TRIP Steam Edition - Aurora
TRIP has been updated with new maps and music for you all to enjoy!

There are now 8 additional "levels" which I'd prefer to call sets
The sets differ in nature and each one has its own theme and overall mood.

The new songs for each set are different experimental pieces created by yours truly, some are piano sessions while others lean more on the digital side of things.

Please remember that TRIP is an art software, so there isn't and won't be objectives or 'gameplay' only digital spaces to explore and experience creative expression. This is an artware for relaxation, inspiration, and contemplation.

Having said that, there will be more sets and songs to compliment them in the coming months!

Here are screenshots from the newest sets!

TRIP Steam Edition - Xenon
Now that TRIP has been fully released, the first batch of ongoing content will soon be included.

The update will bring music and sounds to the overworld and additional levels/sets to explore!

Check out these screens from TRIP's new worlds

Jan 14, 2015
TRIP Steam Edition - Xenon
First, let's give a little rundown to those unfamiliar with TRIP.

It was a combined effort between Adam ( Programming ) , Benjamin Meredith ( Soundtrack ) , and myself.

Released in 2012 and was only meant to be a one-shot art experiment.

It took 2 years for it to pass greenlight requirements, and now that it is on Steam I can add more content without having to manually contact players individually.

Unfortunately, Ben and I stopped working together so I had to remove his content from the Steam version of TRIP, since it is after all going to be a different piece of software from its original release in 2012. So pardon the temporary silence.

This artware will feature music and new content by yours truly.

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