Sep 12, 2016
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator is on sale this week for 80% off! take grass-vantage of this deal while it lasts!

Jun 23, 2016
Grass Simulator - Mightyy

Save 80% on Grass Simulator in the Steam Summer Sale, I'll see you in the field and remember to stay hydrated and grass-tastic!
Jan 26, 2016
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator has been updated to version 0.2.2 it’s mainly just fixes this time around but introduces a new game mode.

I fixed a freezing bug that’s been around for a long time, It’s frustrating but it was hard to reproduce since no one directly reported it, it took a while – basically you’d load into the game play a level exit back to the menu select another level and BOOM, your player is locked up or the game is entirely frozen.

It should be fixed now, if you’re still seeing it please let me know and what you did before the crash :)

Grass mode was the most common one for causing crashing and stuff, I tried to fix that one but it’s a right mess, so I’ve removed it for now until I can find a workaround to stop crashing with it.

The pause menu has received some improvements backend there’s a bunch of code clean-up that was messy, on the frontend you’ve got a restart button that’s been added and also adjustments to the quality setting thresholds.

I updated to Unity 4.6 and updated my main machine to Windows 10 so I’m hoping everything is working correctly with this update, if you see anything else weird please let me know!!

I’ll drop the full change log below if you want to see what’s changed or been improved, as always stay Grassy and I’m sorry for the really long wait with the update.

Additions, Fixes & More:

  • Added Hell Fire level
  • Added new icon
  • Upgraded to Unity 4.6 for base source
  • Added Hell weapon skins specially for Hell Fire
  • Added restart button on main menu
  • Added new cow explosion and sound
  • Reset collision size on player and brought the camera offset upwards
  • Exit Game should always work now - added safety and debug
  • Updated pause menu and functions inside
  • Cleaned up unused assets
  • Trees billboard faster and grass draw has been pulled in even more (better framerate?!)
  • Removed Grass mode and replaced with Hell Fire (might be back soon)
  • Fixed menu lock ups and added a safety enforcer (should be fixed I hope!!)
  • Made message of the day more scalable for longer text, can overflow more also
  • Fixed cows not exploding in Snowfall in some cases
  • Updated cows to latest prefabs with the new Explosion VFX
  • Player is stored as a prefab now
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator is 80% off during the holidays, now is the time to act if you've been waiting for a large discount – there’s exploding cows, a few modes and trading card support.

Enjoy the holidays and stay grassy!

ːgr8ː ːm8ː ːgoodgameː ːcartooncowː ːsmileyfaceː ːsupersadfaceː
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Save 80% on Grass Simulator during this sale, the lowest price yet. If you’ve been waiting for a large discount now is the time to act, stay grassy.

Trading Cards are also available so if you want some cool emotes why not craft a badge!
ːgr8ː ːm8ː ːgoodgameː ːsmileyfaceː ːcartooncowː

Grass Simulator - Mightyy
The game has been updated to 0.2.1 which brings some long due optimisations to terrain and draw distance, before the update the game was really struggling on some lower end machines because of the draw length of grass & trees.

The best example was Snowfall, lots of trees and detail – well this has been adjusted on pretty much every level to improve frame-rate, if you’re still getting bad frame-rate or drops try dropping the launcher quality down on start-up as well as tweaking the resolution.

As always you can find these update details in your game directory and they’re also included below for your convenience!


-removed old InControl plugin that was not setup -changed terrain draw settings for grass and trees on snowfall & bad disco -deleted a bunch of unused objects on range -fixed player spawn placement on range (-Y) -fixed player spawn placement on snowfall (-X -Y) -removed unused cameras on bad disco -turned on some small fog on bad disco to compensate for the terrain changes -players where getting stuck sometimes on the range roof, so the roof is now hollow -box collider disabled on range roof -fixed some errors in the console that where constant -cleaned up a few shaders and put the revolver back to normal map
Apr 1, 2015
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator has just been released fully on April Fools!?! – Save 20% off the Game and Soundtrack for the launch event, thank-you to everyone that have supported the game throughout the early stages.
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator has been updated to improve the game even more as-well as adding Multiplayer and Multi-Platform Support!

Trading Cards where released in February, but some still don’t know so I made a banner for it. You can read the full patch notes below, and yes we’ve jumped two small patches for internal testing 0.1.7 – 0.1.8 where tested internally.

Patch Notes: 0.1.7 -added EU cloud depot servers -added Multiplayer -added lobby loader -added meta -added cloud api key -added treeline.level and disco.level -cleaned up a few textures 0.1.8 -removed oh lord.level -changed render distance and draw distance to increase fps -added new draw sub (tech) -added ping script, with directional and speed adjustments -lighting tweaked slightly -tiled map and splat map tightened up [15x15] now = [5x5] -moved menu elements around to hopefully decrease the chance of locking up and freezing -forced value fov for mag on range and others 0.1.9 -added new disco level (spooky) -ungrouped level elements on multiplayer map disco -fixed spawn breach reported by tester Paul -fixed bridge clipping that would allow the user to have an high advantage -added new invisible detectors on multiplayer levels -bumped terrain quality up while compressing the entire level set -increased terrain height map to stop bridge from floating on treeline.level -0.1.9 now spits out Mac, Linux & SteamOS builds [implementation coming] -players can now host servers using the new hosting tool using cloud element -players can retrieve listing and join and connect to servers globally -multiplayer now checks ping to optimise game settings -fixed sniper scope bug when changing scale
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Trading Cards for Grass Simulator are now available on Steam!

Jan 12, 2015
Grass Simulator - Mightyy
Grass Simulator has been updated to 0.1.6 to fix a few things, and adds a new strange mode, small update since I’ve been mostly working on Multiplayer Implementation if everything goes to plan it will be available soon.


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