Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister


Graphics Changes:

  • DirectX 12 API for Windows 10 with automatic fallback to DirectX 11 and DirectX 9

  • Realtime reflections
  • Advanced SSAO
  • Natural bloom
  • Object based vector motion blur
  • Volumetric fog with light scattering
  • Volumetric clouds

  • TrueCycle our in house day and night cycle with the ability to control fog, ambient light, time of day and sun shafts all from one system.

  • TrueRain our in house realistic rain shader.

    Gameplay Changes:

  • Gathering and scavenging system
  • Visualized hit detection.
  • The haven can now be build by placing the home hub in survival.
  • More advanced structures.
  • New power requirement system.

    This is just few changes made in version 2.0.
    A complete list will be released to the damned nation site very soon.

Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
Get ready for an epic update

Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
Release date:

The planed release date is the 18th of this month but could be a day late.

What's been done since the last status update:

  • Cutting down trees and mining to gather resources.


    To make the game more realistic the tress will not grow back
    allowing you to clear areas for building.

  • Full day and night system.

  • New Build System with visual snapping indicator to let
    you know when you walls are perfectly aligned.

  • Cave systems.

  • Fog scattering.

  • Flash light toggle.

  • Searchable items.

  • Full campaign save system

  • More realistic muzzle flash with shadows

  • Automatic reflection updating

  • Clear options menu

    + Lots more

    Some Screens:

Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
Hi Community

Here are a few things we have implemented for V2.0

  • Sniper Rifle.
    This item will be unlocked after completing the one hit wonder mission in survival mode.

    This weapon packs a punch with a hit taking 200 HP and a head-shot of 400 HP.
    Sniper ammo will be a rare item

  • Heaven.

    After completing the intro you will be asked to find a place to call home.
    this will be your haven.

    During early access there will be 5 heavens to choose from (More on main release)

    Heavens use a different build menu than your basic build menu.
    when inside your haven you will have the option to build better walls, power generators, gardens and a lot more.

  • Platform Support

    As of A-V2.0 Damned Nation Reborn will be supported on Windows/ OSX/ Linux.

    More will be announced soon.
Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
A quick update

we have added a few achievements for you to unlock and
added laptop config to the graphics boot menu.

Sandbox Survival on its way on its way.
Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister

  • CTD Turrets ghost now show on the fist click

  • CTD Camera no longer gets stuck

  • CTD Increased start credit on on chapter one round two

  • CTD Game speed no longer runs to fast
May 9, 2015
Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
I will try and keep this short as there is a lot of additions and changes in this build.

Main Additions:

  • Classic tower defence is now playable from the main menu.

  • X722 Prototype weapon is unlock-able to early access customers only by completing chapter one of the classic tower defence.

  • Bio Mod: Time Shift (TAB)

    Main Changes:

  • New scene designs.

  • Complete visual overhaul.

  • Here the grass move as walkers approach giving you more awareness.

  • Complete remodel and texture aliasing for faster loading and reduces memory consumption.

    Main Fixes

  • Huge performance boost when compared to V1.97.

    Remember these are just the main changes in V1.99
    you will notice a lot more.

    Remember to restart you steam client to receive this update

Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
A-V1.99 is almost ready for release.
Just a little testing to go.

Here a few tings you can expect to see.


Damned Nation Reborn - Sinister
For all you tower defence fans

As of A-V1.99 Classic tower defence will be unlocked at the main menu.
Here is a little preview on what to expect.

1.99 Trailer will be released soon .


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