Crossing Souls

Loot Crate and have announced the launch of a new subscription service called Loot Play that brings subscribers five "high quality, highly curated" indie games each month. Each "crate" will be delivered on the 17th of every month in the form of Steam codes, which means the games are yours to keep even if you cancel your subscription. 

"We want to help subscribers find new games that are curated with a focus on creative new voices, and we want to help these independent studios reach new audiences through our large network of Looters," Loot Crate VP of Product Marketing and Communications Erik Reynolds said. "Loot Play will be Loot Crate’s first digital subscription product and will open the door for the company to continue its growth through digital offerings, redefine collecting and explore the relationship fans have with content."   

A bit like the Humble Monthly Bundle, Loot Play will feature one monthly "anchor" game and four mystery games that will be revealed when the crate goes live. The first such game will be Crossing Souls, the 80s-themed adventure about a group of kids trying to save the world from a supernatural threat.   

Loot Play runs from $10 per month with a one-year subscription to $12 on a month-by-month basis. That might seem a little steep compared to the Humble Monthly, which features more (and more mainstream) games for $12 per month, but we can't really judge that until we know what the rest of the games in the initial bundle are—maybe they'll knock our socks off.   

One odd thing about Loot Play is that despite being an entirely digital service—the Steam codes are delivered via email—Loot Play is currently only available in the US. "Currently" suggests that international service is at least being looked at, but for now, those of us who live outside the country are out of luck. Either way, you can find out more at

Crossing Souls - Fourattic
We have fixed the bug that made the screen go black and crash (when you meet the dragon 🐉)
Mar 16
Crossing Souls - Fourattic
- Fixed some bugs involving player collisions
- Fixed some languages issues
- Fixed some sound volumes
- Fixed Steam achievement issues
- Fixed a bug regarding player death
Crossing Souls - Fourattic
Hi, we have just uploaded a hot patch fixing the problem that some Players are experiencing with the boxes of the chapter 3 and 6.

If you are still having this issue after the update please send your saved game to .

Thanks for your patiente!
Mar 1
Crossing Souls - Fourattic
  • Fixed School box issue
  • Fixed graveyard enemy spawn
  • Removed flashes in the Library boss
  • Fixed some maps gaps
  • Fixed auto-run auto-evade issue in some gamepads
  • Fixed some art issues
  • Fixed Steam Cloud Sync issues
  • Decreased difficulty in the Delorean mini-game
  • Fixed Inventory reset issue
Crossing Souls - Fourattic

  • Broken interactive bush inside a bus in Chapter 3 has been fixed.
  • Issue related to the rendering of the credits resolved.
  • Controller "deadzone" with a weird performance resolved.
  • Annoying colliders during Big Joe's tutorial fixed.
  • Issue related to non-recognized controllers (a tutorial has been posted on Steam explaining the process to that should solve it)
Crossing Souls - Fourattic
Hi everyone, during some minutes the Patch v1.2.0 caused an issue related with your saves. If you have lost your save, don't panic, we have uploaded again the patch without any issue about it. You will have your save in place again.

Enjoy and thanks for your messages and reports.
Crossing Souls - Fourattic
Fixes list;
  • Collision issues (irregular floor performance) resolved.
  • Some annoying sfx volume have being decreased.
  • Issues with chris neighborhood red doors resolved.
  • Issue with the HUD during special mini-games (like the chase) resolved.
Crossing Souls

Unabashedly '80s adventure game Crossing Souls has been on our radar since it was successfully Kickstarted in 2014, and it's come a long way since. A free demo was released last week, and a behind-the-scenes developer diary the week before that. Yesterday, developer Fourattic dropped the game's long-awaited launch trailer, flaunting the same old-style cartoon funk that first caught our attention. 

Sam spent around nine hours finishing Crossing Souls' story and found it to be a nostalgic, retro romp that's held up by variety and tributes, but often let down by its unoriginal writing. Have a look at our full review for more details, and remember to try the demo for yourself if you're on the fence. 

Crossing Souls - (John Walker)

Crossing Souls gets off to such a great start. It immediately looks vividly beautiful, a gorgeous splash of pixels and colour, incredibly detailed scenes that would only look less elaborate, less refined, if they were depicted in a more updated graphical style. Then it goes head-first into nostalgia-poking happy places, a story of kids starting an adventure on the first day of the impossibly long summer holidays.

Or you could> say: Crossing Souls, a game that grows steadily worse the more you play, immediately beginning by ticking off every tropey 1980s reference one by one, as it introduces its stereotypical gang of kids in a cavalcade of 80s movie clich s, grabbing hold of the very tip of Stranger Things coattails.

It would very much depend upon how cynical you were feeling. Both are true.



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