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Turmoil - Gamious

Dear oil entrepreneurs old and new,

It's been a while since the last update, but this doesn't mean we that we've stopped working on the game! On the contrary, the success of Turmoil has has only enabled and inspired us to do much more. There are currently several big Turmoil things in the pipeline:

Lots of you have asked for it, and we've always really wanted it ourselves too. To start with, we are aiming for campaigns to be playable against human opponents. These will probably be a shorter version of the original campaigns, with several changes to features like the Stock and Land Auction so that you can play against your friends and others in a turn-based fashion.

New Challenge Modes
The working title that we're using here is 'The Oilympics', and we've got a strong suspicion it will also be the official name. An example of a challenge could be a level in which Left and Right are closed, and then have to mine out all the oil with a limited budget. Each challenge is designed to test your skills in a specific aspect of the game and of course you will be able compete against rival drilling masters on the leaderboards.

Level Replays
Ever wondered why you couldn't get to number one in the Weekly Challenge? With the upcoming replay system you will be able to view how other players went about their business of maximizing profits. And you can also share replays with your friends.

Turmoil on mobile! Turmoil is already available for iPad, but we are now also working on a version for mobile phones (you guys all have one, right? ;), and *drumroll*... Nintendo Switch. Nintendo conveniently gave the left and right Switch controllers the same color as the Left and Right Inc. buildings, so who are we to neglect such an obvious hint?

While we're happy to share this news right now, there's a difference with what we have in store and what's available in the store. It will take quite some time to get multiplayer working, we have to rebuild the game from scratch for that. So don't expect any of this in 2018. The release on Switch will probably be the first of this list, somewhere in Q1 or Q2 of 2019.

In the meantime! If you’d like to play another game where you have to move liquid from one place to another, you might want keep an eye on our puzzle game Briquid. It’s one of the first games we ever made, and it will now also be available on Steam, on December 6th. You can check it out here.
Turmoil - Gamious

Dear oil barons,

Update 44 is not the biggest ever. It fixes a strange gas situation that we've found out about quite late. It turned out that growing gas went extra fast when fast forwarding the game. This has been balanced now. And among others, we've also added the option to use the mouse cursor from your operating system. Here's the full list!

Patchnotes for version 2.0.10
  • Added option to use the native OS cursor ingame.
  • Fixed a drawing issue with oil in pipes if the pipes were built in a specific order.
  • Fixed that text on oil drops in the land auction was scaled twice.
  • Fixed that the land lease would not be repaid and the land lease bonus not applied when stopping a level through the pause menu (contrary to the finances menu).
  • Fixed several inconsistencies in pipe heat and oil to gas conversions between game speeds (this affected the ingame speedup, and did NOT affect 30fps vs 60fps)
Turmoil - Gamious

Dear non (or sometimes) spillers of oil,

We're still busy fixing bugs left and right, but we also found the time to balance the game a bit better. It's not a big update, but an update nonetheless!

Turmoil changelog for version 2.0.9
In this update we fixed several issues with treasure generation and the treasures marketplace (thanks to the community members who reported it). The prices and availability on the treasures marketplace has also been made a bit more forgiving.

  • Fixed that the buy/sell prices of treasures in the Underground Collection did not properly scale depending on the area they are found in.
  • Fixed that the fog did not rise 2 months faster in The Heat Is On levels as intended.
  • Fixed that one artefact of each area would not spawn in that area, requiring you to buy it on the treasures marketplace every time.

  • Decreased maximum price that treasures are sold at on the Underground treasures market.
  • Increased minimum and maximum price that collectors will offer you on the
  • Underground treasures market.
  • Collectors on the Underground treasures market will no longer offer to sell you treasures that you already own or offer to buy treasures that you do not own.

Quality of life
  • The end-of-level charts now show details when you hover over the appropriate toggle button.

Turmoil - Gamious

Dear oil entrepreneurs,

After lots of hotfixes following the launch of The Heat Is On, everything’s almost oilright now. We’re still working on some trickier issues, but we’ve also found time to improve the game in other areas than just fixing bugs. The most important one changes the way in which gas is received by Left and Right Inc. Oil prices will from now on react more directly to delivered gas, and it will now also make a difference if you upgrade the pipes that transport gas to Left and Right.

We’ve also increased the arrival speed of wagons (which also caused some frustration sometimes). But the best solution to spillage is still to buy enough wagons and upgrade them! For Mac users it’s important to know that we’ve disabled the end-of-game screenshots, as that seemed to be the cause of the crashes that many players were experiencing. Note that this does not affect the flashing oil/gas wells bug.

Changelog for version 2.0.8

  • Gas grown using magma heat will now fill up the existing well before increasing
  • the size of the containing well.
  • Removed limit on amount of gas sold per second. Connecting multiple pipes to Left or Right Inc. will now make the price go up faster.
  • Decreased gas boosting efficiency every $0.50 step from $2.50 and up.
  • Increased gas boosting price drop rate at every $1 step from $4 and up. This drop rate only applies when you are no longer boosting. The higher you boost, the quicker it will fall again giving you less time to sell.
  • Increased speed of oil conversion
  • Decreased heat cost of oil conversion
  • Increased brake speed of wagons for all upgrade levels, causing them to arrive at their goal more quickly.
  • Decreased decision making interval of wagons from 1.13 seconds to 0.93 seconds, making them respond to full silos and overflowing rigs more quickly.
  • Disabled end of game screenshots for Mac OSX as it was causing segmentation and bus errors for a lot of Mac players.
    Fixed that the game could crash by clicking one of the buildings during a new area introduction.
  • Fixed that the start button on the weekly poster would flicker endlessly in some cases of losing your internet connection.
  • Fixed that some of the hotkeys would not work during the tutorial.
  • Fixed that bank debt did not get saved in the campaign.
  • Fixed that the text on the play button would wrap in some languages.
  • Fixed that you could not get any land lease payback on a piece of land when loading a campaign with a finished land auction.
Turmoil - Gamious

DLC Day has arrived!

The new expansion pack: "The Heat Is On" is now live! Additionally, the Turmoil base game received some juicy updates and the option for character modding!

The update contains the following:

Expansion pack: The Heat Is On
New campaign, featuring:
  • New characters to play. Greenhorns Isabelle and Kai join the oil business and could use your knowledge of pumping and drilling.
  • A new village is being built in this area and its mayor wants you in on the spoils. Meet Maeve, Jack and Philip who will help you make the most of your land ownership.
  • Three new areas to explore containing magma, a new way to control the oil and gas supplies in a level. Unlock its full potential by buying Jack’s upgrades in the village.
  • A completely overhauled stock auction replacing the Dutch Auction of the original campaign. Overbid your opponents with outlandish piles of cash, or let them fight it out between each other while you bide your time.
  • Anthony has started a treasure collection in the Underground. Dig up the treasures found in the land and he will help you out. Missed a spot? Buy the missing parts of your collection on the Treasures Marketplace.
  • The professionals are back in the tough as nails expert version of The Heat Is On. Don’t even think about saving up money, you will be glad if you beat them by an inch!
New in-game features (Spoilers! Hover for details)
  • Connecting your pipes to magma will heat up your pipe network (requires Heat Conductivity upgrade, available in area 1).
  • Heated pipes have increased oil flow depending on their heat level.
  • Dig up treasures for Anthony’s collection using moles. (requires Treasures upgrade, available in area 1)
  • Heating up a joint connected to a gas well will grow the gas well until it hits another well or magma (requires Gas Growth upgrade, available in area 2).
  • Heating up a joint connected to an oil well will convert the oil to gas (requires Oil Conversion upgrade, available in area 3).
  • Strike an exclusivity deal with either Left or Right Inc. for a small cash boost.
And some more
  • 9 new achievements. Can you beat them all?
  • An all new soundtrack by Jan Jaap Doeven including three in-game songs, and a special track for the stock auction. Featuring the Return of the Son of the Dowser.
  • The last area of the DLC campaign, Vulcanic Lands, is available as a single game level. This area includes magma and the Left/Right deals.
  • A new main menu background.
Changelog for version 2.0.4
  • The player now has a brighter golden portrait making it easier to distinguish your character at any time.
  • The end of game statistics have been improved with a new look to better fit the game.
  • All character portraits have been updated with shading.
  • Updated the credits screen with a new look.
Quality of life
  • Your campaign will now be saved when going back to the main menu, after a land auction and after a stock auction.
  • When playing the Weekly Challenge you get a small introduction about the area that you are playing in.
  • You can now buy village upgrades using enter.
  • Closing a Mayor’s Tip no longer directly exits to the village, instead it brings you back to the overview.
  • You can now close joints before they have finished building, to make it easier to plan ahead and not spill any gas. Re-opening a joint before it is finished will refund the costs.
  • Upgrades bought by rivals are now more clearly displayed.
  • Improved tooltip contrast in the land auction and upgrades scroll.
  • The village shops will now display a “sold out” text when there are no more upgrades to be bought, including future unlocks.
  • Several localization improvements.
  • Decreased the minimum and increased the maximum amount of possible oil, gas and rock for the Weekly Challenge.
  • Fixed that sound and visual effects were not properly played when selling gas.
  • Fixed that the game would crash if noone made a bid in the stock auction because the AI was out of money.
Happy drilling! And stay tuned, we'll soon be back with news about a new challenge game mode!
Turmoil - Gamious

Dear oil entrepeneurs,

We have finally finished our work on the DLC campaign for Turmoil! It will be called 'The Heat Is On' and it will be available on the 21st of March! To keep reminding you of this, we've added a countdown timer in Turmoil's title screen.

The Heat Is On will have lots of new interesting new mechanics and fun features. You can watch the trailer, read all about it, (and wishlist!) on its Steam page right here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/804760
A bit less exciting, but still very noteworthy are some performance upgrades in Turmoil. The game should run a lot smoother in situations where a lot of gas is being transported. The same goes for situations in which lots of wagons sell oil below $0.25 and above $2.00. And last but not least: performance with anti aliasing on has also been improved. So if you were forced to play without anti aliasing, you might want to give it a try again!

That's oil for now!
Turmoil - Valve
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Turmoil - GamiousDev

Howdy oil and gas people!

We've just updated the game and it's a tiny one. But we're sure it will make a couple of players very happy. Ever since Turmoil launched, we've received the occasional request to make the mouse cursor more visible. You can now make it bigger in the settings menu with a click of the button. So, that's that!

And while we've got your attention, why don't we update you a little bit about the upcoming dlc? Here are some random teaser facts with exclamation marks!

  • We're close to finishing it! We expect to release it somewhere in the first quarter of 2018.
  • There will be a new village, with a new mayor, and his tips are free!
  • You can find all sorts of interesting treasures in the underground!
  • There's a guy in the Saloon called Philip, and he likes to play cards for money!
  • There will be new in-level mechanics! With magma!
  • You'll see a lot of new faces, but also some familiar ones!
  • The village will have a cat!

Thanks for your attention, expect more news soon!
Turmoil - Gamious
Hi all,

We have a small but important update for you: we were able to fix the Audio Bug that has been hounding us.

When a number of sounds would overlap, problems began to arise, but not for everyone. So we couldn't reproduce it ourselves. That was the tricky part. It happened mostly when scanning while building pipes and when the spillage timer and alarm would go off. A pretty normal state for Turmoil players ;)

Anyway, we think we solved it. Let us know if it happens again and we’ll look into it further. On a side note, welcome to all the new players. A few new videos have gone up on YouTube and we’re getting new players in as a result. Thanks!

Audio Bug. Nuff said.

[EDIT] We've kept the reset audio button in the Pause menu, for if and when it happens again. But we hope you will never need it.

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