Apr 13, 2017
Bierzerkers - [ي] Zugu
Greetings Bierzerkers! In the 1.05 we will be limiting our official servers to US West. However, we have added the ability for you to launch a local dedicated server directly from inside the game. After the server starts it will be accessible to anyone through the server browser as long as you have opened the proper ports on your router. Forward your router ports: 7788-7789 27028 15008 for both TCP/UDP.

We have also added the ability to launch the game over LAN without connecting to servers on Steam. The local dedicated server functionality works over LAN as well without the need to open any of the router ports. After the server has launched it will show up for anyone on your local network.

With these changes we have updated the way progression is stored. It now has the ability to be updated to store progression both online and offline so all of your unlocks will be available to you whether you are playing on Steam or over a LAN.
Bierzerkers - [ي] Jundicator
Greetings Bierzerkers!

Long time no chat. When we set out to develop Bierzerkers our goal was to build a light-hearted and fun multi-player game to enjoy with friends. But making video games is hard, and we’re still struggling to find the right business model to help us continue development and give you guys a great experience. With that in mind, here’s some information about upcoming changes:

As of now, we have removed the in-game DLC locks on all the characters, making the game content free, temporarily.

On 11/21 the new business will take effect, $4.99 box price for the entire game, no more locked characters!

Anyone who has paid for DLC or has the game currently downloaded and installed on 11/21 will receive a free license. So tell your friends to get on and play between now and 11/21.

Aside from business model, our next biggest issue is crashes and performance problems. These will take some time but we are working to address these as well.

In closing, I want to thank all the players who have contributed to the community on the forums, submitted reviews (positive and negative) and logged in to play. It's been an amazing experience of both joy and heartache, and I still love doing it. Please continue to stop by, and kill each other in Brewhalla.

Bierzerkers - Skytram
Drunkard will be available for free in this patch
'Wrecked' map added
'Coldsnap' map added
'Team Battle Royale' mode added
'Domination' mode added
Fixed issue with Scoundrel knives sometimes disappearing
Improved server disconnect messaging
Bierzerkers - Skytram
Character Rotation

- Valkyrie is now available for free!


- Auto pickup is now enabled by default, pressing F will not disable it if it is on


- Shield Blocking volume increased slightly to help with defense
- Stun duration on shield throw increased slightly


- Knockdown from beerwave reduced to 1.5s


- Heavy attack recovery increased slightly


- End of match Victory / Defeat art has been updated


- Should be more obvious now that XP is not gained in Solo mode

Bug Fixes

- Gamepads should no longer vibrate when mouse is being used
- Fixed issue with Scoundrel knives not going away when he has the sheep
- Fixed issue with sheep color scheme
Bierzerkers - Skytram

- Block volume has been increased
- Shield Throw stun duration has been increased from 0.5s to 1s
- Super Stab height distance has been reduced slightly


- The sheep spawns after 10 seconds
- Time after a score has been reduced
- Sheep now spawns a little lower
- Throw distance has been reduced for all classes
- Better art for Extra Time
- Auto grab has been enabled by default
- Fix for disappearing sheep bug
- Spawn areas now block sheep and players from entering


- Sensitivity Slider
- Force feedback improvements
- Tutorial now shows gamepad buttons
Bierzerkers - Skytram
Hello Zerkers!

We are making some big changes for our 1.0 release, which is coming out this Thorsday, 2/25.

See the devlog here for more details:

Bierzerkers - [ي] Skytram
We released a minor patch over the Thanksgiving week, here's what changed:
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when clicking Quick Match on some machines
  • Fixed an issue where teams could sometimes score in their own goal
  • Fixed a bug with team scramble not working nicely with parties
  • Lowered the volume of the catapult slightly
  • Fixed an issue where the Scoundrel would sometimes not score after stealing the sheep
  • Lowered the volume of the startup movies
  • Added text to tell player when he or she has fumbled the sheep
  • Adjusted some physics values for the sheep while it is in the air
  • Cleaned up some UI button graphics and sounds
  • Music should play properly when you first join a match now
  • Icons in the armory should load properly now (no more green boxes)
  • Weapons should now have proper materials set to them in game
  • Color rewards should no longer have X icons in after action report
  • Fixed issue where characters would sometimes get stuck in spawn and not be able to get out
  • Fixed a server crash issue that would occur when they were marked for shutdown
  • Fixed an issue where the ball would sometimes disappear if it was passed between two players rapidly
Bierzerkers - [ي] Skytram
Bierzerkers 0.6 Release Notes

New Mode - Bierball

Bierball mode (working title) has arrived, see below for more information
Added a new map called Odin’s Arena (also working title)

New Class - The Highlander

In addition to the new map and mode a new class, the Highlander, lover of sheep, has been added. He is a very offensively focused character wielding a large two-handed sword. His defense mechanic is to block, similar to the Raider, but he can’t take as many blocks as the Raider can before his guard breaks.

His abilities are:

  • Sheep Bomb - by playing his bagpipes the Highlander sends a sheep minion out with a bomb on his back. When the bomb explodes it does damage to all nearby and will knock the Sheep out of anyone’s hands who may be carrying it in the area.

  • Sheep Joust - the Highlander rides a sheep and charges forward, using his weapon as a lance to push enemies back.

  • Super Uppercut - the Highlander executes a mighty swing, launching himself and anyone in his path straight up into the air.

Progression and Customization

Alpha versions of progression and customization have been implemented. As you play with each class you will level them up and unlock rewards for them, which can be equipped in the armory. These systems and rewards are still in a very early state and we are very interested in feedback on them. Players must stay until the end of a match to earn XP.

  • Each rank gained unlocks a new reward
  • Levelling each class grants class specific items
  • Current offerings include helms, weapons, color themes, and mugs

UI Redesign
The UI in nearly all parts of the game has been redesigned and had new artwork implemented. This is also in an Alpha state and any feedback from the community is appreciated. Changes include:

  • New art and flow for all main menu screens
  • Redesigned options
  • Armory section for equipping characters
  • Early leaderboard for displaying stats

We have created a party system to allow friends to play together on the same team. Parties can be created in the main menu and match make together. When team scrambling occurs between matches parties will be kept together. Parties also will not be split up for auto-balancing.

Known Issues
  • Icons in the armory sometimes don’t load correctly and appear as green boxes
  • Characters sometimes get stuck in the transparent wall in spawn, if a team scores or if the player reconnects to the server this will cause a respawn and fix the issue
  • Rare client crash on clicking ‘Quick Match’ after lingering in the main menu for a while

About Bierball

In Brewhalla, the gods Odin and Freya each field a team of elite Bierzerkers to compete in the ancient game of Bierball. Crowds gather in the arenas to watch Odin and Freya’s finest clash and score points against each other in this ancient game of strength, battle prowess, and teamwork. Each team must carry a resource (the bewildered sheep in the case of Odin’s Arena) into the enemy’s territory to score.

Carrying the Sheep

Competitors can pick up the sheep when it is nearby by pressing Left Control or F (this can also be toggled to always be on by pressing C). The reticle will change to indicate your status. While carrying him you cannot attack and move a bit slower than usual. The carrier’s team must work together to clear a path and defend the carrier so that he or she can carry the sheep into the opposite team’s goal to score 7 points, or throw it into the goal for 3 points.

Pressing the defense button (RMB by default) will charge up a throw, when released the sheep will be thrown on the indicated trajectory. Getting hit while throwing or hitting the sheep itself may alter the trajectory. Skilled teams will use their attacks to lift or boost the carrier to get some extra ‘umph’ on the throw.

If the carrier is stunned or knocked down while carrying the sheep he or she will fumble it and need to pick it back up to regain possession.

Thor’s Blessing

A Bierzerker who shows great combat prowess by killing three opponents without dying will be granted Thor’s Blessing. His or her weapon will be struck by lightning and crackle with energy. While in possession of this blessing the Bierzerkers will do increased damage and benefit from increased health. The blessing is lost when your team scores or you are slain.

Sudden Death Overtime

If the scores are tied when time runs out then the mode shifts to sudden death overtime. Each team respawns at their bases and the sheep spawns in the middle of the match. Play continues until a team scores, who will then be declared the winner. However - there is no respawning in sudden death so make sure you get a Drunkard on your team for healing! If a team is completely wiped out they will automatically lose.

About Development

Our goal with Bierball is to introduce a game mode that we feel is simple in concept yet deep in interactivity and competition. This new mode takes the combat and ability system we’ve
created and layers in a more strategic, competitive element. With the design of the mode in place, some changes were required to rebalance the classes around it. Here are some of the changes that our early players will see when playing this version:
  • Friendly fire damage has been removed
  • Knockback still works on teammates. This can be useful for pushing someone faster across the map or giving the sheep carrier some height for a good throw
  • You will still see FX and hear audio cues play when you hit teammates, but no damage is done
  • Attack speeds for all classes have increased
  • Damage for all classes have increased
  • Movement speeds for all classes have increased
  • For now we are only putting the new mode into the playlist
  • Timing and speeds for all abilities have been rebalanced, generally to come out faster and move faster if they have some movable component
  • Teams always respawn behind their own goal
  • Spawn waves have been removed
Show us your rig

Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Chris Talucci is the co-founder of Shield Break Studios, currently working on the Early Access game Bierzerkers. He's got an awesome keyboard he found in a Taiwanese market—a place our hardware editor Wes called "a paradise for PC Gamers"—and a very powerful pre-built machine. Chris was kind enough to show us around his deck setup and tell us about his favorite game, and also how he manages to make Kerbal Space Program even harder. 

What s in your PC?

  • Xidax X-5 — I found Xidax when searching for office PCs for some of our guys, and they've pretty much got the best rig for the best price on the planet right now, and have been super friendly with us.
  • Geforce GTX 980ti - 6GB GDDR5
  • Intel i7-4790K (4 - 4.4GHz)
  • 16GB - Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz DDR3 - (2x8GB)

What s the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

My Ducky Shine4 keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches. It was a steal I found at the tech market when I was in Taiwan early this year. It's gloriously good looking and is amazing to type on, like how I'm typing all the answers to these questions right... now... hmmmmm sooo niiiiice.

What s always within arm s reach on your desk?

Scotch/Bourbon/Whiskey. Usually it's Bullet Rye or Makers Mark, but right now it's Single Malt 18-year Shieldaig, which my girlfriend got us to celebrate the launch, along with a Decanter and Shield Break etched whiskey glasses, yeah she's awesome. But no hard liquor before sundown, that's just the rule.

What are you playing right now?

Kerbal Space Program. I am a die hard space nerd who has always enjoyed builder sandbox games, so KSP hits those two fantasies for me. I enjoy playing on what I call "no warp mode." I launch a rocket, set it on course, but instead of warping to get to the next part of the mission I launch a brand new rocket and set this new rocket on its course, and so on with more rockets. After a few iterations I've got 6 or 7 simultaneous missions going and no shortage of important mission events to manage with each of them. It makes me feel like my Kerbals are slowly taking over the entire solar system. I'm secretly hoping that Elon Musk would be proud.

Outside of his Case

Click the arrows to enlarge.

What s your favorite game and why?

Favorite all time has got to be Battlefield 1942, I loved flying in this game. The planes had a great arcade feel but high skill cap for both dog-fighting to take down the other flyers and ground-pounding to support of your fellow infantry-men and tankers. It was my first experience with professional competitive multiplayer gaming as I was recruited by Kindread gaming clan to pilot in 12v12 TWL and CAL matches. Once I got voted pilot MVP for a league [in] the all-star game, and that was pretty much the highlight of my pro-gaming career.

But I think my favorite part about BF1942 was its griefing. Yes, I'd admit I enjoy being a grief-er at times. I'd spend hours as an engineer det-packing spawn points and hiding proximity mines on unattended vehicles. Also, jeep jumping was pretty amazing. Nothing but love for the original '42.

Bierzerkers - [ي] Skytram
- Cancel button and functionality added to keybindings
- Defaults button and functionality added to keybindings
- Adjusted a particle system setting to improve performance
- Resolution change dialog added to prevent players from getting stuck in a bad resolution
- Second key now available in keybindings (so you can have 2 keys bound to one action)
- Fixed a known server stability issue

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