Jun 15
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
- Fixed the previously implemented system to make entering one-tile-high passages take all wall types into account to remove inconsistencies.
May 13
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
- Fixed the new option in the settings menu overlapping other options
- Fixed a bug in the new feature for entering tight passages more easily
- Made Serpent 5 turn slower in the first phase
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Phew! I've been really busy with business and Baba Is You, but took some time today to implement some much-needed updates:

- Made it easier to get into one-tile-high passages
- Added the ability to turn the water/fire wavey effect on/off to the settings (the "Shaders on/off" option)
- Fixed boss healthbar going behind objects
- Fixed lava in the Multicore fight bugging out
- Hopefully fixed being able to skip credits sequences too early
- Made Overgrowth's third phase do less damage with its tentacles (I should spend some more time adjusting this and some other bosses)
- Added a lua hook for tracking game events

I'm still planning to implement the following updates:

- Hopefully finding a way to fix the softlock related to the yellow teleporters
- Fixing a timing error in the final boss
- Changing the gamepad support to use a more up-to-date plug-in (this should make the game playable with pretty much any gamepad. Still Windows-only, though, I'm afraid.)

Thank you for your patience!
Dec 10, 2018
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Some players have had an issue where the game doesn't render areas correctly when in an underwater/high-temperature area. I'm planning to release a larger bugfix patch later on, but right now don't have the resources to do so, so as a placeholder fix the special rendering effects in said areas have been disabled for the time being. Apologies for the inconvenience.
Jul 23, 2018
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Environmental Station Alpha has got an update with optimizations to the gameplay itself. There was some old code that was unnecessarily memory-heavy, and replacing that resulted in the FPS increasing to about 3 times what it used to be. The FPS is still locked, but on computers that used to experience slowdown, that should be much, much rarer now!
Jul 21, 2018
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Another small update! Previously, if you set the sound volume too low, some sounds might not play at all; this has now been fixed.
Jul 20, 2018
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Environmental Station Alpha has updated! The big new thing is that the level-loading code is much more optimized now, leading to faster loading times especially on older computers! The new version also removes some rng elements, and you can now skip the credits sequence if you've already seen it. There was also a small graphical glitch related to the new water effect that is now fixed.

NOTE! The new optimizations have altered the codebase in a significant way, so it's possible that there are new bugs in the game. If you enter a room and see somethingout of place (for example that there's an enemy in the room that wasn't there before), please don't hesitate to report it on the community page! Apologies about this in advance.
Jul 12, 2018
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
So, Environmental Station Alpha was just updated! The update doesn't add much, mostly fixing some tiny, tiny bugs. However, there's some underlying stuff that has changed and that'll help future patches a lot. That is, I've replaced certain code that wasn't working anymore and that prevented the game from being updated. It took a long time, but now that's taken care of! There probably isn't all that much patching to happen with ESA anymore, but nevertheless I prefer having the option to do so.

Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Just wanted to post a quick announcement that the false positive report from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will be fixed in the next update of MBAM. Thank you for the information! I've heard that AVG Free might have a similar issue, so if anyone runs into an antivirus program not liking ESA, please contact me!
Environmental Station Alpha - Hempuli
Hello everyone!

There haven't been updates to Environmental Station Alpha for some time now, and I wanted to explain why & what I can do about that in the future.

Over a year ago I noticed that a graphical effect in the game had broken down while applying some simple bugfixes. Basically all underwater/hot areas (i.e. areas with a wavy effect) appeared completely black on my computer. Since the effect was done via a plug-in, my options seemed to be either to remove the effect entirely or re-do it from scratch. I opted for the latter but due to working on ESA 2 (and later Baba Is You) the re-do ended up being a much more demotivating task than what I expected.

Long story short, the game is still unupdated because of this, but I plan to finally fix the problem and get the game to a patchable state again. I wanted to say this to explain why some bugs are still unfixed (even though I claimed to fix them).

The other thing relates to some recent posts about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware reporting ESA's files as Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). I noticed that the party developing MAM had reported going to be stricter with PUP detection in the future, so this issue is probably a side-effect of that. In the past the AVG anti-virus program also briefly considered games made with the same tool as ESA to be harmful.

I'll contact Malwarebytes about this and hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

Sorry on both of these accounts and thank you very much for your patience! I hope ESA 2 will be able to deliver more of what you enjoyed in ESA (in case you did in fact enjoy ESA!)

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