Into the Stars - Das-J
Hey all,

We've received some feedback regarding the quality of our localization effort, particularly the German translations, and we wanted to do something about it. Our translation company agreed to completely redo their German localization and we've compiled that work into a small update that just went live.

It also addresses the broken items in the Combat HUD (a bug was preventing their translation) and fixes several text overlap issues. Some small issues may still be present, but we addressed the most glaring problems.

Update 1.21 Notes:
  • Complete overhaul of German localization
  • Addressed broken items in Combat HUD
  • Text overlap fixes

Thanks as always for your support,

- The Fugitive Team
Into the Stars - Das-J
Hey all,

We've just put a small update live with gameplay tuning based on your feedback and fixes for a few issues, mostly with Saved Games. Here are the details:

  • Adjusted timing for Shield Deflection charge
  • Increased Skorn tracking in early sectors (Raises chances of early combat)
  • Reduced chance for module reward discovery
  • Adjusted combat ratios in Yellow and Orange Alert (2 enemy fights now possible in Yellow – Even more so in Orange)
  • Adjusted tuning for enemy weapon charging based on enemy ship count
  • Slowed alien ship travel in each sector
  • Increased chance for item drop post-Shuttle Mission

  • Corrected issue in saved games where 2 crew members were in Sick Bay causing stacking on game load
  • Save & Exit cleanup (process now checks for completion, preventing hangs on slower systems)
  • Cleaned up “Wild Beast” mission results where negative outcome fired on the wrong selection

The game will be 40% Off this week, so it's a great time to take it off your Wishlist and start your journey Into the Stars, as this represents our deepest discount to date!

In other news, we're still waiting on the improved German localization to come back from our publisher, but expect that any day and will deploy it at the earliest opportunity. Progress with the Mac port is inching along and we'll post relevant details when we have anything to report.

Crash on Startup
We're still getting sporadic reports of this occurring, but of those who contact us most of their issues are solved by simply grabbing ALL available Windows updates. This may sound crazy, but our UI is very fragile and relies on a number of dll files spread across these updates, so please be sure and give that a go if you encounter any issues starting the game.

- The Fugitive Team
Apr 28, 2016
Into the Stars - Fugitive Games
Hey everyone,

Though the game was released nearly two months ago, we've been keeping busy and wanted to share a few updates with you all today.

Next Patch: Update 1.2

We're a skeleton crew these days, but we're still plugging away with enhancements and fixes for Into the Stars. The next update, which we plan to release in May, will look to address localization quality (especially German) & Saved Game issues along with some tuning based on your feedback.

PAX: East

Our Community Manager Aaron and Audio Director Richard just returned from an awesome trip to Boston, where they showed off Into the Stars as part of the IndieMEGABOOTH. The space was packed throughout and they were overwhelmed with the support received from attendees. It's always great when, despite the mixed reviews, you can meet with real people and see them enjoying the game, so thanks to those of you who stopped by the booth!

Mac Support

We're still working away on the Mac version of the game, but sadly we've hit a setback. Though our engineer has done everything he can with our existing UI plugin, it now seems that it simply needs to be rewritten in order to properly support the platform. Sadly this represents several months of work, so though the Mac version of ItS isn't just around the corner as we expected, we're still committed to delivering it to you all.

We'll continue to update everyone on the progress and you'll be the first to know when we finally have things up and running. Our sincerest apologies for the delay!

Vinyl Soundtrack

In other news, progress is chugging along on the vinyl for our OST. We got a test pressing this week and it sounds amazing! If you're interested, they're still available for pre-sale at the iam8bit website.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to hit us up:


The Fugitive Team
Into the Stars - FG_RoyO
Hey all - We've finally caught our breath from Release/GDC and wanted to share a brief update.

GDC 2016

We were selected to participate in two Indie showcases at GDC via the Media Indie Exchange. The first was on Monday at IGN followed by a Tuesday event at the amazing Patreon headquarters. It was a blast sharing the game with such a diverse group of developers, media and even a few backers!

Technical Support

Recently we created a new build with improved debug tracking and have uploaded it to Steam. If you're experiencing any crashes, hangs or slowdowns we would appreciate if you could download the new version as it will help us resolve these problems.

1) Check out the new steps we've outlined for initial debug:

2) Download the new "CrashReportLogging" build by following these steps:

  • Open the Steam client
  • Go to Library -> Games and select Into the Stars
  • Right Click and go to Properties
  • Select the "Betas" tab and enter the following code: NcX34iae10jHgsLfG
  • Press "Check Code" then select the "CrashReportLogging" build from the menu above

From here, a new client should be downloaded that will help us evaluate the issues you're seeing and quickly implement fixes. Whatever issues were presented before will still occur, but this build will create complete logs for debugging which you can find here: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Nebraska\Saved\Logs

Please send us the Nebraska text doc and any dmp files contained in this folder so we can track the compatibility issues with your system.

As always, if you're having any technical issues we're happy to discuss and work through them with you:

Personal Note

We've been in this industry for a long time and have endured some brutal development cycles, but nothing that came close to the fast-paced intensity of Into the Stars. The community seems divided on the results of our efforts, but we set out to do something different and are confident that the game sets itself apart for better or worse.

As a team of 4 people we faced enormous challenges, but we poured every dollar and ounce of sweat we had into bringing this game to life. At some point we'll likely detail the journey further, but for now we're focused on fulfilling our remaining promises to you all:

Addressing Technical Issues - Completing the Mac Port - Delivering Remaining Rewards

That's all for now, but thanks as always for your support and patience!

- The Fugitive Team
Mar 18, 2016
Into the Stars - Goodnews
Goodnews will be live on Twitch in 5 minutes!
Into the Stars - Fugitive Games
Hey all,

We've made a big push this week to address a number of issues that came up at launch. We haven't yet been able to tackle everything but the update today should fix several of the more glaring problems.

Changes in 1.1

  • Language change in game.
  • In Options (Main Menu) you can now change to your desired language.
  • General Localization fixes
  • Numerous fixes for text overruns in Game and Main Menu
  • Adjusted for missing Polish characters
  • General performance improvements
  • Fix for escape menu functionality where users got stuck on certain screens
  • Volume lowered on Intro video
  • Webview concurrency fix for UI plugin

Crash Update
We are still investigating the root cause for users experiencing crashes. For most users, seeing crashes on startup the common thread seems to be dependencies on dll files that are either incorrect or missing. There isn’t an easy catch all solution right now, as it’s not necessarily a single file issue or one specific problem for everyone. Some users have fixed this by installing the latest version of Internet Explorer which contains some of the dll’s needed. Others have found that windows updates alone solve the issue. (For example this update for some users with windows 7 has worked)

We will continue to try to find a solution and appreciate the people that have been working with us to give us more information on the test branch. If you would like to help us, please send an email to and we will set you up in the test branch where we can gather more detailed logs. We will keep narrowing it down and appreciate your patience.

- The Fugitive Team
Mar 11, 2016
Into the Stars - Goodnews
Going live in a couple of minutes. Come hang out in the chat!
Into the Stars - Fugitive Games
Hey everyone,

It has been a crazy couple of days for our small team, but we've been able to collect some solid data thanks to your efforts and will have an update with high-priority fixes rolling out soon.

Right now we're focused on the following:
  • Crashes on Startup & During Gameplay
  • Ability to change desired language in-game
  • Input lockout from Escape Key/Pause Game interaction
  • Localized UI cleanup

If you'd like to help us track down the crashes, please send a message to and we'll set you up with the Beta branch.

As always, you can follow what we're working on by checking the Trello Roadmap. We appreciate your patience and will let you all know when these fixes go live!

- The Fugitive Team
Into the Stars - Goodnews
Come hang out with us, ask Jack some questions!

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