Mar 20, 2017
MANOS - samfzgames
The game's name has been changed to just "MANOS", or "MANOS: Director's Cut", to avoid confusion with the game "Hand of Fate" which we've seen happen quite a lot. Nothing else has changed in this build.
Aug 3, 2015
MANOS - samfzgames
It's the first update! This update contains:

- Numerous bug fixes
- Adjusted some poorly placed enemies on Stage 4
- Plane stage now has hit points for the player, rather than instant death
- Changed tint of Stage 6, the green made it look like it was underwater!

If you are one of the few people having trouble getting the game to recognise your Xbox 360 controller, try going to your USB Device settings in your Control Panel and making sure your game controller is set to "Controller (XBOX360 For Windows)". If this doesn't work, try relaunching the game with your controller plugged in at the start. Also make sure all your drivers are up-to-date as well as your Windows OS. If you still have issues, mention them in the community hub and I'll try and work around the issue.

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