Super Pixalo - littletinman
Hey All,

The Remake/Revisit of Super Pixalo is well under way. New art, new levels, new achievements, new physics, new characters, and even a level editor are all coming this year!

A couple things to keep in mind:

Timeline: There is not specific "final" date for when Redux will be done. However a "Redux" development build will be available on Steam (under builds) in about 1 months time. This way I can start gathering input and make improvements as early as possible.

Original Super Pixalo: The original (current) build of Super Pixalo will be always available once Redux is complete under the "original" build. However, once Redux comes out there will be no major updates to maintain the original code for Super Pixalo.

Price: The price will continue to be the same (no increase) with the release of Redux and you will not have to pay a cent more if you already own Super Pixalo on Steam.

Can't wait to start showing off the rebuild!



Dec 1, 2015
Super Pixalo - littletinman
Dear Players,

I'm working hard on rewriting Super Pixalo and making it the awesome game it deserves to be. I've realized, especially with the unhappyness of some players, that I focused too much on being "quirky" and not enough time on making it a really FUN experience.

I'm opening the floor completely to any and all constructive feedback!

I have three main questions;

What did you like about Super Pixalo?

What did you dislike about Super Pixalo?

What would you like added or changed that would improve the entire experience for you?

The more specific the feedback the more helpful it will be for the changes! Don't worry too much about offending with criticism as the game is already "mostly negative" on steam and that's pretty eye opening to me.


Phil Royer
Super Pixalo - littletinman
Dear Awesome Players, 

Super Pixalo has been out for over a year now and it's time to breath some serious life back into the project. The launch and the months that followed were peppered with odd bugs, frustrating glitches, and an overall annoying lack of attention to detail.

In this past year, I've devoted my time to becoming a much better programmer and game developer. I've been working hard on Dissonance and polishing the backend of my games and how I architect them.

Redoing Super Pixalo almost entirely has been on my mind for months. So, with the release of Dissonance next week, I now have the time to devote to overhauling Super Pixalo as much as possible. Yes, I'm throwing out all the code, many of the visual assets, and redesigning the whole game. A large portion of the "feel" and "theme" will be there but I plan to make it a much more exciting experience all around.

Many have given me feedback that was hard to hear but good to listen to. I want to honor you, the player, as much as possible and right my fumbles and stumbles.

This update will take months, but in the end, Super Pixalo will be a proud, polished, arcade masterpiece!

Until then, make sure you check out my latest release: Dissonance which will hit digital storefronts next week! The soundtrack to Super Pixalo is also now available with several extended and bonus tracks on Here


Super Pixalo - littletinman
Hi All,

I pushed a new build up to fix the controller issues many of you all were having!

I apologize for how long it took to fix that. I just moved across the country for a new job and family and the move took priority.

Please let me know if you have ANY issues with the new update! I'm now setup to push updates rather quickly.


Phil Royer
Feb 11, 2015
Super Pixalo - littletinman
Hi All,

As with any new platform, new challenges and bugs arise like toadstools in a fairytale. I read all the comments and reviews and try to learn as much as I can from each of them. One of the biggest things I learned this past week is test, test, test even if you think it’s ready.

There were a few major complaints that this update is attempting to address. Below is a list of a few of the issues (those that this update seeks to fix) and what I did to fix them.

  • The music was grating after a while because the 30 second loop in the levels got old fast. Solution: replaced with 1 minute to 2 minute tracks from the extended soundtrack.
  • Game wouldn’t start or would crash on completion of level. I believe this was because I wasn’t checking for an instance of Steam before calling things in the Steam SDK. Rookie mistake and now everything Steam related is called only after Steam is detected.
  • Collectible count was incorrect. I was informed that while the collectible screen said “x of 124” there are in fact 125 collectibles… that one is pretty embarrassing. It has been corrected.
  • Several people said they found it weird how everything was keyboard or mostly controller accessible but not totally mouse accessible in the UI. I’ve now made sure all UI elements can be controlled with the mouse and keyboard. A big controller update will be coming soon to address the many issues people are having with XBOX and PS3 controllers.
  • When you minimized or went to another window on your desktop, it would kick you back to the menu when you went back to the game. That was a FireTV fix for their dumb voice search thing, again, shoulda caught this but didn’t.
  • The Bonus level achievement fired 4 levels too early… yes, I made another math error.
  • Level times in transition menu were weirdly out of place so I adjusted their position.

Please let me know what other issues you are having and I’ll make sure to add them to the list if they aren’t there already!


Phil Royer
Feb 5, 2015
Super Pixalo - littletinman
Hi All,

After a few bit more testing and some adjustments the Linux (32 and 64 bit) builds for Super Pixalo are now live on Steam.

If you run in to any problems at all, shoot me an email at and I'll do my best to square you away!


Phil Royer

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