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Hello everyone! It has been a while since we last talked here in this group.

I was working on the first Without Within around this time last year. When the game hit Steam, it received mixed responses initially, but I am grateful those who connected with Vinty really showed some serious support. Thank you so much for that.

Back in 2014, I had no intention of creating any sort of sequel to Without Within. To be honest, even if people asked for it, if no story idea came to mind, it would be hard for me to budge. But you folks really were so kind with all the requests, and a new adventure started to brew, so I decided to give it a shot. This sequel exists thanks to you, and it is very much a game that belongs to the community.

Juggling Cursed Sight as well as WOWI2 this year proved to be pretty challenging, but now, as we head toward the final month of 2015, I am happy to share this launch announcement with you. Without Within 2 has just been released onto Steam:

Thank you for supporting Vinty, and I hope you will enjoy the sights of Melbourne in WOWI2!
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Vinty is attending a calligraphy event over in Melbourne. At last, she will be able to meet Excelia, the world famous calligrapher. Determined to study and mimic her idol's every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity?

Early this year, I published Without Within onto Steam thanks to people's kind support on greenlight. In truth, the game started off very poorly. People hated how short it was, and many just loathed visual novels and anime in general. A lot of you gave it a chance, though, and that makes me really grateful.

Though still thin by VN standards (shorter than Cursed Sight), Without Within 2 will run at around five times the length of the original. It will be a kinetic novel without choices, as I no longer wish to sprinkle in contrived choices again like I did with the first game.

This sequel is also a "travel novel" of sorts as well. Throughout the game, players will see links that will take them to various videos of Melbourne Australia, which is where the story takes place. I hope players will enjoy the sights in these optional videos.

Details on WOWI2 are available here:

A demo build is available on the page, and I can use everyone's support on greenlight:
Hopefully we can have those Vinty trading cards and emoticons that people have kindly been asking for. Thank you so much everyone!
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello everyone! Hope you have been doing awesome. I wanted to share this progress image of Without Within 2 here today. The game will be in full color, so not to worry! Just trying to act all mysterious ːblushː.

I need to release Cursed Sight before I launch Without Within 2. At this pace, I am hoping for a demo version to be released in September. A kickstarter and greenlight campaign will go up at the same time. September is Animaga as well! I have a booth there, and I will be doing some research over in Melbourne.

You know, I like to make money, and I want my projects to be loved by players. Nothing new or special about that. With WOWI, those desires are still there, but I have a different wish as well.

You see, through this sequel, I hope I will be able to connect with people again. Let's face it, calligraphy is a niche hobby, but if WOWI pushed people to continue their photography, art or YouTube careers, it hardly gets more awesome than that. No agenda, though. A fun old time first and everything else is a bonus.

It does help that the first game is free, because it has helped me make more friends than my other releases. It has been really cool folks. Thank you tons, and I will be in touch again soon ːthankyouː.
May 1, 2015
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello friends! I wanted to let you know that I have just launched a merchandise store over on Redbubble. Please feel free to take a look!

I got a bunch of goods that I will be giving away on my social media channels. You can find out more here:




Thank you so much for supporting me m(_ _)m!
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

These days, it is so easy to tease and tease, and by the time the game is released, you have seen way too much. I will share just the above sketch of Excelia, but we are definitely making progress over here. For those who are kindly following me in general, I am working on another game named Cursed Sight, and that project takes priority.

I have also been expanding to more social media platforms. They will all offer different content, so if possible, I would love to have your support on these sites:

Facebook: Main announcements. (

Tumblr: Personal and serious journal entries. (

Pinterest: Behind the scenes sketches etc. (

Twitter: Fun casual stuff. (

I would love to emphasize the Tumblr account in particular. A number of you have kindly messaged me to say Without Within has inspired you in your endeavors. It is a story about an artist, after all. My Tumblr account contains entries about my journey, so I hope I may connect with you on that platform.

Though these sites provide different content, I hope for them to carry the same spirit present in this InvertMouse brand, if I may say that. As for what that attitude is, I think players should be allowed to decide for themselves. Hopefully your impression is a positive one.

Thank you all!
Mar 12, 2015
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello everyone! A lot of you have kindly asked for it, so here it is. Above is a teaser image for Vinty's new adventure. Though we still have months of production ahead, I wanted to reveal that there is indeed a project in the works. Where will this new journey take place? If anyone recognizes that building in the backdrop, that might give it away.

The first draft of the script is 17,000 words in length. Compared to the 4000 word script of Without Within, hopefully this will be a meatier experience while remaining succinct. The script will further evolve in these upcoming months.

At the moment, this new story is a linear one. In the original game, quick bad ends were written to express some of the painful choices artists are forced to make. This time around, I feel like there is no need to repeat that process. Rather than potentially dividing my focus, I hope to tell a single story with maximum clarity. This might change as time progresses, but for now, hopefully you guys will be on board. Please feel free to voice your thoughts, though!

Has anyone here played Shan Gui or Go Go Nippon? I like calling those games "travel novels". When I travel, I often develop a love for new places similar to the way we connect with people. Without Within will always be a series about Vinty's struggles as an artist. However, I also wish to share my joy of visiting unfamiliar places in this new story. I hope we will be able to connect.

Earlier, I mentioned releasing this new story as a DLC, but with my current schedule, it will be well past July before I have any real chance of closing this thing out. If the dates are far enough apart, perhaps it might be more appropriate to put this new title up for another round on greenlight. We will see how things play out.

So, what else is on my plate? Months before Without Within came out on Steam, I have in fact been producing a new project named Cursed Sight. The game has just been announced earlier today, so I really hope you could consider checking it out. All the details are available here:

Thanks everyone! Despite Without Within being that short, so many of you still went in with such a positive attitude. I appreciate that a lot. Thank you so much.
Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for supporting Without Within on Steam. I really appreciate all of your feedback!

Not everyone enjoys visual novels in the community, so I knew there would be some negativity involved in this release. However, when I read reviews of folks enjoying the read, then feeling bummed out that it ended so quickly, I really felt like I had disappointed them. It is like we talking on the phone, and just as a cool topic starts, I suddenly just hung up. I really regret that.

Before some of my titles appeared on Steam, I had a small community of supporters. Without Within was my little gift for those kind people. Once the game hit Steam, even if it is a free title, perhaps it needed more substance. Though I have always preferred being succinct over padding out content, I have absolutely taken everyone's feedback on board.

Even before Without Within arrived on Steam, a few people have kindly asked for more of Vinty's adventures. In response, I do in fact have a new story planned for the end of this year. At the moment, I am working on another project around 40,000 words in length, but it is unrelated to Vinty.

I had wanted to keep this new Vinty adventure a surprise for Christmas of this year. Now that Without Within is on Steam, the situation changes a bit. Should this new adventure be added as a DLC? Or should I return to Greenlight and showcase it as a new title? I will aim to write a more expansive tale, but I have no plans for this to become some sort of epic. In that case, perhaps this new story does not warrant being its own title.

The timing is a big worry I have. DLC releases can be relatively quiet, and if I lose touch with you folks because of this twelve month wait, that would be so unfortunate. I do post updates on Facebook, but I hope to avoid hounding people to like my page 24/7.

So those were some thoughts that I wanted to share with you all. Thank you so much everyone ːthankyouː!

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