Toby's Island - SSN Incarnum
So not this patch but next patch will be a "new content" patch. There will be a lot of cool new stuff to see and do so stay tuned. I wanted to have that out this week but it just took me longer to get ready than I would have liked, and you guys kept finding bugs I had to address :P which is awesome, I'm extremely grateful. The patch notes for the current update are as follows:

-fixed issue where blacksmith upgrade sign was disappearing

-fixed issue where trying to upgrade alchemy shop would crash the game

-fixed and cleaned a bunch of back end stuff related to building upgrades

-eliminated the map that's in-between the village, the farm and toby's home and moved toby's home right into the village

-fixed issue where notification on blacksmith wasn't going away after first visit.

-adjusted blacksmith teleport so that it's less likely you will accidentally leave as soon as you enter.

-reworked the scene where you meet peloo: You can now meet him on your first pass up the cliff and not just the egg he's sitting on

-item depot upgrade is no longer available until you have met peloo

-fixed bug where talking to the lost and found dog for the first time causes the screen to go black and stay black.

-game checks inventory space before trying to give you rocks from bucket in item depot

-removed conversation with Padu about where to find shells since the game now holds your hand through that part.

-game now checks players inventory space before Padu gives you anything from his searches

-fixed graphical overlay issue on cave entrance near the franks' beach
Toby's Island - SSN Incarnum
-fixed issue with cauldron Marl conversation caused freezing

-game now checks for inventory space before Jaork in the swamp gives you Orb. Added conversational branches accordingly.

-fixed issue where battle music was playing after battles (thought i fixed this a long time ago. It's fixed now)

-fixed issue where you could receive infinite juice from the Peloo juice bar, also added inventory checks for this.

-removed random shellpup in juicebar

-fixed issue where alchemy shop could be upgraded infinitely

-made some performance tweaks to town events

-fixed issue where escaping was impossible

-added temporary fix to alchemy shop not showing correct input (it always showed gamepad even if you were using keyboard) It now shows correct defualt keys for keyboard AND gamepad depending on which one you are using, but until I can implement a more permanent fix it DOES NOT REACT TO USER MADE KEY BINDING CHANGES.

-added tutorial and notification for Lost and Found

-added icon to item descriptions to show if you cannot use the item in battle
Dec 5
Toby's Island - SSN Incarnum
I had to push an emergency patch - in the rush I forgot to update the versioning on the title screen so it still says 1.2. I won't make this mistake again in the future.


-fixed issue where battlers were standing on the wall in cave battleback

-free play travel areas now start as "unknown regions" and you now use travel passes to "explore" them. Once explored, you can travel to them without passes.

-reworked Marl Cauldron Quest so when teleporting to beach for shells, there's dialogue that explains reasoning better, also now gives the player the choice whether to go or not.

-fixed issue where interacting with the raft at the start of story mode could get toby stuck
-adjusted the tempo of wait times during opening scene

-starting a new game now starts with settings and control scheme set up menus

-now if your bag is full and you try to pick up a plant or cut a log, the game stops you before you destroy/drop the item.
Toby's Island - SSN Incarnum
-added comments to the exit of the tavern when you can't leave due to tutorials or working a shift.
-fixed the pathing and overlay issues in the incubator room
-added rug to toby's house so you can see where the exit is
-fixed an issue where you would still get prompted to fix the bridge in the cave, after it was already fixed
-hopefully I've fixed the load time for the flying turtle's scene on the farm
-fixed issue with invisible tiles south of town that force you to move inexplicably
-graphical issue with bridge post in cave
-I believe I fixed the black screen issue when sleeping in story mode.
-fixed an issue in free play mode where the workshop should be level 1 by default but isn't
-fixed an issue where you were forever trapped in the cave due to teleport placement
-added direction face fix for save book in swamp
-fixed issue where pictures were staying on screen in board game mini game that shouldn't
-fixed issue where blacksmith upgrade sign was disappearing when you went inside
-fixed an issue where talking to the turtle blocking the cave could freeze the game.
-fixed issue where swamp sounds carried over into the sand bar that joins the two islands
-made several items not droppable including the refined crystal orb etc
-fixed an issue where you continued to get mail about root beer orders
-fixed an issue where rootbeer took a day longer than advertised to arrive
-fixed issue where Mina wasn't showing up to work.
Toby's Island - SSN Incarnum
-removed zoning tool...whoops...should have already been removed.
-added proper ability animations for Nature and Water Spirit.
-fixed "feed the troops" crash
-making it impossible to leave the tavern during the tutorial
-making it impossible to leave the tavern during a work shift

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