Defend Your Life: TD - Corwin8
Hi all,

we would like to show you our upcoming game, Band of Defenders, that is now "Coming Soon on Steam".
You will find it here:

It is post-apocalyptic co-op FPS with base building/tower defense elements, hope you like it!
Defend Your Life: TD - Alda Games
★ Steam Cloud support! [feature]
★ Framerate optimization [bug]
★ Correct Super Hero achievement count [bug]
★ Fixed persistent adrenaline animation after using 2 adrenaline bonuses at one time [bug]

Defend Your Life: TD - Alda Games
★ New level and new BOSS - in thigh [content]
★ Optimization of loading [bug]
★ Better controls using keyboard (R - 4x, 2x, 1x speed game) [feature]
★ Better controls using keyboard (ESC and arrows for moving in select level menu) [feature]
★ Linux(+-90%) and Mac - language identification [bug]
★ Hero level 50 - level up loop sound [bug - jerry]
★ Super hero achievement - is calculated separately for each hero[bug]
Defend Your Life: TD - Alda Games
Added 16:9 and other non-4:3 resolutions
Better controls using keyboard (A-select hero, Q/W/E-select superpower, ESC-unselect superpower and hero)
★ Added Trading cards (in progress)
★ Optimized difficulty in few levels (most notably Gallbladder and Liver, both on medium difficulty)
★ New Restart button in main menu for fresh start (deletes your progress completely)
★ Various improvements of Linux version (left mouse button movement in level and menu, whole battlefield overview on 16:9 resolutions)
★ Achievement fixes - Daring and Shopper
★ Higher maximum damage for your heroes
★ New +- buttons for zoom on battlefield
★ “Thank you” message after finishing last regular level id modified
★ Fixed: returning from Steam overlay to pause-menu caused game to unpause while pause menu was still active

Next update will be next week on Friday (a new level in Leg and new Boss, fix linux choice of language, cloud save, ... )

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