Aug 4, 2016
Eron - redsplatgames
Hey there all you good people. So for those of you who enjoyed Eron, I'm now busy with a similar game that's even more difficult, ridiculous and rewarding! You can check it out on Steam Greenlight and maybe give it a vote :D.
Eron - redsplatgames


Hey guys, so it's been over a year since the release of Red Splat's first game on Steam. Thank you for all the support and feedback, it's been an amazing experience.

At the time of Eron's release, I was a solo developer with minimal skills and I mostly had to make due with assets found over the net. I was only a programmer and the graphics for Eron was from an asset I bought, so I had to make due with what was available to me and the game turned out very limited.

It comes with great pleasure to say that for the latest game, we have a new team member, a talented pixel artist! :D

We threw a few ideas around and eventually settled on making Smithy.

Smithy is an underground rodent that happens to be an excellent weapons smith.

Dig your way through procedural generated caverns using unique weapons.
Face new and interesting enemies as you burrow you way deeper.
Find hidden treasures to purchase new weapons and upgrades.
Destroy everything in your way!

We'd like to ask the community to take part and get Smithy greenlit as well as provide vital feedback.

For more visit the Greenlight page:

Thanks for everything so far, Enjoy your day!
Red Splat Games

Eron - redsplatgames
Eron has finally received an update. It's really a minor one, but will bring a big change to overall gameplay, especially for keyboard users.

Most controls are now interchangeable and there is no longer a sprint button. The player will sprint by default. This will make the game a lot easier and less frustrating to most players.

Let me know what you think.
Mar 19, 2015
Eron - redsplatgames
A few issues have popped up that will be resolved in an upcoming update (23 March 2015)

If you have any problems or suggestions, please send them through to

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