Star Rangers™ XE - corporate
Hi everyone - surprise update! If anyone has any suggests on ways to clean up the game screen (it's very busy) let us know . It's not as relaxing as we want it to be.
Enjoy Bart and the Star Raider Ships (Star Raiders themselves are not yet revealed).


  • Fixed all the Music in the game and reverted to original soundtrack.
  • Fixed the Lander so it doesn't blow the hell out of itself with its own collider (sorry)
  • Added nice new take-off smoke to lander.
Island Lagoon

  • Fixed Bart Patrol Behaviours,
  • Bart now shoots stunning zaps, because new recruits irk him (watch out!)
  • Added new audio functionality for Lagoon phase.
    Improved the X-38 Jet's particle system. (it has exhaust
Test Level - AI Ships and Star Raider Base Station
"See this by checking off Test Levels in the Chooser"

  • The only test here is escape and shooting the robots.
  • They will be armed soon, so give it a try while you can.
  • Added Raider space craft and AI.
  • Yours truly (Astronicus) modified bird flocking behaviour and applied it to spaceships. It works amazingly well.
  • Added Raider space station and fixed lighting for the new level.

Star Rangers™ XE - corporate
- Trikes have headlights at night
- Trikes can turn now - much better
- Trikes had a tenmporary bug, and two slots for batteries, now they have one with a lightning sign.
Star Rangers™ XE - corporate
Hello we've posted a new build - enjoy the lagoon at night ....

- Improved ATV in general
- Increased battery capacity (across the game, not just ATV) - 100% more power.
- Added headlights on ATV.
- Battery pack is now with a bright color for better visualization.
- Vehicles (ATV and Trike) complain when they need a battery.
Star Rangers™ XE - corporate
Please make certain to play the public base. There is a very special *(and almost deadly) stun package on the upper level of the large base.
Enjoy! And get some air, too.
Star Rangers™ XE - astronicus
We've added new texture maps to Jupiter and a NASA model of the Juno Spacecraft.
Have a look, Recruits.

A lot larger than it looks, here's Juno on the ground before takeoff:

Star Rangers™ XE - Xefier
- Improved Juno Encounter (Jupiter!!! Enjoy!)
- Added Cassini Encounter (Saturn!! Enjoy!)
- Fixed various map selection textures

Star Rangers™ XE - Xefier
- Flattened Victoria crater terrain around tutorial area
- Darkened in-game computer screen
- Improved Atrium visuals
- Fixed bee tip window
- Fixed players falling through hab connections
- Fixed time of day sync
Star Rangers™ XE - astronicus

20 years and it's finally going to end - the most amazing pictures for this NASA mission can be found here:

Stay Tuned - we'll soon launch a shared scene for you to visit.
Star Rangers™ XE - astronicus
Here's a little bit of space spice about the Docking area,
wherein I explain the Orbital Bee's relationship to Independence Day, orbital velocities, and sleeeeeep in space.....

Enjoy (Video Spooling Up)
Star Rangers™ XE - Xefier
- Fixed Inventory/Care Packages not loading
- Added factories to Mars1 so you can research

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