Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun

Version 1.0.4 has just gone live on Steam, time to update your Armed with Wings! This update addresses a number of bugs reported by the community - that you for you help everyone! This update also re-balances Survival mode.

I felt that Survival mode takes too long to become challenging. Survival is now dramatically more difficult. Difficulty selection for survival is no longer an option. Enemies will transition into 'futile' after wave 4.

To further complement the survival changes, I've setup a leaderboards page on Steam! Scores are automatically submitted to the board as long as you don't quit mid session.

Here's the Rearmed Steam Leaderboards Page
Use the dropdown menu to toggle between various leaderboards.

Here's the full change list:
  • Survival Mode rebalanced
  • No Difficulty Select on Survival
  • VS Mode Bugs
  • Story Score Bugs
  • Boulder Bugs
  • Performance enhancements
  • Survival Freeze fix
Conarium - (Alec Meer)

Welcome back to Unknown Pleasures, our weekly round-up of ten promising but under-reported games from the torrent of new releases on Steam over the past seven days. I play a glut of titles for ten minutes each, discard any rotten ones, then choose which ten make the weekly round-up, as well as picking one stand-out favourite.

This week: myriad monochrome, haunted ice stations, smart shump remixes and the singular glory of painted lines. … [visit site to read more]

Jun 5, 2017
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun
A new update has gone live on Steam! Version 1.0.2 fixes a few issues that I somehow missed for the release build. Here's the change log:
  • Fixed dialog issues
  • Fixed Vandheer Bugs
  • Enemies Block/Dodge on Futile
  • Lvl 1 performance improved

A proper 'Release' new post is coming, so stay tuned.
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun

Solo indie developer’s sidescroller exits early access after 2 years.
I’m excited to announce that Armed with Wings: Rearmed version 1.0 is now available on Steam! The stylish, black and white platformer exits early access after 2 years of beta. As the sole developer of Armed with Wings, I’m incredibly satisfied to have served players continually through early access.

A very special thanks to all the players and community members for contributing incredible feedback. Without question, these players have directly influenced the outcome of this game for the better.

What's new in the full release:
Many players have experienced Armed with Wings: Rearmed in one form or another. Whether from Steam or at PAX, online or offline, none have experienced the new features/surprises I’ve prepared for launch:

  • Weapon Pickups In Story
    Special enemies drop equippable gear. The hunt
  • begins for the best equipment!
  • Campfires
    Sit by the campfire to change your equipment in-game.
  • New Difficulty Tier
    Test yourself against 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Futile!
  • New ‘Relic’ Challenge
    Collect all the relics to unlock a special challenge.
  • New Playable Character
    The teased 3rd character is now unlockable.
  • New VS Arenas
    More ways to battle your friends in local VS.
  • And so much more!

Steam Trading Cards
Steam users will be pleased to know that Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons and Profile Backgrounds are available to unlock through Steam. A frequent request, my apologies for the many delays.

Armed with Wings is coming to consoles
Nnooo Publishing has partnered with Sun-Studios to bring Rearmed to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: see official Nnooo Press Release here.

Launch Discount and Price
Armed with Wings: Rearmed will remain at the same early access price point of $7.99 for june. The price will raise to $9.99 in mid July to better reflect the added value early access updates. Get the game this week at a 15% launch discount, $6.79!

May 31, 2017
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun
Armed with Wings is launching in less than 24 hours! I'm super busy getting things ready - I just want to bring light to a few things:

Support the ThunderClap
Early Access players have already given me so much support. But If you wish to do more to help the launch of Rearmed, please support the Thunderclap with your social media. This will help boost a super social media post that will drop on the 1st. THERE ISN'T MUCH TIME LEFT!

Version 1.0
Version 1.0 is not just any update... It's BIG! Biggest update I've ever delivered! I encourage you when playing v1.0 to clear your save data and start again. Trust me, you've never played Rearmed liked this.

The New Trailer
A Launch trailer has been prepared - I can't wait to share it with you all! I just know that you can't wait to share it with all your friends.

Watch the Live Count Down

I've put up a live count down on the Armed with Wings website. You can see exactly how many hours until launch... so get hyped :)
See the Live Count Down

That's all for now. I wonder who the 3rd character could be?
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun
Thank you to all players who bought into the game up till this point. Thank you to the player community for the continued support, forum activity, bug reports and suggestions... you have assisted and contributed considerably. Together we have truly improved the game and it’s been a fantastic journey.

Armed with Wings is finally exiting it's 2 year long early access beta. The full release (v1.0) is launching onto to Steam on:

June 1st 2017!

See the announcement video below:
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun
New Website
In preparation for launch I completely rebuilt the Armed with Wings website. The new is now live! I've gotta say... the website is stunning!

Take a look at the new Armed with Wings website.

The Armed with Wings Thunderclap campaign needs your support. Thunderclap is like a social media spiritbomb. I need everyones power to make the bomb as big as possible!
Support the Armed with Wings Thunderclap campaign.

Armed with Wings is exiting Early Access very soon. Stay tuned for income wave of news!
Twitter: @Armedwithwings
Facebook: Armedwithwingspage
Sun-Studios on Youtube
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun

Armed with Wings: Rearmed is now in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Today Publisher Nnooo announces partnership with Sun-Studios to bring the indie title to consoles. Additionally, the game is being assessed for a potential Nintendo Switch version.

Check out the Announcement Trailer below:
For more details, please see the original new source.
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun

Ultimate Strike Ability
Does this look familiar? Culminations Ultimate Strike returns as an Ability Booster. String up nearby enemies in a ballistic chain attack.

A Hand
Build 0.9.1 introduces the fan favorite and long awaited hand, otherwise known as Vampire Strike. Have fun :D

Armed with Wings: Rearmed exits Steam Early Access in 2017 and I've been working HARD to get the final build ready... that's right, the Final Build v1.0. You'll learn more in the coming weeks, but be prepared because v1.0 a heavy hitter.
Feb 14, 2017
Armed with Wings: Rearmed - Daniel Sun
Hey Everyone,

I made some artwork:


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