NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - Denpasoft
We'd like to let you know that the artbooks for NEKOPARA Extra & Vol. 0-3 are now available digitally on Steam! They're also 10% off until May 27th so you don't wanna miss this deal! These artbooks are adults only so please keep that in mind when making your purchase~ These DLC require you to own the base game on Steam.
NEKOPARA Extra - Artbook
NEKOPARA Vol. 0 - Artbook
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - Artbook
NEKOPARA Vol. 2 - Artbook
NEKOPARA Vol. 3 - Artbook
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - Denpasoft

In case you haven't noticed, the NEKOPARA - 18+ Adult Only Content DLC will be coming to Steam on December 17th! These DLCs are exactly the same as the versions on Denpasoft/DLSite/NEKOWORKs booth. There is no difference between the versions, they all contain the same content and are with mosaic. We hope you all are looking forward to the releases! Please note you must own the base game on Steam to purchase these DLCs.

NEKOPARA Vol.1 - 18+ Adult Only Content
NEKOPARA Vol.2 - 18+ Adult Only Content
NEKOPARA Vol.3 - 18+ Adult Only Content

We also wanted to mention that we're also bringing even more to Steam! Please look forward to the Re;Lord 1 - 18+ Adult Only Content DLC! This DLC is the exact same version as the one on our website (with mosaic).

We're also bringing two fully uncensored visual novels to Steam as well! Yes, that means no mosaics on these next two titles!
Hikari! Clover Rescue and I Walk Among Zombies
*Please note we're still working on updating I Walk Among Zombies on our site to contain no mosaic. If you already own the Denpasoft version please keep an eye out for an updated download link once it's ready!

By the way, one last announcement! Chapter 02 of the NEKOPARA digital Manga is now live on Amazon! Make sure to grab it and enjoy these adorable cat girls now in manga form!

NEKOPARA Chapter 01: Here Come Chocola and Vanilla! Kindle Edition
NEKOPARA Chapter 02: The Bells Kindle Edition

To stay up to date on our releases please make sure you're following our Publisher Page on Steam! You can also follow NEKO WORKs on Steam as well!

Steam Publisher Page
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - nobody

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me is now available on Steam!!
Our friends at Denpasoft are handling the 18+ DLC so make sure you're following them on Steam! You can also read a tester blog from Kevin R. for the 18+ ver over on the
Denpasoft blog!

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me
Ren’s virginity is in danger as he is suddenly pushed into the school’s special girl's dormitory full of useless demons. Assigned as an assistant to watch over them, his happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me - 18+ Adult Only Content
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me - Opening/Ending Theme Songs
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me Adult Limited Edition
The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me Adult Edition
*Please note that the DLC is supposed to be on sale and We're talking to Valve to update those sale prices as soon as possible!

Mark your calendars for Nov. 9th! Last Stanza will be heading to Steam on that day! There is a demo available for you to try on the Steam page.
Key Features
Linear route, visual novel
A short but impactful story written in almost 70,000 words
Story brought to life with 12 unique characters, beautiful backgrounds and a wonderful soundtrack.
Available in English and Portuguese - Brazil languages

Last Stanza
Last Stanza is a slice of life, dramatic visual novel that deals with the consequences of a tragic event from different perspectives.
December, 2009. On a day in the last week of that month, I realized how slowly dripping tears had a shivering yet uneasy feeling. The coming of winter turned the air thin and cold. The clouds blocked out the sunlight that normally reached the ground making it seem as if the sun was absent.

Many days passed and life seemed to return to normal as if nothing had happened. To conceal my anger and confusion and slowly regain control of my thoughts, I opened my heart up to friends old and new to try at any cost to find a new place for myself.

But it is in peaceful moments such as these when even a single seemingly inconsequential action can set up a chain reaction like the endless waves of a once calm ocean turned violent, bringing to the shores of my mind the emotions I had thought were long locked away.

We also have another exciting game to share with you! You can check out the exclusive look at National Park Girls from Studio Coattails over on Rice Digital! You can find more details about projects from Studio Coattails over on their Twitter.

All Eve ever wanted was to protect and preserve the land, but after five years of being a ranger in Yosemite National Park, she’s just about ready to throw in the towel. The people are careless, her co-workers are annoying, and thanks to an increasingly tight budget she can hardly do her job. Fed up and burned out, Eve lashes out, but after being transferred to a remote cabin post in return, she only finds herself more uncertain of the value of being a ranger. Soon after arriving, three strange girls corner her in the cabin. Not only do they claim to live there, but they also say they’re the manifestations of Zion, Yellowstone, and Yosemite National Parks! Are these girls really who they say they are? Why is Yosemite so obsessed with her research? And why does one of them have a volcano on their head? Follow Eve as she gets closer with these spritely cuties that put the “natural” in “supernatural,” and maybe even discovers a new kind of love for the parks.

Our other announcement is that Denpasoft recently released Seven days with the Ghost on Steam! This is an occult yuri game created by members of 2ch, Seven days with the Ghost takes place at the girls-only Keisei Academy, in the modern era where magic exists alongside science.

Seven days with the Ghost
Ayako is the only member of the Occult Research Club at girls-only Keisei Academy. Needing to attract more students or have her club shut down, she tries to seek out the "Seven Wonders of the Academy". What she finds is more than she bargained for.

And finally our last announcement is that Nanairo Reincarnation will be coming soon to Steam! We're still working on getting the Steam page up, so please look forward to this fantastic title coming soon~

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light and Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky are now available on Steam! If you have a VR headset and enjoy visual novels we highly recommend you check it out!

Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light
“When you step into this forest, you lose one memory…”
Innocent Forest is fantasy story about a girl called Luclei and the memories of her visitors.
The forest of lost memories: a place where they say you can forget one painful occurrence.
Kei, a young man lost in the forest, encounters a mysterious girl named Luclei who lives among the woods and gathers a flock of birds.
It is through these birds the past, present and future of lost memories unfolds.

Innocent Forest 2: The Bed in the Sky
The forest of lost memories: A doctor named Hauser, just moved into the town. While he takes a walk in the town, he steps into the forest and then meets a girl, Luclei, in the sudden washing rain. Luclei catches a cold by walking in the rain. Hauser has been afraid of facing a patient from his memory of a girl he couldn’t save, but he regains his lost memory with the girl as he nurses Luclei...
This Time, series second edition published. Second edition's Title is "The Bed in the Sky".

Our friends at Denpasoft also just released a bunch of 18+ DLC on Steam! To view their content make sure you have adult only sexual content checked off in your steam preferences!
18+ DLC are available for these titles:
Ne no Kami Series
NEKO-NIN exHeart Series
Love's Sweet Garnish

A More Beautiful World is now available in early access on Steam!
You can view the update plans in their latest Steam announcement here. You can follow the Afterthought Studios developer page to find out all the updates on their titles.

A More Beautiful World
Magic vanished when the ancient wizards who ruled Gallantia were ousted by the armies of man. Knowledge of the arcane and the ones who worked the ancient Blessings were lost - buried in the sands of time. Magic has been relegated to the realm of myth, of superstition.

We highly recommend following our Sekai Project publisher page to stay up to date with all our releases and information! As always, thanks for your support and checking out our updates!
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - nobody

We’ve just released chapter 1 of the NEKOPARA manga on Amazon! Original story by NEKO WORKs and adapted/illustrated by Tam-U. Re-experience the adorable story of NEKOPARA Vol. 1 now in digital manga format!
Buy now on Amazon!

What's NEKOPARA? Why, it's a cat paradise!

Kashou Minaduki, the son of a long line of Japanese confection makers moved out to open his own shop "La Soleil" as a patisserie.

But upon moving out, hidden amongst his things were two of the catgirls, Chocola and Vanilla, that the family had been raising. When he tried to send them back, they begged and pleaded until he gave in and now they've opened La Soleil together.

With two catgirls who really, REALLY love their master trying their very best and occasionally failing -- a heartful comedy opens for business!

Looking for more from Sayori? Check out the store page for The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me, coming soon to Steam! Make sure it's on your wishlist~

The Ditzy Demons Are in Love With Me
Ren’s virginity is in danger as he is suddenly pushed into the school’s special girl's dormitory full of useless demons. Assigned as an assistant to watch over them, his happy and troublesome days as a teacher for these cute but incompetent demons has begun.

We highly recommend following our Sekai Project publisher page to stay up to date with all our releases and information! As always, thanks for your support and checking out our updates! You can also follow the NEKOWORKs Steam Dev page for more nyaamazing content!
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - nobody
Recently at Anime Expo 2018 we sold Nekopara Vol 3 shirts. They were so popular we’ve decided to put up preorders for them on the shop! You can preorder the lovely Cinnamon x Maple shirts today! Shipping for Vol 3 shirts will begin in September 2018.

NEKOPARA - Cinnamon & Maple T-shirt

We also have adorable tote bags for Chocola x Vanilla and Idol Azuki x Coconut!

Chocola x Vanilla

Idol Azuki x Coconut

And in case you missed it, Nekopara Extra and Nekopara OVA Extra recently released on Steam!
Nekopara Extra
Nekopara OVA Extra

You may also be able to find some new nekopara merchandise on a certain site called Denpasoft~

Please follow the NEKOWORKs Developer page and the Sekai Project Publisher page to stay up to date on all updates and announcements!
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - sekaiproject
NEKOPARA Vol.1 has been updated to address an issue where clicking EXTRA in the title menu may cause the game to crash.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - sekaiproject

If you haven't been following the campaign. We hit the mini visual novel stretch goal!

So that means if you pledge $15 right now you'll get the OVA and the mini visual novel!
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - sekaiproject

Neko fans and horny pastry puffers unite! The NEKOPARA OVA Kickstarter just launched! Check it out and consider backing it if you want to see it!
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - sekaiproject
At long last figures of the catgirls from the NekoPara series are here! Under the supervision of creator, Sayori, her SD illustrations of Chocola, Vanilla, Azuki, Coconut, Maple, Cinnamon, Shigure and Milk are brought to life in these cute figures. Each box contains a full set of all 8 figures.

[Preorder Bonus] Each box will also include an original illustration shikishi hand-signed by Sayori!

Release Date: December 2016

Preorder Cutoff: August 31, 2016
NEKOPARA Vol. 1 - sekaiproject
We are honored to announce that we are bringing a few of our close friends and developing partners as our guests to this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles:

From Japan, the face of NEKO WORKs, leading the drafting, artwork, and release of everyone’s favorite catgirl comedy series, NEKOPARA: Sayori!

From CreSpirit, the Taiwan-based development studio behind the wildly popular 2D exploration platformer, Rabi-Ribi: CEO and president, Sirluma, translator, Ian Lee, and artist, Saiste!

From the Japanese doujin circle, ALICE IN DISONANCE, creators of the fault series: founder, writer and director, Munisix, and art director, Hare Konatsu!

In anticipation of Anime Expo, Sekai Project is also launching a special giveaway campaign on social media. Starting the week of May 23rd, every Friday leading up to AX on July 1, Sekai Project will select the best or most interesting social media post from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram that uses the hashtag “#NEKOPROJECTAX.” Winners will receive NEKOPARA-themed prizes!

Stay tuned for more information on this campaign that will be posted soon on our blog and social media pages.

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