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Today is a special day for us. Exactly one year ago we released Tulpa to the public, backed by our experienced comrades over at Rising Star Games. It’s been a very good year for us, we got lots of opinions/suggestions/feedback about the game, yet we remained quite silent.

During these 365 days, we had time to realize where Tulpa stands as a game, in what new (and great) heights we can take it gameplay and story-wise and whether we are able and willing to do it. It is very hard to decide to begin the creation of a new game with our current development team status, especially with the intricate gameplay and narrative concepts we have in mind.

Does that mean we abandon Tulpa until the tides of time bring it back on our lines of fate? Of course not! We plan developing fixes and features for Tulpa in a slow pace until we (hopefully) reach that point where a new game is possible.

If you played and finished Tulpa these revisions will make you want to go back, if you are new you will enjoy a more solid game. But either way we still need your support, feedback and suggestions to guide us into making Tulpa an even more interesting game.

Until next time,

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