The Spatials - Weird and Wry
Did you miss one of our recent updates on V3? Here's the list of the past few weeks devblogs, follow the links for the full post.

The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-10-05

The new generic job state machine has been implemented and most of the week was devoted to fixing everything that broke down. The end result is a much more robust, yet generic and extensible job system. There's nothing new to show on screen, this week was all about logic coding and bugfixes.

The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-10-12

In the past week more experiments in search for a selection cursor UI were done, a job matrix UI for officers was implemented, the state machine library received more fixes, job logistics now support multiple resources and are intelligent about asking for workers only when needed, and the keyboard support was improved.

The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-10-19

A UI strings localization system has been implemented to enable both official and community translations, and work on bringing planets to the V3 engine has started.

The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-10-26

The planet surface is now more fleshed out and entities and tools now work on it, resource nodes are now being generated on planet surfaces, it's now possible to build resource extractors on planets.

The Spatials V3 devblog 2015-11-02

More code cleanups, some systems for of planet resource extraction are now implemented (resource nodes, extraction objects, simplified logistics, automatic ship cargo transfers), the UI color can now be customized, and fixing a bad programming pattern before it is too late.
The Spatials - Weird and Wry
Indie Game Riot, an indie gaming podcast, has nominated The Spatials for their Riot of the Year award. It's amazing to be considered for this award and being listed amongst some of the best indie games released in 2015. Vote for us!
Sep 16, 2015
The Spatials - Weird and Wry
For the past three months we've been hard at work on a new major version of The Spatials. Like V2 before it, the new version is a partial rewrite of the game, made in order to enable new and improved gameplay. At this point a big part of the technical work is done and we are now ready to share some details about this work.

Read more in our web site:

I've also started a technical devblog for V3:
The Spatials - Weird and Wry
Version 2.8 is now ready for download! We've added one of the top requested features and now officers names can be customized. We've also made available a series of optional difficulty settings for players who want a challenge.

  • Officer names can now be customized. Click on the pencil icon next to the officer name in the Staff screen to input a new name.

  • New games now give a choice between normal difficulty and custom difficulty. When selecting custom difficulty a series of optional gameplay challenges can be selected.

  • Optional difficulty: Halve production. The production of your factories is cut in half.

  • Optional difficulty: Salaries. Your officers will demand a salary that goes up with their level.

  • Optional difficulty: Higher prices. Makes prices for resource nodes, contracts and officers go much higher with their level.

  • Optional difficulty: Permadeath. Officers that fall in combat are permanently dead. The Recall item cannot drop when this option is enabled.
The Spatials - Weird and Wry
A new version of The Spatials, v2.7, is now ready for download. The focus for this release has been polishing and adding often requested small features. It's also our first public version with Linux support.

  • Two new enemy families can now appear in bounty missions: the Pest and the Cucurbians.

  • Craved products are again a hard requirement. Both officers and visitors will refuse to consume products that are not in their list of cravings if those products are needed to satisfy a vital.

  • It is now possible to set a global limit for stock in the stats screen for manufactured products. All the factories that are then toggled to obey this stock limit will automatically stop creating manufacturing tasks when the stock reaches or surpasses the limit. Use this new system to cut excess production and free resources and officers for other tasks.

  • Mouse over objects and visitors in the station to get some basic info about them.

  • Objects in the station now use the isometric map grid for hit testing when using the info tool. Combined with the new mouse over info label it is now possible to select objects unambiguously.

  • Recall won't be casted if there's no officers in stasis.

  • Fix sidebar overlapping info popups in the inventory.

  • The Contracts panel now gives more information: the amounts of (potentially) gained XP and the current levels of stock in the station inventory for rewarded resources.

  • Enemies will always display their health bar when aggroed, even if they haven't been damaged yet.

  • Windows: tentative fix for alt-tab issues.

  • Faster scripting engine.
The Spatials - Weird and Wry
We are testing our latest patch as a public beta, check the changelog and discussion in the forum:
The Spatials - (Adam Smith)

The Spatials [official site] is a space station management sim with squad-based combat and looting. Now, even though I’m usually an advocate of squad-based combat and looting, I’d much rather be poring over construction plans and monitoring the cravings of my crew and any visitors who happen to pop in for tea and biscuits. Thankfully, The Spatials’ combat sections are in the form of away missions rather than taking place on your station, which means they won’t interrupt your managerial musings. The game is out now and I spent an hour with it this morning.

… [visit site to read more]


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