Mar 2, 2015
Call of the Ninja! - TeraBit
The Ninjas have pulled some amazing moves to roll out the first Workshop enabled version of the Ninja Builder. Create your own levels and share them with the community.

Also, some tweaks to the main game have sneaked in (sneaky little Ninjas!). You can now disable the level music by pressing the 'M' key to toggle it on an off, or by clicking on the music symbol.

If you've been feeling your mouse is just not fast enough at the start of levels, you'll be pleased to know that you can now drop powers you have available by pressing the corresponding numeric key (1,2,3,4,5) for each of the powers. That should give you a head start before the Ninjas hit the fan. :)
Call of the Ninja! - TeraBit
The Ninjas have been re-decorating. Rocks, Clouds, Shurikens, Towers and other bits have been given a little polish. Good little Ninjas!

They've also been pulling some impressive Ninja-moves to bring you the first release of the Ninja Builder tools so you can begin to design your own level sets, obstacles and backdrops.

The Workshop integration is not up and running yet, but you can get started with the tools (PC). Look out for some how-to tutorials coming soon.
Call of the Ninja! - TeraBit
Ah, so you are a Ninja Master already? No? Well, ok, no one has completed the game as yet, but what about when you do? What then?

Fear not, a special edition of the tools that made the game are in the works, that, if all goes to plan will enable you to craft new sets of levels, create new obstacles and share them via the workshop. Check back to see when they arrive!

So your little ninjas will never want for a Dojo to run to, or an obstacle to overcome!
Feb 17, 2015
Call of the Ninja! - TeraBit
Hi all, just posted a minor update to Call of the Ninja. It appears that one of the Achievements were not registering. Should be fixed now. :)

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