Thumper - Marc Flury
Of course our "final" update has to be followed by a "final" hotfix!
  • Limit update rate of Xbox One controller vibration in Windows 10 exe to 30Hz to fix trigger vibration issues
  • Allow alternate key for menu “select” to be remapped on keyboard controls screen
  • Fixed issue with some keys not working when mapped to gameplay actions
  • Fixed minor input issues on keyboard controls screen
  • Prevent boss bonus thumps from unlocking shields when pounded. This prevents bugs that happen when a shield is prematurely unlocked before a boss phrase begins (thanks Hannes!).
  • Fixed minor issues with DualShock 4 controller in Windows 10 exe
  • Disable vibration on previous controller when hot swapping to a new controller
This should address all known issues we plan to fix. Of course, we'll still be looking out for any new major issues.
Thumper - Marc Flury
Our latest update includes many small usability improvements and fixes.

We're not planning further updates at this time, but we'll respond to any new major issues. A special thanks to all the players who've helped us find and fix everything!
  • Added controller/keyboard hot swapping support
  • Improved button/key remapping on controls screen
  • Added stereo vibration effects for Oculus Touch (Oculus VR Mode)
  • Removed the three “Win10” launch options. Windows 10 is now detected by the default executable and the Windows 10 compatible executable is automatically launched. If you want to use the Windows 7/8 exe on Windows 10, use the "-force_win8" launch option.
  • Added automatic pause when active controller is disconnected
  • Added automatic pause when SteamVR dashboard is displayed (SteamVR Mode)
  • Added automatic pause when Oculus system menu is displayed (Oculus VR Mode)
  • Added credits to options menu
  • Fixed case when pounding boss weapon only spawns one bonus thump instead of two (thanks Austin!)
  • Fixed occasional extra height jumps/flight (thanks again Austin!)
  • Fixed checkpoint restart bug that can happen right after checkpoint is passed (thanks tuftyfrog!)
  • Fixed text overlapping on VR options screen in some languages
  • Reduced aliasing on keyboard helpbar icons in VR
  • Razer Chroma support fixed and re-enabled by default
Child of Light - (Katharine Castle)

Google held another one of their Stadia Connect conferences today, and this one was meant to be all about what games you’ll be playing in the “scary” cloud come November. Sure enough, there were new Stadia games aplenty announced this evening, with the biggest addition being Cyberpunk 2077.

To help keep track of them all, here’s a list of every Google Stadia game confirmed so far, as well as which games are coming at launch, which ones will be arriving a little bit later, and which games you’ll only be able to play by subscribing to one of the special Stadia publisher subscriptions.


Thumper - Marc Flury
  • Fixed potential crash when applying video settings (thanks Ronaldo!)
  • Fixed slight discrepancy between Xbox One controller left/right trigger vibrations
  • Fixed potential crash remapping keyboard input
  • Fixed rare crash on initial button press
  • Fixed scoring exploit (thanks Austin!)
A few more minor fixes and usability improvements are coming soon.
Thumper - Marc Flury
You may have noticed Thumper now has seven (!) launch options when you run the game from the Steam client. Here's a quick explanation.

The first three are compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and let you run the game regularly or in VR modes:
  1. Play Thumper
  2. Launch Thumper in Steam VR Mode
  3. Launch Thumper in Oculus VR Mode

The next three only work with Windows 10. Everything is exactly the same, but the game has better support for Xbox One Controller vibration when run this way.
  1. Play Thumper (Win 10 only)
  2. Launch Thumper in Steam VR Mode (Win 10 only)
  3. Launch Thumper in Oculus VR Mode (Win 10 only)

The final launch option is the same old legacy DX9 mode (2D only, no VR):
  1. Play Thumper DX9 legacy mode
Thumper - Marc Flury
A maintenance update with the following fixes and changes is out now.
  • Various stability and performance improvements
  • Fixed issues playing in VR mode with multiple video cards
  • Fixed vibration issues with Xbox One controller and added support for trigger vibration
  • Allow Start/ESC press + hold to recenter VR tracking origin on title screen (as well as after)
  • Added "pre Windows 10" launch options for legacy support
  • Updated FMOD to fix audio device initialization issues
  • Updated Polish text (thanks Marek!)
  • Updated Dutch text (thanks Jordy!)
  • Updated Oculus VR SDK to fix compatibility issues
  • Fixed Dutch language setting
  • Disabled Razer Chroma support by default (to enable add “-chroma” option under Library > Thumper > Properties > GENERAL > SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...)

If you're having trouble running the game with this update, see this post on diagnostic information and how to send it to us for support. Thanks!
Thumper - Marc Flury
A new update with fixes and performance improvements is coming soon. But we've made an in-progress version available on a "experimental" branch now because it will help some people with technical issues. See this forum post for details:
Child of Light - (Katharine Castle)

It’s been just over a week since Google announced their big launch line-up of Stadia games, but with E3 2019 now drawing to a close that list has now become ever so slightly longer, with new tiles such as Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs Legion, Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers and more joining the ranks. To help keep track of them all, here’s a list of every Google Stadia game confirmed so far, as well as which games are coming at launch, which ones will be arriving a little bit later, and which games you’ll only be able to play by subscribing to one of the special Stadia publisher subscriptions.


Thumper - Marc Flury
Our data indicates the vast majority of users are playing Thumper without a hitch, but we're aware of some tech issues preventing some players from running the game (and we've seen your support forum posts). We've been sidelined by personal matters and injuries, but we're making a maintenance update a priority now and hope to have it out within the next month or so.

Thanks for your patience.

That said, if you recently purchased the game and are having problems running it, please don't hesitate to take advantage of Steam's refund policy if you'd prefer not to wait. The last thing we want is for you to get stuck with a game you can't play.
Thumper - (Matt Cox)


Games. You want them, sells them, and to facilitate that process it’s put 606 of the things on sale.

I like that they’ve taken the polar opposite approach to Steam’s shenanigans for their own summer sale, and surrounded the discounts with absolutely zero guff. I know some people buy into the badges and whatnot, but after years of Valve’s bombarding me with cutesy treehouse animals, those avatars have started landing on the manipulative side of corporate fun. Read on for my picks from this refreshingly minimalist sale, which include the likes of heart-squelching rhythm action-game Thumper and soul-squashing robo-shooter The Signal from T lva . (more…)


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