Luna Sky - Vovoid Media Technologies
Changes / Improvements
  • Luna's visual apperance has been improved:legs/knees
  • Backtracking between levels has been removed, it would need a lot more changes to level design to really make it fun/good
  • Skate shoes are now available on the first level. Have fun exploring more areas of Crystalline Expanse!
  • The game now saves on every checkpoint. The checkpoints are still where you respawn when "dying" in-game.
  • Right shoulder button (R1) now also jumps as well as directional jump
  • Map has been removed from the in-game menu - on gamepad: SELECT button and on keyboard: TAB key
  • In the map, L1 / R1 zoom as well as jump and action button (like before)
  • Cutscene 3 has been removed (the one between Crystalline Fold and Decadent Fields, where one previously got the skate shoes)
  • Some empty crystal boxes have been removed, in future patches we will remove all of the empty ones
Bug fixes
  • When menus would not render more than 30 FPS, loading screen would some times stall / lock up (when running video recording software for instance)
  • Keyboard input has been much improved, this caused buggy selections in menus
  • ESC or "right button" on gamepad now goes back in menus
New Features
  • The game now runs on Intel GPUs! They are not fast though, but you can play it in 320 x 240 on a HD4000 for instance, and scale up. With anti aliasing turned on, it's still fun and playable in 60 FPS. Just a little blurry... Down the line we might look at reducing the graphical workload to support higher resolutions.
  • Hardware detection: Now the game tries to guess resolution, upscaling factor and anti-aliasing. You can still change everything yourself in the options menu of course.
  • Joystick setup has been improved to include D-Pad and the right analog stick. This is for future game mechanics!
  • CONTROLS available in the main menu where you see which buttons do what.
  • New camera distances available in options: "really close" and "far"
  • Adaptive zoom added to "camera distance" in options menu. This is a dynamic zoom which smoothly moves the camera in / out depending on speed.
  • Left shoulder button cycles between the available zoom levels: really close, close, normal, far, adaptive
  • You can now use D-Pad in all menus
  • Error handling has been more streamlined, all debug info is now written to the same file.
  • Exit menu in the in-game menu has been improved to make it harder to exit by mistake without getting to save the game first. You can still save standing anywhere, but if you don't you will continue at the last visited checkpoint.

  • Music and sound effects volume/gain available in the in-game menu
  • Sound FX in main menu when moving around / selecting
  • Cutscenes have been re-mastered and improved, mainly voice volume has been adjusted.

What is next?
We are of course continuing work on this game, and now since we are done with the Intel support, we are going to work on time attack with leaderboards for the regular levels (and certain checkpoints). We also have an idea to visit certain checkpoints in a certain order, but we'll start with regular leaderboards for completing each level. This means that we will have a countdown where Luna stands still to allow for the level to load completely and the player to react to the start of the race. This might not be in patch #5 though, that one is likely a smaller one with even more menu / UI and game play tuning.
Mac support is another focus area that we will start looking at.

As always, ideas & suggestions are welcome!
Luna Sky - Vovoid Media Technologies
Luna Sky now has Steam Trading Cards.

We are still going to improve the game and add gameplay elements to Luna Sky.

We are working on patch #4 which will address a number of User Interface issues - easier access to the map, music / sound effects volume adjustments, optional automatic (speed-based) camera zoom and a whole bunch of other various small quirks.

Later on for patch #5 we are going to improve the way upgrading skills work and add a whole new game play element to make the game more varied and interesting.

If you have any ideas / requests / questions, let us know!

Stay Tuned! ːdecadentː
Oct 11, 2015
Luna Sky - Vovoid Media Technologies
  • Updated basic game mechanics, Luna is now more powerful and better sustains built-up speed to easier maintain momentum
  • Ice crystals on Crystalline Fold now have better physics accompanied by a new set of animations
  • Jump pad puzzles on Crystalline Fold involving bounce pads were too difficult / erratic, those have been improved.
  • Decadent Fields level improvements, added some platforms where it was not obvious how to solve it by skating
  • Double jump revamped - normal jump button is now a traditional double jump where you can hold right and still jump up. This should hopefully make the gameplay on Crystalline Fold much more comfortable and fair. Feedback welcome!
  • The old directional boost jump is still available, but on the right shoulder button. We're not sure if this is the best option, so do tell if you find this wonky. However, for most situations - it will not interfere with anything, and it seems the normal double jump can suffice. We will most likely make this a configurable option in a future patch. Feedback on this button placement much appreciated!
Bug fixes
  • Some floors tweaked to make Luna stick more to them rather than accidentally lifting from the ground and thus becoming a ball, there is more to do in this regard however
  • Luna would start inside tunnel which could lead to accidental backtracking to the previous level. Now she starts well outside the tunnel, and not in a slope leaning towards the backwards exit.
Oct 4, 2015
Luna Sky - Vovoid Media Technologies
New features:
- Added visual hints to show the existence of the pause menu on "crystalline expanse"
- Added visual hints for new per-level abilities (double jump, skating, flying) on respective level

- Pause menu hint pages updated & improved (graphically and textually)

- Fixed fall-off-level bug when backtracking from "crystalline fold" to "crystalline expanse"
- Fixed issue where you would see cutscene again if you backtracked a level and then went forward again
Oct 3, 2015
Luna Sky - Vovoid Media Technologies
To address some of the things brought up in reviews, we have made a few adjustments to the game mechanics / level design.

1. Adjusted jumping mechanics to make jump more vertical. This makes it much easier to move up slopes and makes platforming easier.

A few players have requested this... so we hope it will make the game more fun to play. If anyone wants the old one back, let us know and we'll add it as an option.

2. Removed the blocking aspect of one of the powerup stations on Crystalline Expanse to not stall player too long.

3. One platform in the first section of Crystalline Expanse is now replaced with a jump/bounce pad.

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