and we are still revising all texts. If a native speaker want to help it would be awesome. Just leave a message.

Apr 5, 2017
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
Hello folks,

We heard your critics and are trying to make it feel smoother to jump around on platforms.ːLoveSigilː

Here is the changes:

There is a bit of technicality regarding this feature that involves gravity, movement imput and everything, but the importante thing is this:
Now It's way easier to reach the desired platform and much less likely to miss the jump.ːTruthSigilː

You just have to jump with the confidence that you won't miss it.ːWillSigilː
When you are above safeground, gravity will gently push yours toward it, preventing you from landing further from the target.
If you are too hardcore and oldschool for jump assists, then you can turn it off on the options menu. It is turned ON as default setting.

Altough the shadow was already there, there were times when it was not so visible. Now you have a sharp dark shadow that marks the place where you are gonna land.

A softer volume for the flashlight to improve visibility
The volumetric light on the flashlight was too strong and was making it difficult to see what was right in front of the player.
Now the volume is softer and visibility is improved

A brighter spotlight around the character
There is now a good and bright light coming from the sigil above the head of the character so you can see clearly what's around you.

Camera Zoom
Now you can control the distance the camera is from the player.

Just rebemer:
a. More zoom is good for jumping around
b. Less zoom is good to solve puzzles and fighting ghosts

The controls are:

Keyboard: + and -
Mouse: Mouse Wheel
Gamepad: Keep the RT (Right Trigger) pressed and use the digital pads.

Mar 1, 2017
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
The game is almost complete with all levels and game mechanics. After this update the base price will rise and the game will be on early access only for a couple more months before going full release. During this period we are gonna fix bugs and make things stable, so please: use the community page to report any bugs you find.

List of changes:

Great improvements on game controls

Female and gender neutral playable characters now available

Easter egg from MinosMaze

Added a "backstory" and explanations about the sigils and the "lore".

Added cutscenes

Added world 4

Nov 18, 2016
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
Now the game has achievements! There are 16 of them.

Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
Hello folks,

We just updated the game with Linux and Mac support and improvements in the game user interface. Now you have better feedback on how much life/light you have as well as which sigils you are using.

Sep 3, 2016
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas
ːWillSigilːHello, Folks! It has been a tough year. We had a lot of personal problems that prevented us to update the game for a long time. But now we are back on track! This update brings a ton of new content and a lot of improvements.

We are carefully paying attention on the feedback from the community, both on the forum and on the reviews.

1 - Difficulty Fix -
A lot of improvements where made to make the game less frustrating. Yes, this game is supposed to be somewhat stressfull and frustrating, but not infuriating. We made so the ghots are dying faster (there's also a special mechanic that helps the players get them to die even faster) and we improve the controls, so the player gets a tigher feeling on jumping around. Also, now you have CHECKPOINTS and you don't lose all letters when you die. These changes, along with a smoother difficulty progression through the levels makes for a more enjoyable experience.

2 - A whole lot of new levels and mechanics -
This new version, feature both new traps and new power tiles. They are unlocked as you progress through the game, so you don't have to learn all at once. There are over 30 NEW LEVELS (the previous version featured only 10 of them) and there is more coming in future updates.

3 - Improved controls -
We fixed the issues regarding the camera shaking oddly when jumping and made the jump slightly more powerfull, so the jumps are easier now

4 - Improved character animations and effects -
The character has a new 3D model and new animations that blend in a way to help the player on getting a more precise and smooth feeling regarding the controls. Also, we added a trail and a shadow that goes a long way on helping you calculate the character's tragetory and figure it out where he is gonna land.

5 - Less Dark Enviroments -
We increase the light on the levels, so the player can see the level and its paths with more clarity.

Thats it (for now) folks. I hope you enjoy the game. ːLoveSigilː

Sep 2, 2015
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gamestorming

Now you have one more reason to fight your inner demons through the game.
The cards will start to drop 2 hours after you start playing. And after that they will drop each 5 minutes.

I hope you like
Face It - A game to fight inner demons - Gaius Ribeiro Chagas

After receiving some feedback from the community, we decided to try a new approach to the controls.

The major change is that we added a new way to control the flashlight.
Now, the flashlight automatically points towards the direction the character is moving.
This change intends to make the platformer mechanics more enjoyable, giving the player a smoother feel, because its easier to jump around without having to worry with the flashlight all the time. The flashlight will only turn to another direction if the player has the intention to aim to a specific direction.

With a mouse, the game understands the intention to aim when the player is HOLDING the mouse left button.
That means, that, unless the player is trying to aim, holding the mouse left button, the light will turn to the direction the character is going. If the player is holding the mouse left button, than the light will point to wherever the cursor is.

With a gamepad, the intention to aim to a specific direction is understanded when the player uses the right axis.
That means, that, unless the player is trying to aim using the right axis, the light will turn to the direction the character is going. If the player is using the right axis, then the light will point towards the direction the right axis is pointing.

We did a lot with playtest before make this update, we tested with both people that are used and are not used to the game. People who were used to the game needed some time to get used to the new control scheme, but they ended up finding them better than the old one.

If you prefer the old way, FEAR NOT, for you can play like you used to.
Clicking with the mouse right button or pressing the right axis button, you can toggle between the new mode and the old one.

Another change is the camera control.
Now you can rotate the camera 45 degrees at a time, instead of 90. This way, you can have a better angle to jump diagonally. We are not really sure about this feature, so we are counting with the feedback from the comunnity.


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