Transformice - Streax

It’s time to welcome a brand new event!

This year, we have prepared a super cool event for you!

Grab your magic wand and put on your wizard outfit, the school of magic Hograts needs your help!
It has been destroyed by the malicious Anvil God… Help Prof to rebuild the school before the beginning of the school year!

From today and during the next two months, you will be able to enjoy this super cool adventure, which is a COMMUNITY EVENT where you will have collaborate with other wizards towards the same goal!

I'm sure you guys are super curious...

Well, let's stop the bla bla bla and let's get right to the point. Since it is an EXCLUSIVE EVENT, we will quickly explain you, what you should do (not everything of course! We will leave a pinch of mystery...)

As stated earlier, this event has a community twist. That's right! You will have to fulfill certain goals together, and also some individually in order to reach one goal in the end.

What should we do?

The school of magic Hograts and the bridge that gives access to it were destroyed by the Dark Lord: you little wizards have to rebuilt them!

And how should you do it?

Throughout the map you will have to collect some useful resources that are needed to rebuild them:


Our crystal ball told us that you can combine resources…

By fulfilling the missions, you will gain rewards such as medals, titles, and consumables!

Be ready wizard, your quest starts now!

Transformice - Atelier 801

Brace yourselves, the Halloween event is back! Prepare for trouble, make it double.

This year, we decided to treat (or trick?) you with all your favourite Halloween maps, to make the biggest Halloween event ever!

The “Skeleton Cat” Maps

If you manage to cross the 3 long maps, you get a chance to kill the cat at the end by pressing Space to hit it with your wand! But the cat can kill you too... Beware of the cat’s paw! It raises and swipes mice every few seconds, and you might lose a heart. Ghosts scatter around the area randomly, so watch out for that too! Kill the cat and gather its skull to exchange it in Drekkemaus’ shop!

The Opening Doors Map

You will see two arrows, pointing at where to go. You must go to one of the places where the arrows are pointing within three seconds. In one area, there will be a piece of candy waiting for you. However, in the other area, you will find a miscellaneous surprise...Will you make the right choice?

If you succeed, you’ll get a door handle to exchange to Buffy for prizes!

Flappy Mouse” Map

A swarm of mice witches needs to get through the pumpkin patch! Watch out for these thorny vines!
Press Up to fly on your broom and pass all the obstacles. This year, you get unlimited tries to get across the map. Get some candy, but watch out for the Broom trophy, so you can exchange it to Voldemouse for rewards!

Drekkemaus’ manor and Casino

This year, the whole Drekkemaus family will await you in their manor! Gather some candy and exchange your precious trophies for various rewards in the family shops.
Then in the manor’s Casino, there are 3 slot machines, where you can spend all your hard-earned candy.

- The first slot machine will cost you one candy.
- The second slot machine will cost you two candies.
- The third slot machine will cost you three candies.

Each of them will give you different prizes. So think twice before choosing a slot machine!


You can earn trophies, titles, more candy, consumables, cheese and maybe… THE JACKPOT
Jul 12, 2016
Transformice - Atelier 801
The game was updated! With update 1.322, discover our new event for the summer: gardening!

Your vegetable garden

You have 6 slots and a minute to garden. You'll have to show speed and cleverness! When you're not in your garden, you can randomly loot tools in order to boost your plants.
When you click on a empty slot, a window will show you what's possible to do. Choose your desired seed, then if you have those following tools, click on the plant and choose what suits you best:
  • The watering can to lower growth time
  • The ladybugs to chase bugs away
  • The rake to remove weeds
  • The fertilizer to accelerate the plant speed growth
Tools are tradable!


You can buy them from Papaille, against your grown plants.
But you can also loot them randomly on the maps! We already put a certain amount of them here and there. Those wild seeds will give you a random plant to take care of.


Giving more and more rare plants to Papaille will unlock high quality seeds! When you reach a rarity level, magnificent plants can be gardened (even a magical one!)

Go back to adventure on other maps to wait for your plants to grow!

Regarding your rewards, we'll let you the element of surprise. We hope you love this event!


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