May 30, 2018
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hello executives, a few bugs were brought to my attention so here are them fixed.
  • C4 now kills the CEO
  • The power screen bars will no longer move on their own
  • Fixed Iron extractor upgrade exploit
  • Fixed chat system so that clicking while typing no longer sends the message
  • Thorium crystals/Iron chunks issue with being picked up has been fixed
  • Executrons can no longer get inside enemy vehicles
  • CEO can carry on building items from the security control room once the main office has exploded
  • Buggy’s have been slow down
  • Base design has been changed so that you should not be able to build a corridor leading into a wall.
  • The orbital laser will now blow up shielded units.
  • The audio on some explosions has now been fixed so you can no longer hear it from the other side of the map

Should you find any more bugs please post them and if possible along with the output log (info on how to do this can be found in the forums)

Executive Assault 2 is coming along nicely with closed beta testing going on at the moment, follow my blog and website for more information.

Just to clarify few things, remember I am a team of 1, governments and Steam take percentages of revenue, I cannot live off one game for the rest of my life (this isn't Minecraft :P ).

I wish you all the best :)

Dec 14, 2017
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hello Executives! Small patch today to address some minor but important issues.
  • Fixed AI having more than 1 gigantilator
  • Fixed pause between loading levels.
  • Interaction mode has been changed so that you hold down CTRL to activate rather then it being a toggle.
  • Research icon in research screen should now be in the center of the circle on non 16:9 aspect ratio monitors.
  • Research timer now shows the correct time left instead of speeding up/slowing down with efficiency
  • Adjusted brightness of pylon ring

Aug 29, 2017
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hello Executives, at last the version 1.2 patch is out. The graphics have been updated to make use of the latest lighting engine within Unity and a lot of bugs have been fixed that were ruining the game.

Here is a list of changes:
  • Better graphics across the board using latest Unity graphics engine.
  • CEO now dies when coming into contact with water.
  • 64-bit
  • Missiles now have a 60 second cool down timer to stop spamming
  • AI CEO will now shoot you if you enter the office.
  • Lightning gun now costs more and takes longer to research.
  • Upgraded the research tree to look a bit nicer.
  • Transport ships being blown up won’t break the game.
  • Can now select unit using its tactical icon.
  • Sticky keys no longer causes run issues
  • Planes on Cindar should fly about better.
  • Red blob does not appear in MP when targeting with long range weaponry
  • Added Pylon Cap to stop pylon spamming
  • Sorted out corridor loop issue.
  • Lowered health of tricruiser
  • Raised health of Gigantilator
  • High end weapons have now had their research times increased.
  • Increased starting power to 40 to give you a better start.
  • Various weapons have been rebalanced.
  • Guns shouldn't come out backwards.
  • Gigantilator Emblem rotates with torso
  • Multi rockets no longer hurt your team mates.
If you have been testing it please make sure to opt out of the beta build.

A tiny fraction of you may be concerned about the 64-bit conversion, bottom line is that to get all these great new features and less crashes it needs to be 64-bit (it's the year 2017). If you are somehow still running at 32-bit then don't worry you will be play the game but only at version 1.199.92. You will know you are on the latest update when you see a different start background.

I understand there are still a few more minor issues that need addressing but they will come later.

Thank you to those who continue to support the game, your messages really cheer me up and spur me on to fix things and complete the currently worked on sequel.

One final thing, as much as I would love to add you all as friends I unfortunately cannot accept random invites.

All the best.
Dec 21, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Little fix today.
  • Buggies and tanks should hug the terrain much better and not go under it.
  • Personal Transporter now renamed to Troop Transport.
  • If you are driving a vehicle, you should now be able to drive through the Energy Barrier.

As always if you have any issues please let me know in the bug section and I will take a look.

I have been toying with upgrading EA1 to 64-bit to help improve game play, will this cause any issues for anyone?

Still working on Executive Assault 2 and will have a website up and coming with all the info you need about it (had my first multiplayer game last night with me as CEO running around the station while my mate was on the bridge of his Starship blasting it with lasers).

Happy holidays everyone!
Oct 3, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi Executives,
This patch is mainly to address a few little issues with the game
  • Updated a few research icons
  • Cluster rocket deals damage again
  • Cluster rocket now takes 4 minutes to research
  • Reduced Cluster rocket damage.
  • When in FPS mode you should no longer go flying into the air, i have tested this a multitude of times so if its still happening please let me know.
  • You now die if you fall into the lava on Cindar.
  • An update to Unity should help with stability.

I know a few of you are looking for something exciting from 1.2 which i know might have disappointed a few of you when I announced that it was actually going to be a new game, but I hope you will get behind me on that one as its going to be amazing! I will of course carry on updating Executive Assault, just remember there's over 140 techs in the game

I think a few new maps are needed, if you have any suggestions please let me know.

The next patch will most likely go straight to straight to 1.2 else its just going to start looking silly.

I am also aware of a few network problems when people disconnect so will be looking at improving that in the next patch along with a few UI fixed, also I believe there is an issue with the gate and the energy barrier.

If there are any more issues or questions please don't hesitate to post about them and as always please post your bugs to the bug section and I will take a look.

Jun 23, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hello executives, tiny little update today.
  • Red button in office should appear when researched.
  • You can now see which region you are now connected to in the client screen.
  • Tweaked multiplayer stability
  • Tweaked game stability.

Also Executive Assault is now on Sale at 25% off! Good time to get your friends involved for some multiplayer games.
May 31, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Creeping up to version 1.2...slooowly.

So in this patch the following has been fixed:
  • Added a Power booster building that will currently give you +10 energy per booster, it can be found at the end of the power capacitor upgrades in the research tree.
  • Can no longer fly a fighter into the office and shoot the CEO as aircraft will now explode on the first contact.
  • Asteroid nudge has gone from 3 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Power Reflector has gone from 5 minutes to 6 minutes.
  • Thorium crystals now only gives 15 power.
  • Only one CEO will now appear at the end of the game.
  • The flag on the back of the Gigantilator is now facing the right way.
  • When the CEO dies in a self destructed base the game will no longer crash if you keep watching for long enough.
  • The Desk forcefield button should appear now when researched.
  • The game has been made a bit more stable.

The reason for adding the power booster was to try and rebalance the game if someone has taken more crystals than you. The basic premise is that its better to get crystals, but if you cant then power boosters are your next option. Please let me know if this helps or if you feel the numbers need balancing a bit more.

Other News
I have always believed in open and honesty about the development of Executive Assault (something that seems to be some what of a rarity on Steam) so would like to use this opportunity to explain why patch releases have been a little slow lately.

I basically want staff and grow my company so that I can produce higher quality games.

However company expansion takes a lot of time and effort so I have been spending a large portion of my time doing this. I am still however dedicated to fixing issues that some of you find in Executive Assault but overall the game is in a very good state.

Hope you understand and realise that Hesketh Studios expanding is a good thing for everyone :) Think of it as long term plans that will eventually most likely lead to an upgrade of Executive Assault and the production of more great games for you to enjoy, it had to happen at some point.

Apr 3, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Tiny little patch today to fix people computers who have been affected by texture quality issue. Its a fault with the latest version of Unity so I have removed the option from the game.

Mar 16, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
New update today:
  • Walking near the office self destruct button should no longer cause your base to explode when you press E
  • Cannons can no long be attached to aircraft
  • Removed shield upgrades for now
  • Heavy walker can now walk over base doors
  • A few more efficiency updates to help speed things up
  • Shadows on terrain now look nicer.

Mar 1, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Small but important fix today.
  • Fixed a few issues that were slowing down the game.
  • Fixed a few issues that were causing crashing too.
  • The 3 direction corridor no longer breaks the path finding.
  • Guard mode works again.


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