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Patch 2.1 will be deployed as follows:

  • PC - Wednesday 20th of June.


  • Fixed - Players can access 3rd person perspective following certain steps.
  • Fixed - The counter defuser doesn't appear in the Operator's hands in the end of round replay.
  • Fixed - The red light in the Bulletproof Camera remains on after picking up the camera during the EMP pause effect.


  • Fixed - Most charms are clipping through Alibi's MX4 Storm.
  • Fixed - The Mountain Foliage headgear and uniform have an incorrect thumbnail.

  • Fixed - Bandit Keychain charm appears as low quality.

  • Fixed - Yokai's Sonic Burst doesn't always inflict deafen effect.

  • Fixed - Maestro gets stuck and cannot shoot anymore after pressing his gadget button if both Evil Eyes are destroyed.
  • Fixed - Maestro's Evil Eye can still ping enemies while disrupted by a Twitch drone.
  • Fixed - In some instances, the Evil Eye will deal no damage to gadgets nor Operators.
  • Fixed - Maestro an put his turrets in Equipped state while he is in prone mode.
  • Fixed - When the Evil Eye overheats, the bulletproof glass won't open if the players keeps right mouse button pressed.
  • Fixed - Maestro doesn't receive bonus points for assists with the Turret in PVE.
  • Fixed - Evil Eye does not break assets on deployment.

  • Fixed - Tachanka's skin is red when equipping the Para Bellum Headgear.

  • Fixed - Thatcher's portrait is misaligned in his Elite Uniform card during the Preparation Phase.


  • Fixed - The bullet proof camera becomes unbreakable when placed in certain spots.
  • Fixed - It is possible to climb up on the other side of the fence.
  • Fixed - Fixed multiple issues when rappelling at EXT Graffiti Area.

  • Fixed - Para Bellum is misspelled on the Seasonal Weapon Skins banner.
  • Fixed - Adding ban or 6th pick to a playlist avoids the operator selection screen to correctly appear.
  • Fixed - Players can see the message "the Attempt to connect to Server failed" during matchmaking.
  • Fixed - Banned operators from a custom game remain temporarily unplayable in PVP/PVE matches
  • Fixed - "Play 0x14839b2b18" appears in Discovery Playlist for Villa.
  • Fixed - The diamond pattern of the Carnevale skin appears broken on the lower section of the stock.
  • Fixed - "Full Screen" display mode can't be set during banning phase.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Para Bellum is finally upon us, and there’s a lot to take in—new operators, a new map, and significant rework to Echo. We’ve put together some tips for the new ops and map that are worth checking out before jumping in.


Alibi’s kit is built for mobility, so if setting up rotations is your thing, consider taking her ACS12 shotgun. It can chew up a wall faster than anything else in the game. It’s okay as a combat shotgun, but fires a little slower than the semi-auto alternatives. Most players will likely stick to her Storm SMG, which makes up for its low damage with controllable recoil and high fire rate. If you do, I recommend carrying the Bailiff revolver as a secondary, as it’s great for opening quick murder holes without wasting a clip of ammo.

Her signature gadget, Prisma decoys, require planning, precise timing, and good positioning. To better trick enemies, place them behind a piece of cover that watches a door, or a common anchoring spot. You want the enemy to peek a corner, see just a piece of your decoy, and fire reflexively. When they trigger the decoy, always be nearby to capitalize on their mistake. This can also work for setting up a fake spawn peek on a window, but enemies will wise up to this quickly. Also consider keeping your last Prisma in your pocket until you need it, like in the middle of a firefight. After exchanging blows and falling back, leaving a decoy behind is a great way to guarantee they’ll fall for it and give you the advantage.


Maestro is a hardcore anchor, and the first defender with an LMG, the ALDA. This thing is a beast, outpowering most other defense weapons. It’s also relatively accurate when hipfiring, as its grouping gets tighter the longer you fire. He can alternatively take the ACS12, but the LMG feels like the easy choice in most situations.

His gadget, the Evil Eye, also plays into his role as objective guardian. The most consistently useful strategy for them is to have one watching the objective itself, and another watching the adjacent hallways or rooms. Since the laser has an infinite range and no damage drop-off, go for maximum field of view. The more square-footage you can see, the better. If you are zapping an enemy, only fire a few times and then quickly turn your camera away to hide the exposed area. You can also hide an Evil Eye near a commonly breached wall to zap away Thermite’s charge. And in the event of Dokkaebi hacking the Evil Eyes, consider removing them yourself or with a teammate's impact grenade.


Villa has lots of buffer rooms between attackers and objectives, which means there’s a lot of map to learn. One thing you should know going in is that it's divided into two main halves to the north and south. The first floor has a red rug that runs the length of a lot of the map, guiding you to the objectives nearby. The second floor has a large skylight that looks down to the first floor, but the only way for attackers to utilize it is rappelling, so defenders don’t have to worry about it too much. The map is also full of breachable floors and ceilings, so expect a lot of Sledge and Buck. The bottom floor wine storage is always safe for entering the building, but drone it out to make sure a roamer didn’t have the same idea.

Echo Buff

Echo might not be a new operator, but his buff in Para Bellum really makes him feel fresh again. Having two Yokai drones lets you watch two places at once and improves his survivability. Consider keeping one Yokai on the objective near your body to stand guard and use the other to explore and scout for the team. Be careful with the sonic bursts, though, as he now has fewer shots to work with and a higher cooldown.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - (Alice O'Connor)


Summer’s almost here, so Rainbow Six Siege is kicking in the door of a nice Italian villa ostensibly to stop terrorists or something but more likely to claim a place in the sun. Operation Para Bellum launches today, the latest free content update, with the new map, new operators (well, not for everyone just yet), bug fixes, tweaks, and balance changes. The reviled ‘dropshot’, which let players drop to prone without upsetting their aim, diving to the floor and murderising the poor opponent who’s left shooting at air above them, is banished for starters. (more…)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Ubi_P4in

With the Seasonal Test Servers now closed, we have an updated list of changes in the Year 3 Season 2.0 patch. These notes serve as an addendum to the original patch notes for Operation Para Bellum, located here.


We will now be using R6FIX to manage bug reports for both Live and Test Servers.

If you encounter a bug, please navigate to and submit your findings today!


The rate of fire for Glaz’s rifle was increased from 220 RPM to 235.

He was slightly buffed to account for other changes that are coming in Operation Para Bellum.

  • Claymores can be placed closer to walls and objects in the environment.
  • Claymores are now less picky about the slope of the ground it is being placed on.
  • Pickup is slightly easier to do from different heights.
  • You can no longer deploy claymores inside of barricades.


We will be making some changes to the way dropshotting works. Starting with Para Bellum, it will not be possible to go prone from a standing position without been taken out of ADS.


We have removed the ability to throw grenades back at enemies. This feature did not perform as we had intended, and was prone to collateral damage as a result. As such, we looked at the data and saw an unnaturally high occurrence of team kills and suicides that resulted from throwing grenades back.

  • Fixed – Inconsistent barricade destruction with firearms.
  • Fixed – Barricades can be destroyed with just one bullet.
  • Fixed – Multiple objects have inconsistent destruction when shot.
  • Fixed – Sticky Gadgets obstruct The Maestro Evil Eye.
  • Fixed – Operators are unable to enter prone stance while standing on top of a reinforced trap door.
  • Fixed – Walking in the smoke effect from Smoke Grenades causes a visual bug.


  • Fixed – Enemy AI can get stuck rappelling up and down indefinitely.

  • Fixed – The Caster has no UI when viewing Evil Eye.
  • Fixed – Casters or players spectating Maestro using the turret in first person view do not see the overheating gauge.

  • Fixed – For Pick and Ban, the Operator icon on Operator card is not properly placed.


  • Fixed – The red dot sight has no sway when firing when attached on the Mx4 Storm.
  • Fixed – When Alibi equips and activates her Decoy, the finger animation is not synced with the gadget slider animation.

  • Fixed – IQ's Gadget is opaque instead of transparent during the End of Round replay.

  • Fixed – Inconsistent lighting effects when using the Black Eye cameras.

  • Fixed – Broken animation when Frost deploys a welcome mat.

  • Fixed – The Bulletproof Camera and Maestro's turret can destroy some gadgets through thin surfaces.
  • Fixed – Missing sound when rotating Maestro's turret.
  • Fixed – Maestro's turret can be placed between the pillows and the camera can see through them on House, in Kid's Bedroom. (It will still clip partway through the pillow, but not entirely.)

  • Fixed – During the deploy animation of Jäger’s Magpie, the operators hands and gadget disappear for a few frames.

  • Fixed – Tachanka's hand is offset when he reloads the LMG.

  • Fixed – The electricity of Bandit's gadget does not destroy drones on reinforced traps and walls.

  • Fixed – Players are able to vault over Montagne’s shield.
  • Fixed – Players are able to kill Montagne while his shield is extended if they vault and fire at the same time.

  • Fixed – Wooden wainscoting panels across the maps cannot be destroyed normally with gunshots.
  • Fixed – Decorative models on destructible walls across the maps do not break normally with gunshots.

  • Fixed – Shotguns and rifles cannot destroy lower third of the walls on House.

  • Fixed – Bullet and ping are not registering correctly on the 3rd floor on Casino between the round wall and the roulette table.
  • Fixed – Bullets have wrong trajectory when shooting the South-East wall on the 3rd floor Casino area.

  • Fixed – Sometimes the player spawns inside a wall while playing as a defender in "Secure Area" and selecting spawn point "Garage".

  • Fixed – The last two AI of the second wave remain stuck at EXT Peaceful Tree.

  • Fixed – Defenders can be detected while standing under the archway at the "2F Statuary Room".
  • Fixed – Basement camera is not in the right place.
  • Fixed – Enemy AI is unable to rappel on one of the objects.
  • Fixed – The player is able to reinforce the floor near the hatch in 2F Classical Hall area.
  • Fixed – Broken animation for Thermite breaching charge while deploying on any breakable surface.

  • Fixed – The player can disable the defuser from below the floor of the armory bomb.

  • Fixed – Reflex sight is much bigger on ACS12, Mx4 Storm, and Alda 5.56 than other weapons.
  • Fixed – Reticule may disappear during End of Round for teammate.
  • Fixed – The Shutterbug Elite gadget has a visual effects issue.
  • Fixed – Visual pop is present when deploying a deployable shield.
  • Fixed – The camera shows out of world for a second at the beginning of any End of Round and Death Replays.
  • Fixed – Inner part of the Operator head is blinking in the End of Round replay.
  • Fixed – The Uplay Overlay stops working after using Shift+F2 when the "Raw Input" option is turned on.
  • Fixed – "Only the squad leader can start a game" is not present for the invited squad members.
  • Fixed – Counter Defuser is floating near the player if put in DBNO while using it.
  • Fixed – Counter defuser is floating in the end of round replay if the Operator using it is shot in the back.
  • Fixed – The Counter Defuser model will not appear in the Operator's hands if the previous Operator defusing went DBNO.
  • Fixed – When players look into a Bullet Proof Camera on the floor next to a wall, the Camera angle is misplaced.
  • Fixed – Barbed Wire deployment animation has a few frames where the wires pop on the right side of the operators hands when deploying the gadget.
  • Fixed – Barricade appears already deployed depending on where you look at when placing the barricade.
  • Fixed – Another object appears for less than a second when placing a turret on any surface.
  • Fixed – Recruit's name does not fit in the nameplate while in Operator Loading Menu.
  • Fixed – Equipped weapons are not displayed when entering Support Mode on a player that is performing an action that removes the weapon from the player's hands.
  • Fixed – Constant rattle sound is played if the defuser is dropped on an uneven surface.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege

Ubisoft confirmed today that Rainbow Six Siege's next expansion, Operation Para Bellum, will launch this Thursday, June 7 (or June 8 if you're in Australia). In addition to the two new operators and map, there will be a lot of quality-of-life tweaks to the game itself. One of these will see the controversial Tower map removed from Ranked play.

In an update today, Ubisoft presented six reasons for the removal. It's worth presenting them in full here:

  • Tower’s overall balance is not where we want it to be for a Ranked playlist.
  • Due to the size of the map, roamers have an unfair advantage as it takes a significant amount of time to drone and clear the map.
  • Our Level Design team direction lends itself to more vertical gameplay.
  • Tower does not include the competitive design learnings that we have applied to other maps, such as the buffed Clubhouse and Villa.
  • Many areas are too dark for optimal performance.
  • Difficult to play in a group that does not work together regularly.

These are all criticisms the Siege community have levelled at the map, so it makes sense to remove it from Ranked playlists – it'll still be available in Casual. And who knows, maybe one day it'll get a subtle remake, just like the one Clubhouse is receiving with this update.

For the full list of tweaks, additions and updates ushered in with Para Bellum, check out Ubi's notes. For a look at the new operators and map, here's Morgan Park's impressions.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Ubi_P4in

We will be removing Tower from the Ranked Playlist at the start of Year 3 Season 2, Operation Para Bellum. Tower is being removed for the following reasons:

  • Tower’s overall balance is not where we want it to be for a Ranked playlist.
  • Due to the size of the map, roamers have an unfair advantage as it takes a significant amount of time to drone and clear the map.
  • Our Level Design team direction lends itself to more vertical gameplay.
  • Tower does not include the competitive design learnings that we have applied to other maps, such as the buffed Clubhouse and Villa.
  • Many areas are too dark for optimal performance.
  • Difficult to play in a group that does not work together regularly.
There are now 11 maps in the Ranked map rotation.

We are interested in hearing your feedback, and invite you to share it with us on the forum and subreddit.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege

New leaks emerging from the test server for Rainbow Six Siege’s new Operation Parra Bellum update might give us a hint as to what type of operators and gadgets we can expect for the rest of Year 3, including a new hard breaching tool and a gadget that might be its perfect counter.

The leaks come by way of redditor Artex3, who has reliably data-mined accurate info from the game’s client on several other occasions. The most interesting bits of info are code strings that refer to a few new gadgets. The first is a blow torch, which would presumably be able to penetrate metal wall reinforcements. The second is something called a “Hole Blocker.” Strings in the code suggest that the hole blocker is a projectile tool that might have utility as a trap, but it feels likely that it will shoot some sort of filament that can patch up walls that have been breached (maybe Ubi actually read my fan post from eight months ago!).

The third gadget is called the “audio alarm” in the code, and according to Artex has been around for a few seasons. This one has a lot of commands attached to it, including lines for “triggered,” stick and “unstickied,” and idle. Portions of the code seem to refer to points gained when killing a player “detected” by the audio alarm.

That’s a lot of exciting stuff to take in, so let’s go over what this could all mean for the future of the Siege meta. The blow torch seems to suggest that we’ll soon be getting a new hard breaching operator, which is consistent with what Ubisoft told us a few weeks ago. This blow torch-wielding operator (who we’ll call Torchy for now and forever) would be the first hard breaching addition to the game since Year 1 with Hibana. This brings the total to three, and while that doesn’t sound like a big deal, the effects could be immense.

On the defense side, more breaching might be a balancing nightmare.

Taking all three breachers, Thermite, Hibana, and Torchy, on one squad would drastically expand how much of an objective can be opened if the defenders aren’t on their toes. Hibana has historically had a higher pick rate than Thermite because of her versatility. She can open two reinforced hatches and still have the juice left over to open line-of-sight into an objective wall. Torchy, on the other hand, could have even fewer limitations to their ability. Perhaps their torch runs on fuel instead of a use limit, meaning you can cut up a wall into any desired shape assuming you don’t run out of gas. And in return, it might take a long time to cut through, leaving Torchy vulnerable in a way their fellow ops aren’t.

It’s cool to think about having more breaching capability on attack, but on the defense side, more breaching might be a balancing nightmare. The most reliable strategies for countering breaching at the moment are Mute and Bandit, and they both share an ultimate weakness: Thatcher. More walls to worry about means stretching their jammers and batteries thinner, and that’s assuming they’ll even be effective against Torchy.

But this could be where the Hole Blocker comes in, which has a wielder that we’ll call Blockley. Blockley could be the perfect addition to all of these breaching antics with their speculative ability to quickly patch up holes made by enemies. The big question is how durable this hypthetical handywork will be. Will Blockley’s patched walls have the durability of a normal soft wall, or a reinforced wall? Or even be somewhere between: a wall that can’t be shot through but can be blown through. On the trap end of things, perhaps the filament can be spread on the ground to slow down attackers like razor wire, and even provide extra protection from below.

And then there’s the new audio alarm, which sounds most likely to be an operator gadget, not a secondary gadget like the new bulletproof camera or nitro cell. This is because of the portion of the code that refers to it being a sticky device, possibly fired from a launcher. The alarm could take any number of forms, but I get the sense it’ll be a small device to make hiding it easier. The biggest question is which side will utilize it. It may seem like an obvious defender gadget, but it could also prove to be an interesting anti-roaming tool. Imagine entering a building and setting alarms at various doorways to catch a blood-thirsty Caveira in the act of sneaking up behind you. Either way, there’s probably more utility to this gadget than can be gleaned from what’s here.

What makes these leaks especially exciting is that they seem to be bringing things to the Siege meta that fans have been thirsty for. The breaching dynamics of Siege have been stagnant for a long time, so new breaching methods and new counter plays are refreshing compared recent operators that have focused mainly on intelligence and combat buffs. Hopefully we’ll see the fruition of this info soon, maybe even in the next seasonal drop.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - (John Walker)

It's arguable Raft still has a couple of bugs to fix.

Please sit down. Make sure you have a friend with you, or available on the telephone. Plunkbat isn’t at number one. Somehow, it’s something even more boring. But the rest of the charts are a splendid sight! No GTA, no CS:GO, no Witcher 3, no Skyrim! (more…)

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege

Season 7 of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League came to a head on Sunday during the finals in Atlantic City, pitting three-time champions PENTA Sports against challengers Team Liquid. Viewers weren’t surprised by PENTA’s strong showing leading up to the finals, but there was palpable excitement in the crowd over Liquid’s shot at winning the first championship for Latin America.

This is what made match two on Border such a big deal. After a disastrous first match on Bank that left Liquid with not a single round in their favor, their chances on Border were looking grim. But because this is Siege, what seems set in stone tends to be smashed open with a hammer. Liquid came into Border strong, securing a 4-1 lead early on. They only needed to win one more round, but a second wind from PENTA quickly brought that score to an even 4-4 overtime. Liquid knew Border was PENTA’s map, and they also knew how they like to attack it.

Going into the first overtime round, they decided to try something different.

It’s important to know that when it comes to the Pro League, sites are typically defended in one or two ways that best fit the current meta. So, on Liquid’s defense of the Armory Lockers area, the casters, viewers, and PENTA expected a standard set up designed to focus coverage on the south balcony walls with vision into the Archives and Office in case of a push from those directions.

Instead, Liquid did the opposite. Their defense echoed setup strategies of old. They had a special mind game up their sleeve. Liquid set up mostly in the Office and Archives, leaving the sensitive Locker site vulnerable with only S3xyCake on Echo to fend it off. Liquid then reinforced only part of the large east wall in Office, to the casters’ confusion and skepticism. But to Liquid’s ziG (playing Valkyrie), that “overlooked” wall was the bait. PENTA approached the office wall with three of its members ready to push in while one covered the nearby window.

A few seconds after Thermite had blown down the wall, ziG went for the runout on the window and was able to instantly take out the Thermite and IQ before getting gunned down by the third. A few seconds later, PENTA’s star player Pengu, pushing from the same window he has confidently fragged from in the past, gets gunned down by Smoke, anticipating this exact moment.

PENTA's Fabian and Kantoraketti were frazzled. It was early in the round, and they were left with a 2v4. With no more drones to scout locations, the pair launched a final push into Archives, and were almost able to redeem their mistakes. With Kanto down and Fabian in a 1v3, he quickly picked off the head of a crouching Jager before meeting his end by way of S3xyCake, who had been patiently waiting on the vulnerable western flank in case of a push.

It was an excellent round that showcased how effective it can be to switch things up on a team that tends to attack in predictable (yet effective) ways. It wasn’t the most defensible strategy on its own, but one that worked perfectly against the players they had studied leading up to this point.

Liquid’s win here gave them momentum to eventually win in overtime and take PENTA to a final showdown on Consulate. And in a reversed fate of the first match, Liquid won over PENTA with an overwhelming 5-1 lead. Liquid took the stage as the first champions for their region in the game’s history, and the crowd was all about it.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege - Ubi_P4in

In Operation Para Bellum, two G.I.S. Operators thrive under the blaze of the Tuscan sun. Team Rainbow is deploying Maestro and Alibi in the villa of one of the most dangerous crime families.

Year Three Season Two brings a breath of innovation, spawning a new intel gadget, a Clubhouse map buff, an Echo buff, lots of gameplay fixes, and the Pick & Ban settings.

Release Date: Currently available on Technical Test Servers.


For Operation Para Bellum, Team Rainbow recruits two of G.I.S.’ finest: Maestro and Alibi.

The new Operators are immediately unlocked when Season launches for Season Pass owners, with exclusive access granted for seven days. All players can then unlock the Operators with Renown or R6 Credits after the exclusive period ends




Operation Para Bellum launches our 20th map: a luxurious Tuscan villa. No riches were spared to offer our most tactical map to date. The house provides diverse options with its wide staircases, narrow tunnels, and secret hatches. The illusion of cover haunts whoever sets foot in the villa.

The land belongs to the Vinciguerra, a dangerous crime family known for their smuggling activities. The house is their retreat, where they lead a lavish lifestyle and collect rare art pieces. Now we catch the villa in a snapshot of time: Vinciguerras are burning documents and transporting their holdings before the big raid. But they’ve got wind of Operation Para Bellum and fled, leaving everything in disarray with vital information ready for the taking.


In Operation Para Bellum, we celebrate the Italian artisanship of weapon fabbrikas. Our seasonal weapon skins Carnevale, Renaissance, Ancient Marble, and SPQR will bring that refinement to your Loadout.

Once unlocked, the seasonal weapon skins can be applied on all available weapons until the end of the Season.


Our Level Artists and Designers were asked, three years later, to revisit Clubhouse and bring it to new heights. They were pumped to step up to the plate, now armed with years of know-how and a series of advanced tools. Their mission was to improve the course of the map by fixing what forced Defenders into high-risk low-reward situations.

First, our Designers added a connector between the bedroom and the cash room to open up the flow of the map. Defenders can now move between buildings on the second floor without being forced to go outside. The objective locations were also targeted for balancing. The Designers added a staircase in the garage, subdivided the bar, added a bathroom to sneak past the bar, and removed some hatches on the rooftop so that players could circulate more freely.

Second, Designers monitored closely how the community adopted the map through the years with the arrival of new gadgets. It was essential to examine how players actually used the map to make sure it still “felt” like clubhouse when buffed. Our Designers wanted to honor the players’ progress and investments. Plus, it made them see their creations anew. For instance, when a Level Artist created a new staircase in the basement, a Level Designer mentioned that the community nicknamed the area “Blue Room.” The Artist played up the reference, adorning the wall with a navy banner and planted blue flares on the path that led to the staircase.

Lastly, the map buff was the perfect opportunity for the Artists to polish their initial work from three years ago; a rare treat. They reworked textures, diversified materials, dramatized the skydome, added lighting, and infused the map with the presence of unseen bikers.

As our first map buff, we look forward to watching you play on our Technical Server, and to collect your feedback on R6 Fix.


A detailed breakdown of the reasoning behind all balancing changes can be found in our Designer’s Notes: Pre-Season article.

  • Now has 2 Yokai Drones
  • Max charges per Yokai drone reduced from 3 to 2
  • Recharge time between drone shots increased to 20 seconds

  • 3 Speed Operators slightly slower
  • 1 Speed Operators slightly faster
  • Small increase to movement speed with handguns out
    - Automatic sidearms (SMG-11, SMG-12, etc) excluded




First announced at the Six Invitational, Pick and Ban will be revolutionizing the selection process of Operators. We are first introducing Pick and Ban into custom game options with the launch of Year 3 Season 2, and it will be a highlighted feature during the following Pro League season.

Pick and Ban - Caster Flow

More details about the Pick and Ban feature can be found in the Dev Blog: Pick and Ban.


The Bulletproof Camera is a secondary gadget that will be given to the following six Defenders.
  • Frost – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
  • Doc – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
  • Mute – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
  • Castle – Bulletproof Camera instead of Deployable Shield.
  • Caveira – Bulletproof Camera instead of Barbed Wire.
  • Vigil – Bulletproof Camera instead of Barbed Wire.

This new device will allow them to have more options to hold an objective and counter some attack strategies. More details about the Bullet Proof camera can be found in this Dev Blog: Observation Tool and Bullet Proof camera.


Starting with Year 3 Season 2, Defenders will use a hacking device instead of a melee animation to disable the Defuser. We wanted to improve the visual and audio feedback with this new animation to provide more clarity when a Defender is interacting with the Defuser. It is important to note that the interaction distance and conditions will remain the same.

The Counter Defuser Dev Blog contains more information on these changes.



Right now, players need to perform multiple actions to reach the drone or camera they want to use – especially if they want to switch between two active observation tools (i.e. if Twitch wants to swap between piloting her first and second drone). As such, we have overhauled the Observation Tool system, with a new UI, and granting players better control over how they switch from camera to camera.

You can learn more about the Observation Tool changes in the Observation Tool and Bullet Proof Camera Dev Blog.


We have adjusted the player experience when leaning from one side to the other. A method could be used to shift from one side to the other more quickly than intended by using a combination of keys. You will now switch smoothly from left to right, and vice versa, without the need to utilize additional key presses.



We are implementing a numerical refactor process with slight adjustments to the existing scoring system for Operators. The goal is to balance the current system to have every Operator potentially winning a similar amount of score per round, from completing near-identical actions.

A full breakdown of the scoring changes can be found in our article on scoring.


We have increased the resolution to 1728p on the Xbox One X, and 1440p on the PlayStation 4 Pro, while maintaining 50% render scaling (same as before). We are currently working on dynamically increasing the render scaling when performance allows it. This will allow for better render quality in low-complexity scenes, while maintaining 60 fps at all times by adjusting the render scaling dynamically. We do not have an ETA for when this additional dynamic render scaling will be implemented.


We have altered how we detect your microphone on Windows. We will now utilize your “Default Communications Device” as opposed to your “Default Device”. This will allow players to have easier control over their desired communication device.

If you are encountering issues with microphone detection in game, please check your Windows recording settings.



With the addition of the new Italian map, we will be making some changes to the Ranked and Casual playlist. We will have 11 maps in the Ranked rotation, and 17 in the Casual playlist, and all maps will be available in Custom Games.

  • Bank
  • Clubhouse
  • Oregon
  • Kafe
  • Consulate
  • Chalet
  • Border
  • Coastline
  • Skyscraper
  • Theme Park
  • Villa

  • House
  • Plane
  • Hereford
  • Kanal
  • Yacht
  • Tower


  • Fixed - Claymore mines cannot be deployed while standing parallel, right next to a wall.
  • Fixed - Defender is able to defuse the bomb from a floor underneath if close enough.
  • Fixed - Operators can vault over a deployable shield to clip inside the hostage.
  • Fixed - In certain spots, bullets can pass through a reinforced and an indestructible wall.
  • Fixed - When attempting to perform a tactical reload, entering or exiting prone stance cancels reloading.
  • Fixed - Some deployable gadgets cannot be picked up if you are very close to them.
  • Fixed - Sound of drones cuts off in first person following certain steps.
  • Fixed - Wall deployable Gadgets, such as Jager's ADS, are not be automatically destroyed when destroying the object it is attached to.
  • Fixed - Barbed wire can be deployed through barricades.
  • Fixed - Defenders lose the round if the attacker leaves the room while the objective is contested with the securing slider loaded at 100%.
  • Fixed - It is possible to melee shield operators through their shield when approaching from a particular angle.
  • Fixed - Operator models can appear in 2D and not receive any damage.
  • Fixed - Players can clip through walls and barricades in multiple spots.


  • Fixed - Batteries are not destroyed by any kind of explosive when installed on a reinforced trapdoor.

  • Fixed - Caveira is able to reload while sprinting in Silent Step.

  • Fixed - Black Eyes can be placed in unintended spots to see through the map.

  • Fixed - Doc's Emergency Rescue Headgear is corrupted and equipping it distorts the entire character model.

  • Fixed - Concussion Mine effect can go through barricades, Castle barricades and bare reinforcements.

  • Fixed - Black Mirror does not destroy pictures properly while being deployed on certain spots.
  • Fixed - Mira's One Way Mirror can disappear when close to a wall.

  • Fixed - Blue border does not appear in the kill cam and support views if Finka used her boost right after the kill.

  • Fixed - If a player leaves while Twitch's drones are out, the drones will disappear.
  • Fixed - Twitch drone doesn't show ammo count nor cooldown for the taser.

  • Fixed - Welcome Mats can be hidden after performing a series of actions.

  • Fixed - If IQ's gadget is activated, she can detect electronics while doing other actions like cooking a grenade.
  • Fixed - Electronics are not highlighted on the edge of the detector.

  • Fixed - Jager's ADS can be deployed and hidden through certain structures.

  • Fixed - Tachanka's LMG shield is inconsistent and players can be shot through it.


  • Fixed – Defenders can throw gadgets outside through the small window at 1F Detention during the preparation phase.
  • Fixed – Wall sections float after an operator destroys them.
  • Fixed – Frost traps clip through the cable protectors located in 1F Server Room making them partially invisible.

  • Fixed – Players do not receive any damage after detonating a nitro cell near the flower pot at "2F Bedroom Hallway" area.

  • Fixed – Defenders are detected if they stand in the doorframe between Basement Hallway and Church.
  • Fixed – Players take fatal fall damage when vaulting off the AC unit from EXT Western Roof.
  • Fixed – Players can hide behind a TV of B Memorial Room.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip in the stairs of EXT Kennels and see through textures.
  • Fixed – Players will experience FPS drops after performing a series of actions.
  • Fixed – It is possible to shoot between two reinforced walls in 2F Bedroom Hallway.
  • Fixed – The defuser can be planted or the container can be secured from 2F Bathroom while the objective is in 2F Bedroom.
  • Fixed – The floor between Bedroom Hallway and Central Hallway allow bullets to pass through.
  • Fixed – There is a gap under the Ext Eastern Sub-Roof wall that gives Attackers a line of sight to the floor below.
  • Fixed – Nitro cell deals no damage when exploding on the stairs of the 1F Bar.
  • Fixed – Breach Charges will destroy only the first layer of the wall in the Basement Hallway area.

  • Fixed - Objective not discovered when aiming towards it from the Ruins.

  • Fixed - Placing cluster charges in specific spots on Consulate will kill Fuze.

  • Fixed - Certain areas of House are too dark when viewed from the outside.

  • Fixed - Drones can clip into walls at 3F Cigar Lounge and scan through the whole map

  • Fixed - Yokai loses signal on 1F Haunted Stairs.

  • Fixed - Gadget placement on floor is too restricted in 1F Tea Room

  • Fixed - Players will not receive any damage if they plant a C4 on the unfinished Northeast wall of the "Dining Hall Corridor".

  • Fixed – Empty usernames appear in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed – 3-0x000A0013 error is received if a player accepts an invite to an already started custom game.
  • Fixed – Drones do not register slow mouse movements.
  • Fixed – In some cases, players will receive a "Game Full" error when matchmaking.
  • Fixed – A yellow dot is displayed under the operators tab.
  • Fixed – Voice chat icon remains active after a team member stops speaking.
  • Fixed – The game will randomly crash with a Ryzen CPU setup.
  • Fixed – Players are unable to rejoin their Ranked game after a maintenance.

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