Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess
I'm sorry that this took longer than expected. We just set the trading cards live! Collect them all...


Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess

I've promised you the Ankh - Anniversary Edition trading cards two weeks ago. Unfortunately we had to edit the cards a little to get Valve's final approval.

We've submitted the set of cards for review just now and are positive to receive the final go today.

We're really sorry for the delay. As soon as we go live I'll let you know!

Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess
A short update on the trading cards, we didn't manage to bring them live on the 19th, but we are working on it today!

We should have them live within the next couple of hours. Check back frequently as we're gonna update you as on when they will be available!

Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess
We're happy to announce, that Ank - Anniversary Edition will get the full treatment of Trading Cards, Badges and Community Icons.

We plan to have this in place before the 19th of June, 2015!
Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess

in the annoucnement earlier today we've posted that we were looking into the language problem.

I am happy to let you know that the language problems have been fixed!

Once you restart Steam the System will be downloading an (approx.) 100MB patch.

This lets you select languages EN and DE.

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Ankh - Anniversary Edition - msuess

our QA is currently investigating the issue with the language switch, currently it seems that Ankh - Anniversary Edition can only be played in german.

This is NOT intended. I will update you once this issue has been fixed!

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