Nov 29, 2019
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako Games

All titles published by Hanako Games, including The Confines Of The Crown, are 60-80% off until December 3rd, with a bonus discount if you pick up the whole catalog.
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako Games
No major content updates in this build, but some noticeable changes:

- The 'Endings List' button on the options menu should now work correctly again and allow you to view what endings you have and haven't seen, and whether or not Callum's route is locked.
- The key decision point for starting Callum's route will now be visible even if you have not yet unlocked his route. The choice will appear, but grayed out, and marked 'Locked'.

These changes should hopefully make it more clear to new players that the route exists, but can't be reached until another alliance has been completed, rather than leaving them thinking that they're just doing something wrong.

- For this edition, we are now bringing forward 'The Confines Of The Crown' to serve as the game's main title. We think this will better position the game to be appreciated by new players. (Also, the title+subtitle was awkwardly long and kept messing up the advertising.)

It is apparently not possible to change logos on Steam trading cards after they have been issued, so those will continue to display the original edition's title of 'The Royal Trap', and the combined logo will remain on the store page. We hope that in the long run this will lessen confusion rather than increase it.

If you have questions or problems with this update please post in this discussion thread:
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako Games
We've altered the way an engine feature works because a few people were having problems with the game menus not loading properly. If you weren't having this bug, you should not see any difference.

For more information about the issue, and what to do if you ARE having problems, please visit this forum thread:
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako Games
The game has been rebuilt to run on a later version of the engine, which should improve performance for some players.

As with any large-scale change, it is always possible that unexpected errors might crop up, so if you run into anything that looks strange (misbehaving graphics, text not fitting on the screen, etc) please let us know by posting comments in the forums. (Not here. It's much easier to see them in the discussion forums!)

Further details in this post:
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako
A small update has been made which alters some wording at the end of Nazagi's route.

This is not a major plot update; if you have already completed the route you do not need to play it again.
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako
Fans of sneaky investigations and backstabbing politics may wish to check our our new title, Black Closet, which just launched on Steam:

You play Elsa, the President of the Student Council at an elite all-girls boarding school. The daughters of the rich and powerful are always up to no good, but they're desperate to protect their reputations, so it falls to you to solve mysteries, prevent crimes, and cover up scandals.

You command a squad of minions with different skills and send them on missions to investigate. But be careful - one of them is secretly a traitor!

NOTE: this is not really a visual novel, it's more of a social RPG with VN cutscenes. You get to choose everything that Elsa says, so if you like taking control of a character you should still have fun. Also warning - it's not easy being in charge! You're also the biggest target if things go wrong...
Apr 8, 2015
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako
A small problem that was preventing achievements from showing up for many users should now be fixed.

Achievements that you have previously earned (recorded on your copy's Alliances screen) should automatically unlock on your Steam account when you next launch the game.

If you are still having trouble with your achievements, please visit this forum thread:

Sorry about that!
The Confines Of The Crown - Hanako
This game has been updated from the 2013 version!

The most obvious changes:
- Resolution now at 1440x900
- New, better background art

Slightly less obvious changes:
- Callum's route is now locked on first playthrough and must be unlocked by completing other paths.
- Callum's route endings work differently - there's a new Normal end, and some choices that might have led to the Normal end before now lead to a variant on the Happy end.
These changes do mean that if you're following an old walkthrough for Callum's route, it may not work.

You probably shouldn't notice:
- bug fixes, typo cleanup, a few lines of extra dialog here and there

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