Dec 31, 2014
Celestial Command - Romenics
For everyone who already met it, and who will meet it soon.
Just look at that! 2015 sounds very futuristic! The human civilization makes a very good progress. Still have a lot of problems, but we like the dynamic. :)

So, unfortunately multiplayer is not ready yet and we cannot give it for you as a gift. We made a very good progress, but we still need some time.

However, we cannot leave you without a gifts. :)
The first 10 people who will ask for the game in this thread - will get a free key. The only condition - you should not have the game in your Steam library. Please make sure that your Steam profile status is "public", so we can check your Steam library.
Celestial Command - Artaani
Hello dear followers!

We have a feeling that there is no news from us, time to fix it! And as the title says, multiplayer will be available in the next update!

Actually, we are already working on it for a few days. Pretty complicated task, but we achieve a good progress. Still not sure how much time we need to finish it, may be a week or two, but not sure. We still learn a many things about multiplayer since we don't have much experience in this.

What to expect in next updates
Unfortunately for now we don't have an update for you. Since multiplayer in development, many core systems now in disassembled state, so we unable to make an minor update when the games does not work.

But probably we will implement some new things together with multiplayer. For example solar panels was improved. Their effectiveness is based on distance from the star and it will gain new model with correct collider of panels. Also we started to develop new interaction system which will allow you to set a hotkey for various actions, for example, deploy solar panels or disable some group of engines.

One month in Steam
And one more thing. We are one month in the Steam! Hm... Okay, 37 days. :) 7 days ago we was too busy in the development, but anyway. :) Seems like all going great! We made 9 updates during this time and seems like the game have a very good progress. It had greatly changed since our first trailer, now we have save\load and soon we will have a multiplayer. We were very afraid that people will say that we released the game too early, but all your reviews makes us really happy! Thanks you!

Christmas update?
Yes, we want to give you something special as a christmas gift, but since the game in pretty early stage of development, we not sure that we ready to add some christmas stuff. Multiplayer probably will be a better gift, but it still requires some works and we not sure that 5 days is enough to finish it. Anyway, we will keep you in touch!
Dec 21, 2014
Celestial Command - Romenics
We got many feedbacks after version 0.57, so there is quick update mainly based on your recent suggestions.
Rotation during building changed again, now it should be more convenience.
One additional frame for more interesting ship designs and several bug fixes.

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes
  • Added new module: Frame 2:1 adapter

Minor improvements
  • Added buttons to switch on next \ previous ship
  • 45 degrees step during module rotation is returned back, but with the Left Shift the step will be 90 degrees. Control keys changed to A \ D.

Bug fixes
  • Green preview modules no longer highlights as selected object, actually, ability to select something is disabled during build mode
  • Sometimes user can accidentally disconnect modules joints during building process, now it impossible
  • Not sure, but rare issue when you cannot build anything should be solved
  • Collider of new corner frames is fixed, now it does not flickers when you try to build it to each other
  • Solved an issue when you got two preview modules under cursor, weapon and other module
  • Module preview does not fly away when you hover cursor over interface element
  • Parabola \ Hyperbola trajectory stops simulation when hit into planet or star surface
Dec 20, 2014
Celestial Command - Artaani

Seems like save load from previous 0.56 version does not works on any system except Windows 64 bit, sorry for that. It was very strange bug, we still not sure why exactly it happens, but now it should works.

We prepare to implement a multiplayer, (cant wait for it!). And it will takes some time, maybe a week. :) So we want to solve some bugs and makes some minor improvements.

So, we added couple of new parts with diagonal joints, which allows to build more interesting ship designs.

And also we added the Warp Drive! No interstellar traveling through, but this is a fast way to travel inside star system.

We plan to make it not very expensive and make it as a main way for navigation around the system, instead of orbital maneuvering. But orbital mechanics still there and pilots should remember about it when they want to setup a satellite or just park their ship.

It slightly similar with some open-world RPG's, you can use "fast travel" between the cities, or you can walk between them, for slower, but more atmospheric experience. But in case of Celestial Command "fast travel" will require special, massive device and decent amount of energy. And actually this "fast travel" does not breaks the game rules.

Also, Mass of the star decreased almost 35 times, that means that planets moving much slower and does not take very important participation in navigation on the system. But you still can feel their moving, The orbital period of planets now somewhere between 20 and 90 minutes, so after some play time you can note that planets changed their positions. We think it should be pretty interesting game element when we implement a trade between planets.

Unfortunately, previous save files will not works in new version, so you should delete it. Since save load don't worked for many people in previous version, it should not be a problem. We used this opportunity to make a save system more flexible in order to minimize this situation in the future.

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes
  • Added the Warp Drive
  • Added 2 new not-rectangular modules with diagonal joints. Corner Frame and Long Corner Frame (mirroring still not added, but it will be available soon)
  • Now module preview rotates smoothly, instead of fixed 90 degree step, hotkeys of rotation is changed to Q \ E
  • Mass of the star decreased almost in 35 times, now planet movement is much slower

Minor improvements
  • Radar and mining drill now requires a power in order to works
  • Options window is slightly redesigned

Bug fixes
  • Save load now should works more correctly
  • Bug with displaying Windows font on Linux systems now should be fixed
  • Fixed an issue with zoom on the Mac
  • Solved a problem with collider of large turret platform, now you can place a modules from left and right from it
Celestial Command - Artaani
Hello dear followers!
This update took 6 days but now the save \ load is finally implemented!

We are accustomed to perceive save\load feature as something usual, but this feature is pretty hard to implement. And now it finally here.

We should note that the system is not perfect, for now it does not save projectiles and some parameters such as camera zoom, selected module or currently active ship. We'll improve it later.

Also we hopes that our system is good enough to avoid reset of the saved games in the future. But since the game is still in the active development and can be changed dramatically, it is possible. Anyway, we will inform you in advance if it will happen.

Also Steam API is temporary disabled, so when you pressing "Visit development blog" in the main menu, it will opens new page in your browser, instead of Steam overlay. We will return Steam API in the next month.

Change log

Major improvements
  • Save Load

Minor improvements
  • Now you can enable FPS counter in the options
  • Markers of the ships is redesigned

Upd: Oops. We was so tired that we forgot to test the Steam build. Loading is not worked but we already fixed it in 20-30 minutes. Sorry for everyone who already played in first 20-30 minutes after update.
Dec 13, 2014
Celestial Command - Riya Makary
So, there is our development plan.
The plan is not fully correct and it can be changed, but for now it describes the priorities of various features, from highest to lowest.

  • Save Load
  • Non-rectangular modules which allows to build more interesting designs
  • Multiplayer
  • Production, Salvaging, Ammo
  • Warp drive, tractor beam, energy shields, torpedos, harpoons
  • Crew
  • Advanced AI
  • Trade
  • Random generated missions
  • Resource extraction from planets

Also, bugfixes and various minor improvements have a maximum priority in most cases.
Dec 9, 2014
Celestial Command - Romenics
Hello! Another quick update here. Until save\load still not implemented, we decided to add several creative tools, so now you can refill your fuel tanks for free, and enjoy by watching battle between two fleets.

Now you can create a copy of your active ship and give it under control for ally or enemy. Warring faction will automatically shoot at each other with all available weapons. Until there is no advanced AI, make sure that you connect your lasers to the power source before creating copy of the ship.

Besides, this is not a simple update for us. After we launched Celestial Command 19 days ago, we got many offers from various reviewers and writers of various game portals for free keys, but we decide to wait for some time to improve the game a bit. And now we finally ready to show the game for wider society.

Also we want to thank all who already now help us by creating video, streams and publish information on various web-sites.

So, the next update will takes several days. Now we'll be fully focused on the save\load system and we plan to please you with it in next update.

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes
  • Added several creative tools which allows to made some fun with AI and got a free fuel

Minor improvements
  • Asteroids now rotates (actually it rotates since 0.542, but now they are don't stops after a minute)
  • Info panel for sector of the asteroid is slightly redesigned
  • Added more descriptions for various interface elements
  • Interface elements slightly rearranged
  • Added button for reset camera pan to default state
  • New center of mass button icon

Bug fixes
  • Drones can be selected when they are above modules
Celestial Command - Artaani
Hello! Quick one-day update here!

Today we worked on save load. Made a very good progress. It still not ready yet, but soon.
Until then, some little improvements and bug fixes. Turrets no longer trying to blow up own ship, that is good. Now we can enjoying with the automatic defense system.

Change log

Minor improvements
  • When turrets is active, you can see firing trajectory for better accuracy
  • When turrets in the auto mode they are shows their firing arc
  • Added safe mechanism which does not allow the turrets to shoot at own ship
  • Turrets no longer shooting at own ships in the auto mode (in most cases)
  • Collision damage increased twice, impact threshold decreased twice, now try to fly safe

Bug fixes
  • AI of turrets stops to shoot a target if it is out of reach
  • Sometimes asteroids and NPC ships can be created inside each other, now it fixed.
Dec 6, 2014
Celestial Command - Romenics
Hi, we already miss you. This update took a whole 6 days. Wow, how other developers can wait for months :)

The list is not very large as 6 daily update, Artaani was a little unwell, don't worry, nothing serious and already alright, and we have had issues in the University, in our country universities is a hell, actually it takes 80% of the time and greatly interfere the development, we hate it for that.

So, after this topic we came up with the following plan, craft system -> save load -> multiplayer. We worked on craft system and save load and we have made good progress, but it's still not ready, so let's leave it for the next update.

Mining device was redesigned, it's unnecessary to force you to hold the button for mining, so now you need just to direct the device to the asteroid and resources will be mined automatically.

Also we managed to deal with the integration of Steam, this will allow us to implement the achievements and others Steam features.

Yes, since the last update we need to improve the new connectors system, but we decided that it works fine and now is more important to focus on craft and save load. Besides, we are periodically working on overall code improvement, it does not brings new features, but allows us to implement them in the future.

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes
  • New mining device
  • Added ability to show velocity vector relative to selected target
  • New asteroids model (but not final), asteroids now have a mass and amount of content relative to their size

Minor improvements
  • Added ability to pan camera in limited range by holding right mouse button (N button for reset to default state)
  • Controls setting now properly saved between game sessions,
  • Interface buttons now displays properly hotkey after it was changed in controls setting

Bug fixes
  • Asteroids no longer pass through each other
  • Radar no longer continues to work after it was detached from command module
  • Radar markers do not remain after radar was destroyed
  • Landing on the star is no longer possible, now it will destroy everything on contact
  • Liquids now can be stored only in storages for liquids, and solids in storages for solids
  • Info panel in build menu no longer remains after build menu was closed while cursor was on it
  • Fixed an issue with the colliders of corridors
  • Solved bug with flickering selection frame
  • Projectiles no longer hits the radar radius circle
Nov 30, 2014
Celestial Command - Riya Makary
Today we want to make you happy by the new major update. Of course the feature list is not that large, but it was quite complex update on basic mechanics so it took a whole 4 days.

We have received your messages about the bad connection system, and boring dragging lines from one container to another, so!

The system has been almost completely redesigned. Now you can display all the connections using the button and now should be much easier to work with them.

Added the possibility to detach and attach the modules without removing them magically. Now you can attach yourself drifting modules. In addition, if you want to add something in the center of your ship, you don't need to remove the existing modules, instead dismantle it, install the new parts and assemble again. Let's shipyards begins!

These new changes are pretty crude, Yes, we know that the connector system can be improved and there are some bugs, but we will release a new update in the next couple of days.

Thanks you and see you soon. )

Change log

Major improvements and gameplay changes
  • Resource connection system has been reworked (unfinished)
  • Resources storages can be connected to each other for automatic chain transfer
  • Joints of the modules can be detached and reattached with drifting objects
  • Now you can change hotkeys in options (unfinished)

Minor improvements
  • Modules during build mode now snaps to nearest joints
  • Stabilizer now have very well accuracy and can stabilize rotation up to 0.001 deg\s
  • Orbital parameters now displayed with monotype font
  • Ship direction pointer now hiding when the camera follow object rotation

Bug fixes
  • Orbital parameters now does not display long values such as "2.60000001"
  • Fixed the bug when you cannot transfer resources between docked ships while it docked with several ships at once
  • In the 0.52 update all modules got the prefix "(clone)" in their names, now it fixed

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