Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- Steam Rich Presence
- You can now invite friends to your current server, the game, and join on games friends are in already. You should be able to see servers friends are part of from the Friends tab in the Steam Browser (we'll add this to the in-game browser at a later time).

Bug Fixes
- Fix for bots not changing team colors properly on auto-balance team switches, resulting in massive confusion.
- Fix for having to restart the game to join another server if you left a game or a server crashed.
- Fix for Refresh not always working on the server browser.
- Improvements to Quickplay and fluidity of getting into matches.

View our Development Roadmap: http://roadmap.playhanako.com
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Early Access 2 ( Official Patch Notes
New Content
  • New Map: Shiga Forest (Capture the Scroll)
    • New Capture the Scroll map that introduces the Yamai territory to the game.
    • First new map to feature more path-driven, corridor-like gameplay. (Don’t forget secret Ninja tree paths)
  • The Ite (Samurai Archer) introduced to the game.
    • First ranged character.
    • Features a 3 ability kit with an AOE DOT, Cone shot and Impale + Hard CC Master Ability.
    • High mobility, low armor
  • New UI
    • The main and play menus have been re-worked completely.
      • We wanted a more modern look and feel to start working towards future console releases.
    • Updated scoreboard
      • Added assists as a trackable stat to the scoreboard and Top Players screen.
      • Added class headshot icons to scoreboard to see what classes other players are.
      • Changed highlights, styling and sorting to show YOU as the first player and sort by most kills.
      • New audio treatments
    • Various foley and sound FX have been reworked or replace years old temporary audio cues.
Bug Fixes, Gameplay Improvements, Miscellaneous
  • Fixes for various crashes, especially relating to the Ite, uncovered during open testing.
  • Upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.19
    • This offers us tools for better optimization, cleaner networking and other visual treatments we’ve been waiting on.
    • Removal of the cel outline effect from foliage.
  • Gameplay messaging improvements to make it more obvious what to do in Capture the Scroll matches.
  • Fixed bots not switching colors correctly when they’d switch teams for auto-balance some portion of the time.
  • Added/fixed Invert Y-Axis option in settings.
  • Potential fix for Mouse/camera not working on some EU keyboards/mouse combos.
  • Potential fix for sound sliders not working.
  • Added invulnerability timer of 3 seconds to spawning to cut back on spawn camping, especially during Base Capture type modes.
  • Added heartbeat effect and flashing Health and/or Ki flowers when you’re low on either resource.
  • Added victory animations for all classes during the Top Players screen at the end of matches.
  • New emotes for every character.
  • Prototype for decapitation (happens on each kill shot presently).
  • Added administration options to dedicated servers. (Still a bit WIP)
    • Add -ADMINPASSWORD=password to your server startup shortcut.
    • Use /admin password password to login
    • Use /admin htravel mapname to change maps. Valid maps:
      • GifuCrossroads
      • YariFoothills
      • HanakoVillage
      • HanakoCastle
      • HanakoDojo
      • NightStreets
      • YariDuel
      • ShigaForest
    • Additional Commands
      • /admin hkillallbots
      • /admin haddbot # (You cannot remove them yet so use this carefully)
Known Issues
  • Settings/UI Issues
    • Keybinds may not be working properly, this will be addressed in a future hotfix. (Changing engine versions broke a lot of UI)
    • Sound sliders may reset between matches or restarts.
    • Server browser Refresh may not always be reliable, you may need to restart game if servers don’t show OR click Quick Play to get into a game if servers don’t show.
    • In-game settings menu back button sometimes takes multiple clicks.
    • Some EU keyboard/mouse combos cause the mouse to not work, if this happens LET US KNOW we’ve been trying to fix it for a while.
    • The 3v3 and Duel buttons may match you to a normal game. You can access 3v3 and Duel servers from the Server Browser or from Host Custom Game.
  • Gameplay Issues
    • Bots may sometimes be the wrong texture color, but the red enemy outline/nameplate colors will be correct.
    • Projectiles (abilities that shoot darts, arrows, etc.) have a small percent chance of not displaying/firing. We are working to fix this ASAP.
    • If you direct hit a player with the Ite Master Ability, the effects may not play, but it will still deal damage.
    • There are some animation bugs with bots when you knockback/knockback/stun sometimes.
    • Minimap needs re-work to be added back to the HUD.
    • AI at times get stuck on objects, pathing will be overhauled in a future release.
    • The Ninja weapon sometimes separates from the hand, that will be fixed in a future release.
  • Hosting (Listen) Games
    • Sometimes when changing maps it will keep the game mode from the previous map.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt

"We're excited to announce our FIRST Free Weekend June 14th - 17th. We hope it's a good way for anyone of any budget to check out our work and give us feedback to head into upcoming updates and see our game the way it was designed to be played, lots and lots of 24 people matches," says Team Lead Matt Canei

"Since our first early access release, focused completely on melee - we wanted to bring the Samurai Archer to the game and add new features we've been waiting to develop for years," says Matt Canei, Lead Developer at +Mpact. "There have been melee games with Samurai, but I'm confident that focusing on Samurai and Ninja offers a fast-paced engaging game experience at a quality level typical seen in AAA games. We hope to keep improving and adding things outside of matches to keep working towards full 1.0 release."

Hanako: Honor & Blade first released to Early Access as a soft launch back in October 2017. Since then, the game was seen nearly weekly updates, weekly developer play sessions and won IndieDb's Best Multiplayer of 2017 Award. +Mpact Games also signed to self-publish the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future. Compared to the first release, the game has added the Samurai Archer class, a new dark forest map, a new main menu and various bug fixes and balance adjustments!

You guys can join our Discord: http://discord.gg/playhanako during the Free Weekend to interact with devs, give us feedback, meet other players and so on! We look forward to bringing you the best Hanako release do far!

Here's another shot of our new map!

-Hanako Dev Team
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Dev Update Week 4 May, 2018


Since our initial soft release to Early Access in October 2017, we’ve been working tirelessly to release our fourth and final full release character class, the Ite (Samurai Archer). He introduces ranged combat to Hanako for the first time and features an ability kit offering crowd control, dealing with cornering and more.

Side News: We are now approved Xbox One and PS4 Developers. Hanako: Honor & Blade will be coming to consoles at a later date TBD.

We’ve also created a new map called Shiga Forest. The first in the dark, death-ridden territory of our game’s antagonist clan, the Yamai. The main menu has been overhauled in an early version of our panel-based presentation to start modernizing our game for the future!

This patch will release on June 14th, 2018 at Midnight EST. We'll start a live stream event around 11PM on Wednesday June 13th on twitch.tv/hanakogame

We're considering this our "hard launch" to Early Access since it includes the Archer character that we intended to release initially when we went live to Early Access.

As always we are available in the following places:

Official Site: http://www.Playhanako.com
Discord: http://Discord.gg/PlayHanako

Much Love,

Hanako Dev Team
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- We reworked all of our main menus and game lobby to have a more modern, panel-based paradigm. We hope this will make it easier to get to the right place.
- We added class icons to the scoreboard so you can tell who is what class.
- Shiga Forest map has had updates as we get closer to Content Lock for our big release.

Balance Changes
- Ite had his DPS reduced on both stances since they were about 3x all other classes.
- Ite had his Jump height reduced slightly.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt

Tomorrow we'll be doing the first public test of the Samurai Archer to start getting balance and other issues ready for his full release with the new map, Shiga Forest at 10PM EST.

Voice Chat and Chat w/ Devs is always available on DISCORD -> http://discord.gg/playhanako

We'll be testing the Archer and new map for the next few weeks to get it ready for final polish and fixes before he ships officially/permanently in May.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- NEW Map (Alpha Version): Shiga Forest - Capture the Scroll map. This map is our first Yamai Territory Campaign map. It's available on the US East server.

- Fixed a variety of bugs with scroll capture feedback in levels (still has a few lingering issues).
- Extended Assist calculations to make it easier to log Assists.
- Some back-end work for stat gathering.
- Level smoothing on some terrain snags in Yari Foothills.
- Removed new Hit Reaction tech to fix GIANT FREAKING HEADS.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Improvements
- Scoreboard has been improved for readability.
- Scoreboard now sorts by placing the local player (YOU) at the top and sorting all other players/bots by highest Kills.
- Scoreboard has Team XP (to be used later for in-game leveling/acquiring skill points for skill trees).
- Scoreboard now has Assists listed (Assist calculations still WIP but may work sometimes).
- Added Most Assists to the Accolades screen at the end of matches.
- Added Assists to the HUD with your Kill | Death stats in the Top Right.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a hole in the landscape in Yari Foothills that you'd get stuck or fall through the world.
- Fixed some jagged terrain that you'd have to jump over.
- Fixed some grey box meshes that made it into a release build.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
New Features
- 3v3 Mode (can host any Duel map as 3v3, or Hanako Dojo is 3v3 by default)
- New weapon trails for heavy stance and ability to help separate who's doing what.
- New low health and low ki indicators. The Health/Ki lotuses and text will pulse with a heart beat sound to let you know to meditate or escape.

- Possible fix for bots showing as the wrong team or color.
Hanako: Honor & Blade - MpactMatt
Game Changes/Features
- Added new menu options: Direct link to our official Discord, Dev Credits, Hosting Provider button
- New footstep, jump, land sounds
- New victory pose for Ninja on the MVP screen

Bug Fixes
- Some bug fixes in the Hanako Dojo map
- Re-working on how character abilities work.
- Fixed nameplates not working on bots.

As always you can get the latest scoop and talk to devs on Discord:

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