Aug 28, 2017
Port of Call - Underdog Games

It has now been 2 full years since we launched Port of Call! Although the team is no longer together, we still wanted to share our gratitude for all the support and positivity towards the game. Without you, we would not be celebrating two years of Port of Call.

Thank you for playing our game and coming along for the ride. The team is now part of the industry and we cannot wait to see what our future holds. This was our first step and now we are helping create games and continuing to entertain people.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Happy 2 Years of Port of Call!

-Underdog Games
Aug 28, 2016
Community Announcements - drigma

Hello Port of Call fans,

It has been exactly One Year since we decided to click on that launch button.

To give our Steam fans a little more background, let's have a little flashback on how we got here. Underdog Games is a team of 6 developers. We created Port of Call as part of the first ever, 3D Capstone course in UT GAMMA program. After a semester of developing the game and several testing periods, we were chosen to be UT Austin's pick for the 2nd Annual E3 College Game Competition (Each College/University can only submit one game each year). A few months later, we received a forwarded email from our professor that said we were chosen as a Top 5 finalist and were invited to show our game on the E3 show floor!! That E3 was amazing. Nintendo revealed Splatoon, Activision had a giant theater booth to show off Destiny, Disney was about to launch Disney Infinity 2.0, CD Projekt Red revealed The Witcher 3, and we could go on and on. It was an amazing experience!

The first day of E3 we also launched our Greenlight campaign. And this is were you came in and made this experience even better. You've supported us through this amazing journey from the very beginning. After we got greenlit, we spent a few months polishing and putting some finishing touches. It was on August 28, 2015 that we decided we were ready to launch the game. The rest is history, as they (whoever they are) say.

We would like to thank each and every single one of you that downloaded and played Port of Call. The amount of support and positive feedback we've gotten is something we never expected! Thank you so much for playing this little game of ours and for all of your kind words! It has been a surreal experience and YOU have helped us with that great first step in our careers.

We at Underdog Games cannot thank you enough for this amazing experience!


Underdog Games
Community Announcements - Underdog Games
Hi everyone!

We have another small update for the game that just went live. There were some issues with the ability to modify input for different setups so we wanted to address that.

Patch 1.1.2 Notes:

- Added Launcher Dialog for Resolution and Input Settings

We apologize to those of you experiencing crashes, and are continuing to investigate the issue. Please check out the Official Crash Thread for support regarding crashes.

Find us at @portofcallgame for the latest updates!
Community Announcements - Underdog Games
Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to have brought Port of Call onto Steam. Thank you so much for playing and supporting our game. Your feedback is welcome and we aim to make good use of it. As such, we have updated the game with a handful of improvements.

Patch 1.1.1 Notes:

- Added Port of Call Original Soundtrack for Steam Music Player
- Added delay in dialogue selection
- Fixed various typos
- Fixed spinning camera issue
- Updated credits screen with additional credits
- Enabled generating log files to identify crash conditions

We have noted that some players are experiencing crashes. We apologize for that, and are investigating the issue. You can find the crash report in the following places:
  • MacOSX: ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log
  • Windows: Right click on Port of Call in the Steam library, click "Properties", select the "Local Files" tab, click on the "Browse Local Files..." button, and then you can find the report at PortOfCall_Data\output_log.txt
Send us that log file by email to

Find us at @portofcallgame for the latest updates!

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