The Universim - Crytivo

Greetings, Creators!

We hope you’ve all been having a grand ol’ time this past month. Are you rested up enough to try out some new content? Of course you are! As you may remember, some of our coding ninjas were down for the count in the days leading up to the previous patch, due to unexpected illnesses (well, aren’t all illnesses unexpected?). However, we’ve been working on some nifty performance improvements and slapped some new content into the mix for the latest update. A lot of backend work was performed, so you may not see the majority of these additions at first glance (but you will notice the extra polish).

IMPORTANT: The game is shaping up enormously well, and we’re on track for full release in around 8 to 14 months (quality takes time!). With the majority of gameplay in place, we only have some larger systems left to implement, alongside a major polishing pass, before we officially go gold. As a result, we’ve been doing some major planning internally to construct a development schedule that will maximize efficiency. Monthly updates take up quite a bit of time to get everything through QA and constantly work towards a stable public release, which sadly slows us down (but we always loved doing it anyway, to get feedback on new features directly from all of you).

To ensure we’re firing on all cylinders to get the final bit of content finished, we’re going to be moving to a bimonthly patch schedule (every two months), or perhaps a bit longer depending on the state of the game. In particular, the last push towards launch may require more than two months to get everything ready and do a final quality pass. However, this does mean you’ll be seeing far bigger systems making their way into The Universim in future updates!

Exciting times, friends! It’s been a massive undertaking, and we are so close to achieving our vision for the game. Just wait until you see where we’re going. We think you’ll be gobsmacked!

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff:

Trading with Exile Villages

Those annoying little upstarts may finally offer something useful! This is the initial release of what will become a very complex system, currently allowing you to trade resources with Exile Villages. It will be expanded upon in future releases, so drop us any suggestions on what you’d like to see added!

Automized Stone Refinery

Machines will take over all of the stone crunching to free up time for Nuggets to procrastinate with greater intensity.

Automated Wood Refinery.

Tell Nuggets to keep limbs away from the saw blade at all times. It does not discriminate between a log or a living being, especially if the living being possesses the intellect of a log.

Modern Airport.

Just a little higher and we’ll have reached the stars! Introducing the Modern Airport, complete with procedurally-generated airline branding on the planes. This building will be expanded later on to allow you to create trade routes with Exile Villages across the globe (and perhaps beyond).

Modern Age Vehicles.

You’ve seen a robot turn into a car, now see Nuggets turn into adorable little trucks. Your citizens will move around with far greater speed, thanks to the modern combustion engine. We’re currently working on a major road network system that will certainly require as much positive energy as you can muster.

Modern Age Haircuts

Style continues to evolve alongside your Nuggets! You’ll see more colors than ever before, and even a few hairstyles that positively scream, “I want to talk to your manager!” Try to avoid these individuals.


A new celestial body has appeared in the sky! Where did it come from? What does it smell like? Is it made of cheese? You’ll have to find out in future updates.

New stuff:

  • Trading with Exiles.
  • Modern Stone Refinery.
  • Modern Wood Refinery.
  • Airport (v1)( no major functionality yet).
  • Trucks (v1) (faster Nugget movement).
  • Camera Shake Option (Settings).
  • Modern Haircuts.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: modern scaffolds not appearing after load.
  • Fixed: Season change power has no effect on believers.
  • Fixed: Nuggets take forever to clear construction sites.
  • Fixed: UI scale issue for certain display sizes
  • Fixed: Tall buildings had inaccurate hit boxes
  • Fixed: Resources were not removed from settlement and instead were subtracted from exile villages
  • Fixed: When family was created, male and female nuggets properties were swapped in some cases.
  • Fixed: Alarm on weather tower that was going off randomly
  • Fixed: Orbit camera was getting stuck if Steam Overlay was opened / closed.
  • Fixed: Game settings were not saved properly and in some cases were applied incorrectly leading to UI disappearance or scale issues.
  • Fixed: Stars could be clicked through UI panels
  • Fixed: Unassigned nuggets from modern eatery would become invisible
  • Fixed: Tooltip for leader election would stay on the screen forever if the “Fly to” button was clicked
  • Fixed: Crime tooltip displayed the text from a school tooltip
  • Fixed: Multiple nuggets could have received the same request to clear an item, which would slow down the nuggets performance overall, since 1 nugget would be clearing the spot and other would wait for that spot to be cleared
  • Fixed: Protector dome was disappearing if you were looking at it from inside out
  • Fixed: Creator power action cost was doubled if the action was applied to nugget
  • Fixed: Save / Load issue that was caused due to some systems reading the save file in incorrect order.

General balance changes / Improvements:

  • Extended modern scaffolds for “huge” buildings.
  • New particle effect for “Repair all” & “Creator Points” falling objects box items
  • Reworked picking up objects system in order to improve overall performance and to work with a feature content.
  • Cement Factory perk was moved before Glass factory perk in order to improve the overall experience traversing the research tree
  • Mating female / male threshold was improved. This change should improve the overall ratio between male and female nuggets and keep balancing the ratio when nuggets dying due to unintended events such as tornado, fire etc.
  • UI scale default settings were tuned for all OS in order to improve the UI ratio between different elements
  • Rebalanced animal reproduction system & spawn system. Previously a lot of animals could have been spawned in the same location with a fast reproduction rate. Spawn locations, max number of animals of each type that can exist at the same time as well as the reproduction rate was tweaked to resolve those issues.
  • Exile event timer was changed from 1 hour to 30 minutes
  • Exile village attack change was increased from 40 percent to 55 percent
  • Exile Village Steal Chance was decreased from 50 percent to 45 percent
  • Exile Village Priests Chance was decreased from 60 percent to 45 percent
  • Exile Village Orator Chance was decreased from 60 percent to 45 percent
  • Creator mode is back online :)

  • Airport Building.
  • Airplanes with different skins.
  • Crater has updated visuals and 3 more variations are added.
  • Moon!
  • Legendary Buildings - Pisa tower.
  • Vehicles for Nuggets with a set of different skins.
  • UFOs!
  • Modern Stone Refinery.
  • Modern Wood Refinery.

UI Design:

  • Fixed position of Construction menu cloud.
  • MainUI bottom indicators - updated visuals.
  • Added pisa tower puzzles.
  • Modern stone and wood refineries construction menu renders.

As always, our biggest and most heartfelt thanks to all of you! We are so excited to be pushing towards full release and can’t wait to be able to hand it over to you with a beaming smile. If you’re enjoying the game on Steam so far, leave us a review to let us know your thoughts! We only feed our developers after every dozen or so positive reviews we receive.

Also, we’re planning to have a live stream this month! Have some questions you need answered? Wanna tell our developers about a long-lost treasure you discovered off the coast of Africa? Keep an eye out for the date! In the meantime, join our Discord server and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more tasty morsels.

The Crytivo Crew
The Universim - Crytivo

Greetings, Creators!

Aaanddd we’re back again! It’s been a hectic month as usual, including an unfortunate situation where a few of our developers got sick. As a result, we had to delay the patch a bit, but it was all worth it. We’re slowly moving towards the Space Age, as you’ve likely noticed, which means we have plenty of exciting features in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. Behind the scenes, our team has been doing some amazing work on alien planets with unique flora and fauna, a reworked pathfinding system (always improvements being made to this cheeky system), and ALIENS! The best news is, all of this is not too far, far away.

Don’t forget to leave us a review if you’re enjoying the content! It gives our programmers, who are currently chained to their desks, a little something to smile about.

Read about all of the “Burning Skies” additions below:

Mysterious Boxes

The sky isn’t falling. Not yet, at least. Tell your Nuggets not to panic, as the mysterious boxes from the cosmos could be a gift dressed in really ugly wrapping paper. These also aren’t the kind of boxes you’ll need a credit card to open. You’re thinking of the wrong game studio if this section had you concerned. These ones are free! However, they could contain some nasty business if you open them carelessly. Research more about them and they may drop a few hints about what could be inside.

Legendary Structures

Now you can build a few wonders of the world! Nuggets will finally have something to be proud of. You can beautify your civilization with the Eiffel Tower, a few Pyramids, or the one-and-only Notre-Dame de Paris! However, you won’t be able to build them until you find all of their blueprints, which are locked inside of those mysterious boxes we mentioned. Culture from the stars! In the future, these boxes will also contain blueprints for alien technology.

Spontaneous Fires

In what is probably an unfortunately-timed addition, considering the other contents of this patch, we have implemented random fires into the game. Mismanagement of buildings or rapid climate change can lead to fires starting around your city.


Death is in the air! Certain buildings will produce pollution, which, coupled with your overall treatment of the environment, may lead to global warming. This can result in more natural disasters, brutal winters, the extinction of certain animal species, and potentially the end of Nuggets altogether. You’ve been warned!


The Nuggets’ sense of fashion and overall taste evolves alongside the civilization. It all started with a few leaves and the odd loincloth, and now Nuggets can be seen with fancy haircuts, dresses, and suits. Sadly, Nuggets still don’t wear any pants.


While the early ages of your civilization required varying amounts of micromanagement, modern conveniences and technology allow you to take a more macro approach. Sit back and relax; buildings like Modern Age Factories will produce everything you need without Nuggets being present. However, having a few Nuggets inside to supervise things will speed up production somewhat.

Upgraded Farm

The power of technology! Farms look so glorious now that they are fully-automated. Those mechanical claws will do all of the harvesting, while the mineral-regulating irrigation system will ensure that Bloody Diarrhea fruit tastes better than ever.

Screenshot Tool

Ever wanted to grab stunning 4K screenshots of the game with the press of a button? We’ve got you! There’s now a little button on the main HUD you can use to snap a screenshot at any resolution of your choosing. Share them with the community! We’ll add the best ones to our various pages.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed: Issue when clicking on a building panel button caused the Wiki button to be activated and Nuggets to stop doing any kind of work.
  • Fixed: Issue when clicking Prioritize in a building panel would not display any indication of the building being prioritized.
  • Fixed: Issue with the Building List Panel where Nuggets could be over-assigned to buildings.
  • Fixed: Issue where camera shake would persist even when the game was paused.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Building List Panel would enable shifts on all buildings when opened after load.
  • Fixed: Issue where modern fisheries would use stone age boats after reloading the game.
  • Fixed: Error that occurred when you had the reservoir panel open when you upgraded it.
  • Fixed: UI bug where the research progress bar would be inaccurate after enacting the “Science Law”.
  • Fixed: Protection Dome sound effect. Dramatically reduced volume and range.
  • Fixed: Issue where a tornado was dealing damage after it ended.
  • Fixed: A bug that occurred when certain windows settings were not applied properly due to the wrong path of the setting file location.
  • Fixed: Issue where camera shake was fading out when the game was paused.
  • Fixed: Issue where the Gunpowder perk was unlocking the Chemical Factory.
  • Fixed: Issue where the system would assume that an Exile Village building belonged to the player, which could lead to an issue where a Save Game was not loading anymore.
  • Fixed: Issue that lead to issues with the Steam API due to an incorrect directory name.
  • Fixed: Issue with a small trap projector not displaying it properly.
  • Fixed: Issue with the fishing hut perk, which visually lead to the Refined Material perk unlock, but was not actually unlocking it
  • Fixed: Updating time to grow in crop info.
  • Fixed: Wonky night lighting for certain modern buildings.
  • Fixed: Issue where you could sacrifice Nuggets at an unfinished temple.
  • Fixed: Issue where a Farm’s crops timer was not updating properly and was resulting in factories not producing food.
  • Fixed: Issue where grass was causing infinite load times when a new game was started.
  • Fixed: Issue where Farms were able to operate without using any electricity, even if they required it.

General balance changes / Improvements:
  • Automation of Factories.
  • Clone Center received some changes. Now you can order more than one Nugget at a time.
  • Reworked gravity system. Objects can now be thrown into orbit around the planet, but will slowly fall back to the surface. Objects are no longer instantly destroyed when dropped from high in the atmosphere and will instead fall as expected.
  • Increased amount of turtles being spawned on the planet.
  • Increased amount of birds being spawned on the planet.
  • Increased building fire resistance by 30%.
  • Adjusted Nugget gene system. Kids will inherit skin color starting from the first generation.
  • Nuggets will have equal chance of inheriting skin color from Mother & Father.
  • Modern reservoirs are more resistant to heat. The temperature for evaporation and freezing was increased / decreased.
  • Overall temperature on the planet received minor tweaks to adjust to the current pollution system.
  • Amount of resources that each pile can hold was adjusted from 5 to 30.
  • Meteor VFX tweaks and improvements. Should look and sound better now.
  • Additional Resource Panel Improvements.
  • Animals killed with Telekinesis now drop food.
  • Major localization fixes throughout existing languages.
  • Exile Village decals added.
  • Small update to culling system to handle Dynamic buildings better.
  • New tooltips were added to the new systems as well as tooltips for the old systems.

  • New Nugget clothing.
  • New haircuts for Nuggets.
  • Farm building upgrade for Modern Age.
  • Notre-Dame building.
  • Pyramid building.
  • Eiffel Tower building.
  • Clone Center capsule was updated.
  • Exile Village buildings have decals now.
  • Meteor Crater model.
  • Cracked meteor model.
  • Mysterious box model.
  • Trait icons for Legendary Nuggets.

UI Design:
  • The Nugget customizer has new traits icons.
  • MainUI resources bar was adjusted to hold all resources in one line when playing at standard resolutions.
  • Photo mode panel was added.
  • Construction menu was updated. New building cloud added.
  • Clone Center now has a queue.
  • Fixed missing localization in Clone Center panel.
  • Pollution indicator was added to the building usage panel and to building cloud in construction menu.
  • Pollution tooltip was added to mainUI - changed oxygen level to environment.
  • New category for Legendary Building was added to construction menu.
  • New round buttons added for legendary buildings. Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Pyramids.
  • New building cloud was introduced for legendary buildings category. It contains 4 puzzles for each building that will have to be collected in order for the building to be unlocked.
  • New banner panel for puzzle discovery.
  • Reorganization of settings menu: moved decals and grass to graphics category.
  • New panel for trading UI.
  • New panel for Loot box was added.
  • Added renders for Modern Farm, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Pyramid to construction menu.

There were plenty of interesting challenges to overcome this month, which unfortunately means we had to push the trading system between your civilization and Exile Villages to the next patch. It needs a little more work. We are currently building a final road map towards full release and we couldn’t be more excited! We know it has taken quite a while to get to where we are now, but we hope we made the development process as transparent, informative, and fun for you as possible. Making a game of this scale is no easy matter, which means that creating something good takes time. We want The Universim to be memorable. Luckily, we have all of you backing us up and keeping us on track! Plus, all of your feedback continues to make the game EVEN BETTER. Much love to everyone!

Once again, don’t forget to drop us a review and chat to us over on our Discord server. You can even expect some cool stuff on Twitter and Facebook. After all, you don’t want to miss any sneaky info drops about alien planets, do you?

Have an amazing weekend!

All our love,

The Universim - Alex
Hello everyone,

We hope that everybody had a great Easter and that the start of the May month is bringing you a lot of sun and smiles to all your faces. As you know, we usually release our patch on the first of the month, something we take very seriously and strive to accomplish each cycle. Unfortunately, sometimes certain unpredictable circumstances can influence the timing and we regret to tell you that has occurred this month. Two of our programmers got sick in the last week of the month and we got a little bit behind schedule with the features that they were working on. Because of this, we decided to postpone the patch release until the 10th of May. This extra time will allow us to ensure that all the new features we are implementing are tested properly and can reach you in the quality state we want them in. We hope for your understanding and we are wishing you lots of laughs, health, and warm days to come this month.

The Crytivo Crew
The Universim - Crytivo
All of us have been exhausting ourselves lately in pursuit of the truth. We have invested excessive amounts of time and funds into a new update for the game that makes it a little more representative of the real world.

As you know, planets in The Universim are spherical in nature, and it was planned as such from the beginning. It has been an enormous challenge to create systems that account for spherical worlds, from complex new AI solutions to completely rewritten physics systems. We basically had to hack the engine to redefine the difference between up and down. Considering the difficulties we faced, and all that have arisen since, we began to question if we were really doing things the right way. Surely if the brilliant engineers who built the engine were working with the intention for games to be created on a flat plane, then perhaps it was us who were wrong.

After everything we have done to create spherical worlds, we had to be absolutely certain of the truth before changing our vision. Thus began a long period of research and experimentation. First of all, we stepped outside into the sunshine, something that many of our team members haven’t experienced for months. There was no mistaking it, the ground seemed as flat as can be, save for natural formations. We even went on a company hiking trip up a mountain. To our surprise, the earth was flat for miles around. However, this was not enough to confirm our suspicions. We needed more evidence. After all, there’s no way that major organizations like NASA would hide the truth, right?

The next step was hiring a hot air balloon for a day. Every team member had a turn, and every single one of them confirmed that there was no sign of planetary curvature. Things started to get serious. Many meetings were conducted in which we discussed the future of the project. Would we have to throw away years of work? Would it be worth the trouble? If we didn’t model planets after scientific fact, would we become the laughing stock of the gaming industry?

Unfortunately, we could not come to a decision. There were still skeptics among us, even after everything we had seen. It seemed as though the only way to be certain would be to view the planet from orbit. However, we simply could not afford such a thing. We had stretched the game’s budget too thin already with all of this research. The best we could do was a plane trip to Europe, which we could only manage by cutting our weather-based animal testicle simulation budget. It was a tough call, but we feel that it is a sacrifice that had to be made.

Our findings were shocking. Even in the plane, there was flat ground beneath us, as far as the eye could see. The answer was clear: we as a species have been lied to. The world is indeed flat. We would like to apologize to the community for misleading you, but it was only because we were misled ourselves. Who could have possibly guessed that we have been clinging to a giant frisbee in space all this time?

As a result, over the past few months, we have secretly been rewriting systems yet again to account for the new manner in which planets will work. Every celestial body will henceforth be as flat as a pancake. Gravitational calculations will be far simpler, and the Nuggets will perform navigation as nature intended. We hope you can forgive us for perpetuating falsehoods all this time.

The latest version of The Universim is available for download now with a whole host of changes, additions, and improvements. We hope you like them.

Shiny new content

Meteor Strike

It looks like rain but it hurts like hell. The meteor strike is now available for all of your impact based pleasure. This is probably the most amazing Meteor strike you have or will ever see in any video game. Prove us wrong in the comments... if you dare!

Protection Dome

Since we added burning stones falling from the sky at random intervals (And the less random ones caused by you) we thought it would be prudent to give your nuggets a small chance of survival when the universe throws everything against you. To that end, we’ve given you the protection dome, to snuggle your civilization in a blanket of impenetrable material of ambiguous origin. It will stop tornados and heavy winds from getting in and give your nuggets skies prettier than an Acid trip.

Expandable Resource Panel

Since we now have a lot of resources to mine and produce, we decided to make it easier for you to track all that madness. Now you can Expand the resource panel to see all the resources your civilization has at the moment. Since it’s brand new, give us your thoughts on ways we can improve it.

Electronic Components Factory

Beep beep bop! Electronic components can now be produced to enable future technologies. You’ll need these bad boys to fly to the moon and beyond.

Medieval Roads

This is just a visual adjustment to the road system we have. Modern roads are coming soon, with mighty vehicles traversing them in record times!

Steel Factory

This is the place where Nuggaboys become Nuggamen. Let the greatest balls of steel production begin!

Modern age residential blocks

There’s a reason they’re called “SkyScrapers”. Tons of cement, steel and glass is used to build these titans. But be careful, their fall is deafening and sends up clouds of poisonous dust. They’re another reminder, that day by day the nuggets march closer to the stars. It’s only a

Auto research switch (on/off)

Small but nifty. Now you can disable Auto research and prevent those nuggets from trying to learn on their own. This is for the Gods that think they’re smarter than Nuggets! Now you’ll have only yourself to blame when things go wrong.

Modern eatery Upgrade

Pork chops and bacon, Nuggets two favorite animals can now be cooked faster and they taste even better! Mm-Mmmmm for that grease!

Modern fishermen hut Upgrade

Give a Nugg a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a Nugg to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Too bad their lifetime is so short!


This thing glows! And rotates!


Oooff, be careful with these things. The first time a Nugget saw one, she thought these were binoculars and that she was able to look into it two times, with her left eye and then with her right eye.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: IDLE AI was called too often when there was not enough food (23645)
  • Fixed: demand generated by warehouses, making Nuggets ignore existing piles
  • Fixed: shifts stopping stats on AI start
  • Fixed: students can become exiled
  • Fixed: Nugget icons viewable through customizer panel
  • Fixed: Modern Building collapse sound was ending too early
  • Fixed: Issue when Nuggets despite being on the shifts still had all their stats ticking
  • Fixed: Missing Building config produced an NRE which was slowing down the performance
  • Fixed: Students were auto assigned to different buildings, preventing them from finishing their education
  • Fixed: Certains references in the code to removes were missing, which produced warning
  • Fixed: NRE which did not clear students spots after they left the University
  • Fixed: Engineers were disappearing after they entered the engineering hut
  • Fixed: NRE when you were selecting a building to place due to some parts of the code being executed prior to the building update code
  • Fixed: Nuggets icons were viewable through the Clone Panel
  • Fixed: Changing a Nugget shift would cause them to get stuck inside a building
  • Fixed: Opening a building panel at a certain timeframe would cause NRE which would produce an issue where the building panel would be stuck on the screen
  • Fixed: Sometimes all whales were located in just one lake instead of being spread out based on the size of the lake
  • Fixed: Resources panel showed 0 resources for certain resources despite having those resources
  • Fixed: Selecting creator powers in the creator mode would cause NRE
  • Fixed: Issue when Nuggets would refuse to visit parks
  • Fixed: Cupidon marriage issue. If Nuggets already have a family and the cupidon creator power is being used in order to connect married Nugget and another unmarried Nugget, but unmarried Nugget had a family previously, would lead to an issue where both Nuggets will go to different houses and will endlessly wait for each other inside the house.
  • Fixed: Save file issues. Previously all saves files were allowed to be loaded, which caused a lot of issues and NRE due to the content change in the newest patches.
  • Fixed: Building panels were missing new resources that were needed for building construction
  • Fixed: Resources held in local storage (Wood refinery, cemetery) are displayed as available

General balance changes / Improvements:

  • Hiding Nuggets when entering modern construction site
  • Adjusted warehouse demand factor in order to improve the transportation requests
  • Adjusted shifts timer in order to compensate the travel time
  • Reworked the University and school work. Currently students won’t be auto assigned unless they manually assigned to a job. When students leave the school / university to eat / drink etc., they will reserve their spot at school. With the shifts on, students will reserve their spot. After their shift is done, they will continue their learning progress.
  • School / University learning points were adjusted in order to provide faster education for Nuggets.


  • Modern Eatery
  • Lighthouse Model
  • Modern Fishing Pier
  • Electronic Components Factory
  • Powder Rifle
  • Electronic Components stockpile
  • Medieval roads texture update
  • Modern debris have decals now
  • Modern Steel Factory
  • Modern Residential Buildings
  • Residential Buildings Accessories

UI Design:

  • Electronic Components, Lighthouse, Steel factory construction menu icons and renders
  • Update Archive panels
  • Added icons for electronic components resource, 3d and white
  • Added status icon - going to electronic factory
  • Added new icons for perks
  • New icons for Nugget customizer traits
  • Research screen added auto research on/off toggle.
  • New god power icons added: protective dome and meteor rain - 3d and white versions.


  • Pathfinder performance boost

Known Issues:

  • Long loading time when you start a new game. We are still investigating the issue that some users experience on their machines. Current solution to resolve the issue of a long loading time when you start a new game is: Turning off the grass in the settings of the game.

P.S. Our next endeavour will be to prove that the sun isn’t as hot as everyone makes it out to be. However, because it is an unproven hypothesis, we will go at night just to be safe.

All the best,
The Universim - Alex
Hello everyone!
Thank you for your patience and feedback on the v31 patch. A new patch just hit your experimental branch on Steam. We still have some cosmetics issues that will be fixed once the game hits the main branch, but expect this to largely be a smooth release. In the meantime, everyone who would like to try out the new patch early and provide us feedback on any issues that you might encounter, please feel free to do so. This build contains:

  • Skyscrapers
  • Meteor Strike (Power and disaster)
  • Reworked and rebalanced school / University system
  • Improved shifts
  • Protective dome

And many other features we’ll let you discover on your own. The full list of features will be released in the patch notes alongside the official public patch on the main branch.

Once again, thank you for your help and support.
You guys are awesome and we are unbelievably proud to have such a great community at our backs! Looking forward to hearing from you all!

If you encounter any serious issues, please contact us on discord:
The Universim - Crytivo
Greetings, Creators!

We’re back with a delicious assortment of new features! We have had a super productive month here at Crytivo, which may or may not involve that amazing procedural alien planet generation system we keep mentioning ;). It’s going to be glorious! If you’ve been enjoying the game so far, be sure to drop us a review on Steam to let us know your thoughts. We love reading what you have to say! Thanks for sticking with us on this crazy ride.

Shiny new content:

Modern Age scaffolding

We’ve hit maximum velocity in the Modern (Industrial) Age! Mmmm, don’t you just love the smell of freshly-brewed plastic in the morning? Modern buildings deserve modern scaffolding, and that’s exactly what we have for you today. Motivated by your feedback, our devs have gone above and beyond and made it look oh-so-beautiful!

Modern Age building collapse VFX

That rumbling is far too loud to be your stomach! Only a collapsing skyscraper could cause the planet to tremble so spectacularly, thanks to some potent new visual effects. If you really want to destroy the civilization you’ve worked so hard to create, it might as well look and feel awesome. Enjoy!

Fuel Factory

Ah, the sweet smell of gasoline. Did you know that it causes inexplicably rapid armpit hair growth in Nuggets? It’s like they suddenly developed two extra furry arms. Beyond that, Fuel can be burned to create energy and further pollute the environment. You can’t have everything.

Modern Hospital upgrade

Get the crash cart! There are lives that need to be saved! Brand new defibrillators, catheters, ethical practices, and curvy needles have been added to the Modern Hospital. Less death all around!

Modern Reservoir & Well upgrade

It’s starting to look good enough to drink! Store more water than ever and never worry about evaporation again.

Plastic factory

It’s cheap, it’s versatile, and nature absolutely despises it. Say hello to plastic! While it may cause issues later, think about all the awesome stuff you can make with it until then.

Clone Center building

The Clone Center is here (AKA, the Nugget customizer)! This will be the tallest building on the planet. We have shortened it for this initial release so it doesn’t look out of place with everything else, but you’ll be able to upgrade it well into the sky. You can customize and order new Nuggets that will be delivered to you in a capsule with a little ribbon. It’s super classy and only a little creepy.

Cloned Nugget Traits

To spice things up, we added Legendary Traits to all of the Nuggets you genetically engineer. They will be like little heroes running around with hidden (or quite obvious) superpowers. Every Legendary Trait comes with a few bad habits and negative traits. Take the Undying, for example, who will never grow old. However, they sleep for years at a time and can spread diseases far more quickly than other Nuggets when they contract one.

Medieval Warehouse

It’s bigger and more organized than ever! Storage has gotten a lot smarter. Now, if only Nuggets could do the same.

Building Panel

We’re mega proud of this change. After hearing what you all had to say, we revisited the Building List Panel and upped the epicness to 5000. Using this new panel, you can now easily assign Nuggets to buildings, turn shifts on/off, sort buildings by type, view each building’s effect on Happiness/crime and pollution, and (by popular demand) manage things more easily with two upgrade buttons that allow you to either upgrade a single building or every building of similar type. Keep letting us know how we can improve things! Your opinion and suggestions matter!

Medieval Clothing

With names like Dolce Nuggana, Louis Nuiggon, Nuggani, Nuggberry, and Ralph Naugren, Nugget fashion is on the rise. More creative and colorful brands are taking over from older trends. Giiiirl, you’re going to look fabulous!

So Many Factories

Have you been keeping track of how many factories we’re adding lately? It’s a little nuts. However, they are crucial for the future of your civilization. They produce advanced materials that will be used for constructing buildings and technology like Airports and Rocket Launchpads, which naturally includes tech like rockets, drones, rovers, and satellites. Polish your helmets, everyone, we’re blasting off soon!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: Ministers can no longer become Exiles. (Treachery and Corruption)
  • Fixed: Ministers who die inside of the Town Hall will now properly free their slot and allow other Nuggets to replace them. (Ghostbusters)
  • Fixed: NRE when a Nugget was being escorted to an execution after loading a game. (Escapee)
  • Fixed: Several AI issues that were not taking shifts into consideration and interrupting the workflow. (Misfits)
  • Fixed: Engineers who were showcasing strange AI issues. (Mechanical Fault)
  • Fixed: Issue where picking up a wolf with Telekinesis caused an NRE. (Vanishing Act)
  • Fixed: “AI Unknown” error found in idle Exile Nuggets. (Who am I anymore?)
  • Fixed: NRE when a dead animal was being held and suddenly despawned due to decay. (Snooze you Lose)
  • Fixed: NRE related to the Gravedigger after loading a save game. (Gone Digging)
  • Fixed: AI getting stuck in a loop whenever food runs out. (Fridge Gazers)
  • Fixed: Incorrect Nugget count in save game metadata. (Census Error)
  • Fixed: NRE when Cemeteries were burning. (Unexpected Cremation)
  • Fixed:University/School learning looping when no electricity is available. (Bright Ideas)
  • Fixed NRE when loading/saving grass for certain grass settings. (Unkempt Lawn)
  • Fixed: Multiple “localization missing” text pieces added. (Now You’re Speaking My Language)
  • Fixed: Missing Chemical Factory animations added. (Mix & Match)
  • Fixed: Weird shader issue when viewing Stone Hut interiors. (Dance Party)
  • Fixed: An issue where the “upgrade all” button did not, in fact, upgrade all of the desired buildings. (False Advertising)
  • Fixed: An issue where Nuggets were placing buildings inside the Lumber Mill’s operational area. (Save the Trees)
  • Fixed: NRE that sometimes occurred during a wolf attack. (Are They Attacking or Not?)
  • Fixed: An issue where the Trickle Effect Creator Power interacted with animal ragdoll bodies. (I’ll Shower When I’m Dead)
  • Fixed: When toggling shifts to off, it now applies to all new buildings that are added in the future. (Now and Forever)
  • Fixed: An issue where Parks displayed the wrong ghost mesh when being placed. (Identity Theft)
  • Fixed: An issue where the UI was not displayed in-game when you start a new life. (Something’s Missing)
  • Fixed: NRE that appeared when you turned off grass, saved the game, loaded the game, and turned the grass settings back on again. (Recipe for Trouble)
  • Fixed: An issue where resources were staying underwater. (Lost Treasure)
  • Fixed: An issue where School / University building panels were not displaying correctly after researching Shifts. (Teachers are Overworked and Underpaid)
  • Fixed: Another NRE caused by the Gravedigger in certain conditions that caused multiple Nuggets to stop moving. (Stunning Visage)


  • Medieval Warehouse model added to the game.
  • Modern Plastic Factory added to the game.
  • Clone Center building added to the game.
  • Modern building debris VFX added for when buildings are demolished.
  • Modern Era scaffolding is now placed around construction sites.
  • Medieval Era Nugget clothing added to the game.
  • Added more accessories to citizens in the Medieval Era.
  • Medieval hairstyles added to the game.
  • Modern Reservoir added to the game.
  • Modern Hospital added to the game.
  • Modern Well/Fountain added to the game.
  • New resource models added for: Fuel, Steel, and Plastic.
  • Medieval decals have been updated with normal maps.
  • Clone Center capsule for releasing customized Nuggets added to the game.
  • New Fuel Factory added to the game.

UI Design:

  • Nugget Customization Screen added to the game.
  • Clone Center panel has been implemented.
  • New extended/reworked building list panel implemented.
  • Added new icons for Fuel, Steel, and Plastic.
  • Fixed broken UI for Schools and Universities (caused by shifts).
  • Added cancel button for stopping building upgrades.
  • Added icons to the construction menu for the Cement Factory, Clone Center, Fire Station, Fuel Factory, Plastic Factory, Glass Factory, and University.
  • Construction menu updated with new renders for the Water Well, Reservoir, Fuel Factory, Plastic Factory, and Hospital
  • Fixed broken buttons in the building list panel.
  • New status icons for going to: Plastic Factory, Steel Factory, Glass Factory, and Fuel Factory.
  • Added new resource icons for: Plastic, Chemicals, Glass, Steel, Fuel, and Cement.

Known Issues:

  • You may experience longer loading times than usual when starting a new game. Currently, this can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. We are investigating the problem and we would be grateful if anyone who experiences this issue can contact us on Discord so we can get some more information about what could be causing it.
  • A fair amount of players have been experiencing an issue where the Nugget population count seems to stall at around 200-220. We have tweaked the mating balance in this patch to try and address this, but another problem remains where large groups of Nuggets die at the same time for no apparent reason. If you notice anything suspicious like this, please save and send us your save file so we can find the cause.

Are you excited about the new patch? A lot of hard work is being done each and every day by our amazing devs. We want to give a shout out to everyone for their loyalty, creativity, and drive, which includes the awesome testers and translators who offer so much help. And, of course, we want to thank the entire community for being so supportive and wonderful. You always rock! If you love what we’re doing or have some thoughts on the game, please drop us your honest review on Steam.

Let us know how we can make the game even better in the comments below. If you have a few minutes, we would also really appreciate it if you can answer this short survey about your experience with The Universim:

We are doing our best to polish the game, and we’d like to hear how your most recent experiences have felt. Oh, and before we go, here’s a little teaser for what’s coming:

Stay awesome!

All our love,
The Crytivo Crew
The Universim - Alex
Hello creators!

The new patch just hit the experimental branch. A lot of new improvements and additions awaits you in this patch. As usual, please let us know if you find any issues or critical bugs. The official patch release and patch notes will be released once we confirm that the build is working great for everyone. The old patch v30 will replace v29 patch on the v29 branch. Please, be aware that saves from v30 are not compatible with v31 due to major changes in the system.

Have fun, let us know about any issues you encounter!
Thank you for your support & your patience!

P.S. Some people might experience the issue of the long loading time (5 - 10 min) when they start a new game. If you encounter that issue, please try the possible fix: Turn off grass in the game settings and let us know if that fixed the issue with the long loading time.

With all our love,
Crytivo Crew
The Universim - Stronkie

Bug Fixes 16 feb 2019

Experimental Patch V0.0.30

  • Fixed: Gravedigger is getting stuck in a loop of picking up bodies
  • Fixed: Hunters do not move during hunting
  • Fixed: Missing UI at the start of the game
  • Fixed: NRE that prevented to load multiple save files as well as caused all Nuggets to not move
  • Fixed: Issue that prevented for certain players to load the game, when they pressed “Start New Life”
  • Fixed: Nuggets would get stuck while waiting for the new path to move to
  • Fixed: Several AIs that were not taking shifts into consideration and thus were interrupted prematurely
  • Fixed: At certain edge cases, engineers would stop fixing the buildings
  • Fixed: NRE on load, that caused all AI to stop during Nugget escort
  • Fixed: Out of Bounds exception that happened when certain happiness effects were applied in a specific order.
  • Fixed: Prevented ministers to become exiled while they are working as ministers
  • Fixed: Cloud saves were not always properly saved[/list}
The Universim - Crytivo


What a time in which we live! We hope that all of you in the northern parts of the world are keeping warm. Our dear planet has been acting a bit strange lately, and a few states here in the US are feeling the brunt of it. Someone has clearly been running too many Gas Plants for too long.

However, we must press on! Welcome to the first update of 2019! It’s going to be a glorious year indeed. Even with the team winding down over the winter holidays, we have made significant progress with new features, reworks, and bug fixes. We’re officially moving into the Industrial Era (Modern Age)! A number of new buildings have been added to begin the transition, but we’ll need some more time to fully flesh out the new era. Within a few patches, we shall begin looking to the stars for new adventures.

Before you dive right into all of the new content, we have a favor to ask. If you’ve been enjoying The Universim long enough to have an opinion on the game and where it’s going, please drop us a review on Steam. Your reviews always brighten up our day and help us to identify areas that need improvement. If you ever have an issue or would like to chat to our devs and fellow community members, drop into our Discord channel right here.



We are finally rolling out some new production buildings! The Modern Age is the era in which resource extraction will be in full force. You will need to build many new factories to produce the materials and technology of the future. The glass manufactured here, for example, will be used throughout modern architecture, and eventually reinforced for use in spacecraft.
In addition to this, with the Modern Age bringing new forms of automation to your civilization, we have refactored how Nuggets work within factories. Nuggets will no longer need to be inside these buildings in order for them to produce goods. Assigned workers will increase the overall production, but having no workers present will not cause the factory to stop working. Hooray for automation stealing jobs!


We are introducing 8 new roles to your civilization. Say hello to Ministers!

  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Water
  • Minister of Food
  • Minister of Entertainment
  • Minister of Architecture
  • Minister of Medicine
  • Minister of Power

Ministers can be assigned using the Town Hall. Each Minister will be responsible for a specific industry within your civilization, encompassing certain buildings that perform functions related to that industry. For example, the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Water will ensure that there is enough food and water for everyone. If not, they will automatically designate workers to construct more sources of food and water, like Farms and Water Pumps. This will be a great help to you as your civilization grows to avoid constant micromanagement and the frustration that shortages bring.

We would love to hear your thoughts once you’ve taken this new system out for a spin. We worked hard to make it as useful as possible, but your feedback will ensure we get it perfect. If we can do something better, please let us know!


We have completely redesigned these panels to clarify what actions have the most negative or positive impact. This is now visualized via two distinct colors and a certain number of dots, which has replaced the tricky mathematics we had in the previous version.


The modern world could not exist without advanced chemistry, so it makes sense that Nuggets would eventually figure it out thanks to their wild and wacky experiments. The Chemical Factory works in conjunction with many other buildings in the Modern Age. Chemicals are used across a wide variety of industries. One such building is the new Genetics Center, which allows you to create your own Nuggets. Let’s hope they don’t slip up and create some kind of monster.


The Cement Factory eats quite a bit of Gas and Stone during production. Cement will be used to construct modern buildings and a few advanced technologies. It works in a similar manner to the Glass Factory, so ensure that you have enough raw material extraction and assigned workers to maximize efficiency.


Hot Air Balloons provide Nuggets with a sensational new form of entertainment, offering them stunning views from previously unreachable heights. Plus, they look cool.


It’s time to combat stupidity! Nuggets can now acquire a higher standard of education and a nifty piece of paper showcasing their achievements. This is excellent news for a society that continues to create increasingly more intricate buildings and technology. Educated workers will perform technical jobs with greater efficiency and a better regard for safety guidelines. Uneducated Nuggets may accidentally start a fire within these buildings, and they might not notice until it’s too late.


We have expanded on the rewards you receive for completing certain quests. The new Chunder and Cupidon Parks will increase the Happiness of Nuggets and offer them a place to relax.


This is the first of many Modern Age building upgrades you’ll be seeing. Beyond being quite stylish, it also provides way more water to your civilization.


We have extended the capabilities of Telekinesis, allowing you to transport any resource piles you see lying around on the ground to any building that requires them. Additionally, to improve usability, we have updated construction pop-ups to alert you if you are trying to drop a resource it does not require.


A number of amazing people reached out to us in the past two months to assist with translation, and we wanted to ensure their hard work was reflected as soon as possible. Italian and Czech are officially joining the list of supported languages as of this patch. Thank you to everyone who has helped with all of the translations! We and the community truly appreciate it!


We’re updating the visual style of the Medieval Era with new building decals.
Enjoy the pretty colors!


We have put a lot of emphasis on the game’s visuals, so anything average or underwhelming is never enough for us. We like to push the boundaries of what we can achieve. A new quality pass has been made on buildings that has introduced various types of foliage and vegetation. Let us know your thoughts!


As more visual improvements are made, more juice is inevitably required from your machine. Not everyone can afford that much juice, so we have added a new option to toggle foliage on or off for the best experience.

With so much new content, you certainly deserve new Steam Achievements. There are 10 more to earn, so all of you achievement hunters better get cracking!

As the final touch and a fond farewell to the Medieval Era, we wanted to introduce medieval-themed music to the game. Now you can enjoy the merry sounds of yesteryear as you go about managing your city.

Medieval fashion will give your Nuggets enough flair to impress everyone at the local fair! Expect to see plenty new shirts and dresses. We added few clothings to test syste, more is on the way.


We heard you! Many of you requested that we give you the option to turn shifts on or off for specific buildings, and that’s exactly what we’ve added. Once you research Shifts, you will be able to toggle it off for individual buildings or turn it off completely across all buildings if you really aren’t a fan of the system.


Nuggets are rather timid creatures by nature who prefer to run away from their problems, such as imminent death, but there are always heroes who are willing to stand up and fight. Hunters, Enforcers, and Guards will now take up arms against external threats.


We are constantly optimizing the game to ensure the best experience, and we’ve just recently done some extensive work on our pathfinding solution. It’s not perfect yet, but we have managed to squeeze out better performance and greater stability during the later stages of the game. Lower-end machines will see the most benefit.


  • Fixed: Broken Radio Tower demolished prefab.
  • Fixed: Broken Park prefabs.
  • Fixed: Multiple worker auto-assignments occurring when buildings were upgraded.
  • Fixed: Duplicate building spots after save and load.
  • Fixed: Clicking right mouse button while viewing building interior panels unintentionally rotated the main camera.
  • Fixed: Construction pop-ups during the Tesla quest displayed incorrect resource requirements.
  • Fixed: Building placement ghosts now display the required biome instead of current biome.
  • Fixed: Upgrade requests were not removed when an upgrade-ready building was destroyed.
  • Fixed: Issue with Nuggets getting stuck due to critical hunger status without food available.
  • Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck when trying to reach a resource pile that is within a water source.
  • Fixed: Loading issue when attempting to load multiple configs but unable to locate them.
  • Fixed: Certain entertainment buildings not increasing Happiness.
  • Fixed: Nuggets getting stuck during a Windstorm.
  • Fixed: Temples incorrectly being constructed within Lumbermills.
  • Fixed: Nugget Progs upgrade would consistently crash the game.
  • Fixed: Save system had a chance to fail, which lead to the issue of being unable to save the game anymore due to the system becoming locked.
  • Fixed: When loading a save, spots in the Cemetery were cleared but gravestones remained in place.
  • Fixed: Gravediggers getting stuck due to a failed request.
  • Fixed: Creator Power Carousel bugging out when switching between windowed & full screen modes.
  • Fixed: Certain buildings that require a certain biome not displaying said biome.
  • Fixed: AI error that caused a crash when an adult Nugget moved houses after their house was destroyed.
  • Fixed: Failure to load save games due to a bugged building construction request. The issue was caused by the game being saved exactly at the same time as the game was running a check for where to place a new building.
  • Fixed: Out of range exception that was happening in extreme cases on quest completion or building placement.
  • Fixed: Intro scene mountains were rotated weirdly.
  • Fixed: Prison UI panel breaking after Shifts are unlocked.
  • Fixed: Water / Electricity usage being displayed incorrectly in the UI.
  • Fixed: Wind indicator incorrectly displaying the current wind status.
  • Fixed: Dropping Nuggets after using Telekinesis occasionally caused them to fall endlessly.
  • Fixed: Removing a Nugget’s name and saving the empty field caused the renaming feature to become locked.
  • Fixed: Residential buildings displaying the upgrade button in their panels.
  • Fixed: Hitting the Esc button when an Election notification popped up caused the celebration panel to become stuck on screen.
  • Fixed: Steam API activation occurring too late lead to issues with Achievement unlocks.
  • Fixed: Police Station UI panel was missing the crime scale.
  • Fixed: Police Station UI panel caused Null Reference Exception due to incorrect value updates.
  • Fixed: Buildings providing Happiness despite not working.
  • Fixed: Extreme performance spikes during late game.
  • Fixed: Error caused by Defense Towers after loading a game.
  • Fixed: Icons for the Weak and Hermit Traits were displayed incorrectly in the Nugget panel.
  • Fixed: Neutral Trait appearing twice in the sort panel when trying to sort Nuggets by Traits.
  • Fixed: In some edge cases, the Creator Power Carousel’s icons were scrambled and displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: Nuggets not able to leave Schools during a Windstorm.
  • Fixed: Construction pop-ups incorrectly displayed the same colors for all resources.
  • Fixed: Redundant mesh colliders on certain objects.
  • Fixed: Game wasn’t pausing when opening the Wiki.


As many of you have pointed out, electricity shortages become far too common as you approach the Modern Age, which we have addressed with a bit of rebalancing. This should brighten up your day.

  • Kinetic Generator Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000
  • Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 38 -> 50
  • Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100
  • Small Kinetic Generator Electricity Output increased from 15 -> 25
  • Small Kinetic Generator Extreme Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50
  • Wind Turbine Electricity Storage Capacity increased from 2000 -> 5000
  • Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 75 -> 100
  • Small Wind Turbine Electricity Output increased from 30 -> 50
  • Gas Plant Electricity Output increased from 200 -> 300
  • Power Battery Storage Capacity increased from 5000 -> 10000
We have also completely reworked the Crime & Happiness systems to ensure they function properly with the UI changes and new mechanics.


  • Foliage was added to all Stone, Pre-Medieval, and Medieval buildings.
  • New stone decals added to Medieval buildings.
  • Added Chundering Park.
  • Added Cupidon Park.
  • Parks now have lanterns that require a separate Perk to be researched in order to appear.
  • Added Medieval roads.
  • Added Modern Genetics Center.
  • Modern Hot Air Balloon implemented as a local business building.
  • Added Modern Cement Factory.
  • Added Modern Glass Factory.
  • Added Modern University.
  • 3D resources added for Glass, Cement, and Chemicals.
  • Added Modern Water Pump.
  • New Medieval Era clothing.
  • New Modern Age clothing.
  • Added modular Residential Buildings for Modern Age.
  • Foundations added to Stone and Pre-Medieval Water Pumps.
  • Decals added to Stone and Pre-Medieval buildings.
  • Parks have new decals.
  • Added Thermo Generator building.


  • Implemented Nugget customization panel.
  • Added new tooltips for Crime and Happiness systems to main UI.
  • Construction menu - added crime indicator scale.
  • Added Prison and Police renders to Wiki screen.
  • Factory panel implementation.
  • New Exile Village icons.
  • Prison panel: fixed broken Shift containers.
  • Added new renders for the construction menu.
  • Settings menu - added option to turn foliage and decals on/off in buildings.
  • Added icons for new Research Perks.
  • Added icons for new news messages.
  • All quests have new icons assigned.
  • Construction site info pop-up - added alert when incorrect resource is dropped.
  • Nugget ID panel visuals update - now 3 Traits can be displayed.
  • Glass, Cement, and Chemical icons added to UI.
  • Genetics/Clone Center panel implemented.
  • Construction menu renders for: Glass Factory, Cement Factory, Genetics/Clone Center, Water Pump
  • Fixed broken sprite bug in a few panels.
  • Added 2 more Doctor slots to the Hospital panel.
  • All buildings updated with ability to toggle Shifts off.
  • Added global Shift toggle for all buildings.
  • Added new status icons.


Several under-the-hood performance improvements have been made, increasing stability and increasing the frame rate later in the game when you have a large number of Nuggets and buildings.

Saved games are now compressed and take up a lot less disk space.

Steam Cloud support for saved games. Your saved games will be uploaded to the Steam Cloud and synced to other computers automatically when playing with the same Steam account.


Saved games are now compressed and take up a lot less disk space.

Steam Cloud support for saved games. Your saved games will be uploaded to the Steam Cloud and synced to other computers automatically when playing with the same Steam account.


Due to recent changes in the engine, some localization functionality may have been affected. Please report any localization issues that you encounter on our Discord channel. We will do our best to fix it ASAP.

A few Nuggets may still wander into lakes. This is a small issue within our pathfinding solution. We are making constant improvements to the system and will do our best to resolve all issues in the coming months.

Save / Load issues: We occasionally receive reports of save games not loading. If you encounter this issue, please get in touch via Discord. Reach out to one of our developers, Sasha#5709, and send him the affected save file. This helps us tremendously to replicate and resolve such problems. We greatly appreciate your help!


This is a major new addition to the Modern Age, allowing you to create genetically-modified Nuggets that will have their own unique pros and cons. It will require some pretty special chemicals and tech to function, but it’ll totally be worth it and certainly won’t lead to a superior Nugget uprising.

This building is basically ready and we’re in the process of adding the last few touches. We were planning to release it in this patch, but we decided to hold it back to polish it a little more to avoid any weirdness. Expect it in the next patch!


The latest batch of architectural upgrades is coming! We are currently working on a system for the sheer size of modern buildings and the logistics behind it all. Like the Genetics Center, it’s more or less ready, but we’re not 100% happy with it yet. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


We apologize for any inconvenience this causes all of you, but it unfortunately cannot be avoided. This is entirely due to the drastic changes made to major systems within the game after every patch. Older saves conflict with these changes on a fundamental level, as the logic is completely different. There is an enormous amount of interconnected systems and complexity happening behind-the-scenes that make backwards-compatibility impossible right now.

Consider the updates we made to Oil in this patch. The Oil Jack building is now unlocked at a later stage than in the previous update. This means that Nugget AI will completely break, and there will be a slew of Null Reference Exceptions across the board when loading an older save. Roads changed, balancing changed, the manner in which we update our UI icons changed, and that’s just scratching the surface.

This is why we unfortunately cannot support older saves at this time, as the underlying tech and systems are constantly evolving and being rebalanced. However, we also don’t want to leave your old saves in the dust if you want to go back and enjoy them. That is why we will always be keeping the previous version of the game active for download via Steam. You can find it under the Steam options for the game, called “Previous Version V#”.

We hope you understand. Please refrain from posting bug reports regarding older saves not loading, as that consumes time for our devs who attempt to reproduce and identify the issue. Please only report current save/load issues, if they arise.

We will always be as transparent as possible and we truly appreciate you being a part of our community. Please join us on Discord to chat about the game and follow us on Twitter for day-to-day updates. Let us know if you have some great ideas to make the game better or improve certain systems. Your feedback is invaluable!

Thanks again for being there for us and always coming back for more! We have plenty in the works right now and we can’t wait to reveal it all to you. Do you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions? Drop them in the comments, on the forums, or even on social media. We want to hear from you!

All our love,
The Crytivo Crew
The Universim - Alex
Greetings everyone,

First of all we would like to say Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a blast during the holidays and you’re now refreshed and ready to make 2019 the best year of them all. Thank you for your support and your patience. It means a lot to us and we will do our best to not let you down.

In this post we want to share a little bit of our future plans and add some information about our team and what is going on in the company right now.

Our next patch is Scheduled for February 1st on the experimental branch and February 4th live on all branches. This patch will include one of the big systems that a lot of people were waiting and asking for: Ministers. Initially we thought about rolling out 2 ministers per update, because it required a lot of work and time, but since we had 2 month to work on it, we added all of them for this upcoming patch. They are listed below:

  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Agriculture
  • Minister of Education
  • Minister of Water
  • Minister of Food
  • Minister of Entertainment
  • Minister of Architecture
  • Minister of Medicine
  • Minister of Power

You will be able to assign ministers in the Town Hall. Each minister will be responsible for a specific set of buildings that perform a distinct function. For example, the Minister of Agriculture will be checking if there is enough food in your civilization and if your civilization is lacking food, they will order your nuggets to build an extra source of food such as a farm. The Minister of Water will help you by building water pumps when you are very close to a water shortage. This should substantially help you to manage your civilization and try to help you avoid shortages.

We would love to hear some feedback about this new mechanic after you play it. We did our best to balance it and make sure that it is useful, but we know how hard it is to get it perfect and everyone's feedback will be useful to help us make it just right. If we can do something better, we want you to tell us.

We are also adding a lot of new modern buildings in addition to this system, marking our forward march into the next era. These are:

  • Hot Air Balloon

  • Glass Factory

  • Cement Factory

  • University

  • Nugget Corp.

Two New Parks:

  • Vomiting Nuggets Fountain

  • Cupidon Garden

Medieval Age Roads & Decals

While we are already in the Modern age, there are still some tweaks that were needed to be done for the Medieval Age. Roads and decals for the Medieval buildings have been added, giving a more rustic and appropriately dark age aesthetic to your civilization. Only with less mud somehow.

Nugget Medieval Cloth

Finally, Blacksmith Nuggets are in town! The Blacksmith perk will unlock medieval clothes for your precious nuggets, ushering in a grand new era of forward thinking fashion, including such scandalous styles as “you can almost see her neck” and “I think that’s three nuggets in a trench coat”

We’ve also done some adjustments for the telekinesis god power. You are now able to pick up any resource pile, kill animals to generate food, and transport those resources to any buildings that will require them. Especially useful when your nugget gets stuck down a well and can’t bring that pile of refined stone to your brand new buildings, halting in its tracks your manifest destiny into the brave new world of the future.

These are some of the changes that we’ve made over the past two months and wanted to share with you. There are also many small and not that small, but still very important changes like bug fixes, UI changes, tips additions, performance optimization, and many others that will provide a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Please, leave your comments below or in our discord channel and let us know what you think about the new stuff coming in February! We look forward to talking with you about them. The official patch update will be released on January 25th, where you will be able to find out in more details about each system that will be introduced with a new patch.

Crytivo at PAX

Now it is time to share some things about Crytivo itself. Some members from Crytivo are going to be attending and representing the company at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. So shout out to anyone local and if you like what we do, would like to chat with us, play games, or simply grab some chameleon swag, please come and join us at booth# 10494. We really look forward to hopefully meeting some of you in person and getting the chance to know you and for you to know us.

We love you all for the support and fun we’ve had with you in 2018 and we truly believe that with all of us together, we can achieve many great things in 2019.

Thanks to everyone who supports us and appreciates what we do.

Crytivo Crew

Update (1/25/2019):
We have to pospone the release of our official pathnote release a little bit due to the new content that we are still adding and therefore we can't finialize right now all the content that will be included in the upcoming patch. The date for the patch release stays the same though :)

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