Nov 7, 2019
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
  • Mythic hats are now purchasable after level 45.
  • Slightly increased spawn rate for some huge fish.
  • Fixed a bug causing Bombats not to bite rocks.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Mamo from being caught.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Oct 30, 2019
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
New fish.
New Lures.
New boat,
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
I'm happy to announce a soft fix for the 100 quest achievement bug.

It is now possible to reset the catalog: just open it and click "reset". Doing so should reset your quest progress. If you have been experiencing the quest bug and this doesn't allow you to take new quests, please report as a bug here or in the forums.

Important Note:
Many fish behaviors/interactions change over time as minor updates are pushed to the game, so there's a good chance you'll discover something new along the way.

If you'd rather not reset your catalog, just wait for some new fish~

Expect more soon!
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
- Flick now works even when the line isn't snagged; i.e., it's actually a useful upgrade! Flicking repeatedly is less effective.
- Space bar now works like left click.
- And there's a few new small fish. Nothing fancy, but expect more soon~

Question for Discerning Fishercats:
Do you all prefer these small daily updates or would you prefer a sizeable content package a few times a year? Please let us know!
Oct 27, 2017
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
We decided a new round of performance improvements was overdue. This is a more aggressive version of the last performance patch; we're hoping to make room for an upcoming content update.

In addition to performance improvements, there were a few bug fixes and balance changes:

- improved save file stability
- decreased the value of the Cave Shark and Swordfish
- increase the frequency of storms (during Halloween).
- decreased the Maw's dive depth
- fixed the quest skip bug (for NEW save files)
- fixed some catalog display bugs
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
There was a series of minor patches this week. These are mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements for the "Caverns and Corals" patch, as well as some balance changes. No new fish. But there is a new rod upgrade to check out!

Patch Notes:
- Added the "Flick" rod upgrade.
- Cave Shark now reacts differently to the huge hook.
- Updated the catalog entry for "Bombat".
- Fixed the "Bombat Explosion" crash-bug.
- Fixed the "Sliding Cave Shark" bug.
- Fixed the "Flipping Maw" bug.
- Fixed a bug with Dark Boat: lightbulb timer no longer doubled; battery drain still halved.
- Fixed a bug preventing players from unlocking "Deep Sonar" if they caught ALL fish before completing 30 quests. (Wut.)
- Fixed a bug causing the game to sometimes crash when a Bonefish follows a fish that was following an Anglerfish.
- (Performance): Reduced the range of interactions for all new large fish.
- (Performance): Dumbed down a few of the new large fish; they change targets less frequently.
- Visual: removed controller button sprites until controller is fully supported.
- Swordfish begins fighting sooner.
- Swaller value increased.
- Josie value increased dramatically.
- Josie and Swaller stamina reduced slightly.
- Josie, Gupper, Tik Tik, and Gorbon fatigue-rate dramatically increased.
- Bullfish strength, stamina, and cash value reduced.
- Probably fixed the invisible fish bug. Again.
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
New Areas to Explore
Go further than ever before with two new boats! Or go deeper. Below the ocean floor are the caverns, a vast network of caves supporting a variety of habitats. Utilize the new "sinker" rod upgrade and the "deep sonar" tool to scour the depths!

Dozens of New Fish
Discover the Skrimp, Bombat, or Chompy among dozens of new fish. There are two new huge fish lurking in the sea, including the collosal Cave Shark. There are even rumors of giant Nightfish hiding in the caverns.

Better Quests
No more boring quests! The quest system has been updated to prioritize rarer fish once you've gotten a handle on things. Quests to catch multiple fish of the same type are now rarer.

A Few Changes to Hats
- "Grind" hat effect now actually works.
- "Kardinal" fail-cast bug fixed.
- "Tinkerer", "Ballcap", "Pernicus", and "Lens Cap" effect rephrased.
- "Boater" and "Fez" move speed reduction reduced. (Faster.)
- "Quester's Beret" reward bonus increased to 100% from 25%.
- "Seer" no longer disables quest rewards.
- "Nightfall" now produced shorter storms more frequently.

Other Stuff
- Max level raised to 100.
- Max cash increased to $1 billion.
- "Huge Hook" buffed: hooked fish can be eaten whole.
- Single "Repel" upgrades are now MUCH more effective.
- "Gauge" buffed.
- "Improved crank" nerfed.
- Most rod upgrades are visualized.
- Maw won't fly away any more. Probably.
- Many fish behaviors tweaked slightly.
- Fixed a bug causing fish to become bones sometimes.
- Fixed a bug causing some save files to become corrupted.
- May have conquered the elusive invisible fish bug.
- UI improvements.
Cat Goes Fishing - Casey
Cat has a new toy: the sinker.

Below the dark depths live curious creatures who call the caverns home. They've spent centuries slumbering in darkness, and some would assume stay, but Cat has other plans.

Discover 30+ new fish, two new boats, and more in this upcoming patch.

More information coming soon.

For continual updates, you can follow on twitter.
Apr 1, 2016
Cat Goes Fishing - Cass Cornelian
Many fish are sleeping. The quiet night is a somber respite from the energetic day.

But strange fish come out at night; curious creatures wander up from the depths, their dark domain expanding as the light recedes.

Discover the fiercely intelligent Noctis and more in this mysterious update.

Patch notes:

- Nightfall (after level 15).
- 3 new hats.
- 11 new fish.,
- The Hatalog.
- Cloud saving.
- Quest system updated.
- Bug fixes.

This is the first of a series of patches we'll be rolling out to strengthen the end-game experience.
May 19, 2015
Cat Goes Fishing - Cass Cornelian
This premier update adds a new challenge to Cat Goes Fishing. The fish are fighting back. Cat's prey will thrall once hooked and attempt to break the line. Reinforce your line and fight with brute strength or cleverly outsmart your flailing foes.

Select "Realism" at the start of a new game to enable this content.

Patch Summary
  • New game mode: Realism.
  • Support for multiple save files.
  • Major AI improvements and visual updates.
  • New upgrades/hats/fish.
  • A plethora of balance changes.
  • Catalog/interface improvements, bug fixes, and more!

Complete patch notes:

New game mode: Realism
  • Fish thrall against your line once hooked.
  • Your line can snap if you're not careful!
  • Some fish lunges can be dodged by boat strafing or reeling
Changes to fish:
  • Fish value decreases more quickly when a fish is damaged.
  • 4 new small fish.
  • 6 new medium fish.
  • 5 new large fish.
  • 2 new huge fish.
  • Fish values and respawn timers re-balanced.
Changes to boats:
  • Basic boat is now slightly faster.
  • Great boat is now slightly slower.
  • Boat costs decreased greatly.
Changes to Rods/Upgrades:
  • 6 new rod upgrades.
  • Great Rod/Master Rod costs increased.
  • Upgrade costs reduced for higher level rods.
Changes to hats:
  • 1 new Legendary hat.
  • Rare and legendary hats are more common.
  • Reworked: Bones, Boater, Grindhard, Cuddlebane, Trilby, and Fez.
Changes to tools:
  • Radar cost greatly increased.
  • Radar now keeps the boat at the left edge of the radar panel when possible.
  • Radar now tracks the lure when it goes off screen.
Changes to the catalog:
  • Fish no longer show up in catalog until caught or until a quest for that fish has been given.
  • Fish now display their "best catch" health level in the catalog.
  • Mouse scroll-wheel now scrolls through the catalog.
Changes to lures (now "attachments"):
  • "Lure shop" renamed to "attachment shop".
  • Lightbulb duration increased.
  • Rocket distance increased for early rods.
  • Bomb scare timer is now lower for fish near the shore.
Miscellaneous changes:
  • New achievements!
  • Support for multiple save files! (Hit esc.)
  • Hit 'S' to sell your fish quickly.
  • Hit 'R' or 'B' to buy a rocket or bomb quickly.
  • Hit 'M' to set the music volume level. (0/25/50/100%)
  • "Unlock"-type achievements are checked when the game starts.

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