Celestial Command - Romenics

Main purpose of this update is important fix for save load.

Also we redesigned interface of options window.
It is a bit unfinished, some things looks not very good, but usability is definitely better than before (due categories) and we will improve it later.

Previous design

New design


  • Tutorial: Now after you completed a tutorial, click on "next" button will return you in main menu (previously it did nothing)
  • GUI: Options window is redesigned. Now it divided on categories and everything more clean and understandable
  • GUI: Added option to disable glow effect (it is very optimized and can spare only a few FPS, however some users reports about incorrect rendering of glow effect)
  • GUI: Added option to disable space background (it is also very optimized but some users have low FPS when camera looking at dense areas)
  • GUI: Sliders for audio volume now shows its number values and have 10% step which is more comfortable to use
  • Localization: Files updates and added 2 new lines

  • Fixed an issue when sometimes after game loaded, some ships loaded multiple times and instant collide with each other
  • Now you can't sell, for example 50 units of ice if station requires only 20. Maximum allowed number will be 20.
  • Removed test F3 button which activated a tutorial
Celestial Command - Romenics

Hello, dear community!

Sorry for no news from us during so long time, but finally we completed the huge update and we glad to show you the result of our work!

First of all, we want to note that our goal for this update was to turn the game from "pure sandbox" into actually a game.

In this update we made a lot of big changes, and here is the most significant of them:

Added interactive tutorial. We realized that the game is quite complex and many people asked us for a tutorial. Also lack of tutorial was the main reason of negative reviews, so we finally added it!

Tutorial does not explain absolutely every aspect of the game, because there is too much various features which should be explained and we will improve a tutorial later, but for now it should explain basics and make the game friendly for new users.
Tutorial can be easily accessed right from main menu.

New space stations
Previously space stations was not too big, their size was almost the same as player's ships, but now we added completely new modules designed specially for space stations, , so now they look much more impressive.
Such stations not only looks much better but also they are much more optimized than before, so now there are 12 stations in the system without significant loss of performance.

You may note nice yellow lights which will direct you to correct docking port
Also now you can repair your ships when docked on station

Besides that, now space stations are stable and no longer should fall on planets.

Completely new interface for trading
Previous trading interface was so inconvenient that even we are not always understand how to use it :)
But new clean and intuitive interface should make trading enjoyable.

Pirate ships
Before this update, enemy ships can be encountered only via sandbox tools (except one ship for combat missions), but now we finally added them as a part of normal game!
Now many various ships may be encountered outside of starting planet and during combat missions.

Also we glad that almost all ships was provided by community! We opened a new opportunity to participate and development so we received a lot of saved files with a ships.

The system is new, so for testing purposes we informed about it only people in the Discord chat in order to be sure that the system will work and efforts of community will not be wasted.
Once we will be sure that everything works fine, we will inform everyone in this blog so everyone will be able to send us its blueprints. Ships from everyone which will be used for pirates and other factions.

Resource distribution and new small asteroids
Now various resources located in various places. You no longer able to build a warp drive using only resources from starting planet. Now if you want to find additional resources, you should travel to another planets, but during this you may encounter an enemies.

Also we added additional type of asteroids, small asteroids which can be gathered relatively fast and will be destroyed with special destruction effect.

Procedural missions
Missions was implemented before, but it contained too many bugs. Now the system is much stable, now you may encounter many various types of pirate ships and interface is much more convenient and easy to use.

Reputation system
Now most modules is locked and you no longer can build a battleship right from the beginning. First you should gain reputation and unlock new modules.
Reputation can be gained for missions, trading or hunting on pirates.

Significant optimization, physics stability and time acceleration
We significantly improve a physics and its stability! Now you can use time acceleration up to x8 without significant loss of simulation accuracy.
This important fix makes the game much more enjoyable and if you love orbital maneuvering, now you can really perform it and waiting will not be so boring.

New visual effects
Added glow effect for many parts, such shield, warp drive, mining laser, debris and it looks very nice!
This is how it looks with this effect on and off

Background completely changed, now it much beautiful and more optimized!

New modules
Added new small rocket launcher and new model for tractor beam which didn't had it before.

This is only the most significant changes, but you may find a lot more various improvements and fixes in full change log.
Also we want to remind that you may discuss an update and communicate with us about everything in our Discord chat.


  • Added many new pirate ships which was created by community, those ships will attack outside of home planet and also will be used for missions as a targets
  • Unity engine updated to version 5.6
  • Added turret based rocket launcher which launch small unguided rockets with high rate of fire
  • Added introduction message at the start of the game
  • Added small energy shield
  • Added possibility to change size of energy shield on X and Y axis separately
  • Added special system which will spawn enemy ships with different complexity in different locations (on others planets you will encounter bigger and more dangerous ships)
  • Added more stations to different planets and asteroid belt
  • Now combat missions will send you against many different pirate ships, target will be chosen randomly
  • Reputation system and unlockable modules
  • Size of planet increased in 1.5 times. Mass and sphere of influence in 2 times.
  • Added interactive tutorial!
  • New game mechanics for NPC shipyard, now you may purchase modules when you are docked to shipyard (no longer necessary to keep your ship inside a shipyard.
  • Shipyard removed. They has been so uncomfortable, now stations have engineering bay
  • Brand new NPC space stations with its huge modules! Now it really looks like a space station.
    New names for space stations
  • Trading interface and usability completely redesigned. Now it is much more intuitive and convenient to use.
  • Added possibility to repair modules on NPC stations for credits
  • Recourse distribution completely redesigned. Now not all resources can be found on home planet, so you need to explore other places for more rare resources.
  • Added small asteroids which contains only 1 resource and can be gathered relatively fast after depletion, asteroid will be destroyed with special destruction effect
  • A new asteroid will be spawned near planet each time when another asteroid is destroyed
  • Added new model for tractor beam
  • Now sandbox mode is disabled by default
  • Now you will receive reputation and credits for each destroyed pirate ship
  • Also you will receive reputation for trading
  • Warp drive is improved and fixed. Now it have resizable radius and proper power consumption.
  • Nuclear reactor now consumes uranium
  • Many improvements for procedural missions, now the system works properly
  • Amount of asteroids decreased from 400 to 200 for optimization purposes
  • In non-sandbox mode only one type of the ship is available to start
  • Starting ship now have solar panels by default
  • Added button "Stabilize orbit", which will activate autopilot which will automatically maintain circular orbit around a planet or star, even if the ship will be affected by external forces. Manual control will deactivate this mode.
  • Added sandbox button "Test spawn ships" which will spawn every type of enemy ship near your ship for testing purposes
  • Added sandbox button to add Uranium
  • Added new sandbox / debug tool, "Teleportation" which allows to move any object to desired point.

  • Added possibility to repair modules for CR on stations
  • Starting ship now have solar panels
  • Each time when small asteroid is destroyed, a new asteroids will be created somewhere else
  • Added button to sell modules of NPC station and also additional information about price of each module. Now damaged modules will be sold on reduced price depending on its condition
  • Enemy ships now have less HP and less powerful weapons, otherwise, they are too strong
  • In non-sandbox mode not all starting ships is available
  • Added a lot of new localizations lines. All newly added lines was translated by Yandex translator, so it may contain a lot of mistakes which can be fixed by everyone who wish to help with localization.

  • Optimization: Algorithm of structural integrity is significantly optimized, now destruction of ship it much more smoother and cause much less noticeable freezes
  • Optimization: Default amount of asteroids is reduced for optimization purposes
  • Optimization: Optimized rendering of trajectories

  • Physics: Physics now more stable on x2 and x4 time scales (however, it is still less accurate than on x1, but it is more accurate on x0.5 and x0.25). Also now you can increase time scale up to x8 without significant loss of accuracy of simulation, which makes orbital maneuvering much more enjoyable.
  • Physics: During docking, less massive ship will be moved to more massive (and never vice versa) which is especially important during docking to huge space station
  • Physics: Added random factor to damage during atmosphere friction, as result, not all modules with the same HP exploded at once and overall explosion looks much better
  • Physics: Collision damage reduced, modules will no longer explode on weak collision

  • Usability: When player ship respawned, camera already located in default position
  • Usability: Now mining laser have maximum efficiency not only at closest distance but also on some distance away
  • Usability: Now mining laser will shut down automatically when the ship have no available free storage space for gathered resources.
  • Usability: Now when camera target destroyed, the camera will continue to follow a position of destroyed object
  • Usability: Now you can open shipyard menu by "B" hotkey
  • Usability: Everywhere where you need to use left shift on keyboard, now you also may use right shift as well
  • Usability: Now you can open shipyard build many by B key as well as for own engineering bay
  • Usability: Camera focus (by T or GUI button) a bit more comfortable now
  • Usability: Added possibility to lock view on a planet or star the same way as on any other target
  • Usability: Console is improved. Added an option to display console automatically when any error occurs. Only red console lines now enabled by default
  • Usability: Second click on "accepted missions" button will close the window
  • Usability: Now you can click on "eye" icon near messages to select target

  • GUI: Completely new GUI for trading. Previous GUI was very inconvenient and non intuitive. New one should be much better
  • GUI: Completely new GUI for missions
  • GUI: Added information about mining rate in mining laser window
  • GUI: Added indicator for mining laser which provides useful information about mined resource, rate of mining and makes mining more enjoyable. Also now there is minimum distance to asteroids where you can mine at 100% efficiency
  • GUI: Redesigned GUI circle for asteroids
  • GUI: Now you can select a planet and find out its parameters
  • GUI: GUI elements in left bottom corner of the screen a bit rearranged in order to fix a visual gap while sandbox mode is disabled
  • GUI: Relative velocity window a bit expanded in order to contain longer words after localization
  • GUI: Main menu redesigned, added buttons: Load, Single player, Multiplayer (Now people should not have question "where is single-player?")
  • GUI: When you are going to dock with NPC space station, you will see a noticeable indicator (nice looking yellow lights) which will direct you on correct docking port
  • GUI: Any notification now will be visible on screen at least for 20 seconds
  • GUI: Updated description for "Show HP bars" button
  • GUI: Now you can see drop zone circle for delivery missions
  • GUI: Now you will see an indicator when enemy ship going to attack you, also you may click on this indicator in order to select those enemy ships
  • GUI: Now you will see an information about price for module which is going to be sold and also colored notification if price will be reduced due damages.
  • GUI: Added info about characteristics for rocket launchers on its interface
  • GUI: Added panel which display required reputation for next modules
  • GUI: Added possibility to display center of thrust and its relative coordinates
  • GUI: After you completed a quest, you will see a message about gained reputation
  • GUI: Added text description for all modules. Now much clearer what each modules supposed to do.

  • Graphics: Space background completely replaced. Now it is looks more like a real galaxy and it is more optimized.
  • Graphics: Added shadows
  • Graphics: Added glow post effect for station's windows, shield generators, debris, tractor beam module and some others things

  • Shield: Added activation and deactivation visual and audio effect
  • Shield: Added small shield generator
  • Shield: Now size of the shield may be adjusted by each axis separately, which makes it looks much better

  • AI: NPC ships now know how to use their shield, they will activate it in combat mode
  • AI: NPC ships now will attack player ships when he Is outside of his home planet
  • AI: Enemy NPC ships will despawn automatically when in non-combat mode for a 2 minutes
  • AI: Enemy NPC now react on nearby target and attack them
  • AI: Enemy NPC constructed from the same modules, but it have less HP and less powerful weapons, otherwise, NPC is too strong and not interesting for gameplay
  • AI: Now AI will use torpedo launchers against its targets
  • AI: Now AI will continue fire even if some debris located on the line

  • Balance: Fire rate (delay) for torpedo launcher changed from 1 to 10
  • Balance: Both small maneuvering engines now have a bit different properties
  • Balance: Consumption of uranium for nuclear reactor reduced in 10 times
  • Balance: Reduced damage from collisions
  • Balance: Rebalanced prices for all modules

  • Fixed an issue when you can't build modules (due red preview) while FPS is low (however, it creates a problem for multiplayer, but we will fix it later). Actually, options "Compensate FPS" is removed and enabled by default, so now you will always have 60 FPS, if load is too much, the game time will be slowed down in order to maintain 60 FPS.
  • Now camera properly focused on the center of mass
  • NPC Stations now should be fully stable and they should not lose its orbit after a time
  • Fixed audio and visual effect of mining laser
  • Console no longer cause memory leak
  • Now time 70m 20s will be correctly displayed as 1h 10m 20s
  • Shield now properly protects against laser beams
  • Fixed a short freeze when you deactivate resource connectors
  • Physics now more stable on x2 and x4 timescale (however, it is still less accurate than on x1, but it is more accurate on x0.5 and x0.25)
  • Engines now works properly on x2 and x4 timescale
  • Fixed a situation when you can't transfer resources using a slider and you need to move it a bit
  • You no longer can dock to the NPC station if you are not sent a request for docking
  • Fixed an error when command modules was destroyed during manual control of turrets
  • Total mass no longer displayed for debris and asteroids (it was incorrect)
  • Now when turrets in auto mode, it will properly attack targets which are already in range
  • Button "Remove selected ship" from sandbox menu now will remove entire ship even with rotors or pistons
  • You no longer have access to NPC stations when docked to it (connectors, mounting points, etc.)
  • You no longer can sell station's modules when docked to the station
  • Fixed an error when game cannot be saved if second part of rotor or piston has been destroyed
  • Cargo gate no longer have "useless" in its description
  • Fixed respawn for new missions
  • Fixed save/load for missions
  • Proper prices for station after loading
  • Container for delivery missions spawns always around the same planet where the stations located
  • No longer possible to sell modules while not docket with shipyard
  • Everywhere where you need to use left shift on keyboard, now you also may use right shift as well
  • Fixed a problem when you can buy resources, credits will be spend but you will not receive a resource
  • Fixed a problem with disappeared trade button
  • Trading window no longer located outside of the screen by default
  • Now docking port can be docked to station only if another port is activated
  • Fixed an issue if command module will be destroyed during docking phase
  • Fixed camera rotation when you press "reset view"
  • Resized GUI panel for "relative velocity" value so now it can fit long words on other languages (German for example)
  • You no longer can buy half of a rocket, or 0.3 of rocket, only integer number
  • Fixed tooltip for HP button which was outdated
  • Trade transfer panel on top by default
  • Small shield have smaller maximum radius than a big shield
  • Fixed fast spin of camera when you press "reset view" or focus on new target
  • Indicator of forward direction now always directed in correct direction
  • Fixed error when you try to build second command module on second ship
  • Fixed error when docking port is destroyed, connected to another docking port but not attached to anything else
  • Fixed own engineering bay after docking to station
  • "Station count" and "Asteroid count" in world creation window now works again
  • Fixed missed on-hover tooltip for engineering bay
  • Fixed buttons for sell and repair modules on station
  • Now you can properly use own engineering bay after you used NPC shipyard
Community Announcements - Artaani

We decided to make the next update a bigger than usual.
Our main goals for the next update - create something which may be called "addictive gameplay" and also, make the game for new players as simple as possible.

We want to solve a problems which are described in negative reviews on store page. Most negative reviews related to the lack of tutorial, so detailed interactive tutorial will be added in the next update.

Also some people can't understand where is a "single-player" mode, so we added two different buttons in the main menu, as well as "Tutorial" button which launches the game immediately.

That is good for players who want to launch the game and jump in action immediately which is seems very important.

Also, some authors of negative reviews think that Celestial Command supposed to be a fully realistic orbital simulator with complex planing of "Delta V" and hardcore orbital maneuvering. But it is not. Celestial Command designed to be a space game with very basic orbital mechanics and simple navigation.So good interactive tutorial will explain that "orbital planning tools" is not necessary for gameplay and tutorial will explain how to move the ship without it.

Another main issue which described in negative reviews - a lack of content / possibilities.

There is interesting situation with this issue. Actually it is an illusion.
The game may have a lot of possibilities, but until the game have only sandbox mode and everything is available right from the start - you may think that there is not too much to do in this game. And the game will not fascinate most players for a long time.

This rule works almost for most games. Almost all popular games are successful due the "feel of progression". If a player will gather resources and perform tasks to achieve the more better and better abilities and items - the game will seems more interesting than a pure sandbox mode.

For example, the simple game without complex mechanics but with well designed "sense of progression" most likely will be much more successful and attractive than a game with a lot of complex features, but only sandbox mode without any sense of progression.

So this is an important problem of Celestial Command and we are going to solve it in the next update.
In order to do it, we plan to make new trading system, AI, new distribution of resources in asteroids, new prices for all modules etc.

Of course, it does not means that we will not to add new things. A lot of new things will be done in the next update.
For example, we already redesigned trading system significantly. Current trading system is terrible, even we are not always understand how to use it :) But the new trading system have much more comfortable interface and much easier to use.

Also, in order to make trading more intresing, we should increase an amount of space stations in the system. But current space station have very significant impact on performance due its size (it contains a lot of modules).
So in order to increase amount of space station, we decided to create completely new modules designed for space stations!

Such space stations not only looks epic, but also have much better performance than previous space stations which allows us to add a lot more station in the system with acceptable performance.
For example, this world with 12 stations runs on 90 FPS and it still can be optimized.

Usually we prefer to split such a big updates into several smaller updates. But in this case, we want to release it only when we will be sure that this next update will be really interesting and it will guarantee that after the next update, much more people will be satisfied with the game.

However periodically we will inform your about development and upload test versions in test branch.
If you don't want to miss those test updates, please join our Discord chat where we will inform you when new test update will be uploaded.
Community Announcements - Artaani

New update with highly-requested advanced control for engines (sorry it took so long) and possibility to display center of thrust.

Now you can limit maximum thrust in order to align center of mass with center of thrust in order to avoid unwanted course deviation during movement.

Also, now you can easily use main engines using its own hotkeys (which will not conflict with default WASDQE movement buttons)


  • Added advanced GUI for engines with possibility to assign manual hotkeys and limit maximum thrust
  • Added indication of center of thrust (this option combined with "center of mass" button)
  • Improved optimization of control buttons, especialy for engines, pistons and rotos
  • Language files updated

  • Fixed an error when the chat may be broken after a message was sent
  • Fixed an error when magenta's lines in console can't be cleared by "Clear" button
Community Announcements - Romenics
Update 0.78 Alpha - Public servers and new modules

Public servers! Yay!

It was quite a hard task to understand how to work with Steam API. And we still did not understand it completely. For example, you still can't join a friend's game by pressing "Join game" in Steam chat.
However, we managed to figure out how to create global servers using Steam master server and now you can pick server from the list and join it!

4 new modules and new starting ship.

New modules makes maneuvering engines a bit smaller and new cargo container have additional mounting points, as result, starting ship now is much more customizable. Blue containers indicates possible mounting points.

New small engines with nice looking blue effect.

Actually, it is not very realistically, if each engine will hve its own visual effect, because in real world, the color and the type of the flame depends mostly on type of fuel and oxidiser. But we decided to make this simplification in order to achive more diverse visual effect

Newly added ingame debug console

New radar icons

Pistons and rotors in multiplayer works surprisingly well!


  • Added public servers!
  • "Join multiplayer" GUI has been changed. Added separated buttons for server list and direct IP connection
  • Added GUI window with servers and possibility to sort a list by name, players or ping
  • Added notification when client disconnected from a server
  • Added 4 new modules (2 engines, 1 structural component, and 1 cargo container)
  • Starting ship is redesigned, now it have additional mounting points and more possibilities for further customization
  • Radar now displays debris with different icon so not you can distinguish debris from neutral modules. Also, player-owned ships marked with magenta color, which is usefull to identify others players in multiplayer.
  • Added in-game debug console (it can be opened by ~ key or via button in sandbox menu) which can be useful for bug reporting
  • Now icons of modules in build menu generated automatically (previously it was manually created screenshot), as result, now all icons have correct looking and the same visual style
  • Buttons in build menu rearranged in order to match correct category (rocket launcher in weapons, shipyard in production, etc.) also added two new categories
  • Weapons can be installed on turrets using shift + click (the same way as regular modules)
  • Due request, "Duplicate ship" button returned back in sandbox menu. Now it a bit improved and uses the same "check free space" method as a ship loader.
  • Added option to invert mouse axis for camera control
  • Optimization: Huge performance improvements for module mounting points, it no longer cause extremely low FPS when enabled near a radar or turrets
  • Audio: Added low frequency hum for the star (it can be heard at very close range)
  • GUI: "Rename ship" window a bit redesigned
  • GUI: Rendering of selection box is a bit optimized and improved (it no longer have spiky corners)

  • When the game launched, the camera already located in correct position and does not move
  • Star glow effect no longer have visual noticeable rectangle borders
  • Star glow effect now have correct orientation at close range
  • Now AI stations have infinite energy for its modules and weapons
  • AI stations still have infinite fuel even after game was loaded
  • "Getting started" window no longer closes immediately right after you pressed "don't show again"
  • "Rename ship" window is fixed (it was accidentally broken at previous update)
  • "Direct solar panels" button of command module now works properly
  • Fixed incorrect bounds of solar panels and lasers (visible blue frame was larger than actual model)
  • Chat works again
Community Announcements - Romenics
At the current stage the game have quite a lot critical bugs and various flaws which interfere you to fully enjoy the game.

Seems like at this points we no longer should add any new big features, at first, we need to fix all critical bugs, issues of usability and polish already existed features.

Also seems like stable multiplayer with public servers could be very important feature which may brings a lot of new players to the community, so we decided to make multiplayer fully stable and reliable before to develop any new big features.

So the next few updates will be directed mostly on fixes and small improvements.


  • Rotors and pistons now works in multiplayer
  • Added visual fill indicators for power storage and small cargo container
  • AI stations now have infinity amount of fuel and energy for its engines and weapons, it allows them to keep their orbits for a longer time and now they are more stable (however not 100% stable yet)
  • Splash damage of rocket is temporarily removed, because it caused undesired behaviour when hit shield or another rocket . Now rocket causes 100 damage to single target. Later splash damage will be improved and returned back.
  • Added button "Open folder" in "Saved ships" window which opens a folder with ships using file explorer
  • Saved ship no longer can be placed inside another ship. It checks for some free space in order to load a ship
  • "Duplicate selected ship" button has been removed from the sandbox menu, because its functionality already replaced with ship save/load manager
  • Added sandbox button " Set faction to mine" which allows to obtain an ownership o any ship. Can be useful if you loaded a world of another player or in order to debug AI stations

  • Laser weapons works again
  • Turrets now can be controlled when located on the second part of rotor or piston
  • Now a name of world file may contain a dots
  • It is no longer possible to buy modules from shipyard outside of shipyard area
  • Fixed rendering issues of some bold and italic style fonts
  • Fixed a crash on quit (The game no longer offended when you close it)
  • "Auto connect" button of Command Module now works correctly for power connectors
  • If you enabled resource connectors and storage icons and if you will start dragging resource icon from one container to another - you no longer will grab resource connector which located under storage icon
Community Announcements - Romenics
Finally! It works!

It was very complex task and it took much more time than we expected, but hope you will like these new modules.
Besides that, we gain extremely important experience while developed this feature.

The change log may seem quite small, as for 2-month update, however the first 4 items in the list was very hard to implement.

The reason, why it took so long, because earlier the architecture of the game does not suppose to have ships which consist from more than 1 physical object. Earlier 1 ship = 1 physical object, and for example, if two containers belong to the same physical object - it means they belong to the same ship and you may transfer cargo between them, control them, connect its connectors to each other etc.

But now, second parts of rotors and pistons and everything what attached to it - it is another physical object. So the ship which have one rotor or piston now consist from 2 physical objects, however the previous architecture thought that it is two different ships, as result, you cannot transfer or setup anything between those two parts. You can't even save entire ship, instead, it will save only selected part.

Another complex task which was solved it is find a way how to update physical joints when a ship losses its modules and splits on smaller parts.

So, in order to solve those problems, we made a lot of changes in many key systems, and now it works!

Also, the situation with docking port was similar with rotors and pistons. As result, now when you going to save specific ship, it will be saved and loaded with all docked ships. It may be useful for large carriers.

Another important feature, now you can build docking port right on top of existed docking port. So now it is much more convenient to build new ships.

However, despite we solved a lot of main bugs, there is still a lot of them. The system is too complex to solve all bugs at once. Besides, we worked on this update too long, time to release it when it became stable.

Icons changes its size depending on zoom factor

Also, the new system so complex, so we don't have a time to adapt new system for multiplayer. So, rotor and pistons completely does not works for multiplayer and probably causes bugs.Also, since we made many changes in core systems, previously saved files is not supported.


  • Added rotor module
  • Added piston module
  • Docking port can be build to existed docking port (now it is much more comfortable way to build new ships)
  • Now ships can be saved with all docked ships (useful if you created large carrier)
  • Now default AI stations placed by the save load system (their have own file in "NPS" folder and actually you can replace them if you want), also now it is much easier for us to design new AI stations and ships.
  • AI shipyard stations is redesigned
  • AI enemy ship is redesigned
  • Small ballistic cannon now have burst fire
  • Unity Engine updated to version 5.5
  • Reaction wheel have two additional mounting points
  • Now ship files contains information about date, time and version when this file was saved. This information is invisible (will be added on GUI later) but allows to notify you when file from previous version no longer supported.
  • The game will warn you if you will try to load ship file which was saved before version 0.77
  • Optimization: Now ships recalculates its mass only one time per second, it significantly improves performance, especially for large ships.
  • Optimization: Displaying of mounting points no longer cause significant FPS drop
  • Optimization: Slightly better performance when a ship attached or detached a module
  • Optimization: Better performance for mining laser during mining
  • Optimization: Better rendering performance of ships icons
  • GUI: Now "Show HP" button displays hit points only for damaged modules
  • GUI: Better rendering for lines of waypoints and engineering bay task list (thanks to Unity 5.5)
  • GUI: Now Storage Icons changes its size depend on zoom
  • GUI: Added DPS values for all cannons
  • GUI: Added "Don't show again" button to "Getting started" window
  • GUI: Orbital Parameters window now appears in right bottom corner on the screen (not somewhere in the center of the screen)
  • GUI: Icons of modules in the build menu now have more minimalistic design
  • GUI: Added icons on "Language" button
  • Localization: Added Traditional Chinese language
  • Localization: Added Japan language
  • Localization: Language files updated, added new text lines for all newly added texts

  • If a star system was saved with different factors (star mass, engine thrust etc.) it will be loaded with the same factors.
  • Laser parameter "Max thrust" renamed to "Max range"
  • Crew members no longer complains when you move food from one container to another
  • Crew members no longer can consume food from detached container
  • Save/load of game settings now works properly
  • You no longer can buy modules from shipyard while preview located outside of shipyard
Nov 21, 2016
Community Announcements - Romenics

Today, 21 November 2016, our project already 2 years in the Steam!
We are very grateful that you are with us. Thank to your support, the game becomes better and better.
We want to compare some screenshots from today and one year old to show a result.

Firstly, you may check our previous anniversary post.
One year of Celestial Command

One year ago, the game had 2D graphics.

But we are completely redesign all modules and now the game have full 3D graphics so you may observe the modules from any direction.

Interface became even better and more convenient.

Added possibility to repaint your ships.

Added more functionality for modules, multiplayer became more stable. Added trading, missions and seems like quite a lot changes during this year! :)

Today we planned to release a large update but unfortunately it require more time, so we cannot release it today. The next update will bring rotors, telescopic piston and some important improvements.

Also we actively develop a support of Steam Workshop so you will be able to share your ships!

We will try to release the next update as soon as possible and make the game even better!

Thanks you for you support!
Community Announcements - Romenics
Preview of the new feature which will be added in the next update. Physically based rotary corridor or simply saying servo motor.

Before it will be released we should to adapt it for save/load, multiplayer and ability to control modules which located on the other side of the rotary module.
Community Announcements - Romenics
Update 0.76 Alpha - GUI Icons, Usability, Warp Drive Effect, Laser Accuracy

Mainly this update directed on GUI improvements and overall usability.
We gathered your suggestion from the forum and implemented some of them.

Previous interface

New interface

New effect for warp drive

Color of trajectory represents its status

High accuracy laser turrets

New dialogue windows for ship save-loader


  • Added new visual effects for warp drive (including effect after arrival at destination point)
  • Turrets now have 100% accuracy, so now it will be directed accurately at desired target even for fast moving target or in case of fast angular velocity of the ship. As result, automatic turrets and NPC stations is capable to destroy incoming debris and rockets with high accuracy.
  • Improved GUI of color picker (added bar with selected color), added customizable color presets which saves between game sessions, added possibility to pick color from existed module, added possibility to automatically paint module after construction.
  • Added a lot of new icons on interface buttons instead of texts, so now interface looks much more convenient, besides it solve a problem of localization if translated texts is too long to fit a button.
  • The design of build menu has been improved
  • Usability ship save-loader is greatly improved. Now it has convenient dialogue windows with various options (pick name, rename, overwrite, etc.)
  • Now a trajectory of the orbit changes its color according to its status (stable, descending, escaping)
  • Symbols "A" and "P" returned back on apoapsis and periapsis icons.
  • Language files updated, added new text lines for all newly added texts
  • Added button/link to Discord chat in main menu

  • Lasers no longer can hit invisible waypoints
  • You no longer can control your ship while editing a text in any input field. It worked before, but now it more reliable and solve the problem when you can't control your ship while chat is open, but text field is hidden.
  • Fixed description of "Pin Trajectory" button

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