Ratz Instagib

Ratz Instagib is one of my favorite games and I almost never play it, because almost no one else plays it. After beating up on a bot for five-or-so minutes, I can sometimes find an opponent or two, but it's a struggle. When Ratz launched in 2016, it was littered with CS:GO players who'd use it for practice when they weren't defusing bombs. Where'd you all go?

If you aren't familiar, instagib is an Unreal mutator that now generally refers to FPS games in which everyone starts with a one-hit-kill hitscan weapon. Though I wish some of the most-commonly played levels in Ratz were less spacious and more Unreal-like, and it doesn't replace Unreal Tournament 2K4 instagib for me, it is one of the best instagib games you can buy.

It's a polished sphere of a shooter. You have unlimited ammo and there's a brief cooldown after each shot. Bunny hopping increases your speed Quake-style, and you can 'rocket jump' by firing a pulse out of your gun with the right mouse button. The respawn timer is pretty short. That's all you need to know, really. You'll dance with other players, balancing your own erratic movements against your need to aim, and trying to predict their trajectories. It's beautiful.

What makes Ratz a great package, and not just a rehash of an Unreal mutator, is that just about everything, from your crosshair to the color of opponent players, is customizable, and there's an easy-to-use level builder. 

I don't know why Ratz didn't stick—it is simple, sure, and the players who dominate really dominate, so that's part of it—but maybe we can get a couple months of full servers in to start the year. Ratz is just $2.24 right now on Steam, and you can get four copies for $6.24. The CTF mode is great fun. Just sayin'.

Ratz Instagib - Lizzard
Hello everyone!

First off, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for helping give Ratz a great release! It's been a long road, but the game is much better for all the effort that's gone into it… I hope you all continue to enjoy it!

Of course, as is often the way with games these days, a few nasty bugs have crawled into the mix since release. The biggest one caused the game to finish right after a new map loaded, meaning no-one was able to play. Also, sometimes players loaded different maps despite being in the same game! Don't worry though – that and other minor things are fixed now.

If anything unusual or weird happens to you in-game, please tell me in the comments so I can try to fix it.

As for tweaks, I've now made it so that there are player counts next to the game mode selection!

And as usual, I've also added a few new Cosmetic items to the pool to keep things interesting…

That's it for now – thanks again for your support and keep fragging!
Ratz Instagib - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Alice O'Connor)

That's rats!

If special abilities in Quake make some gristly knot deep in your guts writhe and write Internet comments, you might be more interested in Ratz Instagib [official site]. And if your hand is stuck twisted into an MX518-clutching claw, as you’d have me believe, you’ll likely recognise both parts of that name. Ratz, from ye olde Rats maps which have teeny players scurrying around colossal bedrooms and whatnot. Instagib from ye olde railgunning mode where enemies explode in one hit. Combine the two and you’ve got Ratz Instagib, properly launched today after 18 months in early access.

… [visit site to read more]

Ratz Instagib - martTM
Hi everyone!

Well, it's been a long time coming - nearly 18 months since we first launched Ratz Instagib into Early Access, in fact - but finally, today is the full release of the game!

Since Ratz first went into EA, the game has come along massively; from localisation and new maps to the addition of character customisation and the from-the-ground-up creation of the RatzEd map editor, Lino's done an amazing job on every part of development. And let's not forget, he did this entirely on his own! If anyone deserves a standing ovation here, it's him. ːsteamhappyː

Of course, today being release day means the real adventure for Ratz Instagib is just beginning! And to celebrate, we've set up a release discount of 20% for the next seven days - that means you can gift keys to your friends and get them all involved on the exciting blasting action.

We hope you'll all join us in saying congrats to Lino for everything he's done and help us spread the word that finally, the day of the Ratz has come!

The RSG team
Ratz Instagib - Lizzard
Hello fellow map-makers!

You'll be glad to know that I've made a significant change to the workshop system with regards to maps. Sadly, there appears to be no end to the posting of so-called 'troll' maps, so I've had to come up with a new system to counteract them. Now, if you publish a map, it won't appear in the in-game voting queue until we approve it on the back-end. This means that only finished (or sufficiently playable) maps will be available to vote on in-game!

However, I've also opened a new sub-forum called 'New Map Approval'. If you post your map in this area, it will be reviewed much faster. Add some screenshots and information about the map and the chances are much higher of it getting approved!

When building your map, please keep in mind that you can still play/test any map in a private game, even if it's not approved yet. Approvals are only for maps that go community-wide.

Have fun in a troll-free environment!
Ratz Instagib - Lizzard

Don't worry, it's just a small update this time…

True/Exclusive Fullscreen
It was tough to implement True Fullscreen in Unity! Basically, if the game was minimized, Unity would stop the whole game and anything that was currently being processed, including networking operations. This led to some rather weird player synchronising problems. However, I found a way to remedy this – I hope my approach is working as intended!

True Fullscreen enables the game to run at its full potential - most importantly, faster input processing and more frames per second!

I'd recommend everyone to look into the Options menu and set the "Display Mode" to "Exclusive Fullscreen" and also to report any unexpected behaviour!

Return of the Ratz Server
The Ratz Server is a separate tool to create your own dedicated "Ratz Master Server" capable of holding up to 100 players on one computer. Perfect for LAN Events! It's
been disabled for a while now, since it didn't work with the current version of Ratz.
But that's resolved now! You will find the Server files in your Ratz installation folder, allowing you to set your own servers up.

Keep fragging!
Ratz Instagib - Lizzard
Hello Ratz fans… I have some new features for you which are available right now!

New Server-Region - Australia
Lots of people have been requesting it, so here it is!

New Music
Seven new jazzy DnB tracks have now been added to the game. I personally can't stop listening to "Shicu"! If you've purchased the Ratz Instagib Soundtrack, you'll see these new tracks added to your track list free of charge.

The new tracks are:
Shicu (by The Jazzassins)
Simple Procedures (by The Jazzassins)
True Connaisseurs (by The Jazzassins)
Maximus (by Flowrian)
Sometimes We Forget (by Flowrian)
Reentry (by Sinbin)
Chief Grand Master (by Paul Sg)

The game is now available in five languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Russian!
In the game's Steam properties, there's now a 'Language' tab. You can also override this setting in the Ratz Options menu.

Server-Region Quick Select
While searching for games, you now have the option to quickly switch between Server Regions. This makes it much faster to cycle through the regions to find open rooms. If there are no open rooms, you can remain in the search queue; that way, new players will be able to find you quicker than ever before!

Map Editor - Major Mesh-Importer Improvements
Additional functionality has been added to the mesh importer to improve workflow. Proper error messages will be displayed now too, in case the 3D file you're importing is causing problems.

Troll Maps removal
You may have noticed a swarm of so called "Troll Maps" appearing on the Workshop with misleading previews which do not represent the level created by the user. Players who have uploaded maps of this description run the risk of having their work removed from the Workshop without warning. This is also stated in the Map Editors Preview creation process.

Also, regarding maps created by others - if you like or don't like the map you're currently playing, you can now up/down vote it from inside of the game itself, rather than having to do it outside of the game on the Steam Workshop page.

New Cosmetic Items
I've added some new items for everyone to unlock… I hope you like them!

Bug Fixes/Improvements
The game has also had some smaller bugs squashed and improvements added:
- Changed Flag positions on the "Orange Rooftop" map, so you can now return the flag : P
- Freezetag: Fixed a bug which caused the round to end, even if a player got unfrozen the last second. Sometimes, refragging unfrozen players didn't score any points - this is also fixed! Also, Player Balancing will do a better job now.
- Survival: Enemies die in one shot now and the time between waves has been reduced.
- Some other minor fixes...

As always, I hope you continue to enjoy playing Ratz Instagib… and who knows, there might be some big news around the corner!
Ratz Instagib - Lizzard

We already got some really nice community maps and im super happy that you all like the RatzEd so much!
But the Editor still missed some essential features, this update solves this.

Futuristic Undo/Redo functions!
Click the Undo/Redo Buttons or just hit CTRL+Z/Y to revert changes.

Better UV Tools
You can now move, scale and rotate every side of the "Builder Cube" individually, a lot easier!
I prepared a little gif, showing the new tool in action:

Better 3D Import
Before, anything you imported got combined into one mesh and one material.
Now it will import all individual meshes with individual materials applied!

Rat Dummy
The Rat Dummy is used to see the map size in comparison to real players.
The "Map Size Multiplier" in "Settings/Map Settings" also reflects on the Dummy too now.

Contrast Colour
In "Settings/Map Settings" you will also find the "Player Contrast Color" setting.
It allows to set the best contrast color for players in relation the the map colours.

The game received some improvements too!
- Player movement speed slightly increased
- When other players shoot, a muzzle flash appears now
- Model animations (legs) got improved

Also we got some smaller bugs fixed:
- "Map Background Colour" works now ingame too
- "Cubemap Reflections" work again
- Some Voted Custom maps didn't load if they were set to private/friends only
- The AFK System got some fixes
- Closing the Edtior will open a popup asking if you want to save last changes
- Various other fixes/improvements

As always, don't forget to save in the Ratz Editor often, and have fun playing!
Ratz Instagib - martTM
Hi everyone!

As you might have already seen, today marks the launch of RatzEd – an incredibly powerful, yet easy-to-use and totally free map making tool for Ratz Instagib. With it, you can create pretty much any map you can dream of and then share it to Steam Workshop for others to enjoy! And to celebrate the launch of RatzEd, we want to reward one of you for doing just that...

Between now and March 14th, 2016, we want as many of you as possible to use RatzEd to create new maps for the game. The more inventive, fun and exciting, the better! And once the deadline passes, Lino Slahuschek (the developer of Ratz Instagib) will pick his favourite to be the winner. The prize? Your very own Razer Deathadder, PC Gamer's own pick as the best gaming mouse around!

If you own Ratz Instagib, then you can update your local content to receive the RatzEd map editor tools for free and get designing. For more information about RatzEd, check out this announcement link or the official RatzEd user guide.

Good luck and happy map making!
Ratz Instagib - Lizzard
Hello everyone!

A lot of time passed since the last Ratz update, but with good reason… I've been working hard to get the next phase of Ratz completed. That said then, I'm happy to say that the Ratz Editor (RatzEd) is finally finished and available now for ALL Ratz owners totally free! A huge amount of work went into it and I'm super proud that it's all worked out really well. More importantly though, RatzEd is the biggest thing to happen to Ratz since launch and now, you all have the power to create whatever maps you like!

Here's a breakdown of what's in the new update:

The Ratz Editor is a separate program (Windows only right now) that allows everyone to create their own worlds and levels for Ratz, with a HUGE amount of creativity and flexibility available. Ratz Instagib now has Steam Workshop integrated as well which works with RatzEd, so it's very easy to share and discover new maps by the community.

Interested in adding your own perfect map to Ratz? I've created a handy guide that covers all that you need to know to get you started! Check it out here:


As a taster, there's a sample map already available so you can start playing something new right on. It's just a small example of what you can do with just basic RatzEd tools:

New Special Cosmetic Items
To celebrate the release of RatzEd, three new special customisation items have been added for you to unlock! The "Monster", a "Cute Mouse" and a "Happy Robot". These three, along with the special "Space Rat" set, is available only for a limited time, so grab them while you can!

New Map Vote
With the addition of custom maps, I felt that the game needed a new Map Vote solution. Now after a match ends, you'll be presented with a summary of popular, highest voted and new maps to vote on! Even better, you can also add your subscribed maps to the map pool.

And on top of these additions, there's still more new stuff under the hood!

  • Mouse input bug fixed that was causing unprecise mouse movements
  • The enhanced mouse input received some fixes and improvements, and won't be stuck on your main monitor any more when pausing the game.
  • Better matching with players on your skill level. By default, Ratz won't search for low-rated players any more, but you'll get a notification after some queue time if you want widen the search.
  • HUD Scale is now available. It's found in the Options menu and allows to decrease/increase the size of the Player HUD graphics.

I hope you have great fun with the new update and, most of all, enjoy making your own maps for Ratz!

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