Celestial Command - Romenics
Just a quick update with important fixes of critical bugs


  • Fixed impossibility to start a new game if you don't have a router or if a port already opened
  • Fixed impossibility to start a new game after you exit to the main menu from existed game
  • Fixed impossibility to load a game from menu of existed game
  • Fixed an error which may cause incorrect sync of position in multiplayer
Celestial Command - Romenics
Another quick update here!

In the version 0.86 we are gladly introduced a new multiplayer, which works much better and everyone able to host a server which will be visible in the server list. However, sometimes it may require to do special setup of your router. This is not very hard, but may be inconvenient.

But now, in this update we managed to improve multiplayer even further!
We implement a special system (UPnP), so now everyone should be able to host a server even without special setup on the router!
This features is not tested too much, but should work.

Also, in previous version, scale of interface was based on resolution of monitor, this is not always good, especially for small monitors with high resolution, or vice-versa, so now you can setup desired scale manually.

Also a few fixes of game-braking bugs and flaws.

The next update should bring something big!


  • Implemented a system which should allow you to host multiplayer game without special setup on your router!
  • Disabled automatic GUI scaling, now you can setup desired scale in video settings
  • Credits reward for missions increased 4 times
  • Implemented a debug mode, now you can see when the game have internel error and you can quickly get a log file which you can send to us in order to help to fix a bug. This is a replacement of old in-game debug console and now it no longer should cause extensive memory usage.
  • Volume and mass of heavy torpedo increased 10 times
  • Improved visual effect of engine of rockets (correct size and position)

  • Cargo container or enemy ship of quest no longer despawned after quest time elapsed. Situation when your ship deleted with the disappeared container - solved.
  • Cargo container of delivery quest now properly despawned in multiplayer, when delivered to space station
  • Stars now properly saved \ loaded
  • Removed outdated description from cargo containers
  • Rocket launchers now works again (was broken in 0.86)
  • Fixed incorrect magenta color of armed torpedo
  • Fixed engine visual effect of small missile
  • Build menu now should have correct height at various monitors
  • Fixed internal error when you are trying to place weapon on turret
  • Fixed internal error from torpedo explosion
  • Target of delivery mission now can be properly selected even when out of radar range
  • Goals of active missions now correctly displayed in missions window
  • WASD camera movement on galaxy map is inverted and now correct

Celestial Command - Romenics
Some important bugfixes for previous update and highly requested support of high-resolution monitors.

Also, redesigned options window.


You may ask, why we redesigned options window? It is not too important for now.
It is because wrong implementation of drop-down menu in options window which conflicted with the support of 4k monitors. And since we already started to work on menu, we decided to redesign entire window.


  • Added support of high-resolution monitors, UI now properly scaled
  • Redesigned options window
  • Added possibility to disable auto save
  • Shipyard now can be found in every system with stations
  • Fuel consumption reduced 2 times

  • Fixed an important issue with move tool, which detached wrong modules
  • Now sync of positions in multiplayer less likely will be broken during the game
  • Now you can properly refuel your fuel tanks at the space station even if there is already the same fuel inside
  • Now you can't move connected docking port, grabber and some other modules which will break the game if you will try to move it using new "move tool"
  • Delivery quest no longer failed when you attach cargo container to your ship
  • Now sandbox mode checkbox properly hided for connected users (with correct layout of the rest of elements in options window)
  • Now selection is cleared when move tool disabled
  • Planet mass modifier in world settings now works properly
  • Removed outdated "auto connect" button from command modules
  • "Ambient occlusion" and "Glow effect" settings now properly saved \ loaded

Celestial Command - Romenics
In this update we implemented a highly requested and very important feature, which should improve ship construction process a lot!

Just take a look

Note, this new feature currently is not working in multiplayer. We encountered some technical issues and need to fix a few things. The feature will be available in the multiplayer after a few updates.

Some more improvements:

Correct navigation of AI around planet

Better colors for lines in trading window

Also here is some important bug fixes according to your recent reports.


  • Added a comfortable possibility to drag and drop modules using a cursor!
  • Lines in trading window now have a bit different colors which improves visual perception
  • Position of camera no longer jumps around each time when part of your ship was detached from the ship. As result, camera view during combat or collisions now much more comfortable. A small side effect, now camera focused on the command module, instead of center of mass of the ship, but this is not a big issue
  • Now after game is loaded, view will be focused on your ship (not on the planet)
  • In-game menu texts (on Esc button) now have black outline, which improves readability on a bright background

  • Refined lithium no longer can be found in an asteroids
  • Production module now have "Capacitors" and "Nuclear reactor components" in the build list
  • "Nuclear fuel cell" now have proper recipe
  • Now a ships which are docked to the space station is saved \ loaded in correct position
  • Build menu no longer can be opened for any space station (not only shipyard) using B hotkey
  • Engines now have proper "fuel consumption" info in build list
  • Removed wrong description of corridors which said that it can be sued as storage containers
  • You no longer can buy goods in container which already contains something else
  • Now when you order your ship to move in specific point (in aerodynamic mode), its AI will find a proper path around planet (not right through a planet)
  • Removed outdated "Star mass" multiplier parameter from world settings
  • Fixed impossibility to load a game which was saved in asteroids location
  • Fixed a various issues related to static asteroids which remain visible even after you leave asteroids location
  • Static asteroids now properly saved \ loaded
  • Reputation from trading now works correctly
  • Reputation now properly save loaded
  • Hotkeys for next \ previous ship now works properly
  • Fixed incorrect description for pause button
  • Options window no longer overlaps a tutorial window
  • "Sell module" and "Repair" options no longer can be selected simultaneously

Celestial Command - Romenics
This huge update is ready for release! The update consist of 3 major and important aspects:

New production and inventory system
Added a lot of new items, new method of construction, new production modules, new system for distribution of resources.Storage containers now may contain more than 1 type of resources.

Redesigned and improved trading
Added many types of space stations. Stations now can be found in different locations in the galaxy. Fixed important bugs and exploits.

Now everyone should be able to host a server, and the server will be properly visible in the server list!
This was unexpected! Earlier only small percentage of users was able to host a server, which was definitely not good, but we thought that in order to solve this problem, we need to rewrite half of the game from scratch, which requires a lot of work, so this task had low priority.
But turned out there is a solution which allowed us to quickly solve this technical issue just in a few days! We are super excited with the fact that multiplayer now is really acceptable for entire community!

Also, we fixed a lot of bugs related for multiplayer! Trading and missions now should properly work in multiplayer! Also we found out a new way how to synchronize positions of objects between connected users, so now ships movements should be much more smooth and stable! No more "chaotic jumping around" for connected users, especially while you are trying to dock to the space station in orbital mode.


Also, in order to not duplicate the same screenshot with the new features, you may check a previous blog posts which was published during development of this update.







Overall, this is just a quick overview of this update. Please look at the full change log for more information.

Also, note that this update is not very polished. It was too long in development, so we decided that we already should release it. Overall everything should work, but may contain some significant bugs and flaws, but we are going to fix all crucial issues ASAP in nearest updates.

Information for people who tested a test build of this update: Invite via Steam overlay and Discord rich presence features requires some additional work and not included in this release. Will be added a bit later.



Big Improvements
  • Now everyone is able to host a server and the server will be visible in the server list! (Earlier only small percentage of users was able to host a game). Now it finally works! Hooray!
  • Completely redesign of all resources, added many new resources, ores, construction parts, trading goods, reworked recipe for all modules, crafting system now much more complex
  • New trading system. Trading stations now located not only in starting location
  • Resource connectors is replaced with the new, more convenient and useful resource management system
  • Now when you are transferring cargo from one container to another, you may to specify exact amount of transferred cargo using input field
  • Engineering modules have new functionality
  • Added new module: Ore refinery
  • Added new module: Production module
  • Now, in aerodynamic mode, AI is capable to find a correct path in order to avoid collision while traveling from one point to another!
  • Rebalanced and increased masses for all planets and stars, so now orbital maneuvers is more important (earlier some planets had so low mass, so its gravity was inconsiderable)
  • Fuel consumption of all engines increased in 5 times, so now refueling is more important aspect
  • Now you can select specific docking port of space station and request docking exactly to this docking port
  • Now you can open trading window right from the map view
  • Now you can select container where you want buy \ sell items to \ from space station
  • Now when you move or trade items you may insert exact amount of items using text input field in addition to slider
  • Now resource icons about containers displays a progress bar which represents occupied volume
  • Improved animation of engineering module. Movement of its arm now looks much better
  • Added new tool in sandbox menu which allows to add any desired resource in the game to selected container
  • All production modules is redesigned and have a new functionality
  • Now you can move cargo by dragging its icon on another module (not only on its UI element)
  • Crew members now consumes 1 food pack when their food level at below 75%, instead of constant food consumption each second.
  • Nuclear reactor now consumes special nuclear fuel cells, instead of just an uranium ore
  • Improved animation of little drone around space station hub
  • Various regions now may have various resources in asteroid belts
  • Complexity of enemy ships in combat missions now depends on distance from starting system (you no longer will encounter pirate battleship during your first combat mission in starting system)
  • Now sometime you may find a warp gate which leads to the large asteroids belt
  • Locations in asteroid belt now also may contain a space stations
  • Added background, decoration asteroids in locations in asteroids belt, so now it looks much better
  • Now when you order your ship to move at position, the ship will try to find a correct path and avoid collisions!
  • Fixed an important exploit which allowed to buy goods from the space station and sell the same goods to the same station in order to make instant profit and reputation

Small Improvements
  • Added useful sandbox button to charge all power storages on active ship at once
  • Default construction ship from sandbox mode is redesigned
  • Asteroids belts now may have various radius
  • Sandbox button "Test spawn ships" replaced with "Spawn random enemy", which is more useful if you want to quickly spawn an enemy ship for test combat
  • Thrust of engines in orbital and aerodynamic modes now the same
  • Added possibility to turn on \ off Ambient Occlusion in graphic settings
  • All prices now rounded to whole numbers, so now it looks better in trading window
  • Added "Pause" button on the top-left corner of the screen
  • Now after pause the game will have the same speed as before
  • Now you may press "Esc" while dragging an item in inventory in order to stop dragging
  • Increased starting credits
  • Added option "Generate warp gates" in world settings
  • Reputation gain from trading between stations decreased to more correct value (a few trade run no longer will unlock everything)
  • "Max players" input field replaced with the slider and limit set to 8 (because multiplayer designed for co-op with friends, not for mass scale PvP, also the game is not suitable for large online)

  • Improved design of trading window, now it can be scrolled up \ down
  • Redesigned and improved server list window. Now it shows game mode and password status
  • Trading window no longer can be located outside of screen
  • Removed useless "position" field from "Orbital parameters" window
  • In "Orbital parameters" window "tangential velocity" field replaced with "velocity" field, which is more useful
  • "Orbital parameters" window by default located in different position, so it no longer overlaps with notifications
  • Redesigned "hide all" button in notifications area
  • Added interface button to open galaxy map
  • View control on galaxy map now a bit more convenient
  • Added tool-tips for icons on map
  • Added possibility to hide power graphs
  • Removed useless "radial grid" button from planet info window
  • New icon when planet on map hovered with cursor
  • Almost all notifications now have different color (red, green, blue, yellow) according to its message
  • Added description for docking button
  • Added station name in trade window
  • Various types of stations now have various icons
  • All prices now rounded to whole numbers, so now it looks better in trading window
  • Improved a way how to setup target of warp drive, "Set target" button works again
  • Added scrolling functionality for trading window so now it is easier to use if it contains many items in the list
  • Warp drive now have more intuitive user interface
  • Map: Names of the moons now visible only at close zoom
  • Map: New "You are here" icon
  • Map: Added description when you are hower cursor over icons on map
  • Map: Now trading menu of each space station can be quickly accessed from the galaxy map
  • Improved column sorting in the server list window
  • You no longer can connect to the server which have not the same version of the game
  • Now when you click on icon of your ship - you no longer will take control, command module will be selected instead. So now it is no longer a problem to select your own ship if you want to display "relative velocity tool" for it

  • Now all ores can be found in asteroids
  • Size of warp drive now properly save loaded
  • Your ship no longer will explode if you detach part of your ship while docked with the space station
  • Space stations and warp gates now have smoother movement for connected users in orbital mode
  • Engineering Module Mk2 now have correct build radius
  • Space stations, warp gates and asteroids now located on different orbits and phases and will no longer collide with each other from time to time
  • Docking ports no longer teleports your ship on a short distance during docking. This fixes a lot of potential physical collisions, so it should no longer cause damage, explosion or any unrealistic behavior
  • Engines now displays correct fuel consumption even if it was changed in world settings
  • Engines now consumes correct amount of fuel when its thrust limited by slider (earlier it consumed more than it should)
  • Fixed a bug when server received a notification about reputation gain for connected player
  • AI of ships now more correctly direct nose of the ship to the specified direction
  • Target prediction of turrets now works correctly in orbital mode
  • AI turrets no longer will fire fire before a weapon will have a correct direction on target
  • Now warp drive have correct direction on target and will exit out of warp in correct position relative to planet
  • Warp drive no longer may appear inside an asteroid
  • Asteroids no longer will appear inside other objects
  • Connected users now is able to properly use a warp drive
  • "Generate space stations" checkbox in world settings now works properly
  • You no longer can select warp gates and space stations which are located in another system
  • Fixed an error when connected user press pause
  • Quests now can be properly save loaded
  • Quests now properly works in multiplayer
  • Fixed "Planet(clone)" text in UI of solar panel to "Planet"
  • Fixed an incorrect lighting in the location with star (ships had too bright illumination from incorrect direction)

Celestial Command - Romenics
Seems like soon a new update will be ready for release. We are already working on fixes of critical bugs and flaws.

So far, you may look at the new asteroids belt which now looks more like it should.

Previous variant:


Also UI of warp drive now should be much more intuitive. In order to jump, your ship should be located in yellow area.



Celestial Command - Romenics
Hello! Some quick news about development.
We managed to implement a proper path finding algorithm!

In the next update you will be able to give a movement order for your ship and ship will be able to avoid collisions on the way. Currently works only in aerodynamic mode.

The same technology will be used for NPC traders which will fly between stations.
Also enemy ships should be able to chase you even in asteroid belt, but this will require some more research.

Celestial Command - Romenics

Sorry for lack of news for a few weeks. The game is in very active development, this update is very important so we want to make it carefully.

Currently we are continuing to work on trading and everything related to it.

Now there is much more space stations in each system.

Each station on its own orbit and no longer collide with each other.

Also, now stations divided on different categories.
Mining stations periodically generates and sells ores which can be found in its region, but consumes food and fuel
Ore refinery buys ores and sells refined ores
Also there is many various factories which will buy refined ores and produce construction components which can be sold for shipyards.

By the way, different regions now may have different resources in asteroids. So now there will be a sense to travel between systems.

So stations no longer become useless over time. Now they are really works as factories.

Construction and repair of ship now can be available only on special shipyards (not on any station), and refueling is more profitable on special fuel stations. Which is more interesting for gameplay.

This is a raw concept of new shipyard station. But most likely it will have different design

A few days we started to work on some infrastructure such as save load functionality and multiplayer support for new trading system, and it is almost done.

Yes, in the next update the trading system will be not only better than before, but also it will work in multiplayer! That should be very interesting.

Thanks for your patience! We will try to share the news more often.

Celestial Command - Romenics

Development of new trading system going very well. We redesigned an architecture, so now trading stations can be found not only in starting location, but also in many different locations across the galaxy. Hooray!

All stations properly simulated in real time and now you are able to open its trading window right from the map!

The trading system no longer broken, however, we would like to improve it further before release.

The next steps is to create several types of stations, each type should have different goods to trade and produce. Also, only a few stations will provide shipyard service. Bigger engineering modules also will be added in this update.

Thanks for your patience!

Celestial Command - Romenics
For a few days we are prepared inventory \ production update for release and came up to an interesting conclusion.

Inventory \ production almost complete, but trading system is not working yet. We had a plan to release inventory \ production now, but trading system will be temporary removed, and after that, we will publish a new trading system in the next update.

However, we realized, if we will do so, there will be nothing to do in the game. Of course current trading system have a lot of flaws, but it least it works, so you can mine ore and sell it to the stations. If this feature will be removed (even temporarily, before the next update) the game will be almost completely empty in survival game mode.

So we have a 2 options:

Release update without trading system and while it is not available, we should create a gameplay focused on combat.

We will delay a current update, combine it with the trading system and release a bigger update a bit later, with both, inventory and trading system in the same update.

Seems like the second options is definitely better. Trading and economy aspect of the Celestial Command is much more interesting than combat aspect for now. And even if we will try to make combat aspect better, it may take even more time than new trading system.

So, update will be delayed and we starting to work on brand new trading system!

On a one side, we want to release updates as often as possible, but on the other side, update should be interesting to play, so it is definitely will be better.

The good thing, this update should be great! This will be the first update which really bring a sense into gameplay and the game now really will be interesting to play in survival mode!
So we are very excited about this upcoming update! This is going to be a gameplay about space trucker.

Remember when we are worked on a Galaxy update for a 6 months? Plus 1 months on a new inventory system. These system currently have not too much sense for the gameplay, but this trading update should make these features of the game really usable.

We are not sure how much time it will take, but we will keep you inform about progress.
Thanks you for your patience!


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