Apr 14, 2017
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Animus Interactive Inc
So, We've been working on a bunch of things here at Animus Interactive. Regarding Avalon Lords, things took on a life of their own. We started with a new map.. That evolved into more than just that. We decided to rethink the way resources work. Maybe there are too many types?

Then we looked at the menus. Maybe they are too complicated?

Then we looked at the structures. Maybe there needs to be more?

You can see where this is going. Obviously, this is taking a tad longer than we expected. But we hope the new simplified interfaces. Improved in-game mechanics. New maps. Give you all something to cherish.

We have uploaded the current state of the new simplified start screen.

We hope to show you more as we have it, and give a more solid date soon.

Jan 5, 2017
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Animus Interactive Inc
We have attached a sneak peek of a new map called the King's Cross For your Pleasure. Click the thumbnail for a larger view.

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Animus Interactive Inc
Hail Avalonians!

We have a large patch coming out, with a brand new unit coming to the game. We are excited for this update. It comes with a large upgrade of the base game and its framework. We also have several bug fixes, a simplier UI, and alot more multiplayer maps.

Stand by Avalonians!

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Animus Interactive Inc

Hello again! How is everybody doing this week? We have continued our busy schedule here at Animus Interactive and had another game update for everyone! Here is a look at the nuts and bolts included in this newest update:

Resource Building Windows Sometimes Wrong Size - While not game breaking by any means, this was something that we had a chance to take a look at and improve upon. Still, more work to be done, but it is heading in the right direction.

Building Window Had Useless Scroll Bar - We’re not sure how that little guy got in there, but we have packed his bags and sent him home (yes, we at least fed him . First, we’re not monsters you know!).

Mouse Cursor Disappears when Using WASD - This one was annoying, trying to scroll the camera using keys while using the mouse to select stuff at the same time. Now you can get it all done at once, multitasking FTW!

Chat Messages Interfere With Mouse Camera - There was a dead zone if you had too many messages piling up in the chat window which made the mouse not control the camera correctly. We have revived that little slice of your screen, and it should work fine now.

Post-Match Tabs are removed - In the post-match recap screen, there was some folder tab looking things that were confusing a lot of people since they did nothing. So, those are gone as well as the confusion (hopefully).

Single Wall Section - There are times when you just need a single section of the wall to fill a gap. Now you can do just that!

Squad Size Reduced - Since we increased the overall size of the troops, we have cut down the number of individuals making up the squad to a dozen souls. I think it makes for a good balance of size vs. numbers.

Increased Size of Towers, Walls, and Gates - Again due to the increase in troop sizes across the board, we had to increase the size on the models for the Walls, Gates, and Towers. Now they won’t look so funny standing up on top of the Tower or trying to all squeeze through a little Gate.

Crossbowmen Speed Increase - I think these guys were out getting drunk when we told everybody else to step up their speed in the game. Now that they have sobered up, they should be able to keep up with the rest of their fellow soldiers.

Building Destruction Sequence - The timing in which smoke or fire would appear on damaged buildings was off, now it should be more inline with what you would expect to see happen.

Fire VFX Reduced in Size - While most of us enjoy a lovely relaxing time next to a cozy fire, a massive inferno blocking almost your entire view is something entirely different. Not sure who kept setting such huge fires (we’re looking at you drunken Crossbowmen!), but all should be good now.

Construction Crane Weirdness - There were times when the building crane either would not show up, or would not go away. Think we have that all nipped in the bud now.

Destroyed Siege Weapons Size Increased - some weird magics was going on where a siege weapon would become smaller after it was destroyed. We have put up some anti-magic shielding, and they should now stay the same relative size when destroyed.

Well, that’s it for this week. The update is now live, so head on out and grab it up. Invite some of your friends to check things out as well and please, keep that awesome feedback coming. We really appreciate it all!

Thanks, everybody! For Avalon!

Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Knightmare

Hi everybody! We know it has been a little while since our last game update, but that does not mean we have been sitting idle. A whole lot has been happening behind the scenes here and we are finally ready to push out our latest fixes and additions!

Here’s some of the goodies in this next release:

Increased Troop Size 4x
We know that previously the battles seemed at times like a war of flags since you couldn’t see your troops after a certain point of zooming out. Now you should be able to see them no matter what height you have the camera!

Increase Troop Movement Speed
We have also upped the movement rate of all troops which helps to speed up the game and crush your enemies that much faster.

Reduced Charge By 1.5%
Due to the overall increase in troops speed, their charge speed has been reduced a bit to compensate.

Reduced Camera Zoom Out Max Distance nd Reduce Camera Zoom In Max Distance
We continue to play around with these settings until we get them just right. We think we are close to the sweet spot now, what do you all think?

Increase Spacing Between Troops
With the troops themselves larger, we had to alter the spacing between troops so they weren’t standing on top of each other any more.

Increased Ballista Size 4x Original Size
It was easy to lose track of your ballista before, now it’s much easier to find it when you need it!

Increased Trebuchet Size By 1x
These were pretty big to begin with by comparison, still we upped their size a bit as well.

Increased Catapult Size By 2x
Same as all the others, picking out that catapult should be no problem no matter what height your camera is at.

Increased Trebuchet Speed Movement Speed By 4x
These were painfully slow before, but now they should keep up with the rest of your troops.

Increased Catapult Speed By 5x
I always liked the catapult myself, a good blend of power and speed. Faster catapults with which I can rain down more destruction? Yes please!

Increased Ballista Speed By 6x
What real use was an anti-infantry and anti-siege weapon when it took so long to get on the battlefield? Keep a close eye out for these little treats.

Working Of Fixed Reconnection Failures To Games
While not totally repaired at this point, we have added a notification for people so they at least know what the hang up is here.

Fixed Game Crashing At Checking For Your Profile
Some people were having some connection problems. Hopefully we have fixed that now. Please give things a try and let us know if you still have any problems.

Redone Textures For Scattered Islands Map
This is one of our larger changes for this update. Please try out a couple matches on the Shattered Islands map which has gone through the first pass of a visual makeover. What do you think of the art direction?

Land Bridges On Scattered Islands Swapped With Real Bridges
Along with the texture makeover of this map, we are changing out some of the other art and model assets. How do you like seeing real bridges between the islands?

AI Should Attack Walls When They Are Blocking It's Path
A little bump in the AI for troops. They should now attack any walls that are blocking their path instead of walking all the way around them.

Research Queue Bug That Could Cause Negative Resources / Infinite Resources Fixed
This one was quite bad for people who suddenly found themselves with a sever lack of resources on hand. However, those who figured out how to essentially get infinite resources will be disappointed here..

When Hiding Interface Using Shift+Esc, Unit Flag Icons Will Also Hide
This one has been long requested by a bunch of people. Well, we finally got it to be a thing. Now lets see some of those amazing (GUI-free) screenshots!

Well, that’s it for now my friends. Again, please let us know what you think of the new art and camera controls. Thank you very much to everybody who has been providing excellent feedback, suggestions and bug reports. We will keep at it as we go through the list of things on our plate. Look forward to more updates and more announcements coming soon!

Thanks everybody. For Avalon!
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - INDIE
Join us on Twitch at www.twitch.tv/animusinteractive for an amazing live stream with community manager, Chris SchoolCraft and PR manager Dan Long as they show you some of the latest updates to the game Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises!
They are going to show you some of the new graphical assets and settings and even go to battle!
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Animus Interactive Inc
We have a lot of updates coming in the next few weeks. One of the major improvements is art style. We know many of you have complained about the look and feel of the textures on the levels. But worry not for long, they are all getting redone.

Sneak peek of those updates are here.

Click here for full size version

Stay strong Avalonians!
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - INDIE
Hitoshi Sakimoto composing soundtrack for Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises

Legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto is composing and performing the entire soundtrack to Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises.

Best known for his work on Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics, and the Valkyria Chronicles series, Sakimoto has so far worked on over 180
projects, ranging from video games, animated series and CD releases. He also composed the orchestral soundtracks for the Japanese anime 'Romeo x Juliet', ‘The Tower of Druaga' and the Valkyria Chronicles animated series.

He began playing music and video games in elementary school, and began composing video game music for money by the time he was 16. Sakimoto's professional career began a few years later in 1988 when he started composing music professionally as a freelancer, as well as programming sound drivers for games.

About Hitoshi Sakimoto: http://www.sakimoto.jp/
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - INDIE
Good day my friends!

The staff here at Animus has been pretty busy behind the scenes thanks to all the great feedback and suggestions we have been given. It is all really appreciated, please keep it coming. We wanted to give you a peek at where we are looking to take Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises, so this post here will serve as a sort of “roadmap” for the future. To be clear, any of this may be changed, added to, subtracted from, etc., as we go through the Early Access phase. Your thoughts and suggestions on all this are valued, so please share them and comment on our forums!

Empire Mode/Matchmaking

We know that Empire mode doesn't really do all that much at the moment and we have received some excellent suggestions as to how it can be improved. Since we are a very small team of less than 10 people, we need to prioritize our energies. As such, we will temporarily be disabling the Empire mode and instead replace it with a more straightforward matchmaking system that will allow people to get to the action quickly. Don't fear though, Empire mode will return when we can get it to a point where it is a lot more fun. [STATUS: On Hold]

Battle Mode

In a similar vein as above, Battle mode will be disabled. [STATUS: On Hold]

Practice Mode

For the same reasons of being able to concentrate our efforts, Practice mode will be disabled until we can get a proper Tutorial level going. [STATUS: On Hold]


Since Empire mode is taking a back seat for a bit, we are also going to remove the concept of the Factions. There was some confusion as to the differences between them, and outside of Empire mode they don't serve a game purpose. They were meant to be sub-factions of the same group of people, more like a Greek city-state, but they kept being confused with the idea of a “faction” in a more traditional sense. To avoid that confusion, we will simply remove them. Which leads me to what we will replace them with… [STATUS: Removed]

New Factions/Orders

For anybody who has read about the game world history, you will see that we have in mind three Great Orders, being Dawn, Darkness and Divine. These are “factions” in the more proper sense (different troops types, building types, etc). The Order of Dawn is the “poster boy” faction, while they do have some magical ability they concentrate more on martial aspects coupled with speed and agility. The Order of Darkness values brute strength combined with advanced (medieval) technology to give them the edge over others. Finally the Order of Divine favors magical power over all other things, even their basic foot soldiers have some very basic talent. Currently the troops/buildings in the game are from the Order of Dawn and for the moment it will remain that way as we develop things. The other two Orders will be added later on. [STATUS: Upcoming]


We are pleased and honored to say that we have a world-famous composer currently working on the soundtrack for the game. I can’t quite say just yet who that person is (stay tuned for an upcoming announcement on that!), but I can say this person has done the soundtracks for a couple other games you have all heard of and the soundtracks for those games are so good that professional orchestras perform them around the world. [STATUS: Under Development]


We have recently expanded our team to include a new artist. We will announce him more formally soon (Peter wants to get some more concept art completed first). He comes as a personal recommendation by the Art Director of another very well-known game I am sure you have all heard of. The general art direction will be updated graphics to be more in line with other modern games people are playing. First we are starting with the buildings and then our thought is to redo terrain followed by the various troops themselves. [STATUS: Under Development]


Our Game Designer has been hard at work retooling the way the GUI is set up. We are going to do a complete overhaul of the whole thing, including the General Lobby, the Match Lobby as well as the in game HUD. We have been getting a lot of great suggestions on how this should be set up and I think people will be pleased by what they see. [STATUS: Under Development]

Gameplay Features

We have a lot of exciting stuff coming for general game play. Besides improving the overall performance of the game itself we will be improving the AI of the troops so they also perform better. Additionally, a proper tutorial will go in that should help new players who are just learning the game and may even help skilled players become just that much better at things. Also on the list is proper formations so that it is easier for players to control their armies and add that next layer of battlefield strategy. [STATUS - Upcoming]


We plan on introducing another popular suggestion made by many people - Heroes! These will be special troops with various abilities and not just your run-of-the-mill footsoldiers. I can’t go into much detail just yet, but know they are on the books. [STATUS - Upcoming]

Online Store

Since Dawn Rises is a free to play game, we will be implementing a cash shop. However, this will NOT be a pay-to-win shop. Nothing offered there will benefit one player’s game balance over another simply because one spent some money while the other did not. General things that will be available includes Troop/Building models, various skins for those models, different unit icons, expanded Taunts and sounds, etc. [STATUS - Upcoming]


We have the goal to eventually turn this game into an eSport. We know that in it’s current form Dawn Rises needs a little reworking to gear things more in the direction of a competitive game. Plans are to speed up the overall game play so that things happen faster and average match time is cut down. Communication between players and especially team members is important for this of course, so we will also be improving those aspects as well. In the near future we will be announcing some details on plans for having actual tournaments for people to compete in as well as the company we have partnered with to provide some quality prizes. [STATUS - Upcoming]

Player Stats

As part of the eSports thing, we will be adding in a whole bunch more game statistics. This will make it so that you can easily see where you stand on a variety of different aspects and also how you stack up against other players. [STATUS - Upcoming]

I hope that all gives a general look at the direction that we will be heading. Again, any, all or none of this is subject to change as time goes on and we will continue to update people as things get altered. More specific information will come as each thing goes into development so please keep on the lookout for that. Specifically look for some announcements about the art and music coming up in the weeks ahead.

Thanks once again for all the excellent feedback we have been getting from you. We really do listen and carefully consider it all and many of you have already changed things in the game based upon your ideas. Please, keep those coming!

For Avalon!

Chris Schoolcraft (aka “Knightmare”)
Community Manager, Animus Interactive
Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - INDIE
Hello Fellow Avalonions!

The servers will be down for maintenance at 1pm PDT | 4pm PDT for around 20 - 30 minutes.
We apologize for this inconvenience and will have it up and running as fast as we can!

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