The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.26 - Some Quality of Life Improvements

First off we wanted to say thank you and welcome to all the new players that picked up The Mean Greens during this most recent sale.

Today we have launched another quality of life update to the game improving a lot of things throughout the game. One of those things we've improved is the translation of the game in several different languages. With the help of some amazing members of our community we've been able to fix a lot of the issues in our continued effort to make the game better for people worldwide. We're also happy to announce that we've been able to add Portuguese to our list of supported languages. As usual we are still working to improve the languages and will continue to update them as we make progress.

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- More vehicle spawns in sandbox
- Portuguese localization (thanks to Dead and Gone, and CachorroQuente)

- Some adjustments to audio volume/pitch
- Adjusted Deep Freeze lighting so it's less overly bright in some areas
- Removed emissive from ice material in Deep Freeze
- Optimization and lighting update for Off the Rails
- Updated hamsterball collision so it better matches the shape of the mesh and bullets can go through openings
- Adjusted M16 range to 10,000 units (from 6,000)
- Adjusted Shotgun damage to 16 (from 20)
- Updated Italian Localization (thanks Phobos)
- Updated Korean Localization (thanks DioklecijaN and Gomayang)
- Updated Chinese Localization (thanks hrider XY&Z )
- Updated German Localization (thanks EagleStriker13)
- Updated Spanish Localization (thanks Switch )
- Changed car size on Tabletop and adjusted positioning on some of them
- Adjusted weapon select when using mouse wheel to be like switching with number keys
- Made all maps visible without scrolling in the lobbies

Bug Fixes:
- Stopped music manager from running sound commands on dedicated server
- Fixed possibility of having health display 0 while you're still alive
- Fixed possibility of having timer in Tabletop display 0 without triggering a win
- Fixed possibility of having HUD in Deep Freeze display a completely thawed Dino without triggering a win
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.25 - Your Dollar's Still Kickin' Butt!

With all the amazing support during our last sale we have decided to drop the regular price of The Mean Greens down to $4.99, and to celebrate we're running another massive sale on the game. The game is currently available for only $1.49! Please help spread the word so we can get those player counts up really high again.

We've made a lot of improvements to hit detection, especially in instances where lag is a factor. A lot of the levels have seen upgraded lighting and optimizations and we've added the ability to dodge roll backwards and diagonal sprint (pressing A or D while sprinting forward).

With this build we have made some changes to Toybox Assault that may potentially fix some of the lighting issues we're seeing on some Linux machines. If this does resolve the issue, we will roll out the fix to the rest of the maps.

As usual we love to hear your feedback and suggestions so please keep them coming.

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Added backwards combat roll
- Added diagonal sprinting
- Added 'on fire' effect when you're hit by a flame thrower
- Added damage taken sound when hit by flamethrower
- Added new objective SFX
- Added low health sound
- Added new got hit sound
- Added support for DirectX 10 (beta)

- Adjusted post effects for Fishtank Frenzy
- Updated Japanese localization (Thanks HoT_Chocol4tE)
- Updated Korean localization (Thanks DioklecijaN)
- Decreased fog in Table Top, more optimization for this level, updated lighting
- Improved lighting in Sandbox Showdown near flags
- Adjusted Global Illumination in Halloween Hustle
- Updated Flamethrower, improving material, fixing hit trace so it better aligns with particles
- Updated explosion and muzzle effects
- Kitchen Run optimization
- Updated bullet fly by sound cues
- Updated enemy killed indicator sound
- Updated sound when player is killed
- Adjusted some camera shakes
- Adjusted sound volumes
- Weapons reload 20% faster
- Weapons switch 50% faster
- Updated Sandbox Showdown's spawn points
- Adjusted blend times for landing/jumping

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed Octopus head so it would have more accurate bullet collision
- Fixed Octopus tentacle's not being synced with server so bullet collision could be off
- Fixed rockets exploding instantly when on ducks in Bathtub Bash
- Fixed warning spam of ducks being set to moveable
- Fixed weapon mismatch between client/server for impacts
- Fixed ice blocks melt speed and network spam
- Stopped network spam caused by damage from Skeletons
- lowered overall cost of impacts on players
- Fixed game mode crash
- Fixed a few potential issues that could cause reload bug
- Fixed lighting and reflections in Tutorial level
- Potentially fixed lighting issue on some Linux Machines on Toybox Assault
- Improved bullet impact accuracy
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.24 - Password Protected Dedicated Servers and More!

We have released our latest update for The Mean Greens and we are excited to bring password protection to dedicated servers! If you would like your dedicated server to require a password simply add the following command to your server batch file

-ServerPassword="Password Goes Here"

The team has been hard at work bringing all kinds of other improvements to the game including a ton of improvements to lighting and optimization. You should see a significant boost in Halloween Hustle!

The $.99 Sale is Almost Over

The amazing sale ends February 1st at 10am (Pacific Time) so there's still time to get all your friends in game for less money than a franchise burger! This sale has been absolutely amazing and so inspiring to see our peak player count continually raised. Thank you all so much for playing The Mean Greens.

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Dedicated servers can now be password protected

- Updated Lighting in Halloween Hustle and optimized assets
- Reduced Flame Thrower particle count
- Optimized Deep Freeze
- Updated lighting in Sandbox Showdown and optimized assets
- Updated hit sounds
- Adjusted volumes on several sounds like Flag sounds, flamethrower etc.
- Adjusted volume of underwater ambient sounds
- Changed the number of skeletons spawning in Halloween to further improve performance
- Updated lighting on Tabletop Wars
- Updated bullet trails
- Updated lighting on Art Table Shuffle and optimized assets
- Updated French Localization (thanks R3WIND)
- Updated Italian Localization (Thanks Phobos)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some physical materials on Halloween Hustle
- Fixed bullet tracers so it more accurately represents bullet path
- Fixed projectile collision
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.23 - The Improvements Keep Coming

Today we released another small update in our continued effort to polish the game. We will be releasing more as we make changes and fixes to the game.

Thank you all who are playing the game, it has been absolutely amazing to see our player counts soar to a new high every day so far and now seeing the count hold pretty steady around the 2k mark.

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to post their feedback, this really helps us to improve the game and make The Mean Greens the best it can be

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Added more spawn points to sandbox for larger servers

- Centered Halloween UI image

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed reload bug where animation would play but no ammo would be loaded

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.22 - The Sale Continues

First of all, we wanted to say thank you so much to the massive influx of new players. The response has been far better than we ever could have imagined!

With this new update we are fixing some minor issues and adding new features to our server systems. Players can now host their own private matches with only their friends by ticking the Invite Only option when they Host a Match. We are working on adding the ability to password protect dedicated servers, this will come in a future update along with more improvements to our server hosting files. We have also made some improvements to how the server's update the server list.

We are also talking to some server companies about getting more servers up to help with all the players looking to join in a game. If you get a message saying that a server is full or lost connection to the host, please try again, it's likely that multiple people are trying to join in the same server at the same time.

UPDATE - hotfix patch is up, this should resolve the invite issues

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Added Invite Only button to hosted matches
- Added volumetric fog to Fish Tank Frenzy

- Updated bullet impact volumes
- Updated character physics materials
- Improved lighting in Fish Tank Frenzy around flags
- Changed Private Match menu item to Host Match
- Servers now update the server list more frequently

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some collision issues on Off the Rails
- Fixed user manual's reference to sprinting

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
When's the last time a dollar kicked this much butt

The holidays may be over but we're still in the giving spirit. For the next 10 days The Mean Greens will be a whopping 90% off! That's right, you can now pickup your favorite plastic melting miniature mayhem game for under a dollar!

This is the lowest price The Mean Greens has EVER been so tell your friends, tell your grandparents, tell your neighbor’s sister's dog; let's get as many people in game as we can and prove once and for all which team is better, Green or Tan.
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Patch 1.21 - Return of the Server Browser

That's right, with our latest patch we're bringing back the server browser! This is something we've been wanting to bring back for quite a while and we're glad we can start off the new year by fulfilling a fan request.

In addition to bringing back the server browser we're including the files needed to host your own Mean Greens server.

How do I run my own dedicated server?
I'm glad you asked, it's easy. Simply run the HostServer.bat file that's located in your install directory and that's it!

We are also looking for server companies interested in offering The Mean Greens servers so please message me if you are interested.

We're uploading a quick hotfix patch to resolve a couple minor issues we noticed. Please restart steam to grab the new update and restart your server if you're hosting one. Thank you

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Server Browser
- Dedicated server files

- Changed characters to be unique for every spawned player
- Updated loading screens for Lazy Hamster and Halloween Hustle
- Updated footstep cue volumes and music volumes
- Adjusted bullet impact volume
- Updated physics materials for all levels
- Adjusted volume curve
- Adjusted volumes of all weapons

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed some collision issues on Off the Rails
- Fixed some clipping issues on Deep Freeze
- Fixed forced map not working after beacon removal
- Fixed level selector
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
We are excited to be launching patch 1.19 today*. This new update brings a TON of backend improvements and changes but I'm sure the most exciting thing will be our brand new map Halloween Hustle!

*Ok, after a whole bunch of tricks tonight, it's time to enjoy some treats. The update is now live. Enjoy

Halloween Hustle is an exciting new map set on an outside porch during Halloween. This is a team deathmatch map with AI controlled skeletons thrown in to keep everyone on their toes.

Bot Update
As we mentioned in our most recent news post, we are diligently working on adding bots to The Mean Greens and we are making progress and we are looking at a tentative release of early 2019. We will of course keep everyone posted as things progress, the best place to stay up to day is our Official Discord channel so be sure to join the community.

Other Changes
Patch 1.19 brings a bunch of other changes and additions to the game you already know and love! We have made a lot of changes to our particle VFX including a brand-new flamethrower effect that really is hot!

A few new taunts have also snuck into this build too so be sure to check them out.

We have also made a lot of back end improvements to the game, we upgraded the engine to version 4.20 and added some additional checks and improvements to our networking system. The ball in Barnyard Ball has been completely rewritten making it MUCH smoother and more reliable.

Throw in a bunch of performance improvements and bug fixes and you've got a patch we're pretty pumped about. We hope you enjoy this update and thanks for playing!

Attic Attack and Sandbox Showdown and temporarily being removed from the map list as we revamp the vehicles. We're making a LOT of improvements to them and these maps will return as soon as they are ready.

Steam Sale
To celebrate this new patch, we are running a 50% off sale!

Below is a list of the changes/fixes that made it into this patch.

- Added a new TDM map “Halloween Hustle”
- New Taunt-NahNaBooBoo
- New taunt (facepalm)

- Updated to Unreal Engine version 4.20
- Temporarily removed Attic Attack and Sandbox while we revamp them
- Updated hit reaction system
- New Flamethrower VFX
- Updated Melting VFX for Deep Freeze
- Updated fire on Off the Rails to be more performant, added light to light place
- Updated water splash impact for bathtub bash
- Updated splash material
- Updated ducks to have water moving vfx
- Updated Bathtub Bash map with new bubble bath water visuals and particle vfx for various props
- Off The Rails sudden death (capture all 3 points to trigger countdown)
- Completely rewrote how the ball is handled in Barnyard Ball for better performance and smooth movement
- Removed sprint stamina meter and tweaked animations/blending
- updated credits page

Bug Fixes:
- Localization updates
- Fixes for train - lighting changes, fixed some material issues
- Level selector UI fixes
- Fixed a typo on a box in Deep Freeze
- Fixed Deep Freeze fog not fading
- Material performance pass
- LOD performance pass
- Fixed some potential crashes with Lazy Hamster
- Fixed loss of control when gamepad disconnects
- Fixed some issues with tutorial level
- Fixed gamepad/keyboard binding issue which prevented use of controller and arrow keys

The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer

We wanted to take a moment to apologize for the delay, but we are still working diligently on adding bots to the game! We listened to your requests and want all of you to enjoy the game - the complexity of adding the bots is taking us sometime however. As of right now we are looking at a tentative update early next year for you guys.

In the meantime - We are excited to announce our Halloween Hustle map releasing October 26th! We are very excited for you all to play our newest addition. If you dare you can jump in the game with your friends...and the new AI skeletal foes that we added to spook things up!
The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare - Jamie Krautkremer
Happy Holidays from Virtual Basement
We hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Hopefully you are getting to spend time with loved ones and getting some quality gaming time in as the year draw to an end.

As a bit of a Christmas gift from us here at Virtual Basement, we wanted to let everyone in on what we've been secretely working on lately!

We have been hard at work behind the scenes creating more than just awesome new maps like the recently released Lazy Hamster map. So without further ado, here's what we're currently working on:


That's right, we have been actively working on an AI system that can handle the vast array of game types we have in The Mean Greens. This will allow you to play offline as well as help fill up servers.

Ranking System
In addition to bots players have been asking for a ranking system, and we've been listening. We have a ranking system designed and are working on implementating. We're not quite ready to outline the details of how the ranking system will works quite yet but I can assure everyone that it will not give players with higher ranking any advantages over lower ranked players.

More Maps
On top of all that awesomeness we're still designing and developing more maps/modes for The Mean Greens all being released in FREE updates!

Here's a few maps/modes that are in development:
- Picnic Panic
- Jurassic Plastic
- Halloween Hustle
- And More!

Steam Sale

The Mean Greens is still part of Steam's Winter Sale and Mean Greens is at it's best price EVER! 75% off! That's right, you can now pick up Mean Greens for under $2.50!

These new additions are all pretty huge and they will take some time for us to polish up but we didn't want to keep it a secret any longer! We hope everyone is as excited about this as we are. Please feel free to discuss this in the forums or in our Official Discord server

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