Siege of Turtle Enclave - Heftig
This DLC pack includes 6 additional units; three ranged gunpowder units and three melee golem units. The first pair appear at Teir 2 (Stoneborne), another two appear at Tier 3 (Ironwrought) and the last remaining pair featuring the mighty Bombard appear at Tier 4 (Arcane). These units were originally awarded to people who 'beat the average' price when Siege of Turtle Enclave was featured on one of IndieGameStand's PWYW sales, now you can get them here on Steam!

Siege of Turtle Enclave - Heftig
This is primarily a graphical update (pretty cool if I do say so myself), with some framework installed to pave the way for the Special Edition units to be made available through Steam.

What's that? You don't know about the Special Edition? That was a cool bit of fluff I made for the PWYW deal on IndieGameStand a while back, if you beat the average price during the sale you got to download the 'Special Edition' of the game. It included 6 additional units; three ranged gunpowder units and three melee golem units. They should be coming out sometime within the next few weeks, I've been really busy lately but I'm making the time to get them set up.

Oh also the game on Steam and IndieGameStand now includes Linux versions! Yay! I' expecting problems with that so if you have any please let me know, I'll try and address them as quickly as possible.

As for other changes there is now an end-battle screen that tells you how many units you lost, how many of them recovered after being struck down, and also how many enemy units you killed.

That's about it, thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think about the new graphics!
~ Heftig

PS: I added an Encyclopedia and Game Manual that can be accessed through the Steam client or the Steam website, I'm hoping it will help new players better understand the game since quite a few have complained of ambiguity in the game. Sorry the tutorial wasn't clear enough and I hope the manual helps a bit.

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