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Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you, bringing the new options menu, and an announcement for official mod support!

The new options menu brings an array of improvements and new features to help customize Besiege to your own personal taste and to best suit your hardware configuration. It is also now accessible in game using the Esc key.

Mod Support

We are pleased to announce that we’ve been working on official mod support for Besiege!

An unfortunate consequence of the Multiverse update was the irreversible breaking of the original modloader, so we decided to bring Spaar (The original modloader’s creator) into the development team and he has been working tirelessly to produce an integrated loader for Besiege.

The new modloader will be significantly more powerful and easier to use than the original, bringing you the ability to add new blocks, level objects, and much more to the game.
We will of course be giving it full workshop support for Steam as well, making it all the more easier for you to get your favorite mods installed.
Proper documentation of the loader will be released alongside it and we hope to be releasing it soon, possibly in the next update!

If you would like to participate in closed beta testing of the modloader (as a mod developer) then please post in this topic:

That’s all we have for you this time guys! As ever, the work on new levels continues and we hope you enjoy these new features!




- In-game options menu is accessible using Esc key
- New full options menu with several new features:
-- Better Resolution options
-- UI Scaling down to 100%-50%
-- Framerate unlock, 30 lock, 60 lock, 144 lock
-- FOV Slider
-- More Antialiasing modes
-- Shadow levels
-- Shadow dynamic resolution levels
-- Shadow render distance
-- SSAO Quality levels
-- SSAO Intensity
-- Bloom Intensity
-- (And ofcourse all the options you already have)


- Improved modular UI consitency (Widget pooling)
- Icon's no longer use mip mapping to look sharper at some resolutions, but can look slightly pixelated


- Pin now attaches to wheels and cogs again
- Making saved file names be remembered in the file browsers input field
- A fix to workshop item updating issue due to naming
- Cannon projectile fixes ensuring cannon balls won't collide with barrel at low time scales
- Fixing reload event block animations in certain scenarios
- Fixes to the Machine Key Binding Overview to fix certain groupings
- Now shows directional descriptor for blocks with two directions when grouped in the Machine Key Binding Overview
- Fixed a couple of trees in Sandbox that were static
- Fixed certain peasants having magenta colored particles when knocked out
- Fixed braces not updating their end point data correctly resulting in alternate rotations upon loading machines.
- Fixed Reloading event based on ammo types, last update had any specific ammo type working for all. All ammo, Random Ammo, and specific ammo now all work appropriately.
- Fixed flipping a block sound missing
- The wooden pillar prefab now responds correctly to movement, physics and breaking.

Besiege - Von

Hello everyone!

Today we have another update for you which brings the new Overview Keymapper from the experimental branch in to the live build.

The revamped keymapper allows you to see blocks grouped by their keybindings allowing you to easily rebind the entire machine’s control scheme to accommodate your preferences.

Hovering over a group, or an individual block, in the Keymapper highlights the corresponding blocks on the machine, making it easy to see which blocks will be affected by your changes. Groups in the keymapper can also be renamed which increases the speed you’ll be out of the menus and into the simulation. These titles will be saved with your machines, making complex creations much more understandable.

At the top of the Overview Keymapper window you can find a category filter that enables quick and easy sorting to specific block categories; thereby letting you hide block types you’re not interested in rebinding. You can also hide specific blocks with the ‘Ignore’ toggle.

That's it for the new additions today, however, work continues on new levels and features that we hope to bring to you in the near future. Hope you guys enjoy the new keymapper and the changes listed below.


Changelog V0.66.0-7835:


- New Key Mapper Implementation


- Improved Transform Lerp’s precision for clients
- Reloading now informs the client as to which type of ammo was used.

- Implemented internal logic to exclude certain entities from Enter/Exit trigger events.
- Streamlined GetSimEntity with IDs.
- Randomize event now targets multiple objects.
- Randomize event now generates a single random value as opposed to generating a new random value for each target.


- Grabbers with “Grab Static Only” now works correctly
- Fixed physics discrepancy with Grabbers in invincibility mode.
- Fixed soft-lock caused by clients leaving while the Timescale was 0.
- Fixed ‘Brace cube’ visual flickering and improved shadows.
- Fixed issue that prevented the ‘Limited Machine Selection’ window from opening when the option was enabled.
- Fixed graphical interface issue in the Network Settings.
- Fixed issue with Level Editor tools.
- Fixed various problems with ‘Filebrowser’
- Fixed problem where projectiles wouldn’t despawn on clients.
- Fixed Cannon Block stabilization and fire rate.
- Fixed ammo and reload types not networking when changed by clients.
- Fixed issues with finding links on large modded creations.
- Fixed reset entity trying to reference itself in consecutive events
- Fixed resetting multiple times causing duplicate entities.
- Fixed ‘isDestroyed’ checks for entities when transforming.
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Besiege - Valve
Today's Deal: Save 30% on Besiege!*

Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow us on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!

*Offer ends Thursday at 10AM Pacific Time
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Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you guys, bringing more bug fixes, some visual updates to blocks and 2 more campaign levels for the Valfross island!

The first of the levels challenges you to steal an ancient and mysterious artifact that has demonstrated immense power.

The second of the two brings you to an ancient battleground and challenges you to retrieve the consumed king’s corpse from the remains of a prehistoric beast.

Something else we just wanted to briefly mention, we've added a LAN button to the Multiverse, so that you can play on a local network without use of an internet connection.

That’s all we’ve got for you today but we’ve got a number of things still in the works which we hope to tell you about soon, as well as more Valfross levels and the final Besiege island which is not too far away!

Hope you guys enjoy the new levels and stay tuned for more announcements in the near future!



- Added 2 new campaign levels to Valfross
- Added a LAN option to joining and hosting servers in Multiverse.

- Made only intended objects show up in thumbnail generation for levels and machines.
- Networking connections will now be recreated when joining/hosting.
- Fixed Advanced Building's unlinked global translate and rotate single step by clicking.
- Fixed an issue with copying block mapping data.
- fixed jittery Lerped Transform event on none physics enabled objects at lower timescales.
- fixed error from opening a level with a name that is 1 letter long.

- Overhauled the file browsing system for levels, machines and skins
- Wing block updated visual
- Wheel block updated visual
- Grabber block updated texture
- Flying Block updated visual
- You can now use the ESC button to close the Multiverse screen
- Wheel, Propeller, Small Propeller, Wing, Slider, Grip Pad, Small Wheel, and Larger Unpowered Cog now all show slightly being affected by freezing
Besiege - Von
Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you which brings the new advanced building tools to the live version of Besiege as well as more bug fixes!

If you missed the last post we made, we’ve decide to add a selection of new advanced building tools to Besiege. They will let you, rotate blocks at custom angels, select and copy sections of your machines, move selected blocks to other areas of your machine and ignore intersecting when placing blocks!

The new advanced tools are turned off in the options by default but can be easily toggled on in the main menu’s options or whilst playing the game under the cog menu. This is to prevent confusing newer players by having too many building options when they first start playing the game.

Please also note that a scaling tool is not included in the advanced tool suite and there is no plan to add this option into the vanilla game. There is quite a bit of contention in the community about whether Besiege should support the scaling a blocks, but it’s never been something we envisioned as being part of Besiege. So the scaling of blocks will remain a non-vanilla method of building.

Recently we’ve been working on a complete overhaul of the way that mapped keys are displayed. The original system was designed for far simpler machines and is not very helpful when you’re trying to figure out all the buttons for larger, more complex machines.

The new system works by placing all of the keybindings attached to a machine in a single list. Blocks with the same keybindings are grouped together, this allows you to quickly see all the blocks which are being affected by a particular key.

Hovering over a key in the key mapping overview will highlight the blocks it applies to in blue. No more staring blankly at dozens of little squares on your screen, desperately trying to figure out how to move forwards. ^^

That’s all for now folks, but we have got a number of other cool things in the works (Don’t worry we’ve not forgotten about levels!), so stay tuned for further announcements about upcoming content!



- Added "Basic", "Advanced" and "Built with Mods" machine tags
- Added extra security to ToggleBT::Set
- Added message data length verification to some of the network message processing code
- Re-added fire avoidance by default.

- Fixed Scaled Rocket Center of Mass
- Calls proper update methods after resetting machine rotation
- Fixed NREs after auto removing brace
- Fixed MyBounds for modded blocks
- Fixed weird edge case where the machine middle calculation couldn't find the starting block
- Fixed NRE edge case when last selected entity is null
- Added nullchecks to Entity transform tools in case one of the entities is (currently being) destroyed
- Deleting and duplicating now uses the transform caching system
- Fixed machine rotation stepping
- Center of Mass updates correctly when build zone is moved
- Machine tools gizmo now uses AddPieces centerOfObject instead of MachineCenterPos (latter doesn't update while machine is calculating clusters)
- Fix for the StructuralPhysJoint in MP because of a prolonged FixedUpdate when a lot of wheel are involved
- Fixed purple smoke from 3 AI prefabs
- Undoing machine move now correctly updates the gizmo
- Fixed SoundOnClick and CanonBlock trying to play a disabled sound source
- EntityLogic::UpdateLogic now checks if the current event is within the events range

- Made rotate tool more sensitive
- Deselects everything when Machine::PostLoad is called
- No longer processes BlockSelectionTool hotkeys while machine is simulating
- No longer displays warning message when FireController couldn't be found when receiving douse message on the arrow projectile
- Revised DouseFire method
- Now checks isEditingLevel when updating block tool gizmo
- Nullchecks collider directly instead of first fetching the transform in TriggerSetJoint::ConfigCheckForDoubleJoints
- Snapping is now based on current position, not the global position
- No longer tries to flush transform cache in SP when creating undo actions
Besiege - Von

Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got another update for you as well as a sneak peak at what we’re working on for the next one!

Today’s update primarily consists of bug fixes for the Multiverse, but also a couple of new primitive objects for use in the level editor! For a full list of changes/fixes see the changelog at the bottom of this post.

Please note that a change has been made to variables which may break some logic setups. Starting a Variable dependent event that is already running will restart the event. This is intended and prevents a lot of problems that would otherwise occur.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the next update that we’re working on, which is currently available on the experimental steam branch. The next update will contain a set of advanced building tools, another heavily requested feature by the community!

This addition will bring several features allowing greater customization in the construction of your war machines and hopefully making the whole process quicker and easier. Including but not limited to; multiple block selection, block duplication, custom block rotation and much more!

Please note that the new construction features will not include the ability to scale blocks or machines, you will have to do this with a mod or manually within the machine’s .bsg file.
The advanced building tools are also disabled by default to avoid confusing newer players and can be turned on in the options menu.

We’re working on a few other features at the moment, which aren’t currently in the experimental build and may or may not make it into the next update. We’re not quite ready to talk about them yet so stay tuned for future posts!

That’s all for now folks but we’ll have more for you in the near future!


PS: If you don’t know how to access the betas tab you can find out here:

Changelog V0.60.0-6878


Added Pyramid primitive object to level editor
Added Pyramid Corner primitive object to level editor

Added ability to toggle off texture of simple primitives
Changed AI behaviour tooltip text to be clearer
Default Scale for Primitives is increased to 4x
Starting a Variable dependent event that is already running will restart the event. This is intended and prevents a lot of problems that would otherwise occur. This will break some logic setups that are currently working.
Instant Transform now happens on the same frame as it is called.
Other players building sounds will now be affected by distance.
Fire avoidance option reimplemented for AI


- Ipsilon brick can no longer be destroyed by rockets
- No Longer Possible to place blocks on simulation machine 1-N frames after exiting simulation
- Explosive Effects now scale accordingly.
- Fixed issue where scaled AI would not trigger behaviours correctly.
- Fixed issue where values setting position and scale got rounded off incorrectly
- Fixed case where copying a skin from one block type to another reset the block parameters
- Fixed bug where level title shadow would stay visible
- Fixed typo in piston block description
- Fixed problem with detecting whether the player is in menu after disconnecting.
- Fixed issue where uploaded machines did not retain their tags when updating them
- Fixed Inconsistency with copying old logic and new rebuild logic
- Fixed bug where copying a Trigger could cause the texture to mess up
- Fixed problem where Scaling tool's visual could break in some cases
- Fixed inconsistency when transforming deactivated objects
- Fixed case where resetting a BuildingBox's position would cause machines to intersect which would normally not.
- Fixed issue where resetting an objects that starts deactivated would make it active.
- Fixed problem where sometimes Setting a value in a TransformEvent would not display the change.
- Winch can now be burnt
- Changed a bunch of objects to scale uniformly to avoid collider deforming
- OnExit Trigger now correctly detects if a player respawns while inside it.
- Fixed case where blocks would not connect while the player or server experiences lag
- Fixed problem where the Repeat event would continue infinitely if count was set to uneven numbers.
- Fixed issue where transforming Wind would not move the area where the force was applied.
- Fixed thumbnails not showing on Mac
- Fixed bug where Extended Pistons would be folded upon machine load.
- Fixed NRE When AI would die in some situations.
- Fixed issue meaning Host/Client Machine could rotate itself when entering sim
- Fixed typo in Spring block mapper
- Fixed Small propellor not taking damage
- Small Rock object now has a collider
- Fixed bug where TransformEvent's would desync slowly (Faster if the Server had lag spikes)
- Guardian Column now properly scales
- Fixed NRE when stopping sim on machine when machine is destroyed
- Fixed issue where Fireball was not on fire for clients
- Fixed bug where AI arrows did not scale for the client
- Fixed bug where physics enabled objects, when reactivated, was not tracked on the client side.
- Fixed bug where Local transformation on wind did not have the intended effect
- Trigger Enter will no longer be triggered by static objects starting inside of them, Respawning won't cause triggers to run again.
- Fixed issue where Value would show 0.00 but was not actually changed.
- Galaxy texture now follows the player even if timescale is 0
- Fixed case where wind would apply force differently from above or below.
Besiege - Von

Hello Everyone!

Today we’d like to talk about our next update to Besiege and let you know that it is currently available on the Steam Experimental Branch.

The Experimental Branch update includes some more level editor objects to the ‘Primitives’ section, a pyramid and pyramid corner, but the primary purpose of this update is bring in another heap of bug fixes!

If you’d like to assist us with testing this update before it officially goes live you can do so by switching to the Besiege Experimental Branch in the Steam Betas tab.
Open your Steam Library and right click on Besiege, then select properties. Navigate to the “BETAS” tab and then select the experimental branch from the dropdown box.
You may need to verify your game files to get the game to update.

If you encounter any bugs or issues with the update please report them in this forum:

Cheers everyone!

Besiege - Von

Hello Everyone!

Today we’ve got a small update for you that fixes a few of the most common bugs that have appeared since the launch of the Multiverse last week, as well as some small UI improvements to help with navigation of the update’s features.

We’ve been absolutely amazed by the amount quantity of positive feedback we’ve had from the community since the launch. It’s wonderful to finally get to see you all playing about with the tools we’ve been developing these past months.
We know there’s still a lot of room for improvement and you can expect to see regular updates containing bug fixes and other improvements as development continues.

From myself and everyone on the development team, we’d like to thank you for your patience during the updates development and for the positive feedback we’ve received from you guys!

Thank you!

PS: If anyone is having a resolution error appear on launch or only gets a black screen when launching, you should try setting your game resolution manually in the game's launch options.
Right click on Besiege in your Steam library, properties, set launch options and input the following (changing the values to your desktop resolution): -h1920 -w1080


- Added Arrows to Timeslider when FPS is low, indicating it should be reduced. (30fps)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed issue T1177 Error caused by Rotating blocks in Sandbox
- Fixed issue T1176 When evaluating UseSelf, it shouldn't assume there are any targets
- Fixed issue T1175 TriggerActivate shouldn't be called on the clients
- Fixed issue T1174 Fixed BraceCode.RemoveBrace error
- Fixed issue T1167 Can not connect over IP but can over Steam invite
- Fixed issue T1169 Reset Event will not run in some cases.
- Fixed issue T1170 Sometimes players can't switch teams in playlist mode when machine modification is off
- Fixed issue T1171 Bounding boxes don't always fade correctly
- Fixed issue T1166 Low FPS caused by IPHostEntry errors (Mac)
- Fixed issue T1162 Translate (and Rotate) Machine is still available in Playlist mode if it was active before switching
- Fixed issue T1185 Joining players are visible, even if they enter the wrong password
- Fixed issue T1180 Move into buildzone arrow does not disappear when hovering over it while entering sim
- Fixed issue T1173 Hashtags in machine/level filename result in very odd behaviour
- Fixed issue T1172 Mirror tool visual breaks when pressing Alt
- Fixed issue T1158 Spelling Error In Server Management(edited)
- Fixed issue Fixed Machine, Level and Folder images not being shown correctly
- Fixed issue T1196 Physics Tiles break's to easily in MP
- Fixed issue T1207 Balloon strings are getting out of order
- Fixed issue T1203 Reload Player wont work if there is a wait event before it is activated.
- Fixed issue T1195 Zones 15 and 34 say Next Zone instead of Next Island
- Fixed issue T1194 Flags on campaign map have transparent backgrounds
- Fixed issue T1190 Triggers with 'hide visuals' off are still invisible in Playlist mode
- Fixed issue T1186 Red Tents in Zone 24 can't be destroyed with fire.
- Fixed issue T1187 Tents in Zone 9 can't be destroyed by fire.
- Fixed issue T1208 Some Blood stays visible
- Fixed issue T1191 Resetting AI after death doesn't initialize behaviour
- Fixed issue T1193 NPCs in Sandbox can't be set on fire or killed by arrows
- Fixed issue T1205 Joining another game while hosting causes occasional crash
- Fixed Mac crashing on startup
- Fixed nre from walls and wind.
- Fixed next zone button not working
- Fixed blood z-fighting
- Fixed case where rotating host machine sporadically would cause a slight desync in machine rotation
- Fixed OnDeactivate not running correctly in relation to wait and TransformEvents

I still remember the first time Besiege surfaced. Overnight, Reddit was flooded with gifs of monstrous war machines running over sheep, blasting through castles and murdering tiny soldiers. That was 2015. The game is still in Early Access and player numbers are dwindling, but a major new update could breathe life back into it.

The Multiverse update adds a full suite of multiplayer game modes as well as a level editor, so you can build arenas that you and your friends can blow apart in imaginative ways. For now you can only play with people in your friends list, and you can have up to eight people in a server at one time.

The modes are a mixture of competitive and co-op: you can take your custom contraptions into combat or race against friends to complete objectives; work together to complete scenarios and puzzles; or just mess around in a sandbox world creating as much havoc as possible.

The level editor—tutorials for which will be out soon—looks fairly intuitive, and you pick structures from a menu on the left of the screen and plonk them down, rotating if necessary. You can use the Logic Editor to change the attributes of units and the physics of your level, too. Best of all, you can create levels on the fly while your friends are playing through them. I predict shenanigans. 

Click here to read more info from developer Spiderling, and watch the video at the top of this post to see the new tools in action. It's £5.59/$7.99 on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store.


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