Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
We just released Gaokao.Love.100Days on Nintendo Switch platform!

To celebrate the milestone and thank all the players who supporting us, we would like to start a special promotion.

As long as you:
1. Followed the NVLMaker Steam Dev Profile:
2. Bought any game published by NVLMaker on Steam (It's OK if you had bought them before today. If you haven't, we are running a special promotion now)
3. Leave a comment under this announcement, and set 'My profile' and 'Game Details' status public visible at the date of draw (found below)

We will randomly pick one player which met all 3 conditions. We'll send this player a Nintendo Switch console for FREE.
We will also randomly pick 10 players to send each of them 1 Switch Game Redeem Code for Gaokao.Love.100Days (North America/EU region)

The date of draw is 2018-Oct-07, 20:00, UTC+8, the lucky player list will be published later on Steam announcement.

Switch version is 16:9 and includes the Cookie DLC. Switch player could visit Or search 'gaokao' in NOA/NOE eshop page.

1. The console will be sent by Amazon(US/JP) or Taobao as a gift package.
2. If participant would like to have a Steam code instead of Switch code, let us know after the date of draw (by comment, or email)
3. If the participant cannot receive gift from these online shops, or cannot provide address, or the shipping cost is higher than 50USD, then we consider the participant give up qualification.
4. If we cannot contact participant through Steam message or mail address in 48hours after the date of draw, then we consider the participant give up qualification.
5. We'll randomly pick another lucky player if the previouly selected one gave up.
6. If any participant bought NVLMaker's game during this event, but got refund later, we'll consider the participant give up all qualifications of NVLMaker's events in future. (Please do not abuse the promotion event ːdogeː)

Contact us if you have any questions:

[2018/10/01 Update]
Fixed some UI bug in English and typo.

The activity is end now. There are total 581 participants and we thank you for your participation. We read all the comments no matter how long it is. We'll keep working and develop more wonderful games for you! ːomuː

[Lucky Players] Switch Game Code for Gaokao.Love.100Days
No.61 KingGhost

No.93 AOutMan

No.153 有电真好QAQ


No.204 阿克夏的调和之音

No.249 candy9599

No.382 wildwind0907

No.502 eee27

No.504 silent666 8折代购

No.559 kagefumioni

We've sent the friend invitation to you so we could send the code through message.

[Super Lucky Player] One Switch Console!
No.371 Tangtang2004

Congratulation Tangtang2004!
Please contact us by email, and provide your gift address.
Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker

After several months of hard work, we are happy to annouce that:

Gaokao.Love.100 Days has a new romance companion now!

All players could download this *FREE* DLC and start a new story with Cokkie, the lovely monitress.

The entire English subtitles have been revised again. We also added new features, such as editing and deleting savedata.

The difficulty level is more reasonable now. You won't lose scores randomly in the final days of Gaokao.

By the way, we fixed several bugs, and will keep improving the game.








[Update 829653]
Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker

by 33

AND... Miss Monitress, see you next month in free DLC! :)

在 ːemperorː 皇阿玛的监督下,班长DLC内测火热进行中~
Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
Launch Discount is about to over, please grab it if you like the music. :)

We also fixed some bugs in this version.

Some other known issues will be fixed in the next update when Cokkie's free DLC is released, and with more accurate English Subtitles.

Thanks to everyone for all the support!




感谢大家的支持!PS:{LINK REMOVED}最近有新周边预定哟~ːmuxinː
Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
Window Resize


Menubar On/Off


Bug fix
War Within Pilgrimagers can be inherited now (when start a new game after Ending 41 unlocked)

Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
Bug Fix

Item "War Within Pilgrimagers" now can be successfully acquired at END 41.

If you have unlocked END 41 before, please check the ending in the end-list and get the item to unlock the achievement.


Revised English Subtitle

Many thanks to our proofreaders, a better English version is online now!


Savedata error after update (can be fixed manually)

Since there are lots of changes in the English subtitle, part of the save data could become invalid after the new update. (English Language Only).

It will only affect the data saved during events. The data saved at “Night Class Mode” and “Weekend Free Mode” will remain the same. The CGs/Endings/Achievements/Items will also work as usual.

The save data can be fixed and then be used in the new version after the following steps.

We are sorry for the inconvenient. ːmuxinː

Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
<Gaokao.Love.100Days> has been released for one week. It’s amazing to have so many players!

Thank you very much!

To repay our players, a new line will be added as a free DLC in the coming months. It contains a brand new story of Cokkie, who will become the fourth heroine of <Gaokao.Love.100Days>.

So that’s the news for today!

See you next week! ːmuxinː






Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
We are aware of the translation issue and started a proofreading plan right after the initial release. The Revised version (with minor bug fix) will be published in one week.

Many thanks to Matt! It’s really great to have a native speaker helping us!

Since we’ll publish lots of changes in the English subtitle, part of the save data could become invalid after the new update. (English Language Only)

It will only affect the data saved during events. The data saved at “Night Class Mode” and “Weekend Free Mode” will remain the same. The CGs/Endings/Achievements/Items will also work as usual.

It’s highly recommended to save your latest progress at ‘Night Class Mode’ before the game closed.

But don’t worry too much. We will also release an optional patch with the update. You could still use your old save data by applying the patch manually.
Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
It's ready for purchase now!

Thank you for waiting so long! ːmuxinː


Gaokao.Love.100Days - NVLMaker
It is released now! Thank you for waiting with us!


Sorry We've got timezone issue. The release date we pre-set seems not available in Steam Publish System.

We have already asked help from publish group of Steam.

We are very, very sorry for the accident. ːmuxinː

Thank you for your patience~
The game will be released no later than Monday.




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