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‘Suspicious Developments’ remains my favourite name for a games studio*, but ‘Sokpop’ might be my favourite name for a video games collective. That’s because a) it captures some of the playfulness that they bring to their work, and b) it’s fun to say. Sokpop!

I can look forward to exclaiming it more often, because Sokpop Collective have announced that they’ll be releasing a new game every 2 weeks using crowdfuning from their recently launched Patreon. You might know them for sci-fi city stroller Bernband, pleasant meadow puzzler Lisa, multiplayer park mess-about sim Digital Bird Playrground, or any of their many, many other games. Click on through for details about that Patreon, as well as the bigger projects they’ve got planned for this year.


LISA - Valve
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Community Announcements - dingalingboy
By popular demand LISA the Joyful now has an "Easy Mode"... Have fun. <3
Bou'll have to find it first you jackasses! HAHAHA!

Also Buddy now has more attacks and abilities.

Also you can find new equipment to strengthen yourself.

Community Announcements - dingalingboy
Get both the Painful and Joyful for a discounted price.

This also includes both games soundtracks and artwork
of the LISA universe.
Community Announcements - dingalingboy

This is the sequel to LISA the PAINFUL,

it features the soundtrack for free!
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - (Alice O'Connor)

John’s away today, so I can do things like: while John got frustrated and gave up on Lisa: The Painful RPG [official site], I’ve heard good things about the side-scrolling RPG from people with more patience. Bleak, terrible things, but good things. Don’t confuse this Lisa with the charming quiet adventure game I wrote about, no, this is the post-apocalyptic one which starts off bleak and only get worse, with addiction, murder, mutilation, and terrible choices that can literally cost you blood – or an arm.

Good news, misery fans: Lisa’s expansion, named The Joyful, is coming on August 25th. This news comes with a new trailer showing a little of what to expect:

… [visit site to read more]

Community Announcements - Daverball
Hello everyone,

based on the influx of new feedback from the midweek madness feature we've decided to update the default build with some improvements:

  • There is now a better F1 screen, you will be able to change the most frequently used engine settings directly on that screen in the Graphics tab and the settings will persist. We realize that launch options and config files aren't really a satisfying solution for a lot of people.

  • The new settings screen also features some buttons to setup recommended window sizes quickly at the click of a button, if you don't like the way smooth upscaling looks.

  • The game font's size has been decreased ever so slightly, so there should hopefully no longer be any cut off text in the game.

If you should encounter any issues please report them, you can use the original version of the default build by opting into the old-default branch on the betas tab in the game's properties.

UPDATE: There was a bug on Windows that would cause configuration changes to not be saved properly, this was fixed with the hotfix released at around 4PM PDT.
Announcement - Valve
Save 50% on LISA during this week's Midweek Madness*!

*Offer ends Friday at 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Jun 10, 2015
Community Announcements - dingalingboy
The conclusion to LISA is coming.

Very soon.

Community Announcements - dingalingboy
Hey everyone, Ding here.

The Deluxe Package featuring the Game, OST, and Art Collection has finally finally been released! It takes awhile before new products can get reviewed and ready for launch. I know some of you have already purchased the Soundtrack seperately before this.

Because of this, I have decided to merge the Art Collection with the Soundtrack, instead of charging separately for it.

So please enjoy all the wonderful art and history of LISA!

And if you haven't got the Soundtrack, now is the perfect time with the bonus Art included!!!

The Artwork will be in the same Folder as the Game

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\LISA\LISA - Art Collection


A new difficulty setting has been added to LISA.
Terry will let you know what's up when you start a new game.

- This Mode allows you to save only one time at a crow.
- New enemies & bosses have been added.
- A new area has been added
- A new pain ending has been added.

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