Tallowmere - Chris
Dearest adventurers,

Tallowmere 2: Curse of the Kittens is coming along. Online co-op is working. The project has reached a turning point, and Lady Tallowmere will be opening the doors to her second generation of dungeons for you in 2019.

Early Access
Steam's Early Access programme is planned for the remainder of Tallowmere 2's development.

I am aiming for March 2019 as the initial Early Access launch timeframe for version 0.1, but please don't maim me if the date slips a little.

I've been developing T2 solo for almost 2 years now, and with online co-op being pretty stable and server deployment streamlined, I would like to get the dungeons onto Steam for you to play. There is only so much I can test alone, and online gameplay needs players to be effective. I'm also keen for your feedback and suggestions to help shape the game, as there's still much to do.

Please take a look at the following tentative development roadmap:

Currently in the closed alpha, you can enter Lady Tallowmere's dungeons, slay enemies, find keys, acquire loot and gold, buy and sell weapons and shields, level up and choose rewards, and receive a high score upon death. There are axes, boomerangs, katanas, grenades, flails, stun bombs, bows, elemental balls, staffs, lightning orbs, and scythes to discover. Most enemies use the same weapons you do in T2, which is different from the first game. Certain weapons also have elemental variations to keep things interesting, such as Poison Bows and Arcane Bows.

Similar to Tallowmere 1, the rooms in Tallowmere 2 are randomly generated every time you play, and gradually grow bigger as you delve deeper. Gaining a high score based on how many rooms you've cleared is still the aim of the game. Room Modifiers are also present now to spice up each area and keep you on your toes, and new Room Skins will keep the dungeon looking fresh.

While the original 7 loot rarities (ranging from Basic to Otherworldly) are making a comeback, 4 new loot tiers (ranging from Demonic to Celestial) now also await players that manage to make it extremely far.

As shown on the roadmap above, I plan to increase Tallowmere 2's price throughout early access as development progresses.

Initial price will be $4.99 USD, and will reach $9.99 USD upon full release.

I've debated going free-to-play, and/or having in-app purchases or paid DLC, but for Steam, I feel a one-time upfront price of admission with free updates afterwards is the way to go.

I do plan to offer 10% discounts throughout early access from time to time, but no deeper. If the price looks good, please come aboard when the dungeons go live.

Upcoming features
While the core gameplay is stable, it needs more. Primary goals over the next couple years of Early Access will be focused on character enhancement, bosses, rewards, dialogue, and lore. The aim is to go above and beyond what Tallowmere 1 had for items, modifiers, and characters, while still adhering to the confines of the dungeon.

Some features of T2 that I've dabbled with so far, such as special abilities, secondary attacks, and acquirable passives, feel like they should be the rewards of exciting battles or events... but such battles need bosses, and these all take a fair amount of time to develop and create. As such, bosses will be added gradually, but the types of rewards you can receive will likely appear more often throughout development.

Some things are also due for an overhaul, or have only been partially implemented and still need to be fully fleshed out. Please be prepared for change.

I am calling Tallowmere 2's online servers "relay servers". There is no peer-to-peer networking – all network traffic passes through the relay servers I've developed. This means client IP addresses stay private between players, and you won't have to muck around with port forwarding nor NAT punch-throughs. The servers are effectively dedicated servers, sans physics processing.

A single server can host multiples games at once, maintaining instances of each game world as network messages pass through. If a player happens to disconnect from a game in progress, they can reconnect and resume exactly as things were.

Physics processing happens on the client computers, but since Tallowmere 2's initial focus is on jolly co-op rather than competitive player-versus-player, I believe it will be sufficient.

I am also in the process of allowing relay server builds to be available as a Steam tool, so anyone can optionally host a relay server to help out the community if they'd like.

Note that online play is entirely optional – you can still play offline as single-player or 4-player couch co-op.

Cross-platform play
I have developed Tallowmere 2's network capabilities to be cross-platform compatible. From my testing, I can confirm that the Windows, macOS, and Linux versions are compatible with the in-development Android and iOS versions. I am confident that future console versions will be compatible with desktop and mobile too.

Like Tallowmere 1, Tallowmere 2 will feature language support. All strings in the game are ready to be translated – but since more things are going to be added, completing the translations will be a gradual process.

If desired, I will be able to add Steam Workshop support for fan translations. In certain circumstances, it might make sense to have "official" translations again if needed.

Rogue-like or rogue-lite?
Years ago, "rogue-lite" seemed to mean "randomised non-turn-based game", but these days rogue-lite seems to additionally mean "permanent stat progression between runs".

I believe there is room in T2 to have characters or classes be unlocked as you play, but having your base weapons and attribute points be permanently more powerful on your next run from the get-go because you died a bunch of times previously is not part of my game design.

"Rogue-like" is technically reserved for turn-based gameplay, but since T2 is an action game, I believe "action rogue-like" is how I'd describe Tallowmere 2.

I feel there is appropriate room for a shared stash to let certain perishable items be carried over between runs, and even potentially have helpful NPCs be persistently unlocked, but permanent stat upgrades between runs are not on the radar.

There have also been calls for wanting non-permadeath modes; I may reserve such a feature for only the story mode.

Gif it to me
To see some animated gifs, please visit https://www.tallowmere2.com

Since the official store page is not live yet, the best way to hear when Tallowmere 2 is available on Steam is to visit my Steam developer page, then click the Follow button.

I look forward to playing with you in the coming months!

– Chris

om nom nom
Tallowmere - Chris
Version 350.7 – 2 March, 2018

Languages added:
  • Portuguese-Brazil – translated by Lucas Videla.

  • Slovenian – translated by Alen Korez.

Android DLC:
  • Added support for the IPEGA PG-9037 controller.

  • Fixed an issue where thousand-separators were not being added for numbers surpassing 1,000,000.

  • Fixed a souls-related crash that could occur if red, green, and purple souls were disabled via the Punisher.
Tallowmere - Chris
Version 350.7 – 2 March, 2018

Languages added:
  • Portuguese-Brazil – translated by Lucas Videla.

  • Slovenian – translated by Alen Korez.

Android DLC:
  • Added support for the IPEGA PG-9037 controller.

  • Fixed an issue where thousand-separators were not being added for numbers surpassing 1,000,000.

  • Fixed a souls-related crash that could occur if red, green, and purple souls were disabled via the Punisher.

Version 350.9 – 11 September, 2018
  • Updated engine to Unity 5.6.5p4.

  • Fixed an issue where video wouldn't work if user's graphics card was set to scale the screen.
Tallowmere - Chris
14 August 2017 – Version 350

New languages:
  • Finnish – translated by Tomi Turkki & Olli-Samuli Lehmus
  • German – translated by Spiffosi, sePL, & John Westfield
  • Japanese – translated by Teyon Japan

    Thank you to everyone who has helped translate Tallowmere!

  • Updated engine to Unity 5.6.2p4.

  • macOS: Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes crash upon startup.

  • Fixed an issue where controller icons weren't appearing in the Edit Controls menu for non-English languages.

  • Fixed an issue where Lady Tallowmere's speech bubble wouldn't update during a boss fight if blood was disabled.

  • Fixed an issue where Samuel's Challenge dates were always displaying in English.

  • Fixed an error that would occur if you opened the Weapon Wheel before walking around.

  • Fixed an issue during a boss fight where blood would instantiate in the center of the room rather than on the boss.

  • Fixed an issue where combat log entries for certain bosses were incorrect.

  • Minor translation text fixes.

17 September 2017 – Version 350.1
  • Local co-op: Fixed an issue where interaction text could overlap the UI too far.

  • Minor translation text fixes.

20 November 2017 – Version 350.2
  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if you died with the inventory menu open.

  • Fixed an issue where a key could bounce into a corridor out of reach without getting pushed back.

  • Local co-op: Fixed an issue where player names would overlap the High Scores UI.

  • Android: Added support for the IPEGA PG-9055.

30 December 2017 – Version 350.4
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.6.4p4.

  • Fixed a rare issue where soul groups would never spawn.

2 January 2018 – Version 350.5
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.6.5f1.

  • Fixed some positional regression issues from 350.4.
Tallowmere - Chris

+10 Comfort. No sacrificing needed.

From the Wandering Merchant comes... a t-shirt! Available on Storenvy

Feel the loving embrace of Lady Tallowmere, Mr Bigguns, and a few innocent kittens against your skin.

Official commissioned artwork. Illustrated by Cam Kendell.

Base price: $18 USD

Shipping rates:
  • USA: $5 USD
  • Canada: $8 USD
  • Worldwide: $10 USD

For any questions or queries, please comment below or email chris@tallowmere.com

Tallowmere - Chris
Amidst preparations for her upcoming sequel, Lady Tallowmere has learned yet another language: Turkish. With thanks to A. Ozkal.

16 June 2017 – Version 345
  • Added Turkish (Türkçe) – translated by A. Ozkal.

  • Steam: Added option: Lock Cursor to Window. Toggleable. Available under Options > Input Options.

  • Added persistent English text for the “Options” and “Language” menu items to prevent confusion if the language was set incorrectly.

  • To help fix missing font issues, the following fonts have been embedded:

    • For Simplified Chinese, added the Noto Sans CJK SC font.

    • For Russian, added the Noto Sans font.

  • Improved out-of-bounds position detection when using the Katana or Emerald Dagger.

  • Fixed an issue where you could spawn outside the room when starting the game.

  • Fixed an issue where Bloats could chase you after cloaking with the Emerald Dagger.

  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze after starting a Challenge.

  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze if you talked to the Tireless Guard with blood disabled.

  • Local Co-op: Fixed an issue where the red low-health overlay would not cover the whole screen if the camera was zoomed out too far.

  • Android: Fixed the Flag Runner achievement displaying the wrong text.

  • Various minor translation text fixes.

  • Performance improvements.

18 June 2017 – Version 345.1

21 June 2017 – Version 345.3 (Android)

2 July 2017
Tallowmere - Chris
18 April 2017 – Version 344

Lady Tallowmere has learned two new languages:
  • Added Italian (Italiano) – translated by Luca Pattarini.
  • Added Russian (Русский) – translated by Tycho Davidianus.
Many thanks to Luca and Tycho. ːtallowmereː

22 April 2017 – Version 344.1
  • Minor translation text fixes.

1 May 2017
  • The monthly leaderboard for May 2017 is now live.

7 May 2017 – Version 344.2
  • Updated the InControl controller plugin from v1.6.9 to v1.6.12:

    • Windows 7/8: Added support for Xbox One S controller.

    • Windows & macOS: Added support for 8Bitdo NES30 Pro, SFC30, and SNES30 controllers.

    • Windows & macOS: Added support for Xiaomi Bluetooth controller.

    • macOS: Fixed support for newer Sony DUALSHOCK 4 controllers.

    • Android: Added support for 8Bitdo SFC30 and SNES30 controllers.

    • Android: Added support for Xbox One Bluetooth controller.

    • Android: Improved support for PlayStation 4 controller.

  • Improved detection of PlayStation controllers for button names and icons.

  • Android: Default controller buttons for Main Menu and Inventory have been changed to Start and Select, rather than L1 and R1.

  • Fixed Left Trigger / L2 not being bindable in some cases.

  • Minor text translation fixes.

  • Known issues:

    • If your controller does not have a Right Trigger / R2 button, you will need to remap the Shield Block action to a different button like Right Bumper / R1. This can be done by pressing Start > Options > Input Options > Edit Controls.

    • Linux: Using a PlayStation 4 controller may have the L1 button’s signal be seen as held-down upon first load, thus showing the combat log. Please press L1 once to toggle the combat log off.

    • Android: The signal for Right Trigger / R2 may be seen as held-down upon first load, thus having your shield raised to start with. Please press Right Trigger / R2 once to lower the shield.

7 May 2017 – Version 344.3
  • Windows & Linux: Fixed an issue where VSync and framerate settings weren't getting applied at startup.

3 June 2017
Tallowmere - Chris
Lady Tallowmere has learned to speak yet another language - French! With thanks to Christophe Braguy.

12 March 2017 – Version 343
  • Updated to Unity 5.4.4p3.

  • Added French. Translated by Christophe Braguy.

  • Upon first run, Tallowmere now attempts to automatically select your system language (if available) rather than defaulting to English.

  • On the main menu, added a “Save Game” item explaining how the saving system works:
    - Your game is automatically saved when you reach a new room.
    - Your save file is loaded whenever Tallowmere starts.
    - Your save file will be deleted if you die.

  • Linux: Fixed an issue where the game would not pause if the game lost focus.

  • Linux: Fixed an issue where the cursor would remain locked to the game window if the game lost focus.

  • Android: Added support for the 8Bitdo FC30 Pro and 8Bitdo NES30 Pro controllers.

14 March 2017 – Version 343.1
  • Tutorial text now wraps if sentence is too long to fit on one line.

  • Fixed some minor translation text issues.

16 March 2017 – Version 343.2 (Android)
  • Android: Added support for the FIX XBG-301 controller.

22 March 2017 – Version 343.3
  • French: Fixed an issue with one of the outfit names.

  • Android: Added support for the GameSir G4s controller.

29 March 2017 – Version 343.4 (Android)
  • Android: Added keyboard support.

2 April 2017 – Version 343.5 (Windows)
  • Windows: Improved XInput controller detection in certain scenarios.

  • Windows: Added support for the BETOP BTP-2175S controller.

2 April 2017
Tallowmere - Chris
Lady Tallowmere has learned to speak Polish and Spanish, with thanks to Maciej Ułanowicz and Jose M. Gaspar.

Languages can be changed in-game by going: Esc > Options > Languages.

18 February 2017 – Version 342
  • Added Polish (Polski). Translated by Maciej Ułanowicz.

  • Added Spanish (Español). Translated by Jose M. Gaspar.

  • Updated the InControl controller plugin from v1.5.12 to v1.6.9:
    • Added support for Sony DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Adapter.
    • Added support for newer PlayStation 4 controller.
    • Added support for Xbox One S controller on Windows 10.
    • Added support for Xbox One controller changes in Windows 10 anniversary edition.
    • Added support for SteelSeries Stratus XL on Windows.
    • Added support for PlayStation 4 Steam Link on Mac.
    • Added additional controllers supported by 360Controller 0.16.4 on Mac.
    • Fixed D-Pad mappings for Xbox One controllers on Windows 10.
    • Android: Added improved SteelSeries Stratus XL support.

2 March 2017
  • The monthly leaderboard for March 2017 is now live.
Tallowmere - Chris

Lady Tallowmere and her friends have learned to speak Simplified Chinese (简体中文), with thanks to Kai Shao.

Version 340 Changelog – 2 November 2016

New & Updated:
  • Tallowmere is now built with Unity 5.4.2f1.

  • Added internal support for multiple languages. For details about translating Tallowmere, please read the Localisation Support thread. The default language is English. Please note that weapons and loot acquired prior to v340 may retain their English names even if you change the language.

  • Added Simplified Chinese (简体中文) as a selectable language. Translated by Kai Shao. Available in-game under Main Menu > Options > Languages.

  • Updated the monthly leaderboard to November 2016.

  • In singleplayer, the weapon info box in the top-left corner no longer fades out.

  • Added a slight glow around each Acid Trap skull.

  • Converted the Tips & Tricks section to read data from local language files instead of requesting a file from Tallowmere's web server.

  • Tamed the screen shake to be slightly smoother and less jarring for the shake duration.
  • Fixed +Spiked Club Damage not being included in the loot rolls.

  • Fixed an issue where +Base Damage numbers on new weapons were being rolled too low after loading a saved game.

  • Fixed the Tips & Tricks section sometimes saying there was 1 new tip if you had read them all.

  • Fixed screen tearing on Linux.

  • Fixed mouse cursor showing erroneously on Linux. The cursor is now hidden and locked to the game window from the start. Opening the main menu by pressing Esc will release the cursor so you can click elsewhere on your desktop. Resuming the game will lock the cursor to the game again.

Version 340.1
  • Steam: Fixed the title screen not looking in the correct directory for the SavedSettings file.

Version 340.2 – 7 November 2016
  • Settings are now saved immediately after selecting a language.
  • Android: Fixed the Back and Confirm button text being off-centered.

Version 340.3 – 9 November 2016
  • Selecting a language now applies the language and restarts Tallowmere immediately.

    My apologies for the ~14 MB download size; it seems Unity 5.4 likes to repack the sprites every update.

Version 340.4 – 10 November 2016
  • Fixed an issue from v340.3 where Steam leaderboards and achievements were not being activated, and savefile locations were incorrect. This was due to human error on my part. I will add some checks and alerts to my build process to ensure this doesn't happen again.

    If you were using Windows with v340.3, savefiles would have been accidentally saved to:
    C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Chris McFarland\Tallowmere

    If desired, please copy any savefiles to the correct directory:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Tallowmere

Version 340.5 – 17 November 2016
  • Fixed an issue where gib collisions were not creating blood splats.

  • Android: Added support for the GameSir G3s controller.

Version 340.7 – 2 December 2016
  • The Steam monthly leaderboard ID is now retrieved from Tallowmere's web server.

  • The monthly leaderboard for December 2016 is now live.

Version 340.8 – 29 December 2016
  • Updated to Unity 5.4.3f1.

  • Fixed a Local Co-op and Keyboard Co-op issue where the inventory screen would sometimes switch to the wrong player when pressing Esc.

  • Android: Added support for the DroidBOX GPD XD PlayON controller.

  • Android: Hopefully resolved a rare Unity-related crash.

2 January 2017

1 February 2017

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