Pulsen - Velgus
4-Panel Footprint is excited to announce Pulsen’s Update 3 released this Saturday September 3, bringing with it more music, a new game mode, a new noteskin, in-game play instructions, major UI updates, as well as various polish and fixes. Pulsen is a music and rhythm game currently in Steam Early Access with core gameplay involving hitting four directional arrows to the beat of the music as they pass by the screen.

7 new songs have been added to Pulsen, for a total of 85 songs in game. Songs include music from the rhythm dungeon crawler Crypt of the Necrodancer, a dance remix of the Super Hexagon video game soundtrack, a track by the popular chiptune/electronic artist Shirobon, and more.

New song additions:

1) Crypteque from Crypt of the Necrodancer - Danny Baranowsky
2) Figurehead - Rotteen + Emoticon
3) Mausoleum Mash from Crypt of the Necrodancer - Danny Baranowsky
4) Signs from There Came An Echo - Big Giant Circles feat Aureylian
5) This Love - Shirobon
6) CNTL ALT BELIEVE - Losstarot
7) Super Hexagon - DustZallax orig Chipzel

Workout Mode has been added to Pulsen. Like Play mode, it can be played solo or with a second player. Workout Mode gets into the action quickly, and has almost no downtime between playing songs. The player selects a specified difficulty and then chooses one of three random songs that appear. The song can always be played to the end in Workout Mode, there is no “failing” like there is in the default Play mode. As soon as the song is finished, the player returns to the Workout screen with another three random songs to select from. Songs played, time played, average difficulty, and overall intensity (called Sweat Rating) is shown, with the player’s best record kept track of between play sessions.

A new noteskin, called Slingshot, makes its debut. Slingshot’s colorful animation and more classic arrow shape provide even more options to customize how game looks.

A How To Play feature has been added to make sure beginners get up to speed quickly and veterans can quickly go for a refresher on a few of the finer points of gameplay.

Pulsen’s options menus have had an overhaul. Not only are things more clear than ever, there is also additional functionality like an option to not end a song when the lifebar runs out to allow players to enjoy the game more casually.

There are also numerous smaller additions, revisions, minor chart fixes, and bug fixes.

Pulsen is available now on Steam Early Access {LINK REMOVED}, with a full release date TBD.

Pulsen - Velgus
Pulsen Build 1.2 is here bringing with it a ton of new content, a new note timing window, as well as various polish and fixes. Pulsen is a music and rhythm game currently in Steam Early Access with core gameplay involving hitting four directional arrows to the beat of the music as they pass by the screen (similar to games such as Dance Dance Revolution or In The Groove).

13 new songs have been added to Pulsen, for a total of 80 songs in game. Songs include a remix of the viral Nyan Cat, music by the popular artist Renard, a track by dance game music veteran Oscillator X, and more. The new songs are listed below, and can be listened to in Pulsen’s Build 1.2 Song Preview video.

1. Cali Coast (Psionics Remix) Speed Edit - Soul Pacific
2. Commuting - The Queenstons
3. Cosmo Memory - Losstarot
4. I Believe - Idris
5. I Control - hyi
6. I Gotta Have Mix - Ken Wank
7. Koan - Rotteen
8. Make Your Moves Mix - Ken Wank
9. Nyan Cat (Rainbow Poptart Remix) - The Icarus Kid orig daniwell
10. Rainbow Medication - Kitsune²
11. Starburst - Losstarot feat GUMI
12. She’s An Angel - Renard
13. Style On My Speed Dial - Oscillator X

In addition to the new songs, some previous songs have seen updates. Several bonus charts have been added, and include some of the most difficult charts in Pulsen. There have also been revisions to over a dozen existing charts with updated effects, timings, rhythms, and fixing minor issues.

A new note timing called “Ludicrous” has been added to Pulsen, inspired by the Ridiculous timing seen in DDR and StepMania. The timing window for Ludicrous is only 11.25 milliseconds, making it the narrowest timing window in Pulsen and twice as difficult to get as the Fantastic timing. Ludicrous timing has been implemented to provide all players with an extra challenge they can optionally strive for, and to make Pulsen more competitive for players that want it.

Pulsen has also seen many minor improvements. These include revised option menus, noteskin previews during noteskin selection, some updated images and more consistent colors, and of course bug fixes.

Pulsen will feature over 80 songs, with at least 5 difficulty levels for every song. It can be played on a dance pad, computer keyboard, or controller as solo or local two player. Steam integration allows comparing scores in game, and will include achievements and trading cards.
Pulsen - Velgus
Pulsen Build 1.1 - featuring new content and improved UI, is Now Available on Steam! This build corresponds with the release of the new Pulsen DLC song pack Pulsen: Souleye.
Build 1.1 Features:
  • 14 new songs
  • Improved current charts
  • Ability to save and play against Replays
  • Option to have Combo text near Receptors or over Notefield
  • Combo timing ratings now display next to Combo text (Fantastic, Perfect, etc)
  • Mouse functionality for selecting songs and navigating menus
  • Revised score screen
  • Adjusted fonts and text layout
  • Revised song selection screen layout
  • Revised main menu layout
  • Bar graph to quickly compare Friends' scores
  • Added languages - Japanese and Spanish (German coming next build)
  • Various Bug fixes
List of New Songs:
  • Adraen - Killin Your Dudes
  • Azrael-II - Never Fade
  • BANDETTO - Headrockin
  • Comma King - Bringing Me Down
  • Emoticon - Wishing Well
  • Furries in a Blender - I Ate All the Food
  • Losstarot - Lunatic High
  • Mayhem - Spinback
  • MGD Assault Force - Speak Sins
  • MIDIhead - Speeder Freak
  • PSURG Sound Team - The Collapse
  • Renard - Claustrophilia
  • Renard - I UPDATED MY LIST
  • Sta - Noiseproof

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