Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Solar Division]
Added key bindings for AZERTY keyboard.
If language selected is FR, game will use QSDZ keys instead ASDW for ship movement.
Aug 22, 2016
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
Hi everyone,

I wanted to let know everyone that last two years were very exciting for me and whole Zotrix team. After our first ever Greenlight process with this game and then release on Early Access we learned a lot.

Zotrix was shaped along the way and with great help from the community I'm happy what we have achieved. Over the last 10 months we have been pondering on idea should we go on and create additional DLCs or move to the next game and as a result of creative discussion we came up with so many ideas for DLC. Our major issue with these ideas is they are introducing so many new mechanics and types of enemies that we figured out the DLC would look like from some other game and would not do the justice.

So, our decision is to go on and make Zotrix 2.

The game itself will feature new ships, quite different enemies and accent will be on their AI, rather than coming down in waves over splines. Levels will be much bigger than single screen introducing different dynamic to the gameplay. What is also important to say, each level will be uniquely crafted and there will be no repatition of the same tracks during the game.

In-game economy and trading system will be completely overhaulled and simplified with more meaningful impact on the game balancing.

The game will keep to the retro look and feel while still bringing performance of modern games.

Official announcement of the development is pasted here as it was released via FB and TW last week during Gamescom week, so for all of you who missed that, here it is:

Tokyo Metropolis, Taito Ward, August 17th 2016 - Ocean Media announces development of sequel to its well acclaimed retro arcade space shooter Zotrix

“There’s no better place to announce this exciting news than here from Tokyo, birthplace of many great arcade classics. Zotrix continues to be a great success for Ocean Media and ZeroBit Games since last summer’s Steam and PS4 releases as it is still recruiting squadrons of new pilots each month.

For some time we were toying with various new ideas for Zotrix 2 and finally I can say we have set the course for the sequel in terms of design and game features. Since the game engine is already in place we are expecting first footage from the game by the end of this year.
Overall we are aware of the elements where the first game fell short and we’ll make sure to craft the game with lot of attention to those areas. I would like to point out that our community around the game on Steam played a great role in this with its valuable feedback on the game.” said Vedran Klanac today in Tokyo, Japan.

The game will be developed initially for PC, Mac and Linux platforms. The game will run on cross platform OceanGameEngine so console versions will automatically be available (PS4, Xbox One).
Release for desktop versions is expected during Q3 2017, with consoles beginning of Q4 2017.

About Ocean Media LLC : Ocean Media is indie game publisher from Zapresic, Croatia. The company was founded in 2006 by Vedran Klanac and has produced over 75 games so far. We are bringing original games to PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One. If you are an indie developer and in need of help in bringing your game to Steam, we can help.

Vedran Klanac,CEO
Ocean Media LLC,
email: vedrankl@oceanmedia.hr
web: www.oceanmedia.hr
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Solar Division]
Hi everyone,

from time to time we get reports that game crashes on the launch or at some point and usually it's quite tedious to catch the bug without proper information.

I'm happy to announce that we have integrated crash reporting system in Zotrix.

In general if your game crashes, game will generate 3 files in the same folder where your main executable file is:
  • OceanMedia-Crash-Instructions.txt

  • OceanMedia-CrashReport.txt
  • OceanMedia-CrashDump.dmp

First file on the list is obvious, describes what to do in this case.
Other two files is what we need and just simply email them to support@oceanmedia.hr and we'll take it from there.

This will help us a lot to improve the game and cure terminal bugs.

Vedran Klanac,
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Solar Division]
Hi everyone,

we have started releasing play through videos and there will be official announcement for each batch at the Community Hub section.

Here're first 4 levels:

Also, if you have any level that you find difficult to play or it is too challenging, let us know, we'll make a video with special notes and ideas for the fighting strategy.

Vedran Klanac,
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
Today's update is providing fix for the bug which caused you not to get all the credits which you are entitled when mission is finished.

Update is released for all three platforms, Win, OS X and Linux.

Vedran Klanac,
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]

if anyone is interested in helping us to translate the game to Russian language please send us an email to: contact@oceanmedia.hr with subject "Zotrix - RU - translation."

We are looking for someone who is able to do it by end of January 2016.

Vedran Klanac,
crator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
Hi everyone,

Zotrix PS4 is going out today in US


Vedran Klanac,
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
Hi everyone,

we are all very excited here at ZeroBit Games as today is very important milestone for us.

Zotrix is released to four new languages including French, Spanish, Italian and German!

We have been working on this in background for last couple of months together with
our translators who did great job.

I would like to thank once again to following people who helped with their great contribution.

French localization:
translation - Romain Galati
proofreading - Sunny Singhasiri and Nicolas Gourdon

Spanish localization:
Eduardo L. Arana

Italian localization:
Riccardo Di Maio

German localization:
Dário Krobath

Support for multiple languages is added through Options menu, where player is able to click on the flag to enter language selection screen and change the language.

We have couple of more languages in the works and hope to release them in the near future.

Best regards,
Vedran Klanac
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
Hi Everyone,

in today's major update we are bringing following changes to the game:
  • reworked game economy and trading system, it is more balanced now and allows less exploits
  • redesigned number of arcade levels which were hurdle for many players
  • adjusted control scheme and responsivness for gamepad controller on arcade levels
  • navigation in menus using gamepad now uses D-Pad (finally)
  • added "skip intro" button to lower right corner during Intro sequence

Focus for the update was on rebalancing the game economy and trading system which should make game more interesting.

There has been number of ideas and suggestions related to game balancing on the discussion forums and I would like to use this opportunity to thank all the players who contributed with their ideas.

happy shooting,
Vedran Klanac
creator of Zotrix
Zotrix - vedran.klanac [Zotrix]
This update is bringing one new feature to the game and that's Steam Leaderboards.

Leaderbaords are added, one for each mission, so now you can compete and see how good you are in each mission comparing to other players.

You can access leaderboards from Mission Control screen.
You will notice one new button right below Tutorial button at the Mission Control screen.

Post mission dialog also got updated and now you are able to see your mission stats, score table for that mission and you are able to choose if you want to replay the mission right away or continue further on.

On another note, I wanted to let you know we are carefully collecting your feedback which is coming in recent weeks about balancing issues.

Next update will deal with those issues and we will take into account number of your suggestions while addressing the balancing matrix equipment store vs trading vs mission rewards.

Thanks again for all the feedback you are sending to us, it is very valuable and helpful.

Best Regards,
Vedran Klanac
creator of Zotrix

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