Celestial Command - Artaani
Actually idea of that feature was quite unexpected even for us : )

We didn't thought about planet because it was impossible in 2D, but since the game going to be full 3D, we just thought "Hey, we want to add planets now! That is not too hard, but add so many new possibilities and makes visual so much better!"

And indeed, new possibilities is great!

So here is some frequently asked and potential questions about upcoming features and what we are planing to do with planets:


How landing from space to planet will be implemented? Seamless transition?
Not a seamless transition, it will be similar with jump to another system. The ships approach a planet and appears above planet surface in different location.

Dynamic time of day?
Yes, full day \ night cycle

Dynamic weather?
Yes, including rain and snow

Points of interest on the surface to explore and gather useful resources?

How large size of ground surface? Possibility of trip around the world?
No, it is not possible. Each surface location it is quite small area on the planet with boundaries, similar with such areas in space.

More locations and biomes?
Yes, there will be several more different landscapes and biomes

Grass and trees on the surface?
No, we want to design it as barren landscapes which looks more Sci-Fi place and also good for optimization. Also, it emphasize that planets is not suitable for camping with camp fire and such "Nature" stuff.

Landscapes is handmade or generated procedurally?
Each landscape is handmade but using a tool for procedural generation. It is technically possible to generate it procedurally but this process is too long for real time, but faster methods provides not the best result.


As there a gravity on planets?
Yes, on teaser trailer you can see that ships falls on the ground during combat

How ships keep its altitude in air?
At this moment, anti-gravitation drive which built-in command module. Everything not attached to command module will fall on the ground.
That is not a bad solution, because this is quite common concept in many Sci-Fi movies and games where huge ships keeps itself in the air without any visible engines below it.
However, most likely later we will add AI which will keep ship in air using 4 engines on the sides.

When atmospheric engines will be added - it will consume huge amount of fuel, isn't it?
We will solve it with simple solution, there will be a special engines which consume much less fuel (maybe only energy) but works only on planets.

Retractable landing gear and landing?
Yes, with proper animation.

Ground vehicles with wheels?
We would like to implement wheels but turned out it is technically complex task, so no wheels at this moment, but probably we will implement that as soon as we will figure out how to do that.
However, most likely we will implement hover drive and mech legs, but not sure yet, additional research is required.

Seas and possibility of naval ships?
Requires some additional research but most likely yes. Probably even with submarines.

Aerodynamic with wings and planes?
No, we don't want to implement that in Celestial Command, it is quite hard to implement properly and small size of region will restrict a freedom, also we just want to focus on large spaceships such as frigates cruisers, carriers which supposed to be massive, slow and epic, mostly located horizontally with possibility to change its altitude up and down. Wings for such ships just does not suit its concept.
However downward pointed engines will allow to build VTOL vehicles such as helicopters.
Also, when drones will be implemented, there will be "drones" which actually pre-made planes with wings which will be fast and agile, but its physics will be very simplified so basically no, there will not be aerodynamic flight model based on realistic wings.

Possibility to exit a ship and directly control a human?
No, the game should be only about building and control of vehicles. But layer it will be possible to deploy small ground vehicles from the landed ships in order to explore areas which is not accessible for large spaceship.

Possibility to build bases on planet surface?
Yes, the same constructions as ships or stations can be located on the ground and it can be considered as a ground base. It should be physically stable, if not, we will implement a possibility to "lock" it on the ground.

Mining of resources from planet surface?
Yes, but only limited amount from rare specific points to prevent balance issue and avoid "source of infinite resources"

When it will be released?

First version of planets with some features planned to be released in “Preview” build within 1-2 weeks.

Celestial Command - Artaani

Celestial Command - Artaani
In this update we added brand new game mode, called "Battle", where you can easily set up fleets for oppose factions and observe an epic space combat.

Technically, it was already possible before via sandbox mode, but it was extremely inconvenient and required quite long manual world reloading to clean up a world after each battle. But in this mode everything should be nice and easy to use.

You may ask why we decided to implement another game mode instead of focusing on "survival" game mode?
There is several reasons:

1. Main feature of the game it is a ship building, but survival game mode restricts a creativity, so we want to create various mini game modes to use and test created ships in various situations.

2. Battle mode it is one of such environment where people can play with ships in combat situations without distraction on repairing after each battle and attempts to find a proper enemy fleet.

3. Survival mode it is a complex task. It is a well balanced collection of all game challenges in the single persistent world. So each "mini challenge \ game mode" it is actually a part of future survival game mode. In that way it is much easier to develop individual parts of the game instead of single big task.
When every game feature will be properly designed and tested in sandbox mode it will be easier to implement in the survival game mode in proper way.

Overall, we are very happy with such new concept, because earlier it was almost impossible to participate in large scale fleets battle, but now it is very easy to launch and play with different ship designs.
Also it is great for testing of various weapons, features and overall ship performance.

In the next update we plan to greatly expand such concept and implement more environments and challenges for created ships.


  • New "Battle" game mode which is great to test various ship designs against each other or just observe large scale epic battle
  • GUI: Redesign of main menu in order to provide better interface for new game mode and other upcoming features
  • GUI: Some new icons in various places of interface
  • GUI: Now DPS value displayed for various weapons
  • Changed default controls: Camera rotation = RMB, Camera pan = MMB or Space
  • Cannons, lasers and rockets no longer cause damage to its own ship where it installed
  • Improved smoke trail effect of rockets
  • Added new model of rockets

  • Turret target prediction works again
  • Nuclear reactors works again
  • Fixed material of new engine
  • "Hide interface" button now hides everything, including notifications
  • Ship in edit mode no longer tries to keep designated altitude if this mode was enabled before
  • GUI: Removed "J" and "W" symbols from various GUI in order to avoid confusion with real world values and keep interface simple to understand
  • GUI: Fixed non-rounded "max flow" value for some power storages

Celestial Command - Artaani
Another update on the way to stable version 0.9.

In this update various aspects of the game was fixed and adapted for 3D physics and mostly the game should work well in 3D space now.
Also we added new weapons of various sizes which will be needed for upcoming combat update.

For the next preview update we will focus on combat aspect, more accurate balance for modules, AI and another improvements for large scale fleet battles.


  • Modules: Added a lot of new weapons and existed weapons is fixed and improved

  • Modules: Shield generator now properly works in 3D and its functionality overall improved

  • Modules: Triangle modules has new model and also now it can be properly attached to each other
  • Modules: New radars of various sizes is redesigned and properly functional now

  • Modules: Life support modules a bit redesigned
  • Modules: Turret platforms a bit redesigned
  • Modules: Parameters of all modules is rebalanced
  • GUI: Redesigned "total inventory window", now it displays current and maximum volume of cargo hold, also icons no longer respawns each second and its values updated every frame instead of once per second

  • GUI: Redesigned "specify transfer amount window"
  • GUI: Range of new turrets now displayed as full circle without side borders
  • Starting ship a bit redesigned with new radar
  • Preview of weapons now has the same green color as standard modules
  • Removed several rarely used hotkeys from default settings
  • Added muzzle fire effect for rocket launchers
  • Pistons and rotors now much more sturdy and keeps its state better during influence of external force

  • Engineering modules now properly construct modules in 3D space
  • Radius of engineering modules now displayed properly when ship is inclined
  • Salvaging of debris works again
  • Multiplayer: Position of objects now synced in 3D
  • O2 and H2 counters no longer inverted
  • Rockets no longer spins during flight
  • Guided rockets now properly works in 3D

  • Static solar panels works again
  • Check of line of sight for solar panels now works properly in 3D space
  • Modules now can be properly connected to 2x1 adapters
  • Module preview now much less likely will flicker while you are trying to place it
  • Preview of large modules no longer appears too close to camera
  • R F keys no longer moves preview module (it no longer necessary)
  • Removed unused selection frames which can be found in game world
  • Move tool in ship editor now works again (but only in 2D at this moment)
  • Now when you hover cursor on mounting point in order to attach or detach it - it will be visible through the module
  • Possibility to connect two parts in open space by clicking on mounting point now works again
  • Altitude stabilizer now works only if a ship oriented horizontally
  • Now weapons can be placed only on turrets of the same size tier
  • Crew rename button works again
  • Fixed "Energy consumption" instead of "Energy production" on module's interface
  • Shields no longer ignore objects which was located inside its sphere during previous activation
  • Power generators works again
  • Magnetic docking now properly works in 3D
  • Escape pods now properly works in 3D
  • Shipyard parts and warp drives now has proper 3D colliders

  • Autopilot and NPC movement now works again
  • Now turrets will properly track target in 3D space
  • Modules which works incorrectly when placed on rotor or piston no longer can be placed on it (rotor and piston designed only for decoration purposes and for fun with grabber)

Celestial Command - Artaani
That update took a bit more time than we expected initially but also this is probably a biggest update in the history.

Actually it is not completely ready yet but we decided to release it in preview branch because some aspects of the new update already more or less ready and the previous update was way too long ago.

Note, this is an early preview build which is provided to show upcoming features.
Many various features can be incomplete or broken.

At this moment we have large list of tasks in TO DO list regarding this preview build, so if you encountered a bug or incomplete feature, bug report is not required because most likely this is already in our TO DO list.

Later, when additional testing will be required we will make an announcement about that.
However feel free to discuss preview build in the Discord chat, there is a new channel "preview-version" for that.

In order to enable preview version, do the next steps in your Steam app:

More info and pictures in our previous posts:



Large Improvements
  • Full 3D physics! A lot of modules and functionalities is adapted in order to work in full 3D! Ship editor, engines, turrets, solar panels, orbits, interface, physics, almost every aspect of the game is reworked and improved!
  • Ship editor: Brand new "ship building in isolated environment" feature which allows you to get unlimited ship building creativity in non-sandbox game mode, create a blueprint and project it on existing ship with automatic reconstruction with engineering modules or shipyard!
  • Ship editor: New when you press X on module, this module will be marked as "for deconstruction" it will be deconstructed by any engineering module nearby
  • Ship editor: Changed a way how engineering modules works, now you place blueprints instead of incomplete modules and engineering modules works on such blueprints nearby
  • Ship editor: Added mirror (symmetry) mode which works for module placement and painting
  • Ship editor: Destroyed modules create a blueprints on its position which makes repairing after combat super easy and comfortable
  • Ship editor: Repairing of modules is much easier now because it requires only special repair kits instead of huge amount of different resources
  • New modules: A lot of new weapons and modules for capital ships including capital-size hangar and functional gate
  • New modules: Redesigned solar panels
  • Docking ports now has "magnetic feature", it will automatically move the ship to position which required for docking when two docking ports is close to each other, as result docking of two ships now is much easier and comfortable
  • Multiplayer: Huge improvements for multiplayer, many various bugs is fixed now
  • Tractor beam now applies proper force to objects with different mass, objects with mass 1 and 1000 will be moved correctly with normal speed, instead of ultra slow or fast, also maximum range is increased and in result tractor beam no longer useless
  • Combat: Now cannon's projectile can penetrate trough several objects if previous object has less HP than damage of this projectile and also damage to the next object will be reduced accordingly. This feature is important for game balance when large slow firing cannon shooting at a ship which consist of many small modules with low HP, so single module with 1 HP no longer able to stop a projectile which able to cause 100 damage
  • World: Stars in galaxy now located more uniformly (fixed issue with large empty areas and stars which are too close to each other)
  • World: Changed a way how network of warp gates is generated, now it is a highway which go through entire galaxy which gives you a way to explore and encounter more challenges
  • UI: Entire user interface is greatly redesigned and improved in many various aspects
  • UI: Build menu now have buttons for categories and modules sorted by name
  • Greatly reworked energy shields, now it have new visual \ audio effects and new functionality. One energy shield per ship for better usability and visual effects. No overpowered damage on impact. Much more obvious and balanced recharging.
  • Now if you will lost all ships a convenient window with "Load" and "Main menu" buttons will appears, instead of respawn window which was removed because it caused an issue with possibility to duplicate a lot of resources easily
  • Modules which remains after NPC ships, no longer can be attached to your own ship (it only can be deconstructed for resources) because it caused major issue with game balance and also encouraged to assemble unpretty "Frankenstein's ships"
  • AI: NPC ships now will retreat if lost its weapons
  • AI: NPC ships now rotates its ship to the target much better
  • AI: Enemy ships now moves randomly instead of sitting at the same position

Small improvements
  • Ship editor: Holding Shift no longer required in order to place several modules one after another, this mode now enabled by default which should be more convenient because in most cases "shift mode" is required
  • Ship editor: Now some large modules can be placed only on own space station or capital ship
  • Ship editor: Now you can hold left mouse button and drag a cursor in order to place many modules by single move
  • Ship editor: Now radius and direction of warp drive and shield displayed above its preview
  • Ship editor: Now you can deconstruct \ delete all modules which selected with move tool
  • Ship editor: Engineering modules in auto mode now will prefer a nearest tasks instead or random tasks within its radius

  • UI: Main menu redesigned, now it is more clean and easier to use
  • UI: Button in main menu and some in-game buttons now animated
  • UI: Inventory icons now displays integer values instead of decimal and power storages display values in 15.6k format instead of 15627
  • UI: Now when you click on window - this window will display on top of other windows
  • UI: Now when you hover cursor on module in build menu - its info will be displayed on the right side instead of near cursor, which is more comfortable
  • UI: Added button "sort by name" and "sort by time" to window with saved ships
  • UI: Added button "open main menu" on the top-left corner of the screen
  • UI: Value of current credits changed with smooth animation
  • UI: In-game menu now have the same design as main menu
  • UI: Total mass and inertia tensor of ship now displayed in more comfortable format
  • UI: Crew window is a bit redesigned and now it is more convenient to use
  • UI: Weapon groups now can be enabled with buttons "1-6" instead of combination "Shift + 1-6" which is much more convenient
  • UI: Weapon direction indicator now displayed automatically once you enabled a manual mode and no longer requires to press separated button
  • UI: Weapon direction indicator now have a bit more minimalistic design
  • UI: Dialogue window with NPC stations is redesigned for better usability

  • New starting ship
  • Now you can see an info about ammo usage when hover cursor on weapon in build menu
  • Now when you want to load ship from file, radius of "free space seeker" will be different according to ship size
  • Now you can select an angle of newly loaded ship with A \ D buttons
  • Radius of xenon collector in aero mode now much larger, in result it is more obvious to use
  • Added options to invert mouse wheel and change its sensitivity
  • Combat: Projectiles now have zero chance to bounce off targets which has low HP
  • Combat: When shield colliding with module or another shield - another object no longer receive damage, as result shield no longer can't be used as overpowered ramming weapon
  • Now crew of a ship is able consume food and oxygen from docked ships
  • It is no longer possible to set a module hotkey which already used in global hotkeys list
  • Camera now focused on center of mass instead of command module
  • Rotation speed of planets and clouds now looks a bit better
  • Added hotkey to show FPS counter

  • Fixed an issue with small jittering of modules at close zoom and also physics is a bit more accurate now
  • Anti aliasing effect now works as intended
  • Ship editor: Fixed a bug when sometimes new modules after placement appears not in the same position where was located its green preview object
  • Ship editor: Fixed a bug when not all mounting points of modules were connected after it was moved with "Move Tool"
  • Auto mode now properly works for engineering modules on shipyard
  • Rockets no longer cause damage due collisions (only from its own explosion), as result rockets no longer so overpowered
  • Removed outdated buttons in sandbox menu
  • Turret based rocket launcher now has correct rate of fire
  • NPC ships no longer tries to use escape pod launchers as a rocket weapon
  • State of ship stabilizer now can be saved and loaded
  • Hotkey for "Auto center of thrust" now works properly
  • Calculation of path for ships no longer cause FPS spike
  • Clicking on planet in aero mode no longer cause an error
  • Sliders in control panel of shields now displays correct values when you click on several different shields
  • Ships no longer invulnerable for beam weapon after its shield depleted
  • In aerodynamic mode planets on map no longer moving on its orbit
  • Weapon groups no longer can be switched during usage of some input field
  • Light beams of shipyards no longer visible in space when out of range of radar

Celestial Command - Romenics
This is pretty important topic because some people started to worry that after switching to full 3D the game will lose its attractive simplicity of navigation.

And this is completely understandable, to be honest we were worried about this too. We had a theoretical plan how to keep control simple, but this plan wasn't tested on practice.

Turned out, nothing to worry about, the new system works amazingly well!

We developed two new types of stabilizers:

1. Roll and pitch stabilizer
It will automatically keep your ship in horizontal orientation

2. Altitude stabilizer
It will automatically keep your ship on specified altitude relative to zero plane

Both stabilizers activated by default and in most cases, you don't need to deactivate it.
While it active - you can control your ship using WASD QE buttons as before and the ship will move on horizontal plane like in 2D.

Also, you can change altitude using special buttons and a ship will keep specified altitude.

And also, you can disable these stabilizers and move in 3D space freely if you wish.
Shift + WASDQE controls ship's roll, pitch and vertical velocity.

Minimal complexity of ships also not too much increased, all what you need relative to previous 2D version, is just to add 8 additional maneuvering engines, 4 on top and 4 on bottom near each corner so a ship will use these engines in order to control its orientation.

Also center of thrust now can be displayed for all 6 directions which is useful in order to adjust all engines relative to center of mass.

Celestial Command - Romenics
Yes, yesterday's post was not a joke.

Actually we planned to publish that announcement at March 31, but a bit more time was required so we delayed it on the next day, but turned out that the next day is April 1, so we decided it would be interesting to publish announcement today : )

Of course it would be too cruel if such announcement was an April joke, so it is not.
In the next update Celestial Command will be with full 3D physics and ship editor!

So, most systems already adapted for functionality in 3D but need to implement a few more systems before new version can be released in experimental build.

Also we are working on design of various modules and placement of mounting points to provide enough parts to create ships with various design.

Some modules remodeled and a bit redesigned because it should have proper dimensions on vertical axis too and also additional mounting points.
For example new corridors has more symmetrical profile and can be stacked to each other with different angles.

Fun fact, after we switched to 3D, we need less variations of basic shapes to achieve various ship designs. Only a few basic shapes is enough because now each module can be rotated on any direction which creates much more possibilities for construction.

Situation with turrets also became simpler, now it is just a simple flat looking platform which can be placed on any surface with different angles, so weapons can be placed on top, bottom or side part of the ship.

All weapons is adapted for 3D and now can be pointed up or down.

Also wreckage in 3D space looks quite epic.

To make salvaging process more convenient we will extend functionality of tractor beam so it will attract debris closer to robotic arms or drones will help with that task (because drones is possible now, but it will be added a bit later)

Celestial Command - Romenics
As we said in previous posts, ship building is the most important aspect of the game and for the next update we are trying to add many new parts in order to make ship building more diverse and open now possibilities for creativity.

Some time ago, when we already prepared large parts for capital ships and started to thing how to add even more freedom and creativity to the ship building, we thought it carefully and came out to the simple conclusion:

2D physics has more restrictions and disadvantages than advantages.
Full 3D physics will add extreme amount of freedom and creativity for ship building process.

People often asked us for a various 3D features such as:
• Possibility to place turrets on top of the ship like on real life battleships
• Hangar bays with drones
• Solar panels which placed horizontal and not blocked with the ship itself
• More "vertical" ship design instead of flat ships

We even created items in the FAQ to explain why these features can't be implemented (due various restrictions related to 2D physics):

But if we will make the game full 3D, these issues related to 2D physics will be no longer relevant and features listed above will be possible!
So we decided to do that!

Important to mention that the main advantage of 2D physics it is simplicity of control and navigation. You can fly your ship using only WASDQE buttons and no need to worry about 3-rd dimension. This is actually pretty important because navigation in 3D space could be complex and confusing.

However there is a solution which allows to keep that advantage even in full 3D.
Most objects still will be located on horizontal plane, such as asteroids, stations and other ships so you still will be able to control your ship using only WASDQE buttons.

Even if the ship is drifted a bit on vertical axis - we added a new special stabilizer which will automatically keep ship in horizontal plane.
But if you wish to leave horizontal plane, you no longer bound to it and you can do that.

Here is some examples of new 3D ships with new modules and weapons
Possibilities for ship building now is really amazing!

Indicators of altitude relative to standard zero plane

What about orbital mechanics, orbits now can be not only equatorial but inclined too

Customizable point light sources which also may act as flashing lights

Customizable spotlight sources

Changed the way how modules are placed, Now after placement it appears as transparent object which become active after engineering module will work on it for several seconds.
It should make construction process much more convenient.

If you lose part of your ship, blueprint for reconstruction will be automatically created so you can repair your ship easily on shipyard. This feature is extremely helpful for repairing after combat.

Also we want to say special thanks for everyone who supports us on Patreon! Without your help we would not have enough funds to develop such a large and long update.
Fortunately, with you help we can do it!

When it will be released? We are not sure yet, but after this blog post we will try to post progress reports more often.
Also, due large amount changes and possible bugs we will release it in experimental build first, but it will be available for everyone and no additional access will be required.
We will publish a news when it will be done.


Celestial Command - Romenics

Currently we are working on improvements for a combat aspect of gameplay.
Combat should be important part of the game, but at this moment large amount of flaws do not allows to play and enjoy it.

Here is a list of things which will be added in the next update in order to solve that:

  • The starting ship now have a proper weapon right from the start. Some basic kinetic cannon and small rocket launcher as well as some amount of ammunition in storage.

  • Activation of weapon is much more convenient now, just press 1 to enable weapon group, instead of complex Shift+1 combination. Also weapon range will be showed automatically and no longer requires to press Ctrl+1. Launching of rocket also much more easy now because hotkeys already designated from the start.

  • AI of enemy ships now much better in terms of navigation. It will properly direct its ship on the target and will not cause FPS drop in the process.
    Also when it is unable to continue combat due lack of any weapon, it will try to retreat instead of sit and waiting while someone destroying its ship.

  • Cannon's projectile can penetrate trough several objects if previous object has less HP than damage of this projectile and also damage to the next object will be reduced accordingly. This feature is important for game balance when large slow firing cannon shooting at a ship which consist of many small modules with low HP, so single module with 1 HP no longer able to stop a projectile which able to cause 100 damage

  • Now you may encounter not only an enemy combat ships but allied ships too, which will fight each other.

  • Currently, reconstruction of missing modules after combat is tedious, this will be fixed with the system which adds a blueprint module each time when some module on your ships is destroyed.
    These blueprints can be easily built on shipyard as it showed in previous post.

And also some reminder about possibility to get Celestial Command with -25% discount until January 2.

Happy New Year!

Celestial Command - Romenics

We are preparing so much improvements for the next update, so we decided it will be a version alpha 0.9.

It will be a huge update where almost every aspect of the game will be greatly improved and we will fix most of the crucial issues which exist in the game for a long time.

For example, a ship constructor, it is the most important feature of the game, but currently it have an important issue which should be fixed.

For a long time we are thinking how to solve the problem that ship construction in sandbox mode is much more fun than in non-sandbox mode.

The good ship editor should allow to quickly place and remove parts in order to experiment with different designs and build a ship you want.

However, currently construction and deconstruction of modules it is a complex process, which requires a lot of time and resources, and result it is not possible to experiment with designs and unleash your creativity.

Currently the only way to build something specific, it is to launch the game in sandbox mode, build the ship there, make a screenshot, calculate required amount of resources in notepad and after that load non-sandbox game back and rebuild this ship using screenshot as an instruction.
This is super tedious and inconvenient. Definitely not the way how it should work.

Of course, instant construction \ deconstruction of modules could solve this issue, but we don't want to make it instant because we like a nice animation of robotic arms and its welding effects.

But for the next update we developed the solution - Isolated ship editor!

Now in non-sandbox game mode you can press the button any time and open a special editor screen where you can edit your ship using the same rules as in sandbox mode.
Modules are free and can be placed or removed instantly. Here you can unleash your creativity designing your ship, and after you finished, you can press the button and engineering modules in game world will automatically build a new ship for you!

Also this method will allows to load a blueprint which was saved in sandbox mode or a file from Workshop (which will be added later) and build it in non-sandbox game mode.

In addition, such approach will solve an important issue of orbital game mode where it is very inconvenient to design a ships due drifting of separated modules due tidal forces.
This no longer will be a problem because development of blueprints can be done in isolated environment.

Besides that, recipes of most modules will be simplified, because currently modules requires way too much different resources, in result gathering of resources for ship construction became tedious. We want to make ship construction more accessible for players.

Also take a look on a new energy shield effects:


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