Subspace Continuum - Subspace Continuum
You may have noticed that TW, Chaos and EG experienced about a week of downtime recently. We apologize for the outage. A rather unexpected turn of events forced a sudden change of servers. We're happy to say that all three zones are now back online.

With this change comes an increased level of control for these zones over their files. This means we could see some remarkable new developments. Both EG and Trench Wars are contemplating a move to A Small Subspace Server, which allows for a wide variety of new and exciting features!

To reconnect to these zones, you may need to refresh your zone list. Click ZONES at the top, then Download, and make sure SSCU Trench Wars, SSCXX Chaos/League Zone SVS and SSCU Extreme Games are all bolded.

On another note, sincere apologies for the lack of updates here. As you know, this game is entirely player-managed and player-funded. Those who maintain it do so on a 100% volunteer basis, and most work full time jobs in addition to this project of passion. We may not be as consistent as slick for-profit companies, but this community has come together time and time again to keep this game alive for more than two decades, something that is almost unrivaled in the world of gaming. Every one of us should be proud of our contributions to this unique, deep and endlessly playable gem of a game.

Please join our Discord for regular updates, and to keep in touch with all your old Subspace comrades! You'll be surprised at who you'll run into.

Thanks for your continued support. Have guns and travel Subspace.
Subspace Continuum - Wirah
If you've always wanted to give Subspace Continuum a shot, or have been looking for the right moment to make your triumphant return, the time is now!


Our all-volunteer team has been working hard to beat compatibility issues and improve accessibility. First-time users will find a vastly-improved experience, including tutorials in all major zones. And long-time vets should be pleasantly surprised with the new coat of paint!

The Steam version now packages too many improvements to count, including HD graphics and sound, a key configuration especially designed for laptops, automatic downloads of all major zone files as they are updated, pre-packaged development tools, optimization for modern systems, and more.


Looking for competition? Join an active league! See each zone for details on available leagues.

TSL (Trench Wars)
TSL is the fastest and easiest way to play a competitive match, for new players and vets alike. Just 'show up and play' most nights of the week. The new matchmaking system ensures a fair balance. Watch your personal player rating evolve over time as you work to beat your personal best!
Click here for more information about TSL.

TWD 2.0 (Trench Wars)
It's the perfect time to join a squad and start competitive dueling and basing. A brand new season of TWD is right around the corner, with phenomenal improvements that will reinvent the way the game is played.
Click here for more information about TWD.


Having trouble running the game? Take a look at this troubleshooting guide for resolving problems with newer versions of Windows:

Mac and Linux

Want to run on Mac or Linux? We've got you covered. Unofficial stable versions will let you play on the OS of your choice:

Stay up to date

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who has worked to keep Subspace alive for 20 years, one of the few truly free-to-play games in existence.

Thanks to everyone who continues to play.

And thanks to those who return now and again to find with surprise and a smile that, against all odds, this incredible game lives on.

See you in space!
Jul 27, 2017
Subspace Continuum - Subspace Continuum
A series of changes and fixes have been released for the Steam version.

  • Banner pack added.
  • Map/LVZ Editor pack added in Continuum/editors.
  • Updated the following graphics with HD versions: background images, top-right display, health bar, asteroids, repel, star #7, warp flash.
  • Big bullets now enabled by default.
  • Original graphics available in Continuum/graphics/Original Graphics pack
  • Sounds updated to HD versions (past update).
  • Lower-quality sounds available in Continuum/sound/Low-fi Soundpack
  • All zone assets updated to match current zone files.
  • Installer now links to setup and gameplay video guides.
  • Removing "Modern" key configuration from installer choices. (Still available in key configuration menu.)
  • Better-looking desktop icon.
  • 3D sound off by default.

  • Existing registry keys will no longer be overwritten.
  • Default resolution on high-end machines will max out at 1920x1080.

Future plans

This brings us very close to being able to start our first Visibility Round on Steam. While a "relaunch" with 500K guaranteed impressions is no longer possible, Visibility Rounds should still give us a way to expose the game to a much larger audience that already has an interest in similar games. We are tentatively planning the first Visibility Round for the end of August.

Thanks for your patience! See you in Subspace.
Subspace Continuum - Subspace Continuum
Yes, we're still kicking!
You may have noticed more regular updates to Subspace Continuum here on Steam lately, after a long hiatus. Yes, we've been busy, and more is on the way!

Here are the goals behind the recent series of updates, with some specific information about how we'd like to accomplish them.
  • Increasing the usability of the client. We're attempting to overcome some of the more difficult-to-use aspects. For example:
    • Creating a unique user profile can be challenging, given the old-fashioned nature of Continuum, so the installer and Tip of the Day now include information on creating a new account (soon to be updated with either a graphic or video tutorial).
    • The classic keyboard config can be difficult to use. We've added options for 2 new keyboard definitions specifically designed for people who've never played this game before. And they're designed to work even on most modern laptops, which notoriously force you to use Fn with the F1-12 keys, and don't have easy access to keys like End, Insert, Delete, etc., which the default key configuration relies on.
  • Increasing compatibility. Currently the game has trouble running perfectly out of the box on all operating systems. We'd like to change that. For example, the long-standing issue of being resolution-locked to 1024x768 on some systems should now be resolved. Unfortunately, as volunteer developers, we don't have access to a large variety of testing systems, so compatibility tests are limited to users themselves! We very humbly ask that you report any issues you have. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. As a community, we can make this work, but only as a community.
  • Faster downloads. Downloading in-game is always a bit slow. We are working on creating an automatically-updating repository of all zone assets, so that you can have them instantly downloaded and never have to wait to enter! This also opens up a wealth of zone development possibilities using higher-quality assets, and creates a big advantage to using the Steam version.
  • Re-releasing on Steam. The rumors are true! Steam allows 3 total "releases." We are gearing up to release again.

Thank you again for everyone who has stood by this game for so long. As an entirely volunteer-run, community-managed project, it's incredible we're still going strong after so long. It's thanks to people like you, who still love it after so many years, and recognize how unique it is among games today. And, hey, if you haven't stopped in for a bit, why not come in and say hi (or DIE!) to your old friends?

See you in-game.
Subspace Continuum - M_M God
Subspace Continuum is now featured on

"How Fans Revived 'Subspace,' a Forgotten 20-Year-Old Game About Spaceships"

Read the full article here!

Thanks to our whole community for making this launch a success so far, we will continue to work hard and do everything we possibly can so you'll still be able to play this game for another 20 years to come!
Subspace Continuum - M_M God
Hi players! Check out our latest addition of Subspace Continuum trailers, it's pretty sick:

We hope you will share this video and game community with your fellow players and friends so we can enjoy this game for many more years to come!

And remember, we're launching on Friday, July 3rd, see you then!

-M_M God
SSCU Trench Wars Sysop

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