Highlands - Burrito Studio
Hi everyone!

We are launching a special update to announce our new price tag of 9.99USD.

To kick this off to a great start, we are starting a sale at 55% off on top of our new pricing.

Want a fresh strategy game experience? Get Highlands and start playing!
Highlands - Burrito Studio

Trick or treating early this year: grab your copy of Highlands at half the price!

If you enjoy challenging turn-based decision-making games and colorful hand-drawn graphics, Highlands is the game for you. Try unlocking our Brutal mode achievement!
Highlands - Burrito Studio
We will be at Montreal Comiccon all weekend long! If you are on site join us to play Highlands at our booth and meet the devs! If not, you can still benefit from our special promotion and follow us on Twitter!
Highlands - Burrito Studio
Hi everyone!

We’ve just released the Highlands soundtrack. 30 minutes of good atmospheric music. Add to that a 20% launch discount to make this one hell of a deal! Grab it if you’ve enjoyed listening to our tracks while killing hordes of swarms!
Jun 10, 2015
Highlands - Burrito Studio
*** 1.1.5313 update, new soundtrack, and Montreal Comiccon 42% discount available for the rest of the week July 3 to 14! ***

Hey everyone!

This is a small balancing update based on all the community feedback we had on v1.1, plus a few bug fixes. Enjoy!

  • Reworked and added descriptions to difficulty settings. The "Normal" setting is the one we recommend to people new to the game who still seek a great challenge.
  • People playing at the former "Normal" setting are now playing at the "Challenging" setting until they restart a campaign.
  • It is not until [Chapter 2] that enemies have their first specialized skills.
  • Molotov cocktail can now be crafted as soon as a Workshop is discovered in [Chapter 2] (no need to find blueprint).

  • Added missing "bombardment" sound in combat and made the "double strike" animation bigger.
  • Added glow on the Field kit progress bar when it is filled up completely. Also added a tooltip on hover.
  • Added an informative tooltip when using a field kit over a character so you know the heal amount.
  • You no longer lose full field kit crafting progress when using a Level 1 or Level 2 field kit.
  • Enemy skill tooltips are now also displayed in combat.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where you could open the Character Screen after pushing the "end of turn" button, but before a fight started.
  • Fixed a refresh problem when leaving the Character Screen without closing the item box.
  • Map HUD elements are no longer visible/interactive during modal dialogs / screens.
  • Fixed a problem where characters withdrawing from a battle with no adjacent secured sectors were not able to perform any actions in some cases.
Highlands - Burrito Studio
Here it is, the big update we've all been waiting for! We gathered your feedback from the last 4 weeks and are proud to release version 1.1 which contains tons of new features all-around. Please continue to share your thoughts with us and have fun playing Highlands.

27 brand new Steam achievements to enjoy!

New In-Combat Skills:
  • Double Strike: Combatants have a new "Double Strike" proc (unlocked at level 3).
  • Combatants now deal half their Combat Points as minimum damage.
  • Heroism: Leaders now have the "Heroism" skill (unlocked at level 5) to buff other characters in combat.
  • Bombardment: When fighting in a bombarded sector, enemy damage is greatly reduced during the first combat turn due to suppressive fire.
  • Field Medic: Academics now add progression points each turn toward the crafting of field kits that can be used in-battle as consumables (unlocked at level 2).

Major Changes:
  • New enemy behaviors: enemies now select their own blocker in battle and perform various skills!
  • New enemy skills: Healers & Defenders.
  • New casual difficulty level.
  • Added chapter names to transition screens.
  • Spawning is no longer uniform all around the map.
  • You can now cycle through characters in the Character Screen, and items manipulation is easier.
  • Enemy stack sizes should now remain smaller and not grow indefinitely.
  • Enemies are no longer sorted by combat point in battle but rather distributed randomly.
  • You can now select the target of the battle consumables. Projectiles splash their damage on the target first and then the 2 neighboring enemies.
  • Enemy territories with “0” occupation now have a small chance to get random reinforcements.
  • When suffering battle casualties, you no longer gain Leadership points from winning the battle and now suffer a small leadership gain penalty for each character killed over the next 5 turns.

Misc Features:
  • Changed the Healing skill so it fully heals characters with the most Combat Points before healing someone else (former behavior was that everyone healed equally).
  • Changed Overseer animation and upkeep so it happens at end of turn like the rest of the skills.
  • Added tavern & workshop ambient sounds and a few other sounds.
  • Character tokens are now sorted by class on top of “task type”.
  • Militia can now kill enemies and don’t just leave them at 1 Combat Point.
  • Level-up popup: skill icon now has an explanation tooltip.
  • Reworked last battle of Tutorial map so it better fit the story.
  • Added movement indicator arrows on map to better recognize which sectors are linked together.

  • Higher super-breach spawn after the 5th and 10th waves in [Chapter 3].
  • Base bombardment cost went from 15 to 20.
  • Overseer now has a base cost per character and not only a global cost per sector.
  • More chances to find loots & blueprints.
  • Spawning cycle is now every 7 turns instead of 9 in Normal mode and higher, and there is no longer a grace period.
  • Militia damages are now calculated differently.
  • Battle consumable damages & costs have been buffed to reflect new usage.

Level Design:
  • [Chapter 2] tavern now set on a sector not owned outside the city.
  • [Chapter 3] The sector where you unlock Wondor now starts fully organized.
  • Made final battle of [Chapter 5] stationary.
  • [Chapter 6] workshop building now set at a more central place.
  • Fixed connections in [Chapter 7].

Bug Fixes:
  • Left-click no longer unselect all the character tokens.
  • Fixed a bug where the “main menu” button from the defeat screen could sometimes not be pressed.
  • “Old Man and the Sky” side-quest dialog was playing twice.
  • Fixed a few typos.
May 18, 2015
Highlands - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Graham Smith)

I fought all the way to my enemy’s doorstep, but now here I am, ten minutes later, back where I started and with an insurmountable force at my door. I started playing Highlands [official site] because of the hand-drawn artwork, but its turn-based tactics are harder than they first appear.

… [visit site to read more]

Highlands - Burrito Studio
First launch week went amazing and we are super excited to announce Highlands first big update that should be available mid-June. We spent a lot of time listening to our growing community in order to work on what people want the most. Here are the key points we will be improving:

Combat phase evolved: This update will contain features and improvements during the combat phase. The most notable one will be additional skills from all classes that are triggered during combat. Bring your academic in combat and use class-specific skills to turn the tides in your favor!

More Awesomeness: We are looking at making skills that trigger on the map having an effect directly inside the combat screen. Think support strategy. We are starting with bombardment: instead of simply blocking the enemy advance, it will also affect all combats in adjacent sectors. You will see a bombardment animation in combat and all of the enemy forces will take X amount of damage at the start.

We are also looking at adding more consumables with different effects to add variety to the gimmicks you can use in battle, don’t hesitate to post your suggestions on our Steam forum!

More enemy behaviors: Enemies tend to be a bit predictable once you get the hang of things. We are currently looking at things like enemies that will launch attacks from sectors further away from your frontlines and procedural spawning where not all sectors gain reinforcement equally. All this and more will add to the challenge of facing a more unpredictable foe.

Difficulty Modes: We are adding a casual mode for players who are new to the strategy genre and also looking at how we can add more challenging modes.

Achievements: Lo and behold, this update will contain Steam achievements.

Balancing and tweaks: We will also make various balance changes and a bunch of minor tweaks in order to optimize gameplay experience.

All in all, this should see the light of day in time for the summer sale. Stay tuned until then for more news and previews of what we are currently cooking for Highlands.

Burrito Studio
Apr 28, 2015
Highlands - Burrito Studio
Here is our second small maintenance update, we'll continue to roll them out every few days as necessary to make Highlands always better! Stay tuned for our bigger roadmap.

Highlands 1.0.4974
  • Options menu: fullscreen setting was not always saved correctly.
  • Options menu: save games are now sorted by date.
  • Prevent multiple sounds from being played when more than one enemy is hit at once.
  • In the case full-screen video playback is not supported (cause still unknown), it will now no longer crash but instead skip directly to the tutorial.
  • Also fixed a few minor issues and typos.
Apr 24, 2015
Highlands - Burrito Studio
Hi everyone! Here's our first patch since launch that addresses a few minor issues that were reported. Thank you all for your amazing feedback so far, we'll keep you updated as we focus back on development and plan our next bigger updates.

Highlands 1.0.4936
  • Standardized the set of supported resolutions.
  • Added more space for text to be displayed during dialogs so it is not trimmed in smaller resolutions.
  • Last map of the game has more starting resources & improved links between sectors.
  • Consumable items now stack properly when viewed from the main items bag.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when unlocking the Old Man and the Sky Kickstarter side-quest from the Options menu (note that the quest was still unlocked correctly).
  • Master volume is now applied correctly over SFX and Music.

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