Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - Samu-kun
The long awaited story expansion to Liberation Day has now been added to the game! The new story has approximately three times as many words as the story in the main game, and is roughly the size of all the Sunrider games' scripts except Academy put together.

The game will also be on a 30% off sale starting tomorrow to the end of the month.

Return to Liberation Day in a desparate race against time to save the galaxy once more. How will events unfold now that you know who will betray you? This time, you will have the help of Asaga, Ava, Sola, Claude, and Icari. But your mission will not be easy. Prepare to meet death many times as you fight for the happy ending to your return...

Note: If you installed the Denpasoft mod, you will have to download the mod again or the game will crash. Check to make sure "DENPA MOD OUT OF DATE" does not appear in the main menu at start up.
Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - Samu-kun
Love in Space is excited to announce Sunrider Liberation Day: [RE]turn, the FREE DLC story expansion to Sunrider Liberation Day.

Kayto Shields returns for his next adventure in the Sunrider universe. Experience the story of Liberation Day in a completely different way when Shields wakes up 72 hours before the ending of Liberation Day, somehow fully aware of who will betray him… and finds that he must stop another Kayto Shields from repeating history.

But under what mysterious circumstances was he sent back to the past? Will he be able to race against time and change the bleak future? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?

  • The DLC adds the [RE]turn afterstory arc after you have completed the main story of Liberation Day
  • Take control of Kayto Shields in this desperate race against time, where every decision means the difference between life and death
  • Build your relationship with Asaga, Ava, Claude, Icari, or Sola to change history.
  • Multi-route, highly replayable scenario with multiple endings
  • Story only addon, double the length as the Liberation Day story script
  • Thrilling suspense story where death is always around the corner

Q: Will I need to download a new decensor patch
A: Yes, we will post a new free decensor patch once the DLC is released

Q: Is [RE]turn canon
A: There are multiple story paths in [RE]turn as well as different endings, so there is no “canon” outcome

Q: What happened to Kryska
A: You can’t go out with Kryska in the DLC, but she’ll help out in Icari’s path

Q: Will [RE]turn be voiced
A: The new story content will not be voiced.

Q: When will the DLC be released?
A: Maybe in a month, but basically as long as it takes to finish it.
Mar 19, 2016
Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - Samu-kun
Hi everyone, in case you missed it, you no longer have to opt into the 2.0 version. Steam will just download V2.0 automatically without any action on the user.

The old V1.00 is available for opt-in in case anyone needs it.

Also, V2.1 is available for opt-in. We will be testing new experimental features on this channel. Please opt into this channel if you want to help test out new features, but this channel has mostly untested content so please play the game on V2.03 for regular users.

Please look forward to the new updates on the new V2.1 channel...
Mar 10, 2016
Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - Samu-kun
We've worked very hard the past six days to improve the game, and are now ready to provide V2.00 to our fans.

Everyone at Love in Space is grateful for the huge amount of support people have given us these past days. Even though some people told us that the update is not worth doing, I 100% think we owe the fans and the game more content. We're blown away by the amount of people who care about the universe and characters in the world of Sunrider. It's people like you guys who keep us working on our games.

In the end, we're just a bunch of people who watch too much anime who accidentally ended up making games for a living. We just want our games to just be entertaining for fans just like they are entertaining for us.

1. Right click on game on your Steam Library
2. Select properties
3. Select "beta" tab
4. Opt into beta 2.0
5. Download should begin

WARNING: Due to major changes made to the game, V1.00 save files are incompatible with V2.00!

New content:
-New scenes after the original ending
-Ship map restored
-Galaxy map restored
-Battle voices from MoA can now be turned on

Common questions we've received the past few days:
1. Will you change the content already made for the game so there is not a forced romance arc?:
We decided to focus on adding new content after the ending instead of in the middle of the game. Many people didn't like the forced romance. We thought we could best rectify this by accelerating our plans and making content for the planned fourth installment and adding it into Liberation Day. There was never any plans to permanently force a romance for good at any stage of production, and we always intended to give players a choice as to whom to pursue. We hope this is more apparent now that some of the content from the fourth part is in Liberation Day.

Further, because of calls for additional story content, we tried our best to add extra content rather than revising already existing content.

2. Was content cut to afford the JP voices?
We hear this a lot for some reason. The JP voices actually only took a few days to put into the game and was actually decided as an add on after the script was written. Nothing was cut after we decided to add JP voices, in fact, we didn't really think much of it and kept adding more to the story after we decided to buy voices. Overall, it only took about a week to voice the entire game, so none of us really thought of it as a big deal.

A lot of our resources were actually expended on attempting to get the battles running on renpy. It was far more challenging than expected. I kind of regret spending so much time on this since I could have used the time to write more story, especially because it seems like a lot of people ended up skipping the battles all together on just waifu mode and blazing through the game in half the time I expected. But I guess it's too late now. I thought most of our fans played the game for the battles and the story was an addon, and it wasn't until after the release that we realized our priorities should have been reversed.

3. Why did you not have the ENG VAs from MoA return? Wouldn't that have been cheaper?
The VAs for MoA are actually spread out across the world. We contracted them out via email and just had them record at home. This caused various production issues because they could not record at a production studio and have a supervising audio engineer. Ultimately it took 3 months to record just the battle voices for MoA, so a full voice over using this method did not seem realistic. Meaning, if we wanted an ENG voice over for Liberation Day, we would have had to almost entirely recast a new ENG voice staff located at a single location near an anime dubbing agency, such as Dallas, Houston, or LA, which we believed would have proved to be a contentious point. We also don't have any contacts inside the US dubbing business so we didn't even know if that was possible, while we have more connections to people who work on Japanese eroges so it was easier overall to get JP voicing for the game.

4. What is next?
We've heard your demand for romance and intend to provide it. We are, of course, an eroge company so yeah, what do you expect. We thought it'd be all right if we had just as much romance as previous installments of Sunrider, but it sounds like people wanted a lot more.

A lot of things will change of course, but we hope we can always make games that anime fans will play.
Sunrider: Liberation Day - Captain's Edition - Samu-kun
Hi everyone, this is Samukun, the president of Love in Space and the director of Sunrider.

Unfortunately, the release of the game did not go as anticipated. We only talked about how more games in the Sunrider series were planned on the Kickstarter, but did not mention it on Steam. This led many people to mistakenly think that the ending of Liberation Day was really the ONE TRUE ENDING of your adventures when none of us planned it that way.

After consideration of your feedback, we are planning a re-launch of sorts which justify a full version number change to V2.0.

V2.00 will be a fully FREE update which adds the following new features.
-MORE story content after the current ending which will answer some of your most burning questions and clear up any mistaken impression that this is the end of the series
-The return of the ship map
-MoA battle voices can now be toggled on in the preferences
-Of course regular bug fixes

We'll try working overtime to bring V2.00 online as soon as possible.

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