LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
Sep 13, 2018
LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
Morning all,

Due to popular demand, Sandbox Mode now has everything unlocked by default. So that means creatures like the Dragons and T-Rex can be placed in Sandbox Worlds with wild abandon! The same goes for special characters such as the Minotaur and the Cyclops.

Character customisation is also fully unlocked in this mode, so enjoy making loads of whacky characters to play as.

Oh, and a bunch of bug fixes that we've toiled away at.

Many thanks!
LEGO® Worlds

If you think about it, Lego and Fortnite have a lot in common. There's the building element, obviously, but as all good Lego fans know it's just as much fun to break things up and start over.

And there's plenty of destruction on offer in this imagining of a Lego Fortnite Battle Royale, made by fan Bearly Regal using sandbox construction game Lego Worlds.

The star of the show, really, is the recreation of Fortnite's most famous location - Tilted Towers. The skyscrapers, clock towers and streets are all there, and all able to be be blown to pieces.

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LEGO® Worlds

Lego Worlds isn't just Minecraft with Lego* – players can also create their own games using some pretty intuitive in-game tools. Take this example: someone has built Dark Souls' Firelink Shrine in the block-building game, and they've not forgotten to include those horrible respawning skeletons.

The work of reddit user MythicMarty, it was created using Lego World's in-game tools. The health and stamina status bar elements were added in Adobe After Effects, and the voiceover work was torn out of the original game.

It took around a month to build the environment and create the video, and if you click play on the embedded file below, you'll note that this is only part one. Assuming MythicMarty doesn't get distracted by other things, we'll probably get to see more Lego Dark Souls in the future.

*It kinda is just Minecraft with Lego.

Mar 28, 2018
LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
Hi all,

Today we released a new patch for LEGO Worlds across Xbox One, PS4 and PC, with Switch due to roll-out sometime next week.

It is a general housekeeping patch with several bug fixes, as well as updating a backend Analytics system that we use to help us track player behaviour data, as well as performance data we use to help improve the games general stability and terrain generation.

In the interest of absolute transparency, it is worth highlighting that this Analytics system can be opted out of at any time from the Main Menu settings options, and that there is no way we can physically track who you are through this system. The system randomly assigns a very long number to each users save game, meaning that in no way can we ever link back to find out who you are through this data. So rest assured that this information is perfectly secure and also in-line with the upcoming GDPR changes rolling out within the EU soon!

On top of that, we have a host of bug fixes to share with you in our patch notes:

• General Stability Improvements (ALL FORMATS)
• Updated Analytics Tracking Software (ALL FORMATS)
• Fixed issue with “Designers Delight” Achievement/Trophy not unlocking without having Classic Space and Monsters DLC installed. (XB1/PS4/PC)
• Showcase Models associated Vehicles will now spawn on Custom Worlds (PC)
• Fixed Online Crash when re-joining an active online game (Switch/XB1)
• Fixed Online Crash when attempting to join Online Game for first time (PC/PS4)
• “Keep Worlds Edits: Disabled” now functioning as expected in all worlds (Switch)
• Fixed potential Landscape Tools Crash (XB1)
• Fixed timeout errors for Showcase Previews (XB1)
• Fixed rare General Gameplay Crash on PS4 PRO
• Fixed occurrences of Edits not being saved despite having free Save Space to do so (ALL FORMATS).

Just an FYI; there's news coming this week on something we're releasing, and there's also more to come in the next couple of months again (and the rest of the year looks packed out now too!)

LEGO® Worlds - Valve
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LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
Hi everyone!

Before we go any further, we would like to take this opportunity to thank those who post their opinions and share their thoughts on Worlds so far, on what they both like and dislike. As avid gamers ourselves we keep an eye on all formats of feedback from video reviews to popular forum websites, and this both helps and informs us as they are very valuable forms of feedback. We are always aiming to improve Worlds as an experience. This leads us into our next point, and to talk about the upcoming patch.

The next big patch after this one, is very much a quality of life patch and should be addressing a number of issues that we have collated and addressed as being of high importance tweaks or features. As a game that’s based on LEGO building as its core, we have spent our time this patch on improving the building tools by tweaking their functionality and adding features to improve and enhance players ability to be creative with LEGO. We have also looked into many bug fixes and we are constantly looking into improving performance and stability on all formats moving forward.

To us, Worlds is a living breathing project and one that, although isn’t counted as being in early access anymore, is one that we believe can be enhanced each time we create a big patch. Each big title update will often have a goal, this one was to enhance and improve the building experience and tools used to build, the next big patch will have a different function (Not telling ). In the coming weeks, we will be releasing the patch on all formats and an accompanying video created by the very talented Bear Parker to show off everything new, and to showcase the patch on our social media outlets. We look forward to you guys getting your hands on it and more importantly await the community’s feedback.

So without further ado, let’s see what is coming up for Worlds in Title Update 3!


The Planner Tool

Introducing the Planner, a tool designed to build a house rapidly and with ease! Use the various materials and pre-built wall types to get your new house/town/city underway! You can find the Planner Tool underneath the Build Tool sub-menu options.

Wall Building

Another update to the Build tool! Instead of just tapping the button to place it, you can now hold the placement button to draw in an entire wall.

Discoveries Grid changes

After many content updates, DLC and Showcase Content, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Discovery Menu is no longer fulfilling its purpose. As a result, we’ve now added a tabbed system to make it much cleaner to find what you’re looking for, including the addition of Categories to help narrow down exactly what you’re after. Oh, and to make things even simpler, we’ve added a search function so you can really narrow down the ever-expanding list of Discoveries. And check out the Silhouettes to the grids so you can see exactly how much you’re missing!
Additionally, you can now delete Custom Characters and Custom LXFMLs too! Sorry that took a while!

Camera Car

Ever dreamed of being a Movie Director? Perhaps a YouTube personality? Maybe you just love the idea of taking some lovely wallpaper worthy screenshots? Well we have the car for you! A vehicle that can be utilised by either one player or two, providing you with all you need to set some epic action sequences, or possibly re-create that documentary you watched.


We’ve slightly updated the waypoints. Instead of them scattering around everywhere, they’re much more localised to the area you operate in, and have clearer indications of exactly what they point to.

Galaxy Map

We’ve slightly tweaked the Galaxy Map again too! We put the options behind a slider (cleverly disguised as PUG-Z) and made it all just a little tidier. Also, instead of a white 2D rocket, a micro-build of PUG-Z flies around the planet you are now on. Much nicer.

New Landscape Tool shapes

We’ve added a few new shapes to the Landscape tools, to further improve just how you edit your Worlds! Press the ‘Shape’ button while you have a Landscape tool open to see all the new options you have at hand!

Copy Tool

We’ve made an alteration to how the Copy Tool functions on Controller. You can still choose an exact size, but we’ve also added a nice and simple ‘Hold to expand’ option instead of opening up the box with multiple options.


OK, so that covers the major features, and with Monsters on the way, you should be kept busy until we roll out the final update of 2017 and run headfirst into 2018. Oh and for 2018, let us tell you, that will be well worth keeping an eye on. A few features that have been discussed before will finally live….LIVE WE SAY!!!

Detailed patch notes:

* UI Alterations – v4.0
* Added option to delete Custom Characters and Models
* Able to Bulk sell to trader
* Multiple Localisation Text Box overlaps
* Fixed instances where re-naming Builds would be blocked
* Added “Memory” to Brushes, so opening a tool remembers previous tool selection
* Adventure Worlds now load in Sandbox Mode correctly
* SWITCH: Draw Distance altered to show higher fidelity in mid-range
* Added Planner
* Added Wall Building
* Search Feature added to Discoveries
* Categories added to Discoveries.
* Added the Sky Spinner (Changes Time of Day).
* Game now loads into Galaxy Map without needing to reload Slot. Takes you to Galaxy Map
* Galaxy Map now has PUG-Z present
* Galaxy Map options hidden under sliding menu
* Added new Quest Types
* Increased Light Source radius
* Classic Space Achievements added
* Monsters Achievements added
* Changed Up/Down to be consistent on all tools for Controllers
* Waypoint Markers updated
* Chests no longer appear underground
* New Landscape Tool shapes added
* Camera Car added
* Fixed multiple Online Multiplayer disconnection issues
* XBO – Fixed Memory leaks during long play sessions that lead to crashes
* PS4 – Fixed Memory Leak that leads to seemingly random crashes.
* SWITCH – Frame Rate underwater improved
* PC – Improved cross controls support for M+K+Controller
* All Tutorial Videos added to Options menu to rewatch.
* Tutorial Videos updated to include new Features and UI
* Gold Troublemaker

Thank you again and speak soon!

The LEGO Worlds Team
LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
Hi folks,

Been a while since we spoke. We've been busy getting the Switch version out there and now are back on the track of version parity once again. We've got an update due soon for the next DLC, but it'll also include some changes to the main game as part of an update too.

These include a new tool we're calling the Planner, which auto-builds houses in quick time for you. And a much needed update to the Discovery Tool menus, to allow for quicker and easier navigation. This will also include adding Silhouettes to stuff you don't yet have (we finally changed our minds on that one).

There's also the Monsters DLC pack as mentioned previously, which will see new quests, characters etc, and we'll be adding achievements to that and retroactively adding them to Classic Space too.

Then, in 2018, we have A LOAD of new stuff new planned (free and paid). We'll share more on those soon, including what's going on with Survivor.

LEGO® Worlds - ttcrose
It’s time to make space, literally! The Classic Space pack has finally arrived for LEGO Worlds and it’s packed with an assortment of plastic perfection for you to explore, discover and create. Whether you want to zip around in style in a moon buggy, fly through the atmosphere in a rather epic Space Cruiser or hunt down an alien there’s plenty to play with.

There’s so much to peruse and play with we’ve rustled up this video to give you a better idea of what to expect!

That’s not all folks. Today we’re pushing Title Update 2 live and there’s *LOADS* of new fixes and features - here’s a few highlights…

- Drop-in and Drop-out delay issues resolved.
- Fixed issue where custom worlds occasionally have no life.
- Improved Landscape Tool Performance.
- Undo/Redo no longer re-draws invisible collision where doors and windows once stood.
- Improved ability to move and delete within Free-Build.
- Manually placed buildings fixtures will now remove correctly using Undo.
- Musical Instruments now play correctly online (players can hear all instruments).
- Able to undo/redo all placed brick builds.
- Fixed missing VFX for Online Game host.
- Online performance improvements on all formats.
- The Skateboard is now back and correctly functions.
- Shadows improved on lower quality PC settings.
- XBO – No longer required to select language on boot.
- XBO - Instances of not being taken to online game despite accepting invite fixed.
- PC – Players now able to join another online game without needing to manually exit current one.
- Troublemaker spawn logic updated.
- Quest fixes – Some Characters or Creatures Quests requiring player to return later are now fixed. Some that appeared empty are fixed. Quest Zones less likely to move underground.
- Agents Content added to XB1 and PC.
- Improved SaveData slot speeds. Prevents potential data loss.
- Fixed issue with Audio continuing to play after Brick and Brick Build placement.
- Improved Terrain Draw speeds and Dungeon Draw Speeds.
- Fixed online issue where Client would freeze at 98% loading.
- Multiple Localisation fixes: Button overlap. Icon Missing. Text overflow. Grammar and Spelling.
- Multiple UI updates to Galaxy Map.
- Brick Build Showcase content refreshed for new themes
- Turrets will now remain in correct places when placing custom Brick Builds.
- Landscape tool no longer moves placed props along Y-Axis when adding Terrain.
- PC - Tools Cursors can be set to same size on Controller as Mouse & Keyboard
- Chests no longer on edge of the world facing out to the void.
- Fixed instances where newly discovered props sometimes have no clear price in the menus.
- PC – Mouse cursor is now hidden when using Controller on Player 1
- PC - Can now move the Copy Tool bounding box up and down with Keyboard
- Fixed instances where Quest chains would not spawn if you already owned certain reward items.
- The 1x2 Grill Brick now has the correct numbers of Grills!
- The 1x4 Sliding Piece now has the correct top!
- The 4x4 Round Brick has correct studs!
- The 2x6 Brick with Bow underside texture corrected!
- The 2x2 Grooved Brick has underside texture corrected!
- PC – Now able to join Online games whilst using Steam Big Picture mode.
- Showcase items not correctly saving now fixed.
- Added ability to quickly return to Pug-Z.
- Updated Master Builder Rank Badges.

That’s all for now but keep your feedback coming and be sure to share your discoveries and creations with us – we love seeing what you lovely lot rustle up!

Bear and the TT team
LEGO® Worlds - (Alice O'Connor)

LEGO’s classic Space set is coming to the Minecraftbut LEGO Worlds [official site] in its first themed DLC pack. To some, the sight of that little spacecar and the honking great spaceship might inspire nostalgic joy. Myself, I am reminded that the greatest shame of my childhood was stealing a LEGOman from a family friend because LEGO was a once-a-year birthday treat and I ached for that knight with a horse wearing a dress. As soon as I finish explaining about the DLC and how it’s due out in July for a couple quid, I will phone and apologise. First, let’s look at this trailer: … [visit site to read more]


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